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Collaborative Data Science - Wertschöpfung aus Daten Kreieren

Daten sind ein echter Vermögenswert, wenn sie für neue Produkt- und Service-Innovationen zum eigenen Wettbewerbsvorteil genutzt werden können. Eine Herausforderung auf dem Weg zur „Data-driven Organisation“ ist, Innovationen von der guten Idee bis zum operationalisierten Daten-basierten Produkt zu bringen welches durch Effizienz-/Effektivitätssteigerungen Wertpotentiale hebt oder sogar neue Geschäftspotentiale erschließt. Technische und organisatorische Barrieren haben Ihre Existenzberechtigung, begründen aber Datensilos und mangelnde Kooperation zwischen Fachabteilungen, Data Science und Data Engineering / IT.

Im gemeinsamen Webinar stellen Dataiku und Snowflake vor, wie Teams ihre Data Science-Projekte auf einer integrierten Plattform kooperativ und „end-to-end“ - das heißt von Definition, Daten-Exploration und agiler Entwicklung von Lösungsansätzen über die Entwicklung von KI-Modellen und Datenprodukten bis zum go-live und Betrieb - realisieren können. Integriert mit Dataiku DSS beschleunigt Snowflake als skalierbare, performante Cloud Data Plattform insbesondere die Teilprozesse Datenbeschaffung, -exploration, -transformation und Feature Engineering, die zusammengenommen bis zu 80% der gesamten Projektdauer beanspruchen können.

Session Takeaways:
- Wie Dataiku DSS den gesamten Machine Learning Prozess und Teamwork mit allen Know-how-Trägern unterstützt
- „Secret Sauce“ von Snowflake’s neuartiger Architektur, die gute Performance auch bei Petabyte-Datenvolumen ermöglicht - unabhängig davon, ob strukturierte und semistruktierte Daten abgefragt oder verarbeitet werden.
- Kombination von Dataiku DSS und Snowflake zu einer integrierten End-to-End Machine Learning Plattform-Architektur zur Umsetzung einer Cloud-basierten Enterprise-AI Strategie

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Recorded Apr 9 2020 56 mins
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Presented by
Harald Erb (Sr. Solutions Engineer @Snowflake), Marcel Boldt (Sales Engineer @Dataiku)
Presentation preview: Collaborative Data Science - Wertschöpfung aus Daten Kreieren

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  • Establish Data Advocacy in Your Organization with WeWork Apr 2 2021 6:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Lucianne Millan (Data Engineering Manager at WeWork)
    Tentative Schedule: (EST)

    2:00pm: Intro
    2:05pm: Establish Data Advocacy in Your Organization with WeWork
    2:45pm: Q&A

    Talk Abstract:

    Data has minimal impact without adoption from the everyday user. To create an authentically data-driven organization top down, it is essential to gain buy-in from stakeholders and share the skills required for analysis in a scalable way. At WeWork, we have a high volume of users on local and global levels. In this session we will provide the framework for how to establish data advocacy in your organization, revolving around our 3 pillars of data culture- awareness, trust and empowerment.

    Speaker Bios:

    Lucianne is a Data Engineering Manager at WeWork, where she has spent the last 3 years helping to bridge the gap between insights and business impact, with a special focus on enabling data-driven decision making for executives and investors. She has over 10 years of professional experience in data, spanning different industries, company sizes and data disciplines. She is passionate about promoting data literacy and works with institutions such as Columbia University and Parsons to design and teach data skills at a graduate level.

    Disclaimer: All views, thoughts, & opinions expressed in the webinar belong solely to the panelists, & not to the panelists’ employer, organization, committee, other group or individual.
  • An Inside Look at ETF Rebalancing and Building a Monte Carlo Simulation Mar 31 2021 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Suresh Vadakath, Solutions Engineer @ Dataiku; Kevin Graham, Account Executive @ Dataiku
    Exchange traded funds (ETFs) are one of the most popular investment products in the last decade, and 2020 brought record inflows to the ETF market while providing exposure to a wide range of assets. 

    Join us for this Dataiku session, where we will reconstruct an equity index fund and rebalance based on analysis. We'll also look at building a Monte Carlo-based intrinsic value calculator for an underlying asset. Lastly, these data products will then be surfaced through a Dataiku app and a webapp for broader consumption.
  • Recommendation Systems for B2B Companies Mar 31 2021 2:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Yiwei Li (Data Scientist @Paypal)
    Tentative Schedule: (EST)

    10:00am: Intro
    10:05am: Recommendation Systems for B2B Companies w/ Yiweil Li (Paypal)
    10:45am: Q&A

    Talk Abstract:


    Speaker Bio:

    Yiwei is currently a data scientist at PayPal. Previously, Yiwei was a Sr. Analytics Consultant in Machine Learning at EXL where she facilitated the underwriting decision-making program for J.P Morgan Chase’s small business loan applications by optimizing between revenue objectives and risk management. She graduated from Columbia University with a Master’s degree in Statistics.

    Disclaimer: All views, thoughts, & opinions expressed in the webinar belong solely to the panelists, & not to the panelists’ employer, organization, committee, other group or individual.
  • AutoML: An End-to-End Demo Mar 25 2021 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Nicolas Omont, Product Manager @ Dataiku
    If you're looking to leverage AutoML in your enterprise, this webinar will show you how with one tool, you can easily go from raw data to machine learning model in production using Dataiku's visual AutoML features.

    Nicolas Omont is a Product Manager at Dataiku. He holds a PhD in Computer Science, and he's been working in operations research and statistics for the past 15 years.

    ** This webinar is the second in a 2-part series on AutoML. Don't forget to check out the first webinar on AutoML basics, which covers what it is, how it can be used, challenges, and more. **
  • AutoML Basics: What It Is and How Best to Leverage It Mar 24 2021 6:00 pm UTC 33 mins
    Nicolas Omont, Product Manager @ Dataiku
    Automated Machine Learning, or AutoML remains a huge topic for enterprises to tackle in 2021 in order to scale AI efforts.

    This webinar will cover:

    - What exactly AutoML is (and what it isn't).
    - Why organizations need AutoML in order to succeed in the race to AI.
    - What the best use cases are for AutoML and when it can best be leveraged.

    Nicolas Omont holds a PhD in Computer Science, and he's been working in operations research and statistics for the past 15 years.

    The session will include a Q&A session at the end, so come with your questions about AutoML!

    ** This webinar is the first in a 2-part series on AutoML. Don't forget to sign up for the follow-up session on AutoML in Dataiku - an end-to-end demo. **
  • Beyond Human Labeling and Supervised Learning w/ Google Mar 23 2021 6:00 pm UTC 92 mins
    Karthik Ramasamy (Google) and Ned Martorell (Dataiku)
    [VIRTUAL REPLAY] Bringing data enthusiasts together to foster the exchange of ideas and the intellectual growth of the data community: Dataiku series of meetups showcase the work of talented data professionals across industries, for you to get insider tips and tricks to turn data into actionable insights (read more here (https://blog.dataiku.com/announcing-dataconnect-meetups-nyc).

    Typically most companies have been using supervised learning with human labeled dataset. However, thirst for more labels is never satisfied, especially for deep learning models. In this talk, Karthik will talk about technologies to overcome lack of abundance of human labeled dataset with specific examples in computer vision and NLP domains. The talk will explain how synthetic dataset can be used to train a model that can be generalized to operate on real world data. Then, Karthik will cover self-supervised learning that is becoming an emerging trend in large scale deep learning tasks. The talk will focus on a couple of use cases of self-supervised learning techniques that are general enough to be applicable in the majority of computer vision tasks.
  • The Future of Analytics - A Study by BARC Mar 23 2021 3:00 am UTC 25 mins
    Alexander Rode, Analyst Data and Analytics, BARC
    In this webinar, BARC Analyst and Data Scientist Alexander Rode will give you a brief insight into the results of the recent BARC study "The Future of Analytics". 

    During the webinar, we will cover the following aspect/section of the study: 

    1) Data analytics and the associated expectations
    2) The current state of Advanced Analytics
    3) Latest trends in the software market, such as AutoML and Augmented Analytics

    Based on the findings of the study, our speaker will give some recommendations that will help companies to implement advanced analytics.
  • Defining a Successful AI Project: A Framework for Choosing the Right AI Use Case Mar 22 2021 6:00 pm UTC 49 mins
    Christina Hsiao, Sales Engineer/Evangelist at Dataiku and Vivien Tran-Thien, Director of AI Consulting at Dataiku
    With dozens of ideas for potential AI use cases but limited time and resources, how can organizations prioritize the right projects…especially in the early stages of their Enterprise AI journey?

    In this talk, Christina Hsiao and Vivien Tran-Thien from Dataiku will help you ask the right questions to identify projects that have both high business value and a high likelihood of success. The framework outlined in this webinar will help you avoid false starts on AI initiatives that are risky or ill-defined, and instead create a blueprint for future success!
  • Machine Learning Basics: Algorithms Are Your Friend Mar 18 2021 6:00 pm UTC 44 mins
    Katie Gross, Data Scientist
    Machine learning (ML) isn’t just for data scientists anymore; it’s in the mainstream for analytics and business teams who want to get ahead, but it can feel impenetrable. Where to start? Join Dataiku Data Scientist Katie Gross as she outlines key machine learning terms and the applications of different ML algorithms. See how you can build and evaluate an ML model with or without coding. Watch live and ask questions at our Q&A at the end of the talk.

    Katie Gross is a Data Scientist at Dataiku, where she helps clients build out Enterprise AI solutions and develops new product features. Previously, she worked as a data scientist at a marketing science firm, Schireson, and did freelance data science work for a host of companies including IBM. Prior to her data science life, Katie spent three years as a CPG consultant to Wall Street analysts at Nielsen. Katie holds a BA in Economics from Colgate University and also completed the Galvanize Data Science Bootcamp program in New York City.
  • L’IA au service de la Supply Chain Mar 18 2021 11:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Alexis Fournier, Regional VP of AI Strategy @Dataiku
    La supply chain enregistre une croissance significative grâce aux opportunités offertes par l’IA. Des capacités prédictives permettant d’optimiser la planification de la demande, jusqu’aux véhicules autonomes et à la robotique des entrepôts, les différents acteurs vont continuer à tirer parti des innombrables sources de données et des technologies qui leur permettent d’ores et déjà de réduire leurs coûts et d’augmenter leurs profits – quelle que soit la taille de l’entreprise, quel que soit le secteur d’activité.

    Participez au webinar présenté par Alexis Fournier, AI Strategist chez Dataiku, et découvrez, à travers des cas d’usage portant sur la supply chain (forecasting, prévision de la demande et des ventes), quels sont les apports d'une démarche Data Science et les avantages d’utilisation de Dataiku DSS.

    L’exemple de forecasting dans la chaîne de logistique vous sera exposé afin d'illustrer, de manière concrète, comment combiner l'expertise métier avec les techniques de Data Science.
  • Operationalization and Deployment: Building Production-Ready AI Projects Mar 17 2021 6:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Alexandre Hubert, Lead Data Scientist, Dataiku
    How to build production-ready data science projects?
    How to transition from a design to a production environment?

    Designing and validating models is only one part of a whole data science project.

    And today production issues are the main reason many companies fail to see real benefits come from their data science efforts.

    During this webinar, we will first understand what « to go into production » means and then consider actionable steps to build production-ready data science projects:

    1. Operationalisation: why is it important?
    2. Challenges from design to production
    3. Building production-ready AI projects
  • Accelerate Automation with AI Capturing Mar 11 2021 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Christophe Hocquet, Co-Founder at Natif.ai
    Accelerate Automation with AI Capturing

    Every business needs to manage, control and connect its documents. But manual or semi-automated processes are tedious and very costly for enterprises. In this webinar in partnership with Natif.ai, we will explore strategies that enable speed processing of documentation, and improving productivity, avoiding mistakes, reducing technology costs, all using AI Capturing. Register now to join us live.

    Speaker details:
    -Christophe Hocquet, Co-Founder at Natif.ai

    Please be aware that by registering for this webinar, you agree to have your personal information shared with both partners Dataiku and Natif.ai. They may contact you with information that could be of interest to you.
  • AI Myths Debunked: Build vs. Buy your AI platform Mar 11 2021 3:00 am UTC 30 mins
    Ryan Morris, Account Executive, Dataiku
    In the world of data science, machine learning, and AI, there is no shortage of tools — both open source and commercial — available. This inevitably spurs the age-old software question of build vs. buy for AI projects and platforms.

    During this session, Ryan Morris, Account Executive at Dataiku, will address the following:

    > Is the question to make or buy models?
    > Data processing tools?
    > 6 key considerations that should be tabled when evaluating whether to build or buy your AI platform
  • MLOps: Industrializing Data Science Use Case Life Cycle to Deliver ROI Recorded: Mar 2 2021 65 mins
    Hervé Mignot (Equancy), Raphaël Hamez (Equancy)
    Companies have invested a lot of effort and money in data-driven strategies. However, many also testify to the difficulty of deriving the full ROI from these initiatives. Data Science Use Cases should not be any more pilots, they need to be though as industrialized products from the beginning. As such, they must be managed as business and technical assets that need to be developed, deployed, monitored and improved over time. As software artefacts, they can largely benefit from software industry practices such as DevOps.

    MLOps has adapted DevOps practices to the development and operation of data science use cases, more specifically use cases embedding machine learning models.These machine learning models, as part of the use case deployed, need to be monitored, evaluated, retrained and certainly improved over time.

    It becomes critical to consider the whole life cycle of data science use cases with a robust methodology and set of practices. These will ensure an efficient design, delivery and continuous improvement of machine learning based use cases, to get most of the ROI.

    In this webinar, we introduce:
    -Key notions of MLOps practices
    -Highlight classical difficulties & roadblocks of data science use case life cycle.

    We present MLOps practices, illustrate these elements through actual use cases, and how Dataiku DSS can support such MLOps practices.

    -Hervé Mignot, Data Science, Technologies and R&D Partner @ Equancy
    -Raphaël Hamez, Lead Data Scientist @ Equancy

    Please be aware that by registering for this webinar, you agree to have your personal information shared with both partners Dataiku and Equancy. They may contact you with information that could be of interest to you.
  • Using Advanced Data Analytics and ML to Improve Patient Care and Reduce Costs Recorded: Feb 25 2021 44 mins
    Emma Irwin, Sales Engineer, Dataiku
    Hospital-acquired conditions (HAC) represent a major strain on hospitals. Infections, surgical errors, and falls in medical facilities lead to further medical treatment that payers (insurers, public health programs) will often refuse to cover. While HACs are inevitable at even the best-run facilities, minimizing can go a long way in improving a hospital’s financial position and patient care. Some providers have made significant progress in identifying sources of HACs by leveraging advanced data analytics and ML.

    In this second episode of our three-part series on data and analytics use cases for the Healthcare industry, Emma Irwin will present demonstrate how Dataiku’s Data Science Studio can be leveraged to quickly and easily design, train and deploy accurate models to identify sources of HAC and implement strategies to minimize their occurrence.
  • [Spanish Webinar] Multiplying the Power of the Citizen Data Scientist Recorded: Feb 25 2021 65 mins
    Thayer Adkins - Director of Partnerships @ Dataiku and Frederick DeWorken - Director of Latin America at Snowflake
    Llevando los proyectos de ciencia de datos desde su diseño hasta su despliegue requiere una variedad de habilidades y herramientas. Por ejemplo, la identificación de datasets apropiados en su formato crudo a través del proceso de preparación implica un juego de habilidades. Pero, la combinación e investigación de hallazgos requiere habilidades totalmente distintas. Cuando estas habilidades residen en equipos distintas, la posibilidad para mal entendidos multipliquen. En ese sentido, la comunicación es clave.

    Imaginase utilizando una plataforma y un modelo para colaboración en proyectos de ciencia de datos que permite ese tipo de comunicación.

    La buena noticias es que ya existe ese tipo de plataforma y se llama Snowflake + Dataiku DSS. En Snowflake encuentren una plataforma para alojamiento y procesamiento de datos en la nube que es fácil de operar y totalmente escalable. En Dataiku DSS encuentren un ambiente de desarrollo para diseño de flujos de ciencia de datos hacía el despliegue a producción de los flujos en una forma que es totalmente amigable y orientado a científico de datos ‘ ciudadano’.

    Participa En Este Webinar En Vivo:

    En nuestra presentación verán como un DBA y un científico de datos ‘ciudadano’ podrán fácilmente colaborar en un proyecto desde la identificación e ingesta de datos hasta modelamiento y aplicación de técnicas de machine learning. Verán lo mismo en una demostración destacando cómo podrán lograr con un simple equipo de dos el despliegue de un proyecto de ciencia de datos colaborando en una plataforma y comunicando los resultados a otros compañeros.
  • 2021 AI Trends: Driving Agility and Efficiency in the Enterprise Recorded: Feb 25 2021 58 mins
    Conor Jensen, Director of AI Consulting at Dataiku
    This non-technical webinar will go in-depth on the trends that will continue to dominate Enterprise AI, particularly when it comes to organizational changes in businesses.
  • AI in 2021: Trends, Myths, & Misconceptions (Featuring Gartner) Recorded: Feb 24 2021 52 mins
    Gartner Senior Director Saniye Alaybeyi & Dataiku Chief Customer Officer Kurt Muehmel
    Myth: AI and ML are the same and interchangeable.
    Myth: AI is all about deep learning.
    Myth: All black-box AI needs to be explainable.
    Myth: AI is an unnecessary luxury in times of economic crisis.
    Myth: AI can be free of bias.

    Join Gartner Senior Director Saniye Alaybeyi & Dataiku Chief Customer Officer Kurt Muehmel in this fireside chat-style virtual event as they discuss these myths about AI (and more) plus up-and-coming trends for AI in 2021 and beyond.

    The event will feature a 15-20 minute Q&A session, so be sure to join live and come with questions for the experts!
  • Leverage AI in Manufacturing: Predictive Maintenance Recorded: Feb 23 2021 41 mins
    Aashish Majethia & Mindi Grissom
    Leveraging AI is an efficient way to provide real-time visibility into the production process to reduce downtime for maintenance and costs for efficient operations. Join us as we walk through how sensor data can be transformed to timely insights via predictive maintenance with automated insight improvement.

    During this webinar, we will:
    - Look at how to define the values for the warranty of owned products
    - Determine when purchased equipment might fail to deploy resources to service customers
    - Look at root cause analysis and model drift.
  • How to Get Started With NLP Recorded: Feb 18 2021 65 mins
    Katie Gross, Lead Data Scientist @ Dataiku
    Natural Language Processing (NLP), the branch of machine learning and AI which deals with bridging the gap between human language and computer understanding, is all the rage right now. Once a relatively niche topic, in the past few years landmark new models and applications have brought NLP to the center-stage of real-world enterprise data science and AI.

    This webinar will give data scientists a framework for getting started with NLP projects. It will go over:
    • What exactly NLP is and how it’s used
    • How to clean and pre-process text for machine learning projects
    • An overview of some of the main NLP algorithms and how they work

    Katie Gross is a Lead Data Scientist at Dataiku, where she helps clients across industries develop AI solutions using Dataiku DSS. Previously, she worked as a data scientist at a marketing science firm, Schireson and did freelance data science work for IBM and a dating app, Radiate. Prior to her data science life, Katie spent three years as a CPG consultant at Nielsen. Katie holds a BA in Economics from Colgate University.
Your Path to Enterprise AI
Dataiku is the centralized data platform that moves businesses along their data journey from analytics at scale to enterprise AI. By providing a common ground for data experts and explorers, a repository of best practices, shortcuts to machine learning and AI deployment/management, and a centralized, controlled environment, Dataiku is the catalyst for data-powered companies.

Customers like Unilever, GE, BNP Paribas, Santander use Dataiku to ensure they are moving quickly and growing exponentially along with the amount of data they’re collecting. By removing roadblocks, Dataiku ensures more opportunity for business-impacting models and creative solutions, allowing teams to work faster and smarter.

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  • Title: Collaborative Data Science - Wertschöpfung aus Daten Kreieren
  • Live at: Apr 9 2020 8:00 am
  • Presented by: Harald Erb (Sr. Solutions Engineer @Snowflake), Marcel Boldt (Sales Engineer @Dataiku)
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