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Lessons learned from the WASPI campaign

- Background to the campaign and where it has got to today - Next steps and lessons learned - Overcoming disappointments and the personal costs involved - Case study examples from the campaign
Live online Dec 6 11:30 am UTC
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Presented by
Angela Madden, Chair and Finance Director, WASPI Campaign
Presentation preview: Lessons learned from the WASPI campaign

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  • Lessons learned from the WASPI campaign Dec 6 2021 11:30 am UTC 45 mins
    Angela Madden, Chair and Finance Director, WASPI Campaign
    - Background to the campaign and where it has got to today - Next steps and lessons learned - Overcoming disappointments and the personal costs involved - Case study examples from the campaign
  • Getting ready for the Pensions Dashboard – What you need to know Recorded: Nov 24 2021 47 mins
    David Poynton, Business Analyst - Altus
    In this session, David Poynton will give a practical insight for Pension Administrators to prepare them for the implications of the Dashboard. He will examine what needs to be done by Administrators and set out a timeline of action points. In particular his talk will cover what the likely impact would be on systems and call centres.
  • Getting to know your member better using technology to improve member engagement Recorded: Nov 24 2021 45 mins
    Alex Burdekin, Communication Consultant & Tamasine Fryer, Communication Consultant, like minds
    Knowing our Scheme members isn’t always the same as understanding them. We might know something about their ages and where they live, but what do we really understand about them beyond those few data points?

    A good question to ask ourselves is whether we can describe members as people. What are they trying to achieve and what gets in their way? How confident are they with money? What’s important to them outside of the world of pensions?

    It’s increasingly important that we get this right, and work towards the goal of leaving no one behind. It’s time to start using data with empathy and imagination to find out who our members are, so that we can communicate with them on their terms, not ours.
  • Digital Transformation of your Board in a Hybrid World: Optional or Mandatory? Recorded: Nov 24 2021 41 mins
    Paul Stark, Director - OnBoard
    For many organisations, the end of the year is the time to review and assess the year's activities and performances. This is often when leadership team members prepare and share all the relevant reports to be reviewed and discussed by their board, it is also when the following year's priorities are set. This process can be laborious, time consuming and lose its efficiency, especially in a hybrid working environment.

    How can technology support organisations and their board in this pressured time?

    Bringing the latest technology to your board and leadership team will make them more efficient, reduce meeting preparation time and create an appropriate digital boardroom experience that optimises remote, in-person and hybrid meetings.

    In this session, Paul Stark, Director at OnBoard will share some case studies, best practices and benefits of a digital boardroom in a hybrid world.
    - Centralise all board work in one single source of truth
    - Reinforce governance good practices
    - Remove silos and improve communication channels
  • What does a world look like that already has dashboards in it? Recorded: Nov 24 2021 46 mins
    Chris Connelly, Propositions and Solutions Director - Equiniti
    Chris invites us to think beyond dashboards to what the future of tech-driven administration might look like.

    He will also draw upon the experiences of the last two years to see what insights recent events can give us for that future.

    These experiences will include:
    - What ESG teaches us about inclusivity and engagement
    - How the pandemic has shone on vulnerabilities, of all sorts, in different ways and what we should do next
    - Reflections on trying to design dashboard services in a complex and diverse market

    Viewer discretion advised: this technology presentation will contain comments on DATA QUALITY.
  • What does COP 26 mean for pensions? - Day 2 ESG & Climate Change Seminar Recorded: Nov 11 2021 58 mins
    Ruston Smith, Gerald Wellesley, Jessica Fries, Rory Murphy & Catherine Howarth
    Countries are being asked to come forward with ambitious 2030 emissions reductions targets that align with reaching net zero by the middle of the century. The panel will give their view on the key messaging coming out of the summit and contextualise what that will mean for the pensions industry. They will give some insight into what their particular schemes have pledged and ask the difficult questions of the industry in terms of keeping 1.5 degrees within reach.
  • Investing for Impact - Day 2 ESG & Climate Change Seminar Recorded: Nov 11 2021 36 mins
    Ida Levine, Board Director and Lead Expert on Policy, Impact Investment
    In this session Ida Levine will look at what is meant by impact investing and the trends that are developing in the market. This will consider the economy more widely but also focus in on pensions more specifically. She will go on to examine impact integrity, transparency and reporting and will question whether impact investing is the future of ESG-led investing.
  • Climate change requirements for schemes - Day 2 ESG & Climate Change Seminar Recorded: Nov 11 2021 40 mins
    Simon Borhan, Pensions Managing Associate, Linklaters
    Pension schemes are contending with a raft of new requirements in relation to climate change which introduce governance and disclosure obligations in relation to how climate-related risks and opportunities are identified, assessed and managed. In this session, Simon will discuss the new requirements on pension schemes to align their governance processes and disclosure with the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures recommendations, and the practical steps trustees can take now and in the coming months and years to comply with the new requirements.
  • Climate science - Day 2 ESG & Climate Change Seminar Recorded: Nov 11 2021 43 mins
    Manuel Adamini, Director, Responsible Investment (RI) Strategist, BMO Global Asset Management
    In this session Manuel Adamini, (Director, Responsible Investment (RI) Strategist) at BMO, will talk about climate science, sketching out some vital planetary climate system feedback loops, their impacts and options to mitigate and adapt – showing pictures and visualisation the audience will probably not have seen before. It’ll be a forceful call to action for us as both citizens and consumers and as members of the financial industry to take our responsibility.
  • Using ESG metrics in portfolio management - Day 2 ESG & Climate Change Seminar Recorded: Nov 11 2021 38 mins
    Jihan Diolosa & Emily Steinbarth, Russell Investments
    Recent years have seen the quality and coverage of ESG data steadily improve, though known gaps still exist. In this session, we break down some of the emerging trends in ESG data that can shape Trustee reporting and decision-making on sustainability matters. We then go beyond the data to consider what this means in the context of total portfolio management, Net Zero target setting and being TCFD ready.
  • Building ESG engagement in Pensions - Day 2 ESG & Climate Change Seminar Recorded: Nov 11 2021 26 mins
    Alexander Stafford MP, Chair, APPG ESG
    Alexander Stafford MP will use this session to examine how ESG can be further integrated into medium and smaller sized schemes. He will also ask how the PMI and the APPG ESG can play an educational role in supporting the industry to adopt more robust ESG policies. Finally, he will consider how the pensions industry can engage with APPG ESG to impact on new UK ESG regulation.
  • TPR’s consultation on TCFD reporting - Day 2 ESG & Climate Change Seminar Recorded: Nov 11 2021 28 mins
    Alex Darsley, Pensions Actuary, TPR
    Alex Darsley is a pensions actuary at TPR and is currently helping to develop the Regulator’s approach to climate change risk. In this session, Alex will share how the Regulator views this important topic, and outline the soon-to-be-released guidance for Trustees on the TCFD reporting requirements. This will include some practical examples to help Trustees get started with addressing the new requirements.
  • Mercer Presentation - Day 1 ESG & Climate Change Seminar Recorded: Nov 10 2021 46 mins
    Vanessa Hodge & Brian Henderson, Mercer
    Things do not happen, they are made to happen (John F Kennedy) The recent CBI/ Mercer Pension Survey 2021 found that while businesses aspire to better incorporate ESG into pension scheme management, the pace of action is slow. This perhaps isn’t surprising when you consider how complex and fast moving this area of pensions is. So, if trustees and sponsors are expected to take action, they need three things: - To understand how their scheme is doing today - To know what to do to best improve that position - A way to measure and show the progress they are making. In this session, you’ll be among the first to see some of the findings from our analysis of over 400 DB and DC schemes. You’ll find out where schemes are already getting it right, where work needs to be done and what actions are being taken to pick up the pace and take control of the ESG agenda today.
  • ESG and climate aligned investing - Day 1 ESG & Climate Change Seminar Recorded: Nov 10 2021 42 mins
    Julien Halfon, Head of Pension and Corporate Solutions, BNP Paribas Asset Management
    As ESG is of great interest to members, and as a leader in sustainable investing, Julien Halfon, Head of Pension and Corporate Solutions will look at the options available to schemes for ESG and climate aligned investing, covering both illiquid and liquid solutions in a one-stop shop view of BNP Paribas Asset Management’s innovative approach.
  • Solving the ESG question for DC schemes - Day 1 ESG & Climate Change Seminar Recorded: Nov 10 2021 48 mins
    Frances Trousdell, Sales Specialist, Quantitative Solutions EMEA, abrdn
    Incorporating ESG considerations into investments has become one of the hottest topics for institutional investors in recent years. But how can DC schemes deliver on performance, sustainability and cost? In this session, Frances will look at how to balance returns whilst avoiding the bad, improving the good and driving change for the better.
  • Fiduciary duty is more than about returns - Day 1 ESG & Climate Change Seminar Recorded: Nov 10 2021 52 mins
    Callum Stewart, Head of DC Investment, Hymans Robertson
    In this session, we will challenge financial-only interpretations of fiduciary duty and explore why we should also think about savers’ real-world needs. We’ll share insights into the potential power of collaboration, the role of impact investing in the context of long-term saving, and the steps being taken in the industry to make pensions more engaging for individual savers.
  • Net Zero - Day 1 ESG & Climate Change Seminar Recorded: Nov 10 2021 37 mins
    Amanda Latham, Associate, Policy and Strategy Lead, Barnett Waddingham
    What are the risks, opportunities and impacts of the transition to net zero? What will things like changing consumer preferences, extreme weather events, environmental damage, political instability, and large-scale migration do to market values and flows of capital? We will explore systemic risks (climate change, inequality and biodiversity loss) and the potential impacts for investors as these risks begin to materialise.
  • ESG through the Professional Trustee Lens - Day 1 ESG & Climate Change Seminar Recorded: Nov 10 2021 43 mins
    David Fogarty, Director, Dalriada Trustees Limited
    Much has, and is, being written and talked about in the area of ESG. In this session Dalriada, one of the UK’s leading Professional Trustee firms will outline how it is tackling this important topic. In doing so, David Fogarty, Director and Accredited Professional Trustee will explain Dalriada’s policy and beliefs and also how it is aiming to implement these across its portfolio of appointments.
  • A fresh outlook – how to achieve better retirement outcomes Recorded: Oct 19 2021 49 mins
    Victoria East, National Business Development Manager WEALTH at work
    This webinar will delve into the reasons why the pandemic may have affected people’s retirement plans in different ways. It will also uncover the challenges that members now face at retirement and the measures employers and Trustees can take to achieve better outcomes for all.
  • Working effectively in a hybrid world Recorded: Oct 6 2021 42 mins
    Sean Croghan | Nesta, Paul Stark | OnBoard, Tim Middleton | PMI
    Pension Boards, like so many others, have needed to adapt to remote collaboration over the past 18 months.
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  • Title: Lessons learned from the WASPI campaign
  • Live at: Dec 6 2021 11:30 am
  • Presented by: Angela Madden, Chair and Finance Director, WASPI Campaign
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