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The Developer Experience

TIBCO's Rob Zazueta will introduce you to the different types of developer audiences you may encounter with your API program. He will explain how to create an experience for them that delights and drives adoption, whether they're third-party customers or members of your own team.
Recorded Feb 20 2020 31 mins
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Rob Zazueta
Presentation preview: The Developer Experience

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  • Using Data Intelligently: Data Management Patterns in the Digital Economy Apr 7 2020 5:00 pm UTC 29 mins
    Conrad Chuang, Senior Director Product Marketing ,TIBCO Software & Steve Archut, Analytics Product Marketing, TIBCO Software
    Digital transformation is not over. In fact, IDC research found a majority of organizations struggle with digital transformation, or are what IDC calls “digitally distraught.”

    Achieving true digital transformation means taming data complexity—not an easy task in today’s world where a mix of on-premises and multi-cloud, or hybrid deployments are the new normal and data replication abounds. Only businesses with effective data management strategies can manage today’s rising tide of data and join the ranks of what IDC calls “digitally determined,” achieving success with transformation.

    Do you want to join the ranks of the digitally determined? Join us for a discussion on common data management trends and challenges with Stewart Bond, Research Director for data integration and data intelligence software at IDC.

    Tune in to learn more about:

    -Today’s biggest data management challenges and growth areas
    -Common data management patterns observed in the market
    -How to apply these patterns around specific use cases, such as 360-degree views
  • Unify your master, reference, and metadata with TIBCO EBX software Recorded: Mar 31 2020 18 mins
    Guido Anderegg, Head Innovation, Marketing and Sales, BUTOS & Michael Krause, Senior Solutions Consultant, TIBCO Software
    Presented by TIBCO and BUTOS

    With constantly evolving data from diverse channels and sources, business teams can no longer rely on simple office automation or outdated data management tools.

    TIBCO EBX™ software helps organizations avoid silos with an all-in-one approach to managing, governing, and consuming all shared data assets across the enterprise. This includes master data, reference data, hierarchies, business glossaries, and metadata. When you can manage and share all your data assets, you thrive.

    This webinar is part of our Data on Demand Webinar Series where you can learn how to unify your data and empower your business with the data you need to win
  • Future Customer Experience: From Digital to Omnichannel - a TM Forum exclusive Recorded: Mar 26 2020 60 mins
    Barry Graham & Ed Finegold, Contributing Analysts, TM Forum | San Zaw, VP Solution Consulting, TIBCO Software Inc. and more
    Telcos are working at breakneck speed to improve the entire customer experience (CEX) they deliver for their B2C and B2B customers. This includes not only customer-facing physical and digital channels, but also device experiences, the integration of network and service assurance with CEX, and the rising importance of privacy, security and trust.

    Join this webinar by TM Forum to understand the general state of CEX across major telcos worldwide, the emerging trends, the most successful approaches, least effective tactics and near-future investments in new CEX technology.

    During this webinar we will review:

    The success of omnichannel and personalization efforts
    The integration of network and service assurance with customer experience strategy
    The challenges operators face with an expanding array of new devices
    The importance of privacy, security, and trust throughout the customer experience
    The role of fast-evolving technologies like AI, robotic process automation (RPA) and cloud-native architectures.
  • Deep Learning for Anomaly Detection in Manufacturing Recorded: Mar 25 2020 25 mins
    Mike Alperin, Manufacturing Industry Consultant & David Katz, Data Scientist, TIBCO Software Inc.
    In a dynamic manufacturing environment, it may not be adequate to only look for known process problems, but also important to uncover and react to new, previously unseen patterns as they emerge.

    Univariate and linear multivariate Statistical Process Control methods have traditionally been used in the semiconductor industry to detect anomalies. With increasing equipment, process and product complexity, multivariate anomalies that also involve significant interactions and nonlinearities may be missed by these more traditional methods.

    We will demonstrate a method for identifying complex anomalies using a deep learning autoencoder. Once the anomalies are detected, their fingerprints are generated so they can be classified and clustered, enabling investigation of the causes of the clusters. As new data streams in, it can be scored in real-time to identify new anomalies, assign them to clusters and respond to mitigate potential problems.

    These tools are no longer the exclusive province of data scientists. With today’s Analytics platforms, they can be utilized by virtually all engineers.
  • Unleash the power of your data using TIBCO Data Virtualization Recorded: Mar 24 2020 33 mins
    Erik Fransen, Partner and Founder, Connected Data Group & Benjamin Dallinger, Senior Solutions Consultant, TIBCO Software
    Presented by TIBCO and Connected Data Group

    The challenge of making better and faster business decisions in a networked world isn’t a lack of data. It’s that data resides in multiple systems, SaaS applications, global locations, spreadsheets, and in people’s minds. Free yourself and access data easily from these silos to take full advantage of it without adding complexity.

    With TIBCO® Data Virtualization software, you can create one “virtual” place to go for consistent, secure, and governed datasets from all your distributed data sources. Scale enterprise-wide with an agile data architecture that can support your analytics, data science, and operational users and use cases.

    This webinar is part of our Data on Demand Webinar Series where you can learn how to unify your data and empower your business with the data you need to win.
  • Data on Demand: A Quick Overview of Data Management Recorded: Mar 17 2020 12 mins
    Conrad Chuang, Senior Director Product Marketing ,TIBCO Software & Steve Archut, Analytics Product Marketing, TIBCO Software
    Empowering your business with the trusted data it needs to compete is a huge challenge complicated by accelerating data demand and increasingly distributed data silos. With TIBCO, you can optimize your data value chain and easily access, govern, and share all data with greater consistency and control.

    In this webinar, we’ll walk through the data management capabilities available from TIBCO that will:

    -Speed up your business processes
    -Promote communication and collaboration between teams
    -Increase efficiency and reduce storage space
    -Improve the quality of your data

    You’ll also learn about customers that are using TIBCO to better handle their data.
  • Lessons Learned from an Enterprise-Scale Migration Project Recorded: Feb 25 2020 37 mins
    Lars Muller, CRM Partners AG, TIBCO MVP
    Data migration projects are growing more complex. With companies adopting more applications, especially cloud applications, and using more data sources than ever before, migrating just one system to the cloud can be a high-stakes, risky project. CRM Partners AG has a history of implementing successful migration projects, such as a recently completed project for a global manufacturer. Their methodology for data migration projects is designed to reduce the cost and risk they may encounter.

    Watch this webinar to learn:

    - The advantage of using the TIBCO Cloud™ Integration cloud-based (iPaaS) integration platform for your migration project vs. custom code
    - Key decisions you need to make at the outset of your project that will minimize risks
    - How to prepare your data for a successful migration
    - How to test and execute your migration to ensure a smooth launch
  • The Developer Experience Recorded: Feb 20 2020 31 mins
    Rob Zazueta
    TIBCO's Rob Zazueta will introduce you to the different types of developer audiences you may encounter with your API program. He will explain how to create an experience for them that delights and drives adoption, whether they're third-party customers or members of your own team.
  • How to Streamline Operational Processes and Excel in Customer Experience Recorded: Feb 13 2020 47 mins
    Pietro Caminiti, Head of IT Department, Aeroporti di Roma Spa & Alessandro Chimera, Global Solution Consultant & Technology E
    Active engagement with passengers and collaboration with all the various players present in the airport ecosystem can secure business operativity and increase profitability in the years to come, whilst providing a greater passenger satisfaction.

    Airports generate a lot of data – from passengers departing, arriving and in transit; airport operations devices and systems; airline companies; travel platforms; transportation systems; and retailers.

    Typically, only a small subset of this data is used – but the potential of correlating all data opens up possibilities from operational efficiency improve the airport services quality. Nevertheless to deliver innovative, efficient and high-quality services across the entire airport ecosystem, airports need a unified strategy that includes digitised processes.

    Airport operators are racing to digitalise themselves and their ecosystem partners to effectively create insights, automate, optimise and monetise their situational awareness and real-time insight-to-action capabilities… and in the quickest possible time.

    This webinar gives you a full overview of how TIBCO Software helped accelerate airport operators around the world and how “Aeroporti di Roma” has started the journey to become the smart airport of the future.


    - How to learn from passengers to shape your airport
    - Understand from airside KPIs how efficient your airport is
    - Increase the throughput of planes, passengers and baggage and ability to meet target KPIs
    - Increase passenger satisfaction and experience
    - Leveraging on real-time analytics to prove value in the fastest possible time.
  • Hemlock Semiconductor: Driving Quality, Cost Leadership, and Agility with TIBCO Recorded: Feb 11 2020 37 mins
    Kevin Britton, Hemlock Semiconductor & Michael O’Connell, Chief Analytics Officer, TIBCO Software Inc.
    Making organizational excellence smarter through predictive intelligence is imperative for those in any global industry. Predicting, and avoiding, high-cost failures such as excess material buildup or unplanned production downtimes are critical to success.

    In this webinar, Hemlock Semiconductor illustrates how a TIBCO Connected Intelligence solution, including TIBCO Spotfire and TIBCO Data Science software, has streamlined its process optimization to accelerate real-time decision making and reduce costs. Hemlock will also share how its analytics journey involved breaking down data silos and improving enterprise-wide collaboration.

    Kevin Britton, Hemlock Semiconductor
    Michael O’Connell, Chief Analytics Officer, TIBCO Software Inc.
  • AI's Impact on Financial Service & Insurance - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Recorded: Jan 23 2020 59 mins
    Mark Palmer, SVP and General Manager of Analytics at TIBCO Software & David Skerrett, Digital Transformation Leader
    Delve into the FSI computing trends that will facilitate next-generation banking systems. From adaptive data science for real-time and predictive intelligence, to visual intelligence that helps humans effectively “query the future,” this webinar examines:

    - How artificial intelligence is innovating the industry and how humans and machines can combine to achieve strategic enhancement
    - How FSI leaders can make sense of millions of data points and turn them into meaningful insights, and how AI is making this easier than ever before
    - How data analytics is transforming risk and fraud management
    - Discussions and participant poll results surrounding the good, the bad, and the ugly of AI
  • Digital Transformation of Manufacturing: From Reactive to Proactive Management Recorded: Jan 21 2020 49 mins
    Mike Alperin, Manufacturing Industry Consultant, TIBCO Software Data Science team
    A major transformation is taking place in manufacturing. New capabilities for processing streaming sensor data—along with big data, machine learning, and edge technologies—are driving the industry from reactive problem-solving towards increasingly proactive management of equipment, processes, products, and factories. It is now becoming possible to aggregate, analyze, and rapidly act on vast quantities of data being generated.

    In this webinar, discover how we are enabling customers with solutions such as predictive maintenance, automated pattern classification, anomaly detection, and product and process digital twins.
  • Endesa Transforms with TIBCO for the Digital Energy Era Recorded: Jan 7 2020 2 mins
    Head of Integration and BPM Manager Ainhoa Ortiz del Rio, Endesa
    Head of Integration and BPM Manager Ainhoa Ortiz del Rio on accelerating innovation through IoT automation at the second largest electric and gas utility in Portugal.
  • How to Reduce False Positives? - Intro to Fraud Accelerator Recorded: Jan 6 2020 8 mins
    Chris Lowe, Senior Solutions Consultant, TIBCO Software Inc.
    A short introduction to TIBCO's Fraud Accelerator, an intelligent, automated, analytical system, that helps businesses reduce false positives and augment human intelligence with data science models that can help predict fraudulent business events.
  • Drive costs down with Vehicle Route Optimization Recorded: Jan 6 2020 24 mins
    Philip Walker, Transportation & Logistics Account Executive & Ashwin Datla, Senior Solutions Architect at TIBCO Software Inc.
    Based on McKinseys Navigating a World of Disruption 2019 report, the industries that stand to gain the mostvalue from AI are Travel, Transport and Logistics.

    With digital transformation, there's a polarisation of outcomes: winners win more, losers lose more.

    To win, we need to grasp the advantages of digital before your competitors do, and nowhere is this more true than in transport and logistics. Within these industries, vehicle route optimization is recognised as significant business opportunity. But what does it take to implement and stay ahead of the competition?

    This short webinar will show you how TIBCO’s Connected Intelligence Cloud provides the tools needed to make your vehicle route optimization journey a success.
  • AA Ireland Transforms Itself and Insures Predictable Success Recorded: Jan 3 2020 3 mins
    Chief Analytics Officer Colm Carey and Senior Quantitative Analyst Nina Jensen - AA Ireland
    Chief Analytics Officer Colm Carey and Senior Quantitative Analyst Nina Jensen on the advantages of putting analytics in the hands of every business user.

    AA Ireland specializes in home, motor, and travel insurance and provides emergency rescue for people in their homes and on the road, attending to over 140,000 car break downs every year, 80% of which are fixed on-the-spot.
  • Fraud Investigation Management Recorded: Jan 2 2020 7 mins
    Chris Lowe, Senior Solutions Consultant, TIBCO Software Inc.
    Fraud is one of the biggest overheads for most financial firms. Detecting crime is hard as fraud constantly evolves and the tools have to be able to evolve with it. Also one of the key areas of focus for most firms is to address the cost of handling the false positives that all automated systems generate.

    Watch this short demonstration to learn how TIBCO’s advanced analytics and data science solutions can help you overcome these challenges.
  • Connected Intelligence in Financial Services Recorded: Dec 23 2019 57 mins
    Michael Araneta, AVP at IDC Financial Insights & David Rosen, Digital Transformation Thought Leader at TIBCO Software
    Connected Intelligence in Financial Services - Action plans for creating competitive advantage through data

    Banks and insurance companies are betting big on artificial intelligence and machine learning to give them the technological edge for more real-time, personalized, predictive services. A framework will help differentiate early winners and provide them with sustained advantages.

    Watch this webinar with guest speaker from IDC Financial Insights Associate VP Michael Araneta, and TIBCO Software Digital Transformation thought leader David Rosen.

    They have an inspiring conversation on what it takes to be disruptive in today’s challenging, competitive, and highly regulated financial services market.

    What you will learn:

    - Trends that reveal FSI company readiness for connected intelligence
    - Pitfalls to avoid & ways to bridge the gaps
    - AI & ML building blocks for personal, real-time, and predictive services
    - Essential guidance from IDC and 2020 predictions
  • Manufacturing Intelligence: Keep Your Processes Under Control Recorded: Dec 17 2019 8 mins
    Alessandro Chimera, Manufacturing Industry Expert, TIBCO Software Inc. Danny Stout, Sr. Solutions Consultant, TIBCO Softwar
    The current trend in manufacturing is towards tailor-made products in smaller lots with shorter delivery times. This change may lead to frequent production modifications resulting in increased machine downtime, higher production cost, product waste—and the need to rework faulty products.

    Watch this webinar to learn how TIBCO’s Smart Manufacturing solutions can help you overcome these challenges. You will also see a demonstration of TIBCO technology in action around improving yield and optimizing processes while also saving costs.

    What You Will Learn:

    Applying advanced analytics & machine learning / AI techniques to optimize complex manufacturing processes
    How multi-variate statistical process control can help to detect deviations from a baseline
    How to monitor in real time the OEE and produce a 360 view of your factory
    The webinar also highlights customer case studies from our clients who have already successfully implemented process optimization models.
  • Banking on Digitally Enabled Risk Recorded: Nov 21 2019 48 mins
    Conrad Chuang, Director of Product Marketing; Cormac Reidy, Sr Account Executive - FSI; Ian Pestell, Sr Data Scientist
    Is your risk infrastructure showing signs of strain in the face of FRTB, Basel III, and BCBS 239? Imagine a risk function where discrepancies among business, risk and finance views are eliminated, setting the stage for advanced technologies, robotic process automation, and machine learning.

    You are invited to join TIBCO as we take a step beyond first generation data governance towards unified data and analytics across the enterprise. We’ll present how to achieve a digitally enabled risk function for credit, operation and accounting risk.

    In this session we will cover:
    ▪ How CROs are mastering regulatory change as part of transforming the risk function, elevating knowledge and data resources through governance, MDM, data science, and analytics
    ▪ An overview of the key market challenges for delivering a unified data management and governance model
    ▪ Real-world case studies from G-SIBs focused on Data Governance, Master Data/Reference Data, Data Virtualization, and Data Science
TIBCO fuels digital business by enabling better decisions and faster, smarter actions through the TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud. From APIs and systems to devices and people, we interconnect everything, capture data in real-time wherever it is, and augment the intelligence of your business through analytical insights. Thousands of customers around the globe rely on us to build compelling experiences, energize operations, and propel innovation. Learn how TIBCO makes digital smarter at www.tibco.com.

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