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ROBO Global Q3 Investor Call

Q3 in Review: Investor Call
Recorded Oct 22 2019 28 mins
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Presented by
Jeremie Capron, Lisa Chai and Nina Deka
Presentation preview: ROBO Global Q3 Investor Call

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  • ROBO Global Spotlight on M&A in Robotics, Automation and Healthcare Innovation Recorded: Mar 30 2021 56 mins
    Jeremie Capron, Director of Research, ROBO Global | Lisa Chai, Senior Analyst, ROBO Global
    While M&A has been a strong tailwind since the inception of the ROBO index, 2020 was a banner year with 7 of the 86 members of the ROBO Index receiving takeover offers. Meanwhile, venture funding and exits reached record highs.

    In this webinar we will:
    - Look at the data and follow the money
    - Discuss key trends including the return of mega deals, the focus on software, healthcare technology, and autonomous vehicles
    - Discuss the implications for investors
  • Investing in Innovation Recorded: Mar 24 2021 54 mins
    Richard Lightbound, CEO ROBO Global | Aude Martin, ETF Investment Specialist, Legal & General Investment Management
    For those interested in investing in disruptive technologies, the path can be both rewarding and complex. Capturing the growth of robotics, AI, and healthcare tech requires in-depth research paired with a diversified approach. In this webinar, you’ll learn about the companies at the forefront of this technology revolution and how to gain exposure with three unique, global portfolios. Join ROBO Global and LGIM for a discussion on the best ways for investors to capitalize on the robotics, AI, and healthcare tech revolution.
  • Investing in Health & Wellbeing Recorded: Mar 3 2021 60 mins
    Allan Lane, Algo-Chain | Jeremie Capron, ROBO Global | Grzegorz Juchniewicz, NeonDigitise | Anthony Ginsberg, GinsGlobal
    Advances in medicine and technology have increased our lives' duration and quality, opening up opportunities for investors focused on the health and wellness industries. Technology enables us to track our health indicators, which changes the dynamic between healthcare companies, technology companies, and consumers. Holistic health services are also becoming more popular, decreasing the demand for mega-hospitals and increasing the demand for local, customized care solutions. And, as COVID-19 has forced a need for virtual interactions, people have become more comfortable receiving sensitive advice over the phone, paving the way for mass adoption of telemedicine.

    With all of these areas of change, how can investors look at health & wellness more opportunistically?

    This webinar will dive into:
    - The dynamics between healthcare and technology
    - How telemedicine can democratize access to high-quality health care
    - Opportunities emerging in localized solutions to the current centralized healthcare industry

    - Allan Lane, Co-founder, Algo-Chain
    - Jeremie Capron, Director of Research, ROBO Global
    - Anthony Ginsberg, Managing Director, GinsGlobal
    - Grzegorz Juchniewicz, Investment Manager, NeonDigitise
  • A Conversation with MIT's Daniela Rus on The Future of Robotics & AI Investing Recorded: Feb 4 2021 55 mins
    Daniela Rus, Jeremie Capron, Lisa Chai
    Daniela Rus is a strategic advisor to ROBO Global. Learn more about the ROBO Global innovation indices: ROBO, HTEC & THNQ to invest in robotics, AI, and healthcare technology.
  • ROBO Global Quarterly Investor Webinar: Q1 2020 Recorded: Apr 14 2020 38 mins
    William Studebaker, Jeremie Capron and Nina Deka
    The ROBO Global innovation indices outperformed during the worst quarter for global equities since
    2008. We expect the COVID-19 crisis to remain a relatively short-term event and with strong balance sheets and a small-mid-cap tilt, the ROBO Global index portfolios are well positioned to continue to outperform in the current environment. Join this webinar as our team covers the index performance in Q1 and our POV on the current and future impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

    *First 50 Live Attendees receive a DoorDash eGiftCard
  • ROBO Global Quarterly Investor Webinar: Q4 2019 Recorded: Jan 14 2020 27 mins
    Jeremie Capron, Lisa Chai and Nina Deka
    The ROBO Global innovation indices closed 2019 on a strong note, largely outperforming global equities. The Robotics & Automation Index (ROBO) returned 30.3% for the year, the Artificial Intelligence Index (THNQ) increased 37.6%, and the Healthcare Technology & Innovation Index (HTEC) rose 34.9%. The good news is that earnings growth has only just inflected and looks set to return to the double-digits in 2020. In this webinar, we will discuss key trends and big movers.
  • ROBO Global Q3 Investor Call Recorded: Oct 22 2019 28 mins
    Jeremie Capron, Lisa Chai and Nina Deka
    Q3 in Review: Investor Call
  • Q2 Investor Call Recorded: Jul 30 2019 32 mins
    Travis Briggs, Jeremie Capron, Lisa Chai

    Robotics, automation, and AI stocks rose in Q2, pushing the ROBO Index up 22% year-to-date. Join us on July 30th at 11 am EST for our Q2 investor call where you’ll hear more about the recent trends in robotics and AI investments and learn about our newest index, Healthcare Technology & Innovation (HTEC)
  • Panel Discussion - Global Emerging Markets - Outlook for 2019 Recorded: Mar 13 2019 42 mins
    Ryan Ross | Richard Lightbound | Magdalena Polan | Adrian Lowcock
    Growth in developed markets is slowing, which will effect Emerging Markets. But what are the causes of the slowdown, and how do they compare to the past? If the source is oil prices, what does this mean for oil-rich countries like Venezuela, Nigeria, or Saudi Arabia?

    If the source is Central Banking policies, either coming from the US Federal Reserve or the European Central Bank – how will relative strength or weakness in currencies affect countries that hold debt?

    When headlines abound around trade, trade deficits, and trade surpluses, how can investors hedge their bets?

    And as economies emerge alongside technology, labor costs become as much an economic issue as a political issue. What role does automation play in the growth story?

    This panel will discuss questions facing emerging markets including:

    · Are EMs better equipped to handle growth slowdown than in 2015? What do they have going for them now that they didn’t back then?
    · Are we in an EM rally? If so, how long will the EM rally last?
    · Central Banking policies effect on EM
    · Areas to avoid vs. attractive areas?

    Panelists include:

    Magdalena Polan - Global EM Economist at LGIM
    Adrian Lowcock - Head of Personal Investing at Willis Owen
    Richard Lightbound, CEO EMEA & Asia at ROBO Global
  • ROBO Global Quarterly Investor Webinar: Q4 2018 Recorded: Feb 7 2019 18 mins
    Richard Lightbound, Jeremie Capron, Lisa Chai
    Commentary from our executives on quarterly performance and market behavior in robotics.
  • ROBO Global Quarterly Investor Webinar: Q4 2018 Recorded: Jan 18 2019 19 mins
    Richard Lightbound, Jeremie Capron, Lisa Chai
    Commentary from our executives on quarterly performance and market behavior in robotics.
  • ETFs in 2018: Strategies and Market Movements Recorded: Dec 5 2018 64 mins
    Shelly Antoniewicz, ICI | Will Rhind, GraniteShares | Mike Venuto, Tesoro Investors | Chris Buck, ROBO Global
    The flexibility of ETFs provides investors with the ability to gain exposure to a variety of asset classes and markets while controlling for market turbulence. What strategies are being employed, and what does the market look like now?

    This webinar will gather leaders in the field to discuss top level outlooks on the global economy, as well as deep dives into how ETF strategies are being used across asset classes and markets.

    Topics to be covered:

    - Broad Market Outlook
    - Equity Markets
    - Emerging Markets
    - China and APAC
    - Commodities
    - Robotics


    Shelly Antoniewicz, ICI


    Will Rhind, GraniteShares
    Mike Venuto, Tesoro Investors
    Chris Buck, ROBO Global
  • [Panel] How to Integrate ESG as part of a successful asset mix Recorded: Oct 31 2018 63 mins
    Richard Lightbound, Meryam Omi, Justin Simler, Adrie Heinsbroek
    A few years ago "ESG” was just a page at the back of a presentation. Today it has achieved greater prominence with new initiatives such as impact investing and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. However, questions still remain about what ESG integration really means and whether the increasing use of frameworks and questionnaires is distracting from engagement.

    This expert panel will look at what ESG integration means and at the practical implementation of ESG considerations within portfolios. They will discuss whether ESG can be implemented, at best, without negatively impacting returns or whether there is recent evidence that it can actually benefit both risk and return.

    While impact investing dominates the headlines, most of the assets that firms manage on behalf of their clients integrate an assessment of ESG factors into their process but do not tilt towards sustainable investments. The panel will discuss this issue and the likely future trends in ESG investment including how ESG fits in with the Mega trends defined by the PRI or WEF.


    Justin Simler, Independent Industry Expert
    Richard Lightbound, Managing Partner & CEO - EMEA, ROBO Global
    Adrie Heinsbroek, Head of Responsible Investing, NN Investment Partners
    Meryam Omi, Head of Sustainability & Responsible Investment Strategy, Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM)
  • Meet the Minds Behind the First Robotics ETF Recorded: Oct 17 2018 158 mins
    Robo Global
    Join us for the live streaming of our exclusive event celebrating the 5 year anniversary of ROBO, the first index tracking the Robotics and AI revolution. The event is being held at the New York Stock Exchange on October 17th at 1pm. This is a rare opportunity to hear from world’s leading innovators in Robotics & Artificial Intelligence from MIT, ETH – Zurich, University of California and Case Western Reserve.
    Everywhere you look, robotics, automation, and AI (RAAI) is transforming how we live, work, and play. For investors, this multi-decade shift is driving unprecedented growth. We hope you can join us remotely to explore key trends and strategies for future-proofing your portfolios by investing in all that RAAI has to offer.


    1pm: Welcome

    1:15 - 2:30pm: Research and Emerging Trends Presentations and Panel

    2:30 - 3pm: Investing in the Universe of Robotics and AI

    3 - 3:15pm: ROBO Value Proposition

    3:15pm: Q&A
  • Meet the Minds Behind the ROBO Global Strategic Advisory Board Recorded: Oct 1 2018 4 mins
    ROBO Global
    Henrik Christensen, Illah Nourbakhsh and Manish Kothari aren't just members of the ROBO Global Strategic Advisory Board, but also some of the top minds in the world of robotics and A.I. We're honored to have their insight and knowledge fueling the decisions behind the index and helping to keep ROBO state of the art in the realm of robotic developments.
ROBO Global is an index, advisory, and research company focused 100% on helping investors capture the unique opportunities of fast-growing robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence (RAAI) companies around the world.

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  • Title: ROBO Global Q3 Investor Call
  • Live at: Oct 22 2019 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: Jeremie Capron, Lisa Chai and Nina Deka
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