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The aviation market environment today – a Boeing analysis


+ Darren Hulst, Vice President, Commercial Marketing, Boeing Commercial Aircraft
Recorded Jul 30 2020 42 mins
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Boeing Commercial Aircraft
Presentation preview: The aviation market environment today – a Boeing analysis

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  • REPLAY - Aviation finance amid Covid-19 - an update from the Asia Pacific Recorded: Aug 4 2020 61 mins
    Dominic Lalk, Stuart Hatcher, Peter Huijbers, and Shin Watanabe.
    Topics Include:
    - Moving forward what will happen to the aviation industry?
    - Defer of payment for aircraft rentals?
    - How will the entrance or exit of investors change the industry competition structure?

    + Dominic Lalk, Asia Editor, Airfinance Journal

    + Stuart Hatcher, Chief Operating Officer - Managing Director Aviation, IBA
    + Peter Huijbers, Director, PH Aviation Asia Ltd.)
    + Shin Watanabe, Managing Executive Officer, Head of Transportation Business Unit, Sumitomo Mitsui Finance & Leasing
  • Should lessors be concerned about ratings agencies’ view of ABS pools? Recorded: Jul 30 2020 50 mins
    Alton Aviation Consultancy, Goldman Sachs, S&P Global Ratings, and Milbank LLP
    • A number of lessor ABS pools have been downgraded or placed on negative outlook since the pandemic, how significant is this and what can lessors do to reassure investors?
    • Which aircraft types are particularly vulnerable in the current environment?
    • What long term impact do we expect the COVID-19 outbreak to have on the aircraft ABS market?


    + John Mowry, Managing Director, Alton Aviation Consultancy
    + Carla Schriver, Vice President, Goldman Sachs
    + Betsy Snyder, Director, Corporate Ratings, S&P Global Ratings
    + Drew Fine, Partner, Milbank LLP (Moderator)
  • The aviation market environment today – a Boeing analysis Recorded: Jul 30 2020 42 mins
    Boeing Commercial Aircraft

    + Darren Hulst, Vice President, Commercial Marketing, Boeing Commercial Aircraft
  • The Black Professional: Racial Equity and the Path Forward in Aviation Finance Recorded: Jul 29 2020 63 mins
    Evercore, Cowen Inc. United Airlines, and AWAR
    This ground-breaking panel will shine a light on the experiences of Black and Brown men and women in our industry, and explore some much-needed pathways for driving greater equity for people of color in aviation finance going forward.


    + Kellianne Kelly, Vice President of Investment Banking, Evercore
    + Ripa Rashid, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Cowen Inc.
    + Mahamane Toure, Senior Manager, Corporate Finance, United Airlines
    + Amelia Anderson, Co-Founder & President, AWAR (Moderator)
  • Pilarski Says… Recorded: Jul 29 2020 47 mins

    + Adam Pilarski, Senior Vice President, AVITAS
  • Managing the glut, where will all the planes go and what will they be worth? Recorded: Jul 29 2020 44 mins
    MUFG, AVITAS, Oriel, IBA Group Ltd, and Airfinance Journal
    • What impact will oversupply have on asset values across the board?
    • Who will be the likely takers of additional aircraft?
    • Which aircraft type will be most vulnerable?


    + Simon Finn, Director – Aviation Research, MUFG
    + Doug Kelly, Senior Vice President, Asset Valuation, AVITAS
    + Olga Razzhivina, Senior ISTAT Appraiser, Oriel
    + Mike Yeomans, Head of Valuations, IBA Group Ltd
    + Olivier Bonnassies, Managing Editor, Airfinance Journal (Moderator)
  • Measuring the market response to North American post-Covid-19 airline fundraisin Recorded: Jul 28 2020 35 mins
    S&P Global Ratings, Cowen Inc, Deutsche Bank Securities, KBRA, and Citi
    • US airlines have engaged in various financing strategies in order to raise liquidity, how has the market responded and what does this tell us about the appetite to support aviation moving forward?
    • What to make of the remarkable market cap dive and recovery which has hit airlines across North America?
    • What lessons can the world’s airlines takeaway from US airlines successful fundraising initiatives?


    + Philip Baggaley, CFA, Managing Director, Corporate Ratings, S&P Global Ratings
    + Helane Becker, Managing Director, Cowen Inc
    + Rafael Kuhn, Director, Head of Aviation Capital Markets, Deutsche Bank Securities
    + Marjan Riggi, Senior Managing Director, Head of Aviation and Transportation, KBRA
    + Matthew Simonetti, Director, Global Structured Finance , Citi
    + Laura Mueller, Managing Director, Airfinance Journal (Moderator)
  • Lessor led solutions for airline customers Recorded: Jul 28 2020 49 mins
    Split Rock Aviation, Griffin Global Asset Management, & Seabury Capital Group Ltd
    • Will Norwegian Air Shuttle’s debt-for-equity swap with their lessor creditors be replicated by other airlines?
    • How much more capacity do lessors have to support their airline customers?
    • What happens if certain lessors eventually turn off the rental relief tap for lessees?


    + Andy Mansell, Partner, Split Rock Aviation
    + Ryan McKenna, Chief Executive Officer, Griffin Global Asset Management
    + John Luth, Chairman, Accenture Aviation & Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer, Seabury Capital Group Ltd
  • REPLAY - What are the Capital Markets trying to tell us? - Airfinance Journal Recorded: Jul 2 2020 51 mins
    Andy Mansell, Bryson P. Monteleone, Mark Streeter, and Laura Mueller
    Airfinance Journal would like to thank everyone who registered for our "What are the Capital Markets trying to tell us?" webinar. We sincerely hope you enjoyed it and look forward to welcoming you to our next webinar. Please feel free to reach out to us at registrations@airfinancejournal.com with any feedback or questions.

    Key Topics Include:

    - The disconnect between credit default swaps and stock prices
    - Why are still highly rated EETCs trading so poorly?
    - Lessons learned from the LATAM bankruptcy for EETC investors
    - How will the North American airlines raise incremental capital?
    - Aircraft vs. Routes/Slots/Gates vs. Loyalty: which collateral is safest? -
    - How do you value each in a pandemic?
    - Will the independent lessors hold on to their investment grade ratings and have access to low cost unsecured funding?


    - Andy Mansell, Partner, Split Rock Aviation
    - Bryson P. Monteleone, Senior Advisor, Pwc
    - Mark Streeter, MD, Head of Transportation & Real Estate Credit Research, J.P. Morgan
    - Laura Mueller, Managing Director, Airfinance Journal (Moderator)
  • REPLAY - Cash Burn & Liquidity Webinar - Airfinance Journal 2020 Recorded: May 15 2020 62 mins
    Bertrand Grabowski, Bryson Monteleone, Michael Duff, and Laura Mueller
    Airfinance Journal would like to thank all 770+ people who registered for our Cash Burn and Liquidity webinar. We sincerely hope you enjoyed it and look forward to welcoming you to our next webinar. Please feel free to reach out to us at registrations@airfinancejournal.com with any feedback or questions.

    •Key numbers for the global airline industry
    •Financing sources since 1 January 2020
    •How big is the cash burn for 2020? How big is the funding gap?
    •Government support
    •Unencumbered assets available for new debt and sale and leasebacks
    •Lessor funding sources
    •Who is going to fund the 2020 cash burn?
    •What shape will the industry balance sheet be in going into 2021?
    •Financing sources for 2021 deliveries

    •Bertrand Grabowski, Independent Advisory
    •Bryson P. Monteleone, Senior Advisor, PwC
    •Michael Duff, Managing Director, The Airline Analyst
    •Laura Mueller, Managing Director, Airfinance Journal (Moderator)
  • Airfinance Journal Dublin 2020 | Inclusion & Sustainability | Sponsored by GECAS Recorded: Jan 22 2020 49 mins
    Daire Keogh, Mayank Bhatnagar, Jack O’Connor, Clare Scherrer, and Amelia Anderson
    Podcast sponsored by GECAS: Inclusion and sustainability – a synergistic framework for the next 40 years.

    This groundbreaking discussion will explore the convergence of inclusion and sustainability as essential elements of the aviation industry’s continued future success. The workforce of tomorrow will be increasingly multi-faceted – Gen Z and beyond, LGBTQ, a rainbow of cultures, belief systems and ethnicities. This cohort prizes individual expression and social impact over the accumulation of material wealth. To attract the best innovative thinkers of tomorrow and ensure the long-term health of the sector, aviation enterprises must fully embrace ESG, not as a necessary evil, but rather, as a core competency. And to retain this hard-fought talent, we must create inclusive workplaces that nurture creativity and the free flow of ideas, and fully harness the power of diverse thought.

    Daire Keogh, Deputy President, City University Dublin

    Mayank Bhatnagar, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, GECAS

    Jack O’Connor, Youth Delegate, Ireland, United Nations

    Clare Scherrer, Partner, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs

    Moderated by: Amelia Anderson, Co-Founder & President, AWAR
  • Airfinance Journal Dublin 2020 | Lessor CEO Interviews | Sponsored by GECAS Recorded: Jan 22 2020 87 mins
    Greg Conlon, Greg Lee, John Plueger, Laura Mueller, Aengus Kelly, Oliver Clark, Domhnal Slattery, Olivier Bonnassies
    Podcast sponsored by GECAS: Hear the CEO’s of the world’s most influential leasing companies discuss what they see as the future of aviation finance and their strategies for achieving it.

    Greg Conlon, President & Chief Executive Officer, GECAS
    Interviewed by: Greg Lee, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs

    John Plueger, Chief Executive Officer & President, Air Lease Corporation
    Interviewed by: Laura Mueller, Managing Director, Airfinance Journal

    Aengus Kelly, Chief Executive Officer, AerCap
    Interviewed by: Oliver Clark, Editor, Airfinance Journal

    Domhnal Slattery, Chief Executive Officer, Avolon
    Interviewed by: Olivier Bonnassies, Managing Editor, Airfinance Journal
  • 737MAX Exposure to Asia: Values, Opportunities and Challenges Recorded: Oct 31 2019 42 mins
    Stuart Rubin, Marian Pistik
    The podcast is sponsored by GECAS.

    Airfinance Journal Asia Pacific 2020: 737MAX Exposure to Asia: Values, Opportunities and Challenges

    - Stuart Rubin, Vice President Managing Director Aviation, ICF
    - Marian Pistik, Head of Asset Management, International AirFinance Corporation

    Read more at Airfinance Journal:http://bit.ly/33IeiKz
  • Airfinance Journal: Aircraft lease securitisation (Sponsored by TMF Group) Recorded: May 15 2019 63 mins
    Eric Blau, Kevin Butler, Weili Chen, Drew Fine and Johnny Lau
    Securitisation can be viewed as a financing tool or a mechanism for selling aircraft lease portfolios. Since the 1990s aircraft asset-backed securitisation has become a common financial practice. While securitisation has thrived in the US and Europe, securitisation market for Asian issuers has been underdeveloped until the first Asian aircraft securitisation took place in 2015. Will securitisation gradually become a dominant investment tool in the Asia-Pacific aviation industry?
    As the aviation finance market continues to evolve, combined with continued favourable interest rates, aircraft asset-backed securitisation is becoming increasingly attractive as an investment option for financing portfolios of leases and loans relating to aircraft and aircraft engines.

    This one-hour webinar will bring together industry professionals to examine the transaction structure of aircraft asset-backed securitisations, discuss the corresponding benefits and concerns and identify the associated business opportunities.

    Key discussion questions:
    •Would further aircraft lease securitisation activity be a sensible choice for Asian aircraft leasing companies?
    •How does asset composition, so the inclusion of new, mid-life and older aircraft, and commercial and regional aircraft affect securitisation transaction execution?
    •What are the legal concerns when we structure securitisation transactions in Asia? Specifically, how would risk retention rules facilitate the transactions?

    Kevin Butler, Managing Director for UK & Ireland, TMF Group

    Eric Blau, Treasurer, Aviation Capital Group
    Drew Fine, Partner, Milbank
    Johnny Lau, Chief Consultant, PwC Aviation Business Services
    Weili Chen, Head of Capital Markets Aircraft Financing, Standard Chartered
  • DFTP and Hong Kong – Identify an efficient jurisdiction for aircraft leasing Recorded: Nov 6 2018 63 mins
    Tejaswi Nimmagadda, King & Wood Mallesons | John Timpany, KPMG | Liu Yi, Rui Bai Law Firm | Kevin Butler, TMF Group
    The past decade has been a golden age for China’s aircraft leasing industry. FlightGlobal research shows that today Chinese capital accounts for over 28% of the total capital deployed by aircraft lessors. Eight China-based leasing companies are listed on the Airfinance Journal Leasing Top 50, which ranks lessors by fleet value.

    Choosing the right geographical location for aircraft leasing structures plays an essential in lessors’ strategic planning. While Ireland remains the number one jurisdiction for structuring aircraft transactions, other jurisdictions have been introducing new regimes to attract aircraft leasing business. Examples in Greater China include the Dongjiang Free Trade Port (DFTP) and the Hong Kong SAR Government.

    Founded in 2009, the DFTP has adopted preferential policies to allow DFTP-based lessors to enjoy tax rebates, lease payments in foreign currency and more efficient cross-border operations. As of June 2018, the DFTP has completed the delivery of 1,200 aircraft worth over RMB 450 billion, according to DFTP data. Meanwhile, Hong Kong is quickly catching up.

    In June 2017, Hong Kong’s legislature passed a tax reform bill lowering the effective tax rate for aircraft lessors to 1.65%. Within six month of the reform, ICBC Financial Leasing had launched its Hong Kong leasing platform and successfully closed a transaction under the new tax regime.

    This one-hour webinar will bring together industry experts to examine how lessors can take advantage of the benefits of the DFTP and Hong Kong.

    Key discussion points include:
    - How important is tax in choosing a location for an aircraft leasing platform?
    - What differentiates the DFTP model from other FTZs in China?
    - How the aircraft leasing industry went about the Hong Kong tax regime and what lies ahead?
    - How can DFTP and Hong Kong complement to create greater value to the industry?
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  • Title: The aviation market environment today – a Boeing analysis
  • Live at: Jul 30 2020 6:00 am
  • Presented by: Boeing Commercial Aircraft
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