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How to Integrate On-Premise or Cloud-Based SAP Systems Using Linke AWS Connector

Adopt cloud storage from your critical SAP data to Amazon S3 in a secure, streamlined manner, simplifying IT architecture while still meeting storage demands of your critical SAP workloads.

Learn how to integrate any on-premises or cloud-based SAP systems with Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) through this ABAP add-on with no additional hardware.

An introduction to Linke AWS Connector for SAP with supported use cases:

• SAP Data Archiving
• SAP Document Storage (Archivelink Compatible)
• SAP Data Extraction to S3 (Datalake)
Recorded Oct 30 2018 45 mins
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Presented by
Ricardo Casanovas, Linke CTO and Co-founder
Presentation preview: How to Integrate On-Premise or Cloud-Based SAP Systems Using Linke AWS Connector

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  • How to optimize your SAP workloads when migrating to AWS cloud Recorded: Apr 21 2021 52 mins
    Vincent Doux,Cybersecurity & DP at SAP,Steve Quinn,AWS EMEA PSA MGR for SAP,Quim Alfaro,ACSD & Benoit Orhon,BD MGR at Linke
    More and more organizations using SAP systems are migrating their environments to the cloud. And many of those are opting for Amazon Web Services (AWS), the market's leading public cloud platform to support SAP solutions. Since 2012, AWS is working to provide an infrastructure that improves the availability, performance and reduces costs to SAP customers.

    If your company is considering moving to the AWS cloud platform but you are still unsure of the benefits that it can bring, this webinar will help you clear your doubts on security and responsibility issues, technical sizing of the platform or hidden costs.

    In this webinar, in collaboration with SAP and AWS, you will understand what steps need to be taken in order to:

    • Optimize your costs
    • Implement the most adapted cloud-infrastructure
    • Fully secure your SAP applications
  • How To Secure Your SAP Data on AWS Cloud Recorded: Jan 27 2021 55 mins
    Vincent DOUX, Cybersecurity & Data Protection, SAP | Steve Quinn, AWS EMEA PSA MGR, SAP | Benoit Ohron, BD MGR, Linke
    How to ensure security and sovereignty of your SAP data on AWS cloud?

    Sensitive data and critical business processes protection is key when choosing an hyperscaler. Data might get exposed and is usually used by multiple services. Besides, the cloud act in the US is refraining many European customers to move to the cloud for lack of independence over their data.

    For more than 10 years, SAP, AWS and Linke are helping customers migrate their SAP systems to the cloud with an extreme focus on cybersecurity.

    In this webinar, we will present what is the SAP and AWS data-security common approach covering:

    - SAP AWS Cybersecurity services and SAP Threat Detection solutions to monitor vulnerabilities and automatically identify and react to intrusion or unusual user behaviors at both IT Infrastructure and business application layers

    - New solutions designed to ensure data sovereignty and help you keep control of your encryption’s keys according to local cybersecurity laws

    - How to generate synergies between AWS services & SAP solutions to optimize your Cyber-Defense and ensure sovereignty and compliance, for example using AWS services to detect sensitive data and how Linke AWS Connector for SAP solution can help you automate data classification with SAP
  • SAP sur AWS: Comment assurer la cybersécurité et automatiser vos déploiements Recorded: Nov 19 2020 55 mins
    Vincent Doux, SAP Cybersecurity Center of Excellence EMEA North, David Guillaume, Linke BD Manager France & Benelux
    La protection des données est critique lors du choix d’un hyperscaler. Vos données peuvent être exposées et utilisées par de nombreuses applications et départements différents. De plus le ‘cloud Act’ aux US empêchent bon nombre de clients Européens de migrer dans le cloud pour des questions d’indépendance autour de leurs données. Depuis plus de 10 ans, SAP et Linke assistent leurs clients dans les phases de migration de leurs systèmes SAP dans le cloud avec une attention particulière prêtée à la cybersécurité.
    Dans ce webinar, nous vous présenterons de nouvelles technologies destinées à garantir la souverainté de vos données dans le cloud et vous aider à garder le contrôle de vos clés d’encryption, ainsi que la possibilité d’automatiser la classification de vos données dans SAP grâce au connecteur Linke.

    - Introduction- Présentation de Linke
    - Les défis autour de la gouvernance de la gestion des accès
    - Les solutions pour une gestion des clés d’encryption sous votre contrôle
    - Comment simplifier le monitoring de votre infrastructure et automatiser les déploiements de vos systèmes SAP
    - Démo outil Data Custodian
  • A Simple Guide to Managing SAP Backups on AWS Recorded: Nov 11 2020 52 mins
    Guillermo Torres, Solution Architect and SAP Expert Iñaki Guinea, Emory Cloud Backup Product Owner
    One key and common factor in all SAP systems daily maintenance is the process of data backups. When such backups are hosted on AWS public cloud, SAP users have currently 3 options:

    - In-house, which means to have the technical and development skills in your team, and you are responsible of your own backups and entire process.
    - Use the Amazon Backint tool which is free, but you still need to run the backups.
    - Buy a business management software that includes database support backup which it is normally complex and expensive.

    In this scenario, Linke now offers the alternative through Emory Cloud Backup: a unique product developed only for SAP that covers the majority of SAP Database systems on AWS (HANA, Oracle and ASE). This solution enables you to manage all your SAP backups in a centralized, homogeneous way, regardless of the database engine used by the client. As a result, you save that internal development part as this is now included and, on the other hand, it covers all SAP needs at no additional costs.

    As it is directly installed in your SAP servers, it does not require any additional independent backup server. Emory Cloud Backup is fully integrated with SAP backup management and administration tools, being a transparent tool and without requiring additional knowledge. This integration is possible because the product is certified by SAP.

    Join us to learn how to:

    - Unify all your SAP backups with a single tool
    - Show how the product can optimize the cloud resources necessary to manage your backups.
    - Show how it speeds up the backup and restoration operations of the SAP database in case of failure.
  • Emory Cloud Backup: herramienta única para administrar tus copias de SAP en AWS Recorded: Nov 10 2020 53 mins
    Guillermo Torres, Solution Architect y SAP Expert Iñaki Guinea, Emory Cloud Backup Product Owner
    Hoy en día, los clientes SAP que quieren gestionar el backup de sus bases de datos en AWS tienen la opción de hacerlo in-house, de manera que te haces responsable y además requiere de un personal técnico dedicado y cualificado, o puedes usar la herramienta gratuita de backint que ofrece AWS pero que igualmente debes de saber gestionar o la última opción es comparar un software de gestión de backups empresarial que soporte bases de datos de SAP y que, además de ser muy costoso, es complejo.

    En este escenario, Linke ofrece una alternativa: Emory Cloud Backup, un producto desarrollado solo para SAP que cubre la gran mayoría de las BBDD de SAP en AWS ( HANA, ASE y Oracle), y que permite gestionar todas tus copias de seguridad SAP de una forma homogénea y centralizada, independientemente del motor de base de datos utilizado por el cliente. Con ello, por una parte, ahorras el desarrollo técnico interno, y por la otra, cubre todas las necesidades SAP sin costes adicionales. No requiere de infraestructura adicional ya que se instala directamente en los servidores SAP y no
    necesita de ningún servidor de backup independiente.

    Emory Cloud Backup se integra totalmente con las herramientas de gestión y administración de backups de SAP, siendo una solución transparente y sin conocimiento adicional. Esta integración es posible gracias a que el producto Emory
    Cloud Backup está certificado por SAP.

    Únete a nuestro webinar y te mostraremos como gestionar todos tus backups de SAP
    en AWS:

    - En una sola herramienta a través de una demo en directo.
    - Como el producto puede optimizar los recursos cloud necesarios para gestionar tus backups.
    - Como agilizar la operativa de backup y restauración de BBDD SAP en caso de fallo.
  • SAP deployment on AWS: how to ensure cybersecurity & ease system administration Recorded: Jun 16 2020 54 mins
    Vincent Doux, Cybersecurity & Data Protection / David Guillaume, Linke BD Manager / Peter Whibley, Senior Solution Specialist
    In this webinar we will show you how digital identities and the corresponding access rights can be managed in cloud systems, especially for SAP environments on AWS.

    We will introduce new solutions that help to secure and ease SAP system configuration and administration.

    Finally we will present new capacities to automatically identify intrusion or unusual user behavior on the SAP applications layer, the complementarity between Linke DevSecOps tools and SAP Cybersecurity platforms and a brand new solution to ensure sovereignty over data in hyperscale clouds.

    - Challenges in Identity Access Governance
    - Solutions to ease SAP administration and monitor system configuration on cloud
    - How to automate remediation on cloud
    - How to automatically identify threats on SAP application layers
    - Solutions to provide an independent encryption key management service
  • Cómo integrar servicios Cloud de AWS con sistemas SAP usando Linke AWS Connector Recorded: May 27 2020 51 mins
    Guillem Torres - Solution Architect and SAP expert & Gerard Lagalina - SAP ABAP Analyst.
    Aprende cómo puedes almacenar tus documentos, exportar datos, ejecutar código en la nube, integrar con aplicaciones nativas en cloud o conectarte a bases de datos en la nube. Y todo ello sin salir de tu sistema SAP.

    En este webinar te mostraremos cómo funciona nuestro producto Linke AWS Connector for SAP, un add-on para SAP Business Suite, certificado por SAP y homologado por AWS, que incluye el SDK de AWS en ABAP para extender las aplicaciones SAP al cloud de Amazon Web Services.

    Únete a nosotros y te explicaremos cómo Linke AWS Connector permite a los sistemas SAP, on-premise o en cloud:

    - Conectarse y consumir servicios cloud de AWS como Amazon S3, Lambda, Simple Notification Service (SNS), Simple Queue Service (SQS), Key Management Service (KMS), Athena o DynamoDB.

    - Casos de uso y beneficios en clientes reduciendo tamaños, costes, tiempo y ganando en accesibilidad de sus archivos.
  • Metodologías de ahorro de costes cloud en AWS Recorded: Apr 28 2020 52 mins
    Ricardo Casanovas, CTO & Co-Founder y Agustina Percio, Cloud Economist Linke
    Ahora más que nunca, la nube se está imponiendo como una de las soluciones más flexibles y que aporta servicios fácilmente accesibles para dar respuesta a las nuevas necesidades empresariales que están aconteciendo.

    Entre las ventajas de escalabilidad, seguridad y disponibilidad que aporta la nube, hay otro activo que se está poniendo de relieve y es el de cómo podemos optimizar las infraestructuras de pago por uso que tenemos en cloud.

    El siguiente webinar está precisamente enfocado para mostrar, de una manera práctica y a través de estudios de costes, las herramientas y funcionalidades disponibles para poder reducir el coste de las infraestructuras alojadas en la nube de Amazon Web Services.

    En este webinar abordaremos las cuestiones que más están preocupando a las empresas en este momento:

    ●Cómo ver dónde están mis costes, en qué servicios y en qué áreas de mi empresa.
    ●Cómo puedo reducirlos o tener alertas de los mismos.
    ●Qué herramientas nos brinda AWS para diseñar las infraestructuras a bajo coste.
    ●Qué recursos tenemos para disminuir costes por servicio, como identificar aquellos que están ocultos y cómo detectar qué servicios deberían eliminarse.
  • How to Enforce SAP Infrastructure Compliance on AWS Recorded: Mar 25 2020 47 mins
    Ricardo Casanovas, CTO & Co-Founder Linke.
    Corporations worldwide rely on SAP applications to run their most critical business processes. Ensuring SAP infrastructures meet corporate or industry compliance regulations is often a tedious and time-consuming job prone to human errors that threatens compliance obligations and business outcomes.

    With the aid of Compliance Automation tools, businesses can implement a structured and systematic approach to ensure compliance and manage risks across its underlying SAP application infrastructures, no matter where they are hosted, on-premises or in the cloud.

    Compliance Automation enables management oversight, makes detection and incident response faster and can be tested on demand by auditors with less stress on infrastructure and operation teams.

    Join us in this webinar to learn how Linke helps businesses:

    - Implement Compliance Automation tools and processes for their SAP infrastructures running on AWS.
    - Manage risks across underlying SAP application infrastructures.
  • Using the DevOps Model for Managing SAP Business Suite on AWS Recorded: Feb 26 2020 54 mins
    Ricardo Casanovas, CTO & Co-Founder Linke.
    Thousands of enterprises are running their SAP Business Suite applications in the cloud and rely on traditional operating models for SAP, defined in the pre-cloud days.

    Today, DevOps is the principal operating model for cloud workloads, and at Linke we believe that SAP should be no exception.

    Managing SAP workloads in the cloud using a DevOps operating model enables companies to automate and minimize errors on infrastructure and software configuration, enforce compliance and accelerate time to market.

    Join us on this webinar where we will explain:

    -The benefits of managing SAP workloads in the cloud using a DevOps operating model.

    -Automate and minimize errors on infrastructure and software configuration.
  • Does Digital Transformation Only Work in the Cloud? Recorded: Jan 28 2020 59 mins
    Alex Hilton, ClF I Tony Clement, HPE | Justin Day, Cloud Gateway | Ricardo Casanovas, Linke
    For many, Digital Transformation has become synonymous with the cloud. But can Digital Transformation work outside of the cloud?

    In episode 4 of Digital Transformation in Action, we bring together experts to discuss how flexible Digital Transformation is, and explore whether - as cloud computing matures - cloud can be a help or a hindrance.

    Join this panel debate to understand cloud’s contributions in the wider context of the business, and see where it fits into your Digital Transformation strategy.

    Continue the conversation in our LinkedIn Groups:
    Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Cloud Group : https://www.linkedin.com/groups/1120997/
    The Virtualization and Cloud Computing Group https://www.linkedin.com/groups/57400/
  • Summary and Analysis of SAP on AWS: Re:Invent 2019 Recap Recorded: Dec 12 2019 36 mins
    Ricardo Casanovas - CTO & Co-Founder, Linke
    After attending AWS Re:Invent this year, we have prepared the following webinar with the aim to summarize and analyze the main key features related to AWS applications to SAP systems in the cloud.

    A business and technical overview covering:

    - New instance types and their benefits on each case
    - New services that can help SAP workloads to gain efficiency
    - New SAP functionalities available on AWS
  • How to Adapt SAP Infrastructure Based on Business Demands with Linke Elastic SAP Recorded: Oct 23 2019 41 mins
    Ricardo Casanovas, CTO & Co-Founder Linke / Guillermo Torres, Product Development Lead.
    Business scenarios such as month-end closing, data loads, reporting or seasonal activities can now be managed avoiding excessive or insufficient infrastructure investments.

    Optimize your SAP Servers workloads by dynamically adapting its infrastructure in real-time and automatically.

    Interested? Join us on this webinar and learn how Linke Elastic SAP enables you to:

    - Use AWS Autoscaling Service to scale up and down SAP systems running on AWS based on different metrics.

    - Optimize your costs by using your resources only when you really need them.
  • How to accelerate SAP deployments on AWS cloud marketplace Recorded: Sep 18 2019 39 mins
    Ricardo Casanovas, CTO & Co-Founder Linke / Joaquim Alfaro, Managing Director
    It is now possible to run SAP systems instantly on AWS so your business can test new SAP environments or projects in a fast, safe and affordable way without compromising the existing landscape.

    How? Through a series of SAP pre-installed systems, which are Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) created by Linke that have been developed taking into account all necessary software to deploy a chosen SAP system within clicks and at a minimal investment cost.

    From pre-installed SAP S/4 HANA releases, to SAP SCM, SAP SRM or SAP ERP versions on Linux or Oracle are currently available at the AWS Marketplace.

    As a result, Linke Amazon Images enables your SAP applications to be ready within minutes. The AMI´s provide a baseline system, known by all SAP IT administrators so the application's team can easily get started and, therefore, focus on other key business tasks, rather than building new standard applications.

    Interested? Join us on this webinar and learn how Linke AMI´s can:

    - Have an SAP application running in any AWS account.
    - Optimize your expenses on those systems.
  • An Introduction to Linke Emory: Amazon S3 Backint agent for SAP HANA Recorded: Jun 18 2019 57 mins
    Ricardo Casanovas, CTO & Co-Founder Linke / Guillem Torres, Solution Architect and SAP expert.
    SAP HANA database is becoming the new default database engine from SAP. Enterprises worldwide are shifting towards SAP HANA and are relying in hyperscale cloud providers, such as AWS, to run their SAP workloads. While AWS provides the infrastructure and services to run SAP HANA, managing database backups and ensuring its availability in a secure and cloud native way is still a challenge for customers.

    Emory Cloud Backup is Linke’s implementation of the SAP backint agent for SAP HANA to manage database backups on Amazon S3. Its SAP-Certified and supports both single node and multi node (scale-out) SAP HANA deployments on AWS. Emory Cloud Backup integrates seamlessly with Amazon S3 making it an extension of your SAP HANA database and leverages SAP administration tools to manage your database backup catalog stored on Amazon S3.

    Join us to learn how Linke’s Emory Cloud backup can help you manage your SAP HANA database backups on Amazon S3 storage service to:

    •Reduce costs associated to database backups
    •Increase backup performance by reducing recovery times
    •Implement a cloud native solution to manage your cloud based SAP
    HANA databases.
  • SAP Systems integration with Cloud: how to install Linke AWS Connector for SAP Recorded: May 29 2019 50 mins
    Guillem Torres - Solution Architect and SAP Expert & Gerard Lagalina - SAP ABAP Analyst.
    Companies that are carrying out their digital transformation find essential to streamline their daily management operations and, at the same time, take advantage of the simplicity, flexibility and efficiency of cloud environments.

    In this context, our new solution AWS Connector for SAP, officially certified by SAP and AWS, help SAP companies to extract, analyze and modify the data on their SAP systems on the AWS cloud platform at a big scale, through the integration of Datalakes, Data Repositories or Machine Learning.

    Join our webinar and learn all the advantages that this product can bring as well as participate on a live demo where we will show you step by step:

    -How to easily install the Addon in real time.
    -How to configure the Addon to connect with an AWS account.
    -The 3 main product use scenarios:
    > SAP Data Archiving,
    > SAP Document Storage (Archivelink Compatible)
    > SAP Data Extraction to S3 (Datalake)
  • Why Should You Migrate SAP workloads to AWS? Recorded: Apr 11 2019 49 mins
    Ricardo Casanovas, CTO & Co-Founder Linke / William Delcour, General Manager France.
    Join us to learn why SAP customers are moving their workloads to AWS cloud. We will show how AWS can help SAP customers to be more agile, respond to new business challenges and be more cost-effective on infrastructure and operation costs. We will walk through the different challenges that SAP customers face regarding the maintenance and evolution of their SAP landscapes - such as SAP HANA adoption and SAP S/4HANA migrations - and what AWS services and technologies are available today to help you address those challenges in a safe and cost-effective way.
  • How to Plan & Execute a Successful SAP Migration to AWS Recorded: Mar 21 2019 43 mins
    Ricardo Casanovas, CTO & Co-Founder Linke / Guillem Torres, Solution Architect and SAP expert.
    Join us to learn how to:

    - Plan & Execute SAP Business workloads migrations on AWS.

    - Cover the routes on each scenario: OS/DB platform, database size, downtime window and connection bandwidth.

    - Impact of each variable on the overall migration project and combine all together to shape the right migration strategy to AWS.

    This is a technical webinar aimed for Infrastructure Engineers, SAP Basis and OS/DB migration experts and technical decision makers.
  • How to Achieve High Availability for SAP Deployments on AWS Recorded: Feb 27 2019 50 mins
    Ricardo Casanovas, CTO Linke / Guillermo Torres & Maurici Galofré, AWS Solution Architect and SAP experts at Linke
    Traditionally, setting up High Availability for SAP systems has been achieved through the implementation of third-party software tools, often expensive and complex to deploy. Today, customers can leverage AWS highly available cloud services to achieve High Availability for their SAP systems at a fraction of their cost.

    Learn how you can configure High Availability for SAP systems on Amazon Web Services using their own AWS tools and services such as Amazon Cloudwatch, AWS Lambda, and AWS Systems Manager.

    Join us to learn:
    •How to plan and define your SAP landscape in High Availability
    •Setup SAP in High Availability using AWS Services
    •Operate with SAP in High Availability on AWS
  • How to Improve Cloud Practices and Automate SAP Deployments on AWS Recorded: Nov 22 2018 76 mins
    Ricardo Casanovas, Linke CTO and Co-founder
    Enterprises worldwide are accelerating their migrations to the cloud. SAP workloads stand at the core of those leading businesses worldwide and AWS has proven to be the leading cloud provider, as reported by Gartner. One of the main challenges after migrating SAP systems to the cloud is to evolve SAP operations towards a fully automated environment to become more agile, cost-effective and competitive.

    Infrastructure Automation is at the heart of any cloud practice at scale. At Linke we believe that SAP workloads are no exception and that SAP infrastructure automation is the most important challenge for enterprises once they have migrated to the cloud. For this, we have developed our SAP infrastructure automation practice using Chef.

    Join us to learn how to improve cloud practices, automating SAP deployments on AWS:

    • Accelerate SAP deployments from days to hours.
    • Industrialize SAP deployments in the cloud to reduce human errors.
    • Comply with audit regulations & enforce SAP workload security on AWS.
    • Make SAP workloads cloud friendly.
Webinars to help adoption on AWS, specially for SAP
Our webinars aim to provide tips, solutions and present our products to help migrate or make the most of SAP systems on AWS cloud.

We want to spread the word on how we deliver bespoke cloud native solutions and end-to-end cloud journey from adoption to deployment and maintenance.

Showing in a practical and technical way how to build a more robust, fast, automated, compliant, scalable and cost-effective solution on Amazon Web Services.

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  • Title: How to Integrate On-Premise or Cloud-Based SAP Systems Using Linke AWS Connector
  • Live at: Oct 30 2018 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: Ricardo Casanovas, Linke CTO and Co-founder
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