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The outlook for credits: The emperor is naked

Despite our repeated concerns about high corporate leverage and too much risk appetite, it is only now that credit markets are beginning to react to the global economic slowdown, and the next recession is being openly discussed.
Recorded Jan 21 2019 5 mins
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Victor Verberk, Head Global Credits
Presentation preview: The outlook for credits: The emperor is naked

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  • Robeco Global Consumer Trends: uncovering the quality compounders Recorded: Feb 13 2020 42 mins
    Jack Neele, Portfolio Manager Consumer Trends; Richard Speetjens, Portfolio Manager Consumer Trends
    The Robeco Global Consumer Trends strategy identifies structural growth trends in consumer spending driven by demographic or technological changes.

    But what type of companies do we look for within the selected trends? In a nutshell, we strive to find so-called ‘quality compounders’ – quality growth stocks that are able to compound shareholder value on a consistent basis.

    We firmly believe quality compounders offer the best way to generate superior long-term investment returns for our clients. To achieve this, we first focus on the trends that offer the highest growth potential and then identify the structural winners of these trends.

    In this webinar, Jack Neele and Richard Speetjens explain the broad long-term megatrends the strategy focuses on, as well as the steps we take to uncover the quality compounders of these megatrends and build our portfolios. Finally, we also provide some insights on three specific trends investors should keep an eye on in 2020.

    Themes we will discuss
    -Which long-term megatrends are relevant for investors?
    -How do you uncover the quality compounders in your portfolio?
    -What are the three specific trends investors should take into account for 2020?
  • Ask me Anything on Sustainability Recorded: Nov 19 2019 58 mins
    Gilbert Van Hassel, CEO Robeco; Masja van Zandbergen, Head ESG Integration
    Robeco CEO Gilbert Van Hassel and Robeco Head of ESG Integration, Masja Zandbergen, discussed the practicalities of sustainable investing and answered questions from the audience in this recorded live interview. The discussion focused primarily on the interpretation of the term ‘sustainable investing’, outlined how sustainable investing is implemented, and evaluated the evidence regarding the risk-adjusted returns from this approach to investing.
  • Expected Returns 2020 - 2024 Recorded: Oct 17 2019 39 mins
    Jaap Hoek, Portfolio Strategist Robeco
    5-year Outlook executive summary presentation.

    Expected returns play a vital role in an investor’s strategic decision-making. With this publication, we aim to help investors with their strategic asset allocation and asset liability management.

    During this presentation, Jaap Hoek, our Strategist, presents the highlights of this and the recurring theme in this report: 'Escaping the hall of mirrors', which is reflected not only in our markets analysis but also in our special topics.
  • SDGs and credit portfolios, delivering financial return and positive impact Recorded: Sep 25 2019 44 mins
    Guido Moret, Head of Sustainability Integration Credits & Erik Keller, Client Portfolio Manager Global Credits
    The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) take the quest for sustainability to the next level by making integration tangible and measurable. Investors are becoming increasingly interested in investment products that contribute to the realization of these goals and at the same time offer attractive returns.

    Robeco and RobecoSAM have developed a comprehensive proprietary SDG measurement framework with clear, objective and consistent guidelines. Using this proprietary SDG framework, we can construct credit portfolios that are diversified across issuers and sectors, which make a clear positive contribution to the SDGs, and which also deliver attractive financial returns for our investors.

    In this webinar, Guido Moret, Robeco’s Head of Sustainability Integration Credits, will describe the framework for SDG credits investing. Erik Keller, Senior Client Portfolio Manager Global Credits, will explain how SDGs can be linked to credit portfolios.

    The themes that we will be discussing:
    •Why should investors embrace the SDGs?
    •And how can we construct our portfolios with a positive contribution to the SDGs?
    •What is the specific Robeco offer, in terms of SDG credits?
  • ADVISER HOME: How asset managers can influence companies they invest in Recorded: Jul 17 2019 51 mins
    Kenneth Robertson, Tim Gordon and Andy Kirby
    Media and action groups are demanding that large asset managers use their voting powers responsibly and support actions on climate change. But what can asset managers really do about things like CO2 emissions, deforestation, cyber crime or biodiversity?

    By engaging on behalf of investors, Asset Managers can help make changes to businesses to promote a positive, long-term approach, one that is better for financial performance, for your clients and better for society as a whole. Join Robeco's experts as they look at recent engagement examples with companies like Royal Dutch Shell or in industries like palm oil production.
  • Robeco European Conservative Equities: downside protection & stable income Recorded: May 8 2019 39 mins
    Jan Sytze Mosselaar
    Over eleven year ago we launched the European Conservative Fund. Since then, the fund has not only grown into a sizable fund, but eleven years of performance numbers show us that the fund did exactly what it was set-out to do: Having a lower risk level than the market index, leading to higher compounded returns.

    The fund invests in European low-volatility stocks, based on a bottom-up, factor-based model. The fund's long-term aim is to achieve returns equal to, or greater than, those on European equity markets with lower expected downside risk. The selected low-risk stocks also exhibit relatively high dividend yields, an attractive valuation, strong momentum and positive analyst revisions.

    This results in a diversified, actively positioned, low turnover portfolio of defensive stocks aiming to achieve stable equity returns and a high income.

    We have invited Jan Sytze Mosselaar, the Portfolio Manager of the fund, to explain this unique approach.
  • Investing in emerging markets takes nerves of steel Recorded: Apr 15 2019 21 mins
    Fabiana Fedeli
    Fabiana Fedeli, global head of Fundamental Equities, talks about emerging markets. And she is optimistic about the US-China trade war. “Six months ago the world was convinced there would be no solution. There is going to be a solution – it may not be perfect – but that solution will be enough to make markets a little bit more relaxed.” However, investing in emerging markets does take nerves of steel at many occasions, she adds.
  • The Quarterly Outlook for Credits Recorded: Apr 11 2019 6 mins
    Jamie Stuttard
    Robeco’s Jamie Stuttard, co-head Global macro, discusses the outlook for the credit markets. A prudent approach still makes sense, Stuttard says. “We believe credit spreads are going to widen over Q2 and the summer.”
  • Megatrends shape business and society Recorded: Apr 11 2019 4 mins
    Henk Grootveld
    Today’s world is shaped by three powerful megatrends - transformative technology, preserving Earth and changing demographics. Watch our new animated video that outlines why it is important for investors to spot the right trends and select companies with strong exposure to these megatrends.
  • Factor investing is by no means a black box Recorded: Feb 25 2019 20 mins
    David Blitz
    In this podcast, David Blitz discusses the latest trends and issues in factor investing, in which investors chase factors such as low-volatility, value or momentum to get the best picks for their funds. And he says intriguingly: “We do not offer black box solutions, but rather ‘glass box’ solutions”.
  • Tackling the Credit Markets - Fundamental or Factor? Recorded: Feb 13 2019 49 mins
    Erik Keller, Ralph Berkien
    In this webinar will bring together two of our leading investment teams in the Credit markets, the fundamental Global Credit and the Multi-Factor Credit teams, for an engaging and interactive discussion on the sector.
    We’ll initially cover our macro views to frame the conversation and then we will take a look at how the different teams address portfolio construction and implementation, credit selection, correlation, sector and geographic weights.
  • Podcast: A Sustainability Investing Conversation Recorded: Feb 7 2019 17 mins
    Daniel Wild
    In the first in a series of podcasts, Daniel Wild explains why embracing SI is “a good sort of selfish”, as it enables the investor to enjoy superior risk-adjusted returns while also helping the planet on a range of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues at the same time.
  • The outlook for credits: The emperor is naked Recorded: Jan 21 2019 5 mins
    Victor Verberk, Head Global Credits
    Despite our repeated concerns about high corporate leverage and too much risk appetite, it is only now that credit markets are beginning to react to the global economic slowdown, and the next recession is being openly discussed.
  • Robeco Global Fintech Equities Fund: Celebrating a successful first year Recorded: Dec 7 2018 31 mins
    Jeroen van Oerle, Fund Manager Robeco and Patrick Lemmens, Fund Manager Robeco
    One year ago we launched the first Fintech fund. Since then, the fund has grown enormously in assets and also the performance exceeded our expectations. We have invited the managers of the fund to explain this unique opportunity to monetize digitization in the financial ecosystem.
  • From financially material sustainability factors to practical SI implementation Recorded: Nov 15 2018 43 mins
    Masja Zandbergen and Michael van der Meer
    Financially material ESG factors could have a significant impact – positive or negative – on a company’s business model and value drivers, such as revenue growth, margins, required capital and risk. We take a look at how to define what is financially material ESG information and how this can be used by investors. We also look at moving from research to real life, considering the three broad approaches to addressing ESG in a portfolio how to incorporate detailed analysis effectively.
  • Plastic-not-so-fantastic: The problem with plastic pollution Recorded: Nov 13 2018 27 mins
    Natalie Fee
    As Robeco announces that it is the Sustainability Investing Partner of City to Sea, their founder Natalie Fee shares her own experience of realising that something needs to be done about plastic pollution. She takes a look at the problem and what you can do to be part of the solution.
  • The importance of being engaged. Recorded: Nov 13 2018 23 mins
    Carola van Lamoen
    Sustainability investing is not the only approach to making an impact – active ownership can be very powerful. Carola will discuss how investors can reap the benefits of engagement around financially material ESG themes.
  • The UN SDGs – practical portfolio solutions Recorded: Nov 13 2018 30 mins
    Taeke Wiersma
    The UN SDGs are becoming a popular lens through which investors can view the impact of their sustainability investing. However quantifying a company’s contribution to the SDGs is no mean feat. Taeke will discuss the goals, how investors might approach incorporating them in their portfolio, and the framework developed by Robeco to rate companies on their SDG impact.
  • Embracing Sustainability to Drive Growth Recorded: Nov 13 2018 30 mins
    James Rutter
    James Rutter from COOK joins our SI Explore in London to talk about the value of putting purpose at the centre of the business.
  • How to play financials in equity & credit markets Recorded: Oct 29 2018 38 mins
    Patrick Lemmens and Jan Willem de Moor
    The financial sector is widely considered to be well-positioned relative to others to benefit from a shift of major central banks monetary policies and can be seen as a hedge against higher rates. Our senior portfolio managers will share their views on how best to identify value and opportunity in both credit and equity allocations at this stage of the economic cycle.
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  • Title: The outlook for credits: The emperor is naked
  • Live at: Jan 21 2019 2:15 pm
  • Presented by: Victor Verberk, Head Global Credits
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