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The Truth About Ransomware

"For 40 years we’ve tried to protect ourselves from malware using detection-based technologies, but the bad guys keep on getting in." Join Deep Secure CTO Dr. Simon Wiseman to discover what we’ve been doing wrong and how we can put it right!
Recorded Oct 20 2021 50 mins
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Presented by
Dr. Simon Wiseman, CTO, Deep Secure
Presentation preview: The Truth About Ransomware

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  • Modern Insider Threat Programs: Best Practices and Use Cases Dec 5 2021 4:00 pm UTC 88 mins
    -Grant Schneider, Senior Director of Cybersecurity Services, Venable LLP (Moderator)
    Technology is invaluable to modern business. Technology also collects and stores sensitive information, captures and processes workflows, and puts intellectual property at risk. Plus, the growth of hybrid and remote work makes it more difficult for an organization recognize troubling user activity that could lead to breaches. Fortunately, insider threat programs employing user activity monitoring can protect organizations and employees from malicious or accidental loss of intellectual property as well as potential physical harm.

    This webinar will explore the role insider threat programs can play in supporting employee engagement with a keynote and Q&A session with Robert Rohrer, Director, National Insider Threat Task Force at the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, and a panel discussion featuring:

    -Leonard Bailey, Head of Cybersecurity Unit, Department of Justice Criminal Division, Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section -Jared Quance, Insider Threat Program Manager, U.S. Coast Guard -Dr. Margaret Cunningham, Principal Research Scientist, Forcepoint -John “JT” Mendoza, Director of Global Security, CGI
  • Insider Threat & Privileged Users Nov 30 2021 4:30 pm UTC 41 mins
    Mike Crouse, Director Insider Threat, Forcepoint & Jared Quance, Insider Threat Program Manager, US Gov.
    Elements of Insider threat programs, the role Privileged users play, and how #Sunburst has affected insider threat programs. With Mike Crouse, Director Insider Threat Strategies, Forcepoint, and Jared Quance, US Gov Insider Threat Program Manager.
  • Safely Exchanging Information Between Trusted and Untrusted Domains Nov 16 2021 12:30 pm UTC 43 mins
    Dr. Simon Wiseman, CTO, Deep Secure
    Securing cross domain data import and export.
  • Employing a Zero Trust Security Model Nov 10 2021 8:00 pm UTC 58 mins
    Gerald J. Caron III, HHS ; Steven Hernandez, Department of Education; Guy Crumpley, Forcepoint G2CI
    Zero Trust Security is a clear priority for the federal government -- spotlighted in the recent Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity, and stressed by federal CISO Chris DeRusha as the desired end state for every agency. Yet Zero Trust is a strategy, not a tool or product -- and the path for moving from concept to actual implementation is not always clear.
    This FCW webcast clarifies some of those building blocks and best practices, drawing on the experiences of agencies that were early to embrace Zero Trust and the shared resources being developed by NIST, CISA and others. Register today to learn more about:

    Current guidance and governmentwide requirements

    Starting with narrow test cases vs. tackling Zero Trust at enterprise scale

    The data and analytics required to effectively embrace Zero Trust

    How existing systems can be leveraged for Zero Trust efforts
  • Inside the Mind of the #Sunburst Adversary Nov 2 2021 2:30 pm UTC 46 mins
    Marco Figueroa, Cyber Threat Hunter
    Marco Figueroa, Cyber Threat Hunter takes us inside the mind of the #Sunburst adversary. The timeline and what he would be doing if he is the Sunburst adversary.
  • Accelerate Multi-Domain Collaboration Efforts with Cross Domain Solutions Oct 25 2021 2:00 pm UTC 51 mins
    Lafe Low, Defense Systems
    Join Forcepoint as we discuss how to maximize your agency’s Cross Domain Solutions investment to:

    Improve Defensive Cyber Operations

    Align with and scale in accordance with the latest Zero Trust framework requirements.

    Rapidly innovate in the most stringent DevSecOps high security environments.

    Secure government data repositories.

    Modernize Federal sites while reducing infrastructure and costs.

    Secure anywhere anytime collaboration between HQ, field offices and the tactical edge.

    Deploying a scalable model for agency and ally collaboration as initiatives such as JADC2 continue to pick up momentum will be critical to the DoD & U.S. Federal Government’s success. We hope you’ll join us as we discuss how to get even more out of your Cross Domain Solutions deployment to expedite modernization and fortify multi-domain operations.
  • The Truth About Ransomware Recorded: Oct 20 2021 50 mins
    Dr. Simon Wiseman, CTO, Deep Secure
    "For 40 years we’ve tried to protect ourselves from malware using detection-based technologies, but the bad guys keep on getting in." Join Deep Secure CTO Dr. Simon Wiseman to discover what we’ve been doing wrong and how we can put it right!
  • Ripped from the Headlines – Colonial Pipeline, Biden EO & More Recorded: Oct 5 2021 39 mins
    Eric Trexler, VP, Forcepoint G2CI & Rachael Lyon, VP, Forcepoint
    This week, Eric Trexler and Rachael Lyon get To The Point on the latest cybersecurity headlines such as Colonial Pipeline, ransomware, the double extortion trend, the new Biden Executive Order on improving the nation's cybersecurity, a new Gartner report this month noting cyber spending will grow to $150 billion this year, yet cloud security is the most under-invested category
  • Forrester Total Economic Impact: Forcepoint Cross Domain Solution Findings Recorded: Sep 22 2021 55 mins
    Steve Turner- Security and Risk Analyst, Forrester Rachel Ballard, Financial & Budgeting Consultant, Forrester’s TEI
    Forcepoint’s Raise the Bar-compliant Cross Domain suite is in operational use in some of the most stringent environments in the world, securing global missions efficiently and effectively while providing a high degree of usability, without compromising security. Forrester Consulting presents key challenges a Department of Defense intelligence agency encounters and how the implementation of a Forcepoint cross domain solution can provide critical results and benefits in the face of these challenges.
    Hear from Forrester about the quantified and qualified benefits of Forcepoint Trusted Thin Client, Trusted Gateway System and Trusted Print Delivery.
  • The Future Of Antivirus Recorded: Sep 15 2021 50 mins
    Graham Cluley, World-renowned Security Author and Blogger and Dr Simon Wiseman, CTO, Deep Secure
    Join world-renowned security author and blogger Graham Cluley and Deep Secure CTO Dr Simon Wiseman for ‘The Future of Antivirus’ webinar.

    The 45 minute interactive session will include debate and discussion on critical topics such as:

    What the criminals are doing to get past your defences
    Why Antivirus must evolve to meet the threat
    How a new approach can give you a decisive advantage in the battle against cyber crime
  • Someone Needs to Do Something, But Who? with author, Nicole Perlroth Recorded: Sep 7 2021 51 mins
    Nicole Perlroth, award-winning journalist for The New York Times and best-selling author
    This week Nicole Perlroth, award-winning journalist for The New York Times and best-selling author of “This Is How They Tell Me the World Ends” joins the podcast to discuss her decade-long journey covering cybersecurity and many terrifying discoveries navigating through the underbelly of the secretive cyberweapons market. She shares insights on the importance of making cyber understanding and awareness accessible to all audiences.
    And she details the many challenges governments and society face today as cyberattacks continue to ratchet up in scope of disruption and financial rewards with no consequences as we collectively wait for “the big event” that will be the forcing function to drive needed investment, global cooperation, and changed behaviors to truly take some of the advantage out of attackers’ hands.
  • Zero Trust in a Multi-Domain Environment Recorded: Aug 24 2021 46 mins
    George Kamis, Forcepoint Global Governments & Critical Infrastructure
    "Zero Trust is a cybersecurity paradigm focused on resource protection and the premise that trust is never granted implicitly but must be continually evaluated”, according to NIST Zero Trust Architecture (NIST Special Publication 800-207). However, how can that be achieved?

    Join Forcepoint Global Governments & Critical Infrastructure CTO, George Kamis, for a pragmatic approach to Zero Trust in a multi-domain environment, and gain the following:

    Knowledge on Verifying Explicitly – using multiple attributes (Dynamic and static) to derive confidence levels for contextual access decisions to resources.
    Detailed blueprints on how to utilize identity, but implement technology that is agnostic to A&A - providing proper access and transfers for multi-domains, remotely, from a single device.
    Knowledge on how to implement a Zero Trust framework built for continuous monitoring for DCO Enclaves and Cross Enclave collaboration.
  • The Human Threat: Breaking Down Insider Risk Recorded: Aug 12 2021 57 mins
    Darren Mott, Former Supervisory Special Agent, FBI & Michael Crouse, Director of User & Data Protection, Forcepoint
    Identifying and stopping insider threats continues to be one of the biggest security challenges facing organizations today. They range from the ‘good’ employee engaging in unintentional risky activity, the employee being targeted by external bad actors, to the worst case scenario, the malicious insider. In this more complex remote world, what strategies are available to surface threats – and can we stop them before they cause a breach?

    In this session, Forcepoint’s Director of User & Data Protection, Michael Crouse is joined by special guest, Former FBI Supervisory Special Agent, Darren Mott to share their experiences in helping organizations and government bodies develop their insider threat programs:

    Topics include:
    -Real insider threat cases and their outcomes
    -Insider threat vectors and the telltale signs of exploit
    -The role of technology in providing meaningful visibility to protect “the crown jewels”
    -Investigating behavioral changes and the impact of social distancing
    -How to minimize losses and collateral damage
    -Practical steps you can implement today
  • Mitigate Identity Risk with Behavioral Analytics and a Zero Trust Mindset Recorded: Aug 3 2021 18 mins
    Nicholas Lessen, Principal Sales Engineer - G2CI, Forcepoint
    In today's decentralized workplace, it's a challenge to safeguard people connecting via personal devices and to protect the data they are working with remotely and in the cloud. Agencies can use Identity Access Management (IAM) to onboard employees with legitimate credentials onto the network but authenticating and authorizing users isn't enough to ensure that everybody is acting in our best interests or is even who they say they are.
    Join Forcepoint for a live demo and discussion on how Zero Trust can secure enterprises from the risky behaviors of different users so you can shift left of breach, with tools and tactics including:
    - Continuous, automated analysis and scoring of user behavior to identify risky users
    - Automated, dynamic responses to risky behavior ranging from warnings and credential checks to limited or full blocking of user access and data usage
    - Replacing broad, sweeping security with individualized, adaptive data policies that won't slow down productivity.
  • Air Gapped IT & OT Environment Approaches for Critical Infrastructure, Ind 4.0 Recorded: Jul 20 2021 39 mins
    Bryan Skelton, Data Guard Sales Lead - G2CI, Forcepoint
    Isolating IT and OT environments is a practice that has been widely used by critical infrastructure stakeholders for many years, but this traditional approach suffers from significant drawbacks when looking to adopt new Industry 4.0 technologies.
    Organizations can leverage the same military-grade approach to securely connecting your IT and OT environments while providing higher levels of assurance and improved security postures with Forcepoint's Data Guard Cross Domain Solution.

    Join Forcepoint and Carahsoft for a virtual, 45-minute webinar in which Bryan Skelton, Forcepoint's Data Guard Sales Lead, will give a brief presentation and host an open Q&A session for technology professionals within the critical infrastructure industry on how Data Guard:
    -- Provides a flexible data inspection engine
    -- Is adaptable to a wide variety of data types and security policies
    -- Offers byte-level deep content inspection, data validation and filtering
    -- Delivers extensive support for highly complex automated transfer requirements of big data between multiple sensitive networks or clouds.
  • 5 Ways Agencies Can Improve Cybersecurity Posture to Meet Biden EO Requirements Recorded: Jun 15 2021 43 mins
    Petko Stoyanov, CTO, Forcepoint & Eric Trexler, Vice President, Forcepoint Global Governments & Critical Infrastructure
    President Biden's recent Executive Order outlines steps the US Federal Government must take to improve its efforts to identify, deter, protect against, detect, and respond to these actions and actors the United States’ Cybersecurity.
    Join Forcepoint's CTO and VP of Global Governments & Critical Infrastructure as they discuss the recent Executive Order, including
    - what it means for Zero Trust
    - how agencies can modernize and implement stronger cyber standards
    - strategies for removing barriers to sharing information
    - and more
  • Breach Detection: Becoming as Agile as The Attackers Recorded: Jun 1 2021 63 mins
    U.S. Navy, U.S. Dept. of Transportation, U.S. Dept of Labor, USPS, Ponemon Institute, ATARC, Forcepoint
    Moving “left of breach” is the modern cybersecurity path forward that every agency should be striving for. That means focusing cybersecurity resources more on detecting and preventing potential breaches rather than cleaning up after a breach has already occurred.

    ATARC, Government experts and Forcepoint recently had a robust discussion on how agencies are innovating to stay ahead of advisories. Hear from Dr Larry Ponemon of the Ponemon institute as he shares the latest results of a 2021 Government Breach Trends Study that examines the problems and what innovation is happening across government to move to a more proactive security posture. Then learn what our panel of experts are doing to improve breach detection and response in a landscape where they are inundated by new, rapidly-evolving challenges as well as lessons learned.
  • Enabling a secure connected infrastructure - CDS Lessons Learned Recorded: May 4 2021 17 mins
    Lisa Hawes, Sr. Product Manager & Autumn-Dawn Blanchette, Systems Engineering Manager, Forcepoint G2CI
    Find out DOD lessons learned from deploying CDS at scale.
  • Enabling a secure connected infrastructure - Blueprint for the Future of CDS Recorded: Apr 30 2021 20 mins
    Nik Scalise, Sr. VP, Sales & Operations, CMA Technology | George Kamis, CTO, Forcepoint G2CI
    Develop a plan for the future where Cross Domain Solutions are deployed in the cloud
  • Enabling a secure connected infrastructure - Where to Diode, Where to Guard Recorded: Apr 30 2021 26 mins
    Steven Tessler, Sr. Solutions Architect & Praphul Kumar, Product Manager, Forcepoint G2CI
    Technical & engineering experts methodically bursts urban legends around Diodes, revealing when you need them and when you don’t.
Connect & protect your global, multi-domain workforce
Forcepoint brings more than twenty years of expertise supporting the unique and complex missions and
objectives undertaken by the people who protect national security. Intelligence communities, defense departments, international governments and civilian agencies require rapid, accurate, and secure ways to support their data-driven missions.

Forcepoint’s human-centric cybersecurity portfolio brings together a broad set of capabilities that protect sensitive networks and data wherever they are accessed and reside. The system was purposely designed: each element is best in class and can stand alone or integrate within your existing environment to help solve critical security issues and protect employees, data, and IP. Forcepoint enables better decision-making and more efficient security through proactive and context-based technologies and data-centric, integrated solutions. We offer solutions to help solve cross domain security, cloud-based user and application protection, next generation network protection, data security, and systems visibility.

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  • Title: The Truth About Ransomware
  • Live at: Oct 20 2021 11:30 am
  • Presented by: Dr. Simon Wiseman, CTO, Deep Secure
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