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Data Privacy Regulations: The Impact on Marketing

Can marketers become the custodians of customer data?

In today’s world, with connectivity, fast networks, and mobile devices, data has truly emerged as the new currency. But as enterprises embark on this new trade journey, questions around data privacy and protection and regulatory compliance need to be answered even as marketers look to data to unearth insights and truly deliver value to their customers.
Recorded Jul 9 2019 29 mins
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Presented by
Sachin Khalap, Head - GRC COE, TCS Cyber Security | Hussain Mirza, Lead–Data Privacy Solutions, TCS Cyber Security
Presentation preview: Data Privacy Regulations: The Impact on Marketing
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  • The Inclusive Enterprise: Embracing Employee Diversity through Technology Recorded: Feb 18 2020 29 mins
    Anantha P Sekar, Global Head and R Sasirekha Head, Technology Leadership Guild, Conversational Experiences,TCS
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    Anthony Parker, Senior Strategy Consultant, Advisory and Consulting, Blockchain Services, Tata Consultancy Services
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    Prabhakar Karamsetty, Global Head, Quality Engineering and Vimal Anand,CX Assurance – Product Partner,Quality Engineering TCS
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  • Enterprise Grade Cloud for Omni-Channel Enterprise Businesses Recorded: Jan 29 2020 30 mins
    Indu Malhotra, Head, Cloud Strategy and Key Engagements, TCS
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  • Leveraging Contextual Security Intelligence to Remediate Vulnerabilities Recorded: Jan 29 2020 30 mins
    Srimant Acharya, Head - Enterprise Vulnerability Management, Cyber Security, TCS
    In today's digital economy, hear how a global manufacturer uncovers blind spots and reduces security risk with a vulnerability management program through "risk-based prioritization.” With better prioritization and program governance, the remediation rate has grown to 290 vulnerabilities/month, fueling business growth with advanced risk management.
  • Embracing Predictive Banking: Loan Growth with Next Best Action Recorded: Jan 29 2020 30 mins
    Dibyendu Mukherjee, Senior Consultant, Advanced Analytics and ML Solutions, Analytics & Insights, TCS
    Traditional banks have access to rich customer data. But unless banks proactively leverage digital technologies and advanced analytics, the data fails to deliver ROI. Gain insights into how one bank is harnessing data with a Next Best Action approach to predict customer needs for personal loans and create a wealth of cross-selling opportunities.
  • Augment Human Capability with Intelligent Automation for Superior ‘In Moment CX’ Recorded: Jan 29 2020 30 mins
    Geetali Raj, Head, Solutions & Presales – Intelligent Process Automation, Automation & AI, TCS
    Happy employees make happy customers. Automation and AI play a significant role in enabling employees to provide an ‘In the Moment’ experience at every touchpoint in the customer journey. Learn how intelligent automation elevates the role in delivering seamless customer experience.
  • The ROI of Delivering Amazing Experiences featuring Forrester Research and USAA Recorded: Jan 29 2020 60 mins
    Ted Schadler, VP, Forrester (Guest Speaker) | Phil Leininger, SVP&GM, USAA| Sunil Karkera, Head, TCS Interactive
    In this age of digital disruption, it’s time to redefine customer experience by leveraging technology, behavioral economics, and innovative ideas. Firms that move beyond the front end to enterprise transformation will realize the benefits.
    Join our guest speakers from Forrester Research, USAA and our TCS expert to discover how to deliver the digital experience your customers demand.
  • CX Transformation Approach for Telcos Using Design Thinking and Machine First™ Recorded: Jan 29 2020 30 mins
    Dhananjay Hegde, Industry Transformation Group Lead, Cognitive Business, Communications, Media and Information, TCS
    Digital orchestration is helping telcos reimagine customer journeys. Discover how leading telcos are setting the benchmark on reimagining customer experiences to retain market leadership, improve CX and reduce cost-to-serve by leveraging an automated, analytics-driven, on the cloud, non-intrusive intelligent customer experience center.
  • Driving an abundance mindset for Blockchain-powered Ecosystems of the Future Recorded: Nov 14 2019 32 mins
    Lakshminarasimhan (Lakshmi) Srinivasan, Global Head, Blockchain Services, TCS
    In the Business 4.0 world, enterprises must shift mindsets from scarcity to abundance and from product-centricity to being purpose driven.

    Blockchain-powered platforms enable :

    • A shift in mindset to leverage abundance

    • Identification of new ecosystem business models

    • Generation of exponential value shared across all ecosystem participants
  • Intelligent Virtual Assistants: Paving the Way for CX Transformation Recorded: Nov 14 2019 30 mins
    Anantha Sekar, Global Head, Conversational Experiences, TCS | Sasirekha, Head - Technology Leadership Guild, TCS
    Plagued with human-intensive customer service issues - lack of skills, absenteeism, attrition, human errors, prejudice, huge labor costs? Attend this webinar to understand how AI/IVA, can change your customer service capability from scarcity to abundance. Amaze and delight your customers by anticipating their needs and aligning with their goals.
  • Dow: Powering an Intelligent and Agile Supply Chain Recorded: Nov 14 2019 31 mins
    Lori Putt, Global Integrated Senior Supply Chain Director, Dow Consumer Solutions | Manish Savla, Cognitive Business, TCS
    Today’s Business 4.0 era demands enterprises deliver on agility. With customized products, complex buyer demands & legacy operation constraints, supply chain challenges are on the rise. Find out how Dow Consumer Solutions is harnessing abundance & leveraging ecosystem to deliver winning business outcomes.
  • 3 Best Practices For Overcoming AI Obstacles to Build Future-ready Enterprises Recorded: Nov 14 2019 30 mins
    Lakshmi Muthulakshmi Nellaiappan, Head, MFDM™ Practice, Automation & AI, TCS
    Digital transformation is about applying a structured approach to harnessing abundance. Many CIOs are striving for this by automating crucial business process activities with a machine-first philosophy but are running into challenges. Learn three best practices for overcoming AI obstacles through relevant examples from industry-leading enterprises.
  • From Supply Chains to Ecosystem Commerce: Leveraging Business 4.0 Technologies Recorded: Nov 14 2019 31 mins
    Rich Sherman, Senior Fellow, Global Supply Chain Practice & Center of Excellence, TCS
    How are omnichannel fulfillment strategies disrupting traditional supply chains?
    The supply chain is transforming to an Enterprise Supply Network - the foundation for Ecosystem Commerce built on the connected ecosystem paradigm. Executives must leverage Business 4.0 Enterprise Supply Network management and emerging Ecosystem Commerce Platforms.
  • The Integrated Enterprise with Cloud-based Financial Consolidation Recorded: Nov 14 2019 30 mins
    Mainul Islam, Sales and Engineering Head, Oracle Analytics Practice, TCS
    Following a merger between two engineering and construction companies, the new business entity needed to consolidate financial accounting to meet expectations for Day-1 reporting. Leveraging the abundance of technologies, an automated cloud-based financial platform and TCS' expertise enabled them to meet reporting expectations per schedule.
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  • Title: Data Privacy Regulations: The Impact on Marketing
  • Live at: Jul 9 2019 11:30 am
  • Presented by: Sachin Khalap, Head - GRC COE, TCS Cyber Security | Hussain Mirza, Lead–Data Privacy Solutions, TCS Cyber Security
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