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Real World IoT Podcast | Ep. 13 | ft Avnet | Evaluating Risk

On this week’s episode of Real World IoT, Ken Briodagh speaks with Vice President of IoT for Avnet, Lou Lutostanski. In this role, Lou works across the company to identify and create opportunities to leverage Avnet’s capabilities and expand the company’s reach and expertise to entrepreneurs, startups, leading technology OEMs and other IoT innovators, enabling them to bring IoT solutions to market, from idea to production. Lou has 30 years of experience and industry knowledge, joining Avnet in 1987 as a system sales manager. Throughout the next 13 years, he gained increasing responsibility as a field application engineer, sales manager, branch manager, and vice president, area director. Throughout his most recent years at Avnet, he served as vice president of sales for the Americas and as vice president of demand creation for the Americas.
Recorded Jun 13 2018 35 mins
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151 Advisors | Lou Lutostanski | Ken Briodagh
Presentation preview: Real World IoT Podcast | Ep. 13 | ft Avnet | Evaluating Risk

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  • Venture Industrialist: Investment Strategies for Connected Industry Aug 29 2019 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Ben Steven, Associate Partner, Momenta Partners
    The digital transformation of industry is creating significant opportunity with millions of devices connected to the internet for the purpose of collecting data, tracking usage, monitoring functionality, automating and optimizing systems and processes. While traditional venture capital has shied away from industrial applications and hardware, there’s been a rise of a new class of ventures investors: the venture industrialist. In this webinar, Momenta Ventures will share their insights and practitioner's perspective on investing in Connected Industry, understanding the market, trends and risks. This webinar is for ANYONE seeking insights on investing in Connected Industry.

    - What is Connected Industry?
    - How do Connected Industry investments differ from traditional venture investments?
    - Momenta’s Connected Industry investment themes
    - Momenta’s investment criteria
    - Q&A; ask our practitioners your burning questions
  • Top 5 Podcasts: Helping Industrial IoT Become a Reality with Dr. Richard Soley Aug 22 2019 4:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    Ed Maguire, Principal Partner, Momenta Partners & Dr. Richard Soley, Chairman and CEO of the Object Management Group
    Richard Soley is Chairman and CEO of the Object Management Group, Executive Director of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and founding partner of the IoT Solutions World Congress. In this special edition of the Edge Podcast recorded on site in Barcelona, he shares some of the notable developments coming out of the conference.

    The IoT Solutions World Congress is differentiated from other events through the focus on end users and case studies, showcasing test bed work shepherded by the IIC. In our conversation, Richard Soley shares stories and examples of notable work underway, the potential for productivity gains across industries, and the view that manufacturing represents the industry with the most to gain from connecting assets and advanced analytics. Additionally he discusses the launch of the IIC’s new Resource Hub. Finally he shares a fascinating story about standards that connected the design of Space Shuttle booster with the Ancient Romans.
  • Top 5 Podcasts: Digital Transformation From Cisco to GE and Beyond with Bill Ruh Recorded: Aug 15 2019 58 mins
    Ed Maguire, Principal Partner, Momenta Partners & Bill Ruh, CEO of Digital Business at LendLease Group
    Bill Ruh is CEO of Digital Business at Lendlease Group, a global developer and construction company for high rise and other real estate developments. Previously, he was the Chief Digital Officer for all of GE and CEO of GE Digital. Our conversation explored the nature of digital transformation, the considerations for creating goals and aligning the organization for success. One of the key insights is that transformation for industrial firms draws from best practices of technology companies, and the core principle is that technology companies’ missions are tied to asset optimization and better outcomes. He also shared how large companies need to think of transformation in two speeds – shorter term and longer term, where Speed 1 is the quarter to quarter focus and Speed 2 is the long term “moon shots”. He compares and contrasts the innovation mindset and approaches between startups and established companies, and shares best practices for larger companies to bridge the cultural gaps between their legacy and digital businesses. He also shares his views of the future of the construction and real estate industries enabled by the transformative impact of new technologies, which he is spearheading in his new role at Lendlease.
  • AI: The Next Wave of Productivity in Connected Industry Recorded: Aug 8 2019 55 mins
    Ed Maguire, Principal Partner, Momenta Partners
    This special webinar presentation focuses on Artificial Intelligence and how it is changing the nature of Connected Industry.

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies are increasing productivity and accelerating the evolution of next generation solutions in the industrial IoT. In our webinar we will explore the "state of the union" around AI - the investment climate and key developments in research and business applications. We discuss some of the key considerations, risks and opportunities as AI technologies have become integrated into more parts of the economy. We also feature two innovative firms that are applying AI transform their businesses - Senseye and RevTwo.

    We will take a look at:

    - How and where AI is accelerating the ability to create value from IoT data
    - Key trends in AI Investment and research
    - Focus on companies that are successfully leveraging AI technologies in their Connected Industry offerings
    - Where you can benefit from growing use of AI in your business
  • Top 5 Podcasts: Managing Expectations - A Conversation with Guido Jouret Recorded: Aug 6 2019 49 mins
    Ed Maguire, Principal Partner, Momenta Partners
    Our conversation explored Guido Jouret’s core principles around digital transformation, best practices for implementation as well as key lessons as they have applied in his career. Notably, we explore the implications of how the coming transition in transportation from internal combustion engines to self-driving electric powered transportation has implications all across the value chain.

    We explored a range of topics including:

    - What does digital transformation mean?
    - How to asses where change is occurring external to the organization, and how best to map impact on the business, the organization and the market;
    - How to asses with which customer journeys matter most to the company;
    - How to effectively organize sponsorship and leadership;
    - Best practices in implementing an iterative approach to improvement;
    - How to evaluate and challenge ideas;
    - How to ensure effective collaboration between IT and the rest of the organization;
    - How to manage resistance and/or risks related to the existing business;
    - Common mistakes organizations make early in the process of launching digital initiatives.
  • Blockchain & Connected Industry: Applications and Implications Recorded: Aug 1 2019 62 mins
    Ed Maguire, Principal Partner, Momenta Partners
    Over the last few years, the blockchain has emerged as a new technology that has been met with equal parts acclaim and skepticism. The revolutionary aspect of blockchain center is decentralization, which means that secure peer-to-peer transactions can be conducted over networks without an intermediary. 

    In this webinar, a series of experts at the forefront of this cutting-edge technology, take a critical look at the current industry landscape and the use of blockchain technology in IoT applications. It further provides an overview of IOTA technology, which was developed to provide speed and scalability necessary to support industrial IoT use cases.
  • Top 5 Podcasts: Understanding Microsoft and IoT - A Conversation with Sam George Recorded: Jul 30 2019 55 mins
    Ed Maguire, Principal Partner, Momenta Partners & Sam George, Director Azure IoT for Microsoft
    Microsoft has emerged as one of the most important technology players in the Internet of Things. Sam George takes our conversation through the origins and evolution of Microsoft’s IoT strategy, touching on the key product offerings, the role of partnerships and customers behind the fundamental drive to make everything simpler for users. Our discussion covered platforms, analytics and AI, the role of blockchain, edge computing and Sam highlights a number of key use cases. Lastly, Sam provides a view of what to expect from Microsoft’s IoT focus on the future.
  • Connecting the World at Large: Exploring LPWA Technologies and Opportunities Recorded: Jul 25 2019 64 mins
    Ed Maguire, Principal Partner, Momenta Partners
    LPWA technologies enable low power communications over a large area, typically at low bit rates. With billions of sensors capturing data from the physical world, there’s growing need to transmit data from remote locations that are not connected to power sources. The family of LPWA technologies including LoRa, NB-IOT, and others are perfectly suited to support new use cases in agriculture, transportation, smart spaces, supply chain, manufacturing and many other areas.

    The reality is that there is not one solution but rather a variety of low-power, wide area network technologies that take many shapes and forms. It follows that there are various criteria that need to be considered before a business should invest into a LPWA structure.

    We take a critical look at the current market landscape, providing deep industry insights by experienced technologists who will share first-hand use cases and offer thought-provoking insights into how this technology is transforming connected industry.

    We will be taking a look at:

    - The current market landscape
    - The different types of LPWA technologies
    - How LPWA technologies can solve unique problems
    - How to incorporate LPWA technologies into your business
    - Tips and pointer for LPWA success
  • Top 5 Podcasts: From Genesis to IoT Big Bang: A Conversation with Rick Bullotta Recorded: Jul 23 2019 60 mins
    Ed Maguire, Principal Partner, Momenta Partners & Rick Bullotta, Technologist and Founder of ThingWorx and Lighthammer
    Rick Bullotta founded two companies that have been pivotal in the development of Connected Industry: Lighthammer (acquired by SAP in 2005) and Thingworx (acquired by PTC in 2014) and he is now an adviser to Microsoft Azure IoT. Rick is a passionate advocate of new technologies and innovation, and enjoys the disclaimer that “80% is fact and 20% is BS - and I don’t know which is which”.

    Our conversation explores his personal background in industrial technology, and how the insights gained from his experiences at Wonderware helped shape the vision for the companies he started. Exploring the genesis of Lighthammer and Thingworx, the discussion touches on why blue-collar tasks benefit from an IT-driven “multiplier effect”, how innovation comes from empowered customers, and how simple visibility can kick-start profound changes in industrial businesses. Other topics covered include the market landscape around IoT platforms, potential of AI and machine learning, the possibilities and pitfalls around blockchain and the future of Connected Industry.

    Areas of particular interest in technology include meta-sensing technologies around drones and robotics, simplifying the last foot of connectivity, 5G technologies and a company called Waveio.ai that seeks create events and alerting without relying on audio.
  • What's Your Digital Game Plan? A Playbook For Success Recorded: Jul 18 2019 58 mins
    Jesse DeMesa, Partner, Momenta Partners Advisory
    There is no one-size-fits-all-strategy for implementing digital innovation, but there are best practices and experiences you can leverage to enable your firm's road to change in the 21st century. Momenta Partners has created a playbook gleaned from practitioner's perspectives on how to best navigate digital transformation, and we'll share our insights with you in this webinar. This webinar is for CEOs and leadership teams seeking insights and actionable intelligence by example.

    We will take a look at:

    - The steps of a firm's digital transformation journey
    - The best approaches to beginning your transformation journey
    - Getting your team to embrace digital transformation
    - Building a playbook to help you achieve your transformation goals
    - Best practices for adoption
  • Unpacking IoT Platforms: What You Need to Know Recorded: Jul 11 2019 61 mins
    Ed Maguire, Principal Partner, Momenta Partners
    There are hundreds of IoT Platforms in the market with a confusing array of offerings from software and hardware vendors, connectivity providers, system integrators and others, and with very different purposes, functionalities and capabilities. As a result, it can be extremely challenging to distinguish among the many options, and make the right choices to enable a business to deploy applications that monitor, manage, and control connected devices.What are the consequences for those in connected industries and what is the state of the platforms market?

    During this webinar we will discuss the key characteristics, capabilities, advantages, challenges and considerations involved with choosing and implementing platforms into Connected Industry businesses.

    We will take a look at:

    - What is an IoT platform?
    - How platforms create value
    - The dynamics of IoT platform markets
    - Platform strategies and use cases
    - How to choose the right IoT platform

    Insights Partner Ed Maguire hosts an ALL Momenta panel with expert advice and analysis from our deep industry practitioners as they shared thoughtful perspectives, critical insights and use cases for IoT platforms.


    - Ken Forster - former MD of ThingWorx and COO of PLAT.ONE
    - Jesse DeMesa - former CTO GE - Predix
    - Jim Fletcher - former CTO IBM - Watson IoT
  • Emerging Technologies & IoT: How AI, AR and Blockchain Are Shaping The Future Recorded: Jul 5 2019 57 mins
    Ed Maguire, Principal Partner, Momenta Partners
    When it comes to innovation, we've arguably seen more technological advancements over the last ten years than at any other point in time. Technology as we know it is changing before our eyes. We see the merging of the digital and physical worlds through technologies such as augmented reality; artificial intelligence enables computers to think faster than humans, and blockchain technology is considered by many to be the greatest technological innovation since the internet.

    More importantly, we're not only seeing new technologies but the convergence and intersection of multiple technologies as they extend and create new capabilities through their collaboration. The era of combinatorial innovation is upon us, and the combined impact of augmented reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies on Connected Industry will be unprecedented.

    This webinar provides an opportunity to explore and consider the applications of new technologies as they related to IoT and Connected Industry.

    We'll take a look at:

    - The current status of AI, AR, blockchain and distributed ledger technologies and their role in empowering Connected Industry
    - Benefits and risks of evolution
    - Use cases across multiple industries
    - Future timelines and predictions
  • The Intelligent Edge: The Next Frontier of IoT Innovation Recorded: Jun 27 2019 57 mins
    Ed Maguire, Momenta Partners
    Edge, mobile edge, and fog computing have emerged, offering a panacea to the pain points of IoT data. Companies such as Intel, SAP, Ericsson and Dell Technologies are creating their own solutions. Edge computing has the potential to impact the data infrastructure of the IoT, but what are the benefits and risks of moving away from the cloud? Edge computing comes with a suite of considerations that need to be carefully considered prior to adoption that we'll explore in turn.

    This webinar will cover:

    - The current state of fog and intelligent edge computing
    - What are the benefits/risks of moving away from the cloud?
    - What does this mean for cloud computing, data infrastructure and data analytics?
    - What are the best use cases of edge computing and what are its limitations?
    - Forecasts on future applications
  • Real World IoT Podcast | S. 2 | Ep. 1 | ft Aware360 | Staying Safe with IoT Recorded: Feb 6 2019 33 mins
    151 Advisors | Robert Forget | Ken Briodagh
    On this week’s episode of Real World IoT, host Ken Briodagh discusses safety solutions through IoT with Aware360's, Robert Forget.
  • Smart Cities: Real IoT Use Cases Recorded: Nov 26 2018 60 mins
    Steve Brumer- Partner at 151 Advisors and Steve Wimsatt - Senior Director, Alliances and Business Development Ruckus Network
    Problems faced by IoT and smart city opportunities are knowing how all the moving pieces work together to obtain a real ROI! Join Steve Brumer, Partner at 151 Advisors and Steve Wimsatt, Senior Director, Alliances and Business Development Ruckus Networks, a unit of ARRIS for a 45-minute open discussion on IoT in Smart Cities, the real-world applications and uses cases across the globe and how to make money!

    Topics will include:
    - Real World Applications & Uses Cases
    -Where is the money in supplying products and services and the commercialization aspects of them!
    - What is the true meaning of ROI in the Smart Cities and Smart Buildings space?

    Key takeaways will focus on where should you focus your time, energy and efforts within this space and how to drive revenue.
  • Real World IoT Podcast | Ep. 23 | ft. WaterBit | Precision Agriculture & Water M Recorded: Nov 2 2018 41 mins
    151 Advisors | Manu Pillai | Ken Briodagh
    On this week’s episode of Real World IoT, host Ken Briodagh discusses water conservation through IoT with Co-Founder and President of Waterbit, Manu Pillai.
  • Real World IoT Podcast | Ep. 22 | ft Globalstar | Saving the World with IoT Recorded: Oct 17 2018 45 mins
    151 Advisors | Ron Wright & David Chalona | Ken Briodagh
    On this week’s episode of Real World IoT, host Ken Briodagh talks satellite connectivity and asset tracking with Globalstar’s Ron Wright and David Chalona. Both Regional Sales Managers, Ron holds over 25 years of industry experience in sales and marine technology, while David is a veteran technician with cloud services and IoT networks. Globalstar is a quickly growing company, dedicated to providing data and voice communications in low connectivity areas. With an extensive satellite network, picking up signals from over 80% of the Earth’s surface, Globalstar provides reliability and operability worldwide, connecting users in areas where traditional networks are unreliable or unavailable. Most importantly, Globalstar’s connectivity is provided with extreme reliability by means of their strategically designed LEO network.
  • Real World IoT Podcast | Ep. 21 | ft Mobelisk | Enterprise Mobility Recorded: Oct 10 2018 31 mins
    151 Advisors | Dennis Hamann | Ken Briodagh
    On this week’s episode of the Real World IoT Podcast, host Ken Briodagh discusses how off-the-shelf IoT devices can be just as beneficial to a company as a custom tailored solution with Founder and CEO of Mobelisk, Dennis Hamann.
  • Monetizing IoT in Smart Agriculture Recorded: Sep 26 2018 49 mins
    Steve Brumer, Partner at 151 Advisors & Mark Young, CTO at Climate Corporation
    Join Steve Brumer, Partner at 151 Advisors and Mark Young, CTO at Climate Corporation for a 45-minute informative discussion on monetizing IoT in Smart Agriculture.

    This webinar will focus on the Smart Ag landscape, uses cases, opportunities and how vendors & partners can monetize with IoT. Exploring all the business aspects, connectivity, sensors, big data, platforms, and system integration.

    Key takeaways will focus on where should you focus your time, energy and efforts within this space and drive revenue.

    -Steve Brumer, Partner at 151 Advisors
    -Mark Young, CTO & Interim Product Lead at Climate Corporation
  • Real World IoT Podcast | Ep. 20 | ft Globalstar | Satellite & IoT in Oil & Gas Recorded: Sep 21 2018 50 mins
    151 Advisors | Marty Jefferson | Ken Briodagh
    On this week’s episode of the Real World IoT Podcast, host Ken Briodagh discusses why satellite connectivity is crucial to the productivity of the Oil & Gas Industry with Data Services Manager at Globalstar, Marty Jefferson.
Best Practices For Digital Transformation
Digital transformation can be challenging in any enterprise -- you’re fighting the clock while climbing a steep learning curve. Subscribe to our channel to learn and understand best practices around this change, from use cases to technology ecosystems to guidelines to changing your culture.

About Momenta Partners: As digital growth partners, we help drive digital transformation within organizations, and assist with organic or inorganic growth. We place key talent and professional teams and invest in Connected Industry leaders and challengers to accelerate time-to-value, for companies in Energy, Manufacturing, Smart Spaces and Supply Chain/Logistics.


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  • Title: Real World IoT Podcast | Ep. 13 | ft Avnet | Evaluating Risk
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  • Presented by: 151 Advisors | Lou Lutostanski | Ken Briodagh
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