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Discover Buying Signals: How To Stand Out With A Cold Call

The #1 factor in a buying decision is timing. If the timing isn’t right, no amount of sales tactics will produce a sale. “Scoops,” or buying signals, are company events that indicate a pain point and often predict purchase behavior. In this new video, we’ll show how to time sales outreach using a specific Scoop - leadership changes - which has a high correlation to buying behavior.

Full blog post here - https://dorg.ly/leadership-changes-scoops
Recorded Mar 14 2019 10 mins
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Michael Joseph Customer Success Manager | DiscoverOrg
Presentation preview: Discover Buying Signals: How To Stand Out With A Cold Call

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  • Discover Trade Shows: A 3-Part Approach to Maximize ROI Recorded: May 22 2019 14 mins
    Steve Bryerton VP of Sales | DiscoverOrg
    Why should you laser-focus on trade-show ROI? Trade shows are one of the best opportunities to generate new leads, for most companies. But marketing organizations are spending more than a 1/3 of their entire annual marketing budget on trade shows! Our VP of Sales is here show how to make the most of every penny.
  • Discover Intent Data: How to Stitch (Literally) Intent Data into Your Sales Stra Recorded: Apr 18 2019 10 mins
    Jake Shaffren Director of Sales | DiscoverOrg
    “Intent Data” just got real for our Director of Sales! Watch his real-life example of buying a sewing machine as a gift for his fiancé. Jake steps through researching the market, talking to salespeople in the store, evaluation, and finally, selecting a vendor. Sound familiar?

    Full blog post here - https://dorg.ly/intent-data-stitching
  • Discover Corporate Hierarchy: Using Multi-Org Enterprise Structure to Increase S Recorded: Apr 4 2019 7 mins
    Christian Prusia Vice President, Enterprise Sales | DiscoverOrg
    If you don’t know what kind of relationship your target account has with its parent company, you’re slowing down the B2B sales cycle! In our new video, our VP of Enterprise Sales explains how corporate structure affects the buying process. Then watch as he shows how to use these relationships to build groundswell and simplify the sale.

    Read the blog post here - https://dorg.ly/corporate-hierarchy
  • Delivering the Goods: The Path to Improving MQL-to-Opp Rate by 10x+ Recorded: Mar 27 2019 28 mins
    Anh Ly Marketing Systems Admin | Mendix & DeAnn Poe VP of Marketing | DiscoverOrg
    Sales wants more leads. But that doesn’t mean they will settle for just any leads. They want good-fit ones that will close quickly.

    Despite offering a winning product, Mendix found itself struggling to deliver high-quality leads to its sales team and close new deals in a reasonable amount of time. With a protracted MQL-to-Opp conversion rate, Mendix knew they had to do something to either improve the quality of the leads being passed to sales, or increase efficiencies throughout the process, or both.

    Watch Anh Ly, Marketing Systems Admin at Mendix, and DeAnn Poe, VP of Marketing at DiscoverOrg, discuss how Mendix was able to deliver more qualified leads to the sales team while also reducing prospect research time and enabling more informed follow-up. The end result: improving their MQL to Opportunity conversion by 14 times!
  • Discover Sales Openers: The 5 Planks of Door Opening Success Recorded: Mar 21 2019 12 mins
    Caryn Kopp Chief Door Opener | Kopp Consulting
    It’s just math: If you don’t set enough meetings with the right people, you’ll never meet your sales goals. In this video, Chief Door Opener Caryn Kopp shows how to knock on the right door and start off on the right foot: Find the right target, nail the message, be ready to address objections, find the Door Opener, execute well, and make time for follow-up.

    Full blog post here - Here's the link: https://dorg.ly/door-opener-for-sales
  • Turning data into pipeline in a GDPR world Recorded: Mar 19 2019 40 mins
    Henry Bruckstein CEO & Founder | Campaign Stars & Krystan Resch Director of Partnerships | DiscoverOrg
    How GDPR-compliant survey-based research presents a golden opportunity for account-based marketing (ABM) success.

    GDPR compliance has added a new layer of legal concern for marketers.

    But far from limiting it, GDPR compliance has created a truly golden opportunity for successful survey-based market research.

    In this webinar, we’ll share the exact tactics you need to execute a survey-based research play that:

    Remains GDPR-compliant.
    Enables true account-based prospecting.
    Fuels an entire quarter’s worth of content strategy.

    Join Campaign Stars CEO & founder Henry Bruckstein and DiscoverOrg Director of Partnerships Krystan Resch for this ABM and GDPR Bootcamp!
  • Discover Buying Signals: How To Stand Out With A Cold Call Recorded: Mar 14 2019 10 mins
    Michael Joseph Customer Success Manager | DiscoverOrg
    The #1 factor in a buying decision is timing. If the timing isn’t right, no amount of sales tactics will produce a sale. “Scoops,” or buying signals, are company events that indicate a pain point and often predict purchase behavior. In this new video, we’ll show how to time sales outreach using a specific Scoop - leadership changes - which has a high correlation to buying behavior.

    Full blog post here - https://dorg.ly/leadership-changes-scoops
  • Discover Location Data: How To Prospect With Geolocation (And Why Sales Should C Recorded: Feb 22 2019 13 mins
    Steve Waters Director of Sales | DiscoverOrg
    Unless you enjoy cold sales calls at 5AM, you know location is important in B2B sales. But did you know how location data boosts efficiency in so many other areas of sales? Accurate location data can help you map territories fairly, make on-site visits more effective, time your cold-call, boost ROI of direct mail, and increase event attendance.

    Full blog post - https://dorg.ly/location-data
  • 5 Keys for Efficient Prospecting Recorded: Feb 20 2019 42 mins
    Chris Scheppler CEO| CloudNerd & Katie Bullard Chief Growth Officer | DiscoverOrg
    WatchChris Scheppler, CEO of CloudNerd, to learn five practical tips to maximize your prospecting efforts. He will demonstrate how to optimize your CRM and Sales Intelligence integrations to get the right messages to the right people at the right time.

    In this webinar you’ll learn:

    Why pushing fresh and accurate data into your CRM is critical
    How simplifying your CRM configuration will make your sales team more productive
    5 quick steps to see immediate results in outbound efforts
  • How To Evaluate A Data Provider For Revenue Growth Recorded: Feb 6 2019 48 mins
    Monica Stewart | Skaled & Matt Heinz | Heinz Marketing & Trish Bertuzzi | The Bridge Group

    We surveyed top sales and marketing consultants to find out how they evaluate data providers and asked them to rank in order of importance:

    Verified contact info
    Firmographics (public, private, government, and 501c)
    Reporting hierarchy
    Personnel and project changes

    Watch DiscoverOrg's Director of Partnerships Krystan Resch, and guests from Skaled, Heinz Marketing, and The Bridge Group, as they review the survey and share what they think sales and marketing teams need to consider when evaluating a data provider for revenue growth.
  • Discover Org Charts: 5 Ways to Leverage Organizational Intel Recorded: Feb 6 2019 9 mins
    Krystan Resch Director, Partnerships | DiscoverOrg
    Org charts are an invaluable tool for sales professionals to navigate business relationships in target accounts. In this video, our Director of Partnerships, Krystan Resch offers 5 ways to use the org chart to uncover cross-sell opportunities, sphere of influence, multiple stakeholders, group email tips, and smart event follow-up.
  • Uncover Your Buyers, Leverage Intent, and Engage Your Targets with Account Based Recorded: Jan 16 2019 5 mins
    Todd MicCormick Chief Revenue Officer | Terminus
    In an account-based world, you typically have 8-10 buyers on most any software-buying committee. You really should be thinking about their personas as part of that fit modeling. Join Terminus's CRO, Todd McCormick for a 3-step, quick-and-dirty account-based strategy that uses Intent data to prioritize and engage accounts.
  • Pitch Perfect Series: Selling to Legal Ops Recorded: Jan 10 2019 27 mins
    Jill Konrath Author and Sales Speaker & Dan Huppert Director of Legal Ops | Synchronoss
    DiscoverOrg partnered with best-selling sales author Jill Konrath to interview Dana Huppert, Legal Operations Director for Synchronoss Technologies, to get an insider’s look at the goals and pain points of this powerful, behind-the-scenes buyer persona.
  • Pitch Perfect Series: Selling to HR Recorded: Jan 9 2019 26 mins
    Jill Konrath Author and Sales Speaker & David Kingsley SVP & Chief People Officer | Vlocity
    Sales leader Jill Konrath has some pointed questions about the buying process for HR leaders, so she interviewed L. David Kingsley, Chief People Officer at Vlocity (formerly Head of Global People & Places at MuleSoft, and Head of Global Strategy at Salesforce).
  • Pitch Perfect Series: Selling to Marketers Recorded: Jan 8 2019 28 mins
    Jill Konrath Author and Sales Speaker & Heidi Bullock Chief Marketing Officer | Engagio
    How do today’s marketing leaders evaluation and make purchase decisions? Sales leader Jill Konrath has some tough questions for CMOs, so she interviewed Heidi Bullock, Chief Marketing Officer at Engage.io.
  • Transforming Your Discovery, Engagement and Talent Acquisition Strategies Recorded: Dec 18 2018 26 mins
    Steve Bryerton VP of Sales | DiscoverOrg & Maurice Fuller Founder | StaffingTec
    DiscoverOrg, the leading B2B intelligence provider, is transforming the way organizations discover, engage and acquire target buyers and hires by significantly expanding the number and type of data points delivered through its platform. New data points include visual parent-subsidiary relationships; mobile numbers and personal email addresses; in-depth work and education profiles; and investor and funding insights.

    Attend this free webinar to learn more about DiscoverOrg’s powerful search capabilities. By the end of the webinar, you'll know how to:
    +Hone in on best-fit prospects and talent across 100+ data points using any channel integrated directly into your workflow.
    +Build a plan for how to break into new divisions and departments with in existing customers.
  • How To Slay Email Verification: The Silent Inbox Killer Recorded: Dec 12 2018 12 mins
    Brad Owen CEO | Neverbounce
    Your email deliverability is lower than you think. 90% email deliverability with a 10% bounce rate does not equal 90% deliverability. Watch the CEO, Brad Owen of Neverbounce walk through different email responses, demonstrate how to calculate the REAL bounce rate - and how to find a level you and your Marketing Automation System - can live with.
  • Timing is Everything: How to Identify, Engage, & Win More Target Accounts Recorded: Dec 6 2018 46 mins
    Nancy Nardin | Smart Selling Tools, Aaron Kotick | DealIQ, & Jake Shaffren | DiscoverOrg
    Fortune 500 companies trust Deal IQ to negotiate significant savings on technology contracts. But when it came to targeting and seizing its own business opportunities, Deal IQ had hit a roadblock.

    Because of Deal IQ's unique solution, the ability to target potential new accounts at the right time - just as they prepare to acquire new technology or close a new deal - was absolutely crucial to success. And the need to engage high level stakeholders - the true decision makers at these accounts - meant Deal IQ needed reliable, accurate contact data, and organization charts.
  • High Velocity Sales & Marketing: What it Takes Recorded: Nov 28 2018 41 mins
    Matt Wheeler CEO | QualifiedMeetings
    Join DiscoverOrg's VP of Customer Success, Andrew Brewer, and QualifiedMeetings CEO & Co-founder, Matt Wheeler, as they discuss key areas for achieving high velocity sales. Learn why accurate and actionable intelligence is key to identifying prospects, setting more meetings, and closing more business. The 'secret sauce' is not only having access to the right data, but knowing how to use it. QualifiedMeetings shares how they achieved High Velocity status by deploying an outbound strategy reliant on accurate and actionable data from DiscoverOrg.
  • 7 Secrets to SDR Success Recorded: Nov 13 2018 74 mins
    Dan Gottlieb Sr. Sales Development Analyst | TOPO & Steven Bryerton VP of Sales | DiscoverOrg
    Do your SDRs have the right skills to crush their quotas quarter over quarter?

    In this webinar, Dan Gottlieb, Senior Sales Development Analyst at TOPO, and Steve Bryerton, VP of Sales at DiscoverOrg, will walk through seven tools and methods proven to help sales development reps generate a consistent volume of quality pipeline. Backed by proprietary research from TOPO, each play corresponds to a specific action that each sales development rep must take in order to be effective. These plays include:

    Be intentional with how you manage your time
    Efficiently conduct research with a stakeholder map and a checklist
    Use the triple touch to increase replies
Growth Starts Here
DiscoverOrg is the leading global sales and marketing intelligence tool used by over 4,000 of the world’s fastest growing companies. Our award-winning solutions provide a stream of accurate and actionable company, contact, and contextual buying intelligence that can be used to find, connect with, and sell to target buyers more effectively – all integrated into the leading CRM, Sales Engagement, and Marketing Automation Tools on the market. Data is gathered and updated through DiscoverOrg’s proprietary combination of technology, tools and integrations, and then verified by an in-house research team – resulting in the highest guaranteed level of accuracy available across B2B sales and marketing data providers.

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  • Title: Discover Buying Signals: How To Stand Out With A Cold Call
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  • Presented by: Michael Joseph Customer Success Manager | DiscoverOrg
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