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Three CI Automation Workflows to Drive Business Value

IT organizations spend up to 60 hours per week reconciling data from different sources to keep CMDBs current. Even then, CMDBs are still not timely or accurate. Automating IT processes provides the speed and reliability required to support today’s digital business.

Hear from Dan Sinnett, Enterprise Monitoring Analyst, University of Wisconsin Health (UW Health), and Erik Rudin, VP, Business Development, ScienceLogic, to learn how UW Health:

•Drives significant cost and risk reductions by automating 3 core Configuration Item (CI) workflows
•Keeps their CMDB up-to-date with their operational data for optimal performance
•Achieves faster business agility through modern operations
Recorded Sep 26 2018 35 mins
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Presented by
Dan Sinnett, Enterprise Monitoring Analyst, U. of Wisconsin Health, & Erik Rudin, VP, Business Development, ScienceLogic
Presentation preview: Three CI Automation Workflows to Drive Business Value

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  • Cisco IT: A Transformational Journey to AIOps Oct 7 2020 3:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Becky Ransdell, Senior Product Manager, Cisco IT
    When your digital platform is the lifeline of the core business serving a run-rate of $2M/min, the role of IT Ops matters! In this Part 2 of Cisco’s Digital Transformation Journey webinar series, Cisco shares continued progress made towards achieving AIOps and lessons learned with practical insights on services enabled, services planned, and the underpinning architectural evolution towards a next generation service assurance architecture.

    View Part 1 of this series, Cisco IT: A Transformational Journey to Multi-Cloud Operations, on the ScienceLogic BrightTALK Channel.

    In this session, you will:
    • Hear Cisco IT’s multi-year journey & key insights.
    • Discover key use cases for accelerating automations and enabling cloud monitoring.
    • Understand how Cisco is moving towards a unified solution for next-gen service assurance.
    • Learn what Cisco has planned for AIOps in the data management space.
  • Avoid Service Outages with AIOps Recorded: Sep 16 2020 36 mins
    Russ Elsner, Senior Director, Product Management & Leslie Minnix-Wolfe, Senior Director, Product Marketing | ScienceLogic
    The complexity of today’s modern IT technology stack has exploded. The transition from a device-centric to a service-centric approach is a key aspect of dealing with this complexity. Join this webinar to find out how ScienceLogic is applying AI/ML to our end-to-end service topology to help customers speed RCA, proactively plan for resources, and avert risk—major steps along the path to AIOps.

    In this session you will gain insight into how SL1 leverages ML and topology to:
    • Assess service health for real-time operational visibility.
    • Automatically correlate events and performance issues to service degradation.
    • Rapidly improve root-cause analysis.
    • Power new workflows to deliver on the promise of AIOps.
  • Monitoring-as-a-Service: Driving ITOps to Checkered-flag Business Outcomes Recorded: Aug 18 2020 30 mins
    James Hunnybourne, Head of Sales, Softcat & Andy Barron, Service Development Manager, Softcat
    Just like hundreds of sensors drive Formula 1 race cars to checkered-flag victories, hybrid IT environments fully instrumented with ScienceLogic SL1 can generate similar outcomes.

    Join this webinar to learn how Enterprise ITOps teams and MSP service delivery teams can leverage contextualized data insights, analysis, and efficiency to deliver winning business outcomes on a real-time basis. James Hunnybourne and Andy Barron will discuss how Softcat developed differentiated monitoring services, powered by SL1 and an AIOps strategy.

    In this webinar, you will:
    • Learn best practices for high-speed remediation in highly instrumented data-intensive IT environments.
    • Learn about the importance of contextualized data.
    • Understand how to identify your best prospects (and those to avoid) when selling Monitoring as a Service.
    • Gain insights into monitoring service tiers that support Enterprise needs.
  • Reduce MTTR by Automating Troubleshooting Recorded: Jul 28 2020 29 mins
    Ben Leyland, Principal Solutions Architect | ScienceLogic
    The effort to troubleshoot issues emerging from a heterogenous but inter-dependent IT environment often equates to finding a needle in a haystack. Datasets are disconnected leading to unmanageable event noise. Diagnosing issues simply results in war-room finger-pointing. And precious time is wasted on creating and updating incidents instead of focusing on resolution. The result is delayed resolution and ultimately, customer dissatisfaction. ScienceLogic can help you reduce MTTR by automating event triage, diagnostics, and enrichment in your data center. Join this session to learn how you can achieve up to 70% reduction in your manual troubleshooting efforts.

    In this webinar, you will learn how:
    • ScienceLogic automatically enriches incoming events with diagnostic data.
    • To troubleshoot issues automatically through three common use cases.
    • Combining event enrichment with incident automation can further reduce MTTR.
  • REST Easy. Collect Data From Across Your IT Ecosystem Recorded: Jul 21 2020 32 mins
    Taylor Johnson, PowerPack Product Owner | ScienceLogic
    The modern IT ecosystem is comprised of heterogenous modern and legacy technology tools that don’t often talk to each other. The result is a fragmented ecosystem where data sits in disconnected data puddles inhibiting cross-domain modernization efforts. The ScienceLogic Universal REST PowerPack gives you the flexibility to connect the SL1 open platform to almost any technology that supports RESTful APIs, a leading standard interface for many off-the-shelf solutions to expose their data. Join this webinar and view a live demo to see how you can expand your data lake to collect data from across your ecosystem, and power cross-domain analytics and automations.

    In this webinar, you will:
    • Explore use cases for using the Universal REST PowerPack.
    • See a live demonstration of building REST-based dynamic apps.
    • Learn best practices for using the Universal REST PowerPack to build your own applications.
  • A Step-By-Step Guide for Designing Business Services Recorded: Jul 1 2020 38 mins
    Jonathan Chivers, Senior Solution Consultant, ScienceLogic
    Managing Business Services holistically is undoubtedly the need of the hour in an increasingly complex, hybrid IT environment. But getting started with designing your services can be a tricky proposition. Where do you begin? Service topologies and their impact on end-user experience are often not well understood. The resulting services miss the mark in empowering you with the information you need to manage the health, availability and risk of your services effectively. But it doesn’t have to be so complicated.

    Join this session to learn a step-by-step approach for building and monitoring your business services.

    In this session you will:
    • Learn the steps for building and monitoring business services.
    • Understand core benefits of adopting a service-aware approach.
    • Discuss common mistakes, pitfalls, and traps.
  • Cisco & ScienceLogic: Transform ITOps to AIOps for Hybrid Cloud Recorded: Jun 24 2020 26 mins
    Raj Patnam, Vice President Global Solutions, ScienceLogic
    Maintaining optimal health of your critical applications and services with a modern IT estate is hard. When complex architectures converge with containers and microservices in multi-cloud and hybrid environments, IT Operations teams struggle to keep up with the pace of change. AIOps helps mitigate this complexity and enables a new, holistic, and automated approach to managing IT Operations. This session will discuss how Cisco’s customers can leverage ScienceLogic to ensure higher service availability by quick instantiation of their Day 2 operations and automated issue diagnostics and resolution with AIOps.

    In this webinar you will learn:
    • What is AIOps?
    • Key AIOps use cases that help IT drive business outcomes, e.g., Improving Business Service Health, Automated Troubleshooting & Remediation, and CMDB Synchronization.
    • How ScienceLogic enables Day 2 operations for your data center stack including Cisco technologies like ACI, UCS, Nexus, and HyperFlex.
  • Clearing the Path for Automated Operations: Finding the Value in AIOps Recorded: Jun 19 2020 49 mins
    Brian Amaro, PMP, Sr. Director, Global Solutions, ScienceLogic
    Automation isn’t just a technology problem. It’s a people, process and tool problem. How do you get cross-functional alignment to enable automations?

    In this session you will learn how 3 very different organizations—an MSP, a Utilities provider, and a Fortune 500 CPG enterprise—engaged ScienceLogic as a consultative partner to define and deliver clear operational & business outcomes. Understand how they leveraged ScienceLogic’s SL1 platform to increase cross-functional collaboration and shift to a culture of innovation to achieve > 60% reductions in Incidents, >25% in MTTR and a 50% reduction in out of hours incidents.

    In this webinar you will:
    • Learn how a global CPG customer mapped and modeled their core Order to Cash business service. Understand how this helped them reduce their MTTR & minimize outages to keep the delivery of fizzy beverages moving and revenue flowing.
    • See why, through clear objective setting, Salt River Project consolidated their tooling by a factor of 4:1 and eliminated data inconsistencies.
    • Learn how NetDesign unlocked latent value from ServiceNow to demonstrate quantifiable savings in operations.
    • Understand the step by step process to goal visualization and journey mapping.
  • Transforming from ITOps To AIOps: Insights from NetDesign and Guest Forrester Recorded: May 20 2020 35 mins
    ScienceLogic and Guests Rich Lane, Forrester Research, and Doug James, NetDesign
    In a hyper-digital world, business transformation is vital for all organizations to compete and deliver against internal business and customer demands.

    Are you ready? Can you transform fast enough to avoid irrelevance?

    To find out, join guests Rich Lane, Forrester Senior Analyst Serving Infrastructure and Operations Professionals, and Doug James, NetDesign Director of Technology and Business Management as they explore the rapidly evolving world of IT Operations Management towards intelligent, automated operations (AIOps).

    They will discuss:
    1. What's driving organizations to modernize IT towards more intelligent, automated operations (increase business growth/profitability, agility/adaptability to change/preemptive, deliver superior customer experiences)
    2. Explore transformation levers that enable organizations to deliver greater value faster to customers, such as:
    o Obtaining clarity on what business outcomes you want and how to get there (assessment process)
    o Measuring how well you're delivering services today against desired outcomes (data-driven insights at record speed)
    o Monitoring what matters most to your customers (end user experience, business service insights)
    o Amplifying agility with automations to accelerate innovation (ML-assisted automation)
    3. How to get started on your AIOps journey today

    We look forward to having you join us!
  • Beyond Service Visibility – Obtain Service Awareness for all IT Stakeholders Recorded: Mar 25 2020 31 mins
    Leslie Minnix-Wolfe, Senior Director of Product Marketing and John Willsey, Principal Solutions Archictect
    When you’re trying to deliver customer excellence, adopting a service-oriented approach to managing your IT operations is essential. But this approach shouldn’t stop at executive-level dashboards. Join us for this webinar as we discuss and demonstrate how ScienceLogic brings actionable service awareness to every layer of the IT stack, and for every IT stakeholder.

    Learning Objectives:

    In this session, you will learn:

    About the complex environments within which enterprises are operating customer-impacting services

    Why Service Awareness is essential for all IT stakeholders, from the CIO to the IT Operator

    How ScienceLogic addresses these challenges with ‘Service Awareness’ – a holistic approach to managing service health and risk
  • Getting Machine-Learning Assisted Insights & Automation Recorded: Dec 18 2019 36 mins
    Jeremy Sherwood, VP, Opus Interactive
    With the adoption of machine learning, businesses are starting to innovate in new and exciting ways. Validate your Machine Learning hypotheses. Get a clear sense of how to take advantage of powerful combination Machine Learning. Hear real-world, production use cases illustrating ways to apply Machine Learning to drive new/expanded business opportunities and growth.
  • 5 Ways To Maximize Your ServiceNow Investment Recorded: Nov 20 2019 32 mins
    Leslie Minnix-Wolfe, Senior Director of Product Marketing and Frank Sun, Product Manager, ScienceLogic
    Enterprise organizations have long relied on IT monitoring tools and IT Service Management (ITSM) tools like ServiceNow to manage their IT environment and deal with support issues when problems arise. Many organizations are integrating their monitoring solutions with their ITSM system for simple incident automation. But as the world of IT becomes increasingly more complex and we enter what some are calling the AIOps era, it raises the question — is there a better way to combine these disciplines?

    Join this webinar to hear how you can combine ScienceLogic with ServiceNow to automate multiple data flows and workflows and deliver superior customer experiences.

    Learning Objectives:
    In this session, you will:
    • Learn 5 ways you can capitalize on your ServiceNow investment
    • See how the bi-directional exchange of CI, configuration, and service relationship data between ScienceLogic and ServiceNow helps you focus on service-impacting issues and drive faster problem resolution (MTTR)
    • Hear how synching data between ScienceLogic and ServiceNow and automating incident, problem, and change management processes leads to significant productivity gains, enabling teams to focus on proactive problem resolution and avoid service outages altogether
  • Monitoring Your Most Mission Critical Applications Recorded: Oct 24 2019 40 mins
    Autumn Salama, VP Cloud Operations Symmetry
    SAP is the backbone of many businesses today. SAP’s move to require HANA is driving enterprise customers’ SAP digital transformation. Migrating to HANA is expensive and risky, requiring knowledge / expertise that most companies simply don’t have. Join this session to hear how Symmetry is partnering with ScienceLogic to provide a smooth, low risk path to the SAP future and reduce the investment bite of making the move to HANA and the Cloud.

    In this session, you will learn:

    What options exist for monitoring and managing SAP

    How Symmetry leverages ScienceLogic to provide a smooth, low risk path to the SAP future

    How to reduce the costs and risk of migrating and managing your current and future SAP environment
  • HCL: Transforming IT Operations for the Digital Enterprise Recorded: Sep 17 2019 28 mins
    Clayton Ching, Global Head of Product Management, HCL DRYiCE
    Transforming your organization to the Digital Enterprise requires stack management beginning with IT infrastructure and application monitoring, automation, orchestration and visualization. Learn how HCL utilizes DRYiCE to transform their own IT and business operations, explore the DRYiCE managed service platform architecture integrated with ScienceLogic’s SL1, and gain insight on the results HCL achieves with DRYiCE to deliver a consumer centric IT services experience.

    Learning Objectives:

    In this session, you will learn:
    A new approach to reimagine IT and business operations
    How HCL transformed their own IT and business systems
    The architecture of an IT operations environment geared to deliver business services in an ‘anything-as-a-service’ model
  • Cisco IT: A Transformational Journey to Multi-Cloud Operations | Multi-Cloud Recorded: Aug 20 2019 24 mins
    Becky Ransdell, Cisco IT
    When your digital platform is the lifeline of the core business serving a run-rate of $2M/min, the role of IT Ops matters! Cisco shares their digital transformation journey with practical insights on services enabled, services planned, and the underpinning architectural evolution towards an AIOps model for multi-cloud.

    Learning Objectives:

    In this session, you will:

    Hear Cisco IT’s multi-year journey

    Discover key use cases for bringing data together from many sources into a common data model

    Understand how Cisco is building a unified solution for next-gen application management

    Learn how they are adopting a software-defined data center as part of their multi-cloud strategy

    Gain insights into how they plan to leverage a real-time data lake to drive automations
  • A Digital Transformation Journey to Multi-Cloud: “The City That Never Sleeps” Recorded: Jul 18 2019 32 mins
    Sridhar Bathula, Softility
    As cloud adoption has heated up, we’ve seen more and more organizations transforming towards multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

    Today we’re going to discuss how “The City that Never Sleeps” -- has successfully transformed and automated its IT operations, because there is no rest for city services that sustain its ~20M residents.

    In this session, you will:

    Hear why the city chose to transform to a hybrid, multi-cloud environment

    Understand the challenges they faced to transform, and the inadequacies of their existing tools

    Learn how and why they chose ScienceLogic to be the core of their next gen monitoring framework

    Get a clear picture of the city’s monitoring framework and the key business outcomes it’s already driving
  • The Evolution To AIOps: Featuring Insights from Forrester Recorded: Jun 26 2019 59 mins
    Russ Elsner, Senior Director of Application Strategy, ScienceLogic and Guest Speaker Rich Lane, Forrester Senior Analyst
    As IT complexity accelerates, I&O teams struggle to keep up with the pace of change while continuing to support the needs of the business. IT operations, ITSM, and DevOps leaders increasingly need advanced monitoring approaches that can provide intelligent automation to keep up. But intelligent automation requires clean, structured data that reflects complete business services—infrastructure and applications running across the multi-cloud and hybrid cloud architectures.

    Join guest Rich Lane, Forrester Senior Analyst serving Infrastructure and Operations Professionals, and Russ Elsner, Senior Director of Application Strategy with ScienceLogic as they explore the rapidly evolving world of IT Operations Management towards intelligent, automated operations — what some call AIOps. They will discuss:
    •What's driving IT transformation towards more intelligent, automated operations
    •What new approaches and technologies are emerging that enable organizations to deliver resilient customer experiences through ML-assisted automation
    •How the combination of analytics, topology, and automation are key to AIOps
    •How to get started today

    Attend this webinar to learn which modern solutions are right for your environment and how you can leverage them to diagnose, predict, and assess business impact so you can prevent disruptions while optimizing cost and performance.
  • Transforming MSP Operations with Integration and Automation: A Technical Primer Recorded: May 29 2019 29 mins
    Tom Robijns, Senior System Engineer, Realdolmen
    To transform its managed services portfolio, Realdolmen, a leading MSP in Belgium, turned to ScienceLogic SL1 for its wide and deep automation and integration capabilities. But what were the business reasons driving Realdolmen’s operational transformation? This session covers the business approach and operational changes Realdolmen made to transform legacy monitoring tools and systems into a single platform for multi-cloud and hybrid IT services.

    Learning Objectives:

    In this session, you will learn:

    A new business approach to IT Ops transformation

    How Realdolmen created customer LOB dashboards

    How to use key automations and PowerPacks for Microsoft environments to improve your IT operations
  • Five Steps to AIOps Operational Readiness Recorded: Mar 28 2019 62 mins
    Peter Luff, Sr. Director Product Marketing, John Willsey, Principal Solutions Architect,ScienceLogic
    Is your organization ready to reap the benefits of AI and operational automation? 

    In this webinar, experts will discuss the current state of AI / ML for IT Operations and explore five steps needed for a successful transition to AIOps (Aritificial Intelligence for IT Operations).   Additionally, we will demonstrate several use cases that show how the highly dynamic IT landscape of containers, clouds and serverless compute can be managed effectively at machine speed.

    With the right plan in place, organizations can utilize AIOps to navigate through large-scale digital transformation, and achieve true agility within IT.

    Join us for the upcoming webinar and learn the five essential steps to successfully deploying AIOps.
  • Reimagining APM in the AIOps Era Recorded: Feb 28 2019 33 mins
    Leslie Minnix-Wolfe, Sr. Dir. Product Marketing, ScienceLogic & Charles Araujo, Principal Analyst, Intellyx
    Listen to Charles Araujo, Principal Analyst with Intellyx, and Leslie Minnix-Wolfe, Senior Director of Product Marketing with ScienceLogic as they explore the evolution of APM and how it relates to the simultaneous transformation of IT operations — what some call AIOps.

    They will discuss:

    * Why traditional approaches to APM are struggling to keep up with criticality creep
    * How new approaches are emerging that enable organizations to apply APM-like capabilities to their entire application stack
    * How the combination of machine learning, and complete infrastructure and application context may be the key to reimagining APM in the AIOps era
The Automation Engine for AIOps
ScienceLogic is a leader in IT Operations Management, providing modern IT operations with actionable insights to resolve and predict problems faster in a digital, ephemeral world. Its solution sees everything across cloud and distributed architectures, contextualizes data through relationship mapping, and acts on this insight through integration and automation. Trusted by thousands of organizations, ScienceLogic’s technology was designed for the rigorous security requirements of United States Department of Defense, proven for scale by the world’s largest service providers, and optimized for the needs of large enterprises.

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  • Title: Three CI Automation Workflows to Drive Business Value
  • Live at: Sep 26 2018 2:00 pm
  • Presented by: Dan Sinnett, Enterprise Monitoring Analyst, U. of Wisconsin Health, & Erik Rudin, VP, Business Development, ScienceLogic
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