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The Business Relief advice journey

This session aims to support advisers and planners considering Inheritance Tax planning for clients and will consider how Business Relief qualifying investments can provide an intergenerational planning strategy.
The ‘advice journey’ from initial client discussions right through to post death options will be examined and how investment managers as well as independent researchers can provide support and resources to planners.

Learning Objectives

• Know how to assess future IHT liabilities
• Understand how Business Relief can provide an intergenerational planning opportunity
• Understand due diligence consideration on BR managers and provider support
• Be aware of how to overcome client objections
Recorded Jul 8 2020 73 mins
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Presented by
Wayne Readshaw - TIME Investments
Presentation preview: The Business Relief advice journey

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  • DB or not DB – that is the question… Recorded: Jan 14 2021 57 mins
    Steve Cutler, Just
    The FCA’s final rules on pension transfer advice give some very specific guidance on the expectations for firms involved in this area. However, the principles also point towards the general standards for retirement advice. Coupled with the forthcoming ‘Suitability Review 2’, it is clear that whatever the origins of the retirement fund, a robust process needs to be in place. This should include how the benefits foregone should be replaced, including an element of secure income where appropriate. It should also follow a process to deal with changing circumstances and the ‘what if’ scenarios that may come into play. In this session, we’ll consider the key stages in the advice process that should be documented and draw on specific examples where funding has originated from defined benefits.

    By attending this session, delegates will be able to:

    - Understand the key principles from the latest guidance on DB transfers

    - Understand which principles apply to all retirement advice

    - Recognise the key steps in the initial and ongoing advice process

    - Discuss the role of secure income and how this might be balanced with the potential for ‘pensions freedom’
  • 2021 – a year to re-discover the UK Recorded: Jan 14 2021 46 mins
    Melinda Bizarro, AXA IM
    Whilst UK equities remain unloved by many, long-term investors are beginning to take advantage of the opportunities within the domestic market. There are many UK companies with strong growth prospects, corporate activity is picking up and many individual companies, as well as the market as a whole, are trading on attractive valuations, particularly compared to other developed markets.

    Join our session to:

    - Find out why we believe it is time to consider the UK

    - Hear about opportunities which can be found through active stock picking

    - Learn how long-term trends have been accelerated by the pandemic
  • Growing Your Business Through Referrals Recorded: Jan 13 2021 61 mins
    Charlotte Fairhurst, Octopus Investments
    New research from Octopus reveals a large opportunity to grow through referral business from accountants and solicitors. Yet some misconceptions are preventing many advisers from making the most of the opportunity.

    How can you build an effective strategy to develop referral relationships with other professionals? Join Charlotte Fairhurst, Strategic Partnerships Manager to find out.

    By the end of the session, you will be able to:

    - Understand the opportunity to grow through referral relationships. -

    - Articulate practical steps you can take to building relationships with accountants and solicitors.

    - Explain the benefits of collaborating with other professionals.

    Following this session, there will be an option to further your learning by joining two additional workshops on the 1 and 8 February. Details will be provided after the event.
  • Financial Planning and the Value of Advice Recorded: Jan 13 2021 66 mins
    David Jones, Dimensional
    Join us for the first of twelve PFS Power Webinars supported by Dimensional Fund Advisers. Each month, Dimensional will introduce essential practice management and personal development subjects to guide advisers as they evolve their practices and position themselves for future growth. We will also feature interviews with practitioners who will offer their own unique perspectives on how to succeed in the current and future business environment. 

    To introduce the series David Jones, Head of Dimensional’s UK and Ireland Advisor Group will be discussing why there has never been a more important time to be a financial adviser and what, specifically, advisers can do to build strong client relationships and successful businesses focussing on the value of advice.  David will cover findings from Dimensional’s global advisor benchmarking survey as well as tools that planners can use to evaluate their own businesses and introduce a proven framework for developing a transformational advice business and the components of a successful client experience.

    This workshop is designed to deliver the following learning outcomes:

    - It will introduce a proven framework for understanding the evolution and development of a transformed advice business and the components of a successful client experience.

    - Present the evidence for The Value of Advice and how this is best delivered through comprehensive financial planning by an experienced adviser. 

    - Understand the barriers for a broader acceptance of the value of advice and how to overcome them.

    - Demonstrate a simple way to communicate the value of advice  and the key components of a financial plan in an initial conversation with a prospective client
  • Looking After Your Team Through COVID and Beyond Recorded: Dec 22 2020 60 mins
    Anthony Villis & Damien Rylett
    Anthony Villis, Managing Partner, First Wealth and Damien Rylett, CEO, Brunel Capital Partners talk about the importance of making sure their teams are well and energised to deal with their own and client needs.

    During this webinar you will learn about:

    -The challenges First Wealth and Brunel Capital Partners faced in 2020
    -The issues they will face and anticipate facing in 2021
    -The six steps each firm has taken to help with the current challenges
    -The six each firm will take as it prepares for the new year.
  • Tax planning for investment portfolios Recorded: Dec 18 2020 67 mins
    Neil Jones, Canada Life
    When creating a portfolio, the choice of tax wrapper can directly impact the net returns for an investor. The choice between wrapped and unwrapped investments can generate a variety of tax liabilities and the uncertainty over future tax changes can generate questions.
    It is important for advisers to understand the differences between the different tax regimes and how these can impact the net returns for clients.

    Learning objectives:
    • How income tax and capital gains tax apply to different tax wrappers.
    • When chargeable gains will arise under onshore and offshore investment bonds.
    • When income tax and capital gains tax can arise on investment assets.
    • Different ways to release money from an investment and the tax consequences.
    • A look at some of the opportunities under the current tax regimes.
    • Compare the advantages and disadvantages of different tax wrappers.
  • Why protection should be a keystone of your wealth clients plans Recorded: Dec 16 2020 64 mins
    Andy Woollon, Zurich
    Many of you will be wealth advisers with clients who have seen their assets grow significantly, but what lies ahead? No one really knows what’s going to happen to the markets and what if your clients had to stop or encash their investments because of ill-health or death? What would be the impact on their families and your income?

    It’s often said that protection is at the heart of sound financial advice, because it can help to de-risk client’s assets by underpinning the risks on death for clients looking to preserve their wealth or create a legacy.

    So, this session will look at the use of protection as an alternative and complementary asset class (adding diversification from the stock markets) to generate wealth in various client circumstances or to protect assets on death to pass on intact to the next generation.

    Ultimately this is about providing your clients with reassurance and peace of mind, whilst highlighting the planning opportunities for you to help protect your adviser income.

    By the end of this session, attendees will be able to:
    • Consider how protection could be used as an alternative and complimentary asset class.
    • Understand how protection can be used to protect investments on early death and various later life scenarios.
    • Consider the planning points and opportunities to use protection for wealth clients.
  • The UK economy: A challenging and uncertain outlook Recorded: Dec 15 2020 56 mins
    Neil Bailey, Invesco
    After suffering its worst quarter’s contraction in growth on record, and an unprecedented level of government and Bank of England policy response, the UK economy has started to recover as lockdown restrictions have eased. With the outlook uncertain we will examine the challenges still facing the UK economy, with a particular focus on its main drivers, the consumer and corporate sectors.

    What will be the implications of the virus and policy support for both economic growth and inflation? What has been the monetary and fiscal policy response and has it been sufficient? Is there room to do more?

    Against this backdrop we will look at how UK financial markets have fared and what their prospects are from here.

    Learning objectives:
    • Describe the effect of the coronavirus on the UK economy and the policy response that it has engendered.
    • Understand the key drivers impacting the outlook for inflation and growth in the UK economy.
    • Outline the key fundamental factors likely to determine asset class performance
  • Challenging Your Protection Mindset Recorded: Dec 14 2020 34 mins
    Brian Coulton, Paymentshield
    Take a look at how the mindset can change the way we work and think, when it comes to protection. Are we missing opportunities due to an ingrained way of working and what benefits could we gain from looking at our process within.

    Learning Objectives:
    1. Understand the need for a protection
    2. Changing the view on protection.
    3. Debunking some of the common miss conceptions.
  • Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees You Know! Recorded: Dec 10 2020 58 mins
    Hayley Tink, Certified Money Coach, Smith & Pinching
    Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees You Know: Practical Tips for Navigating your Clients’ Beliefs, Fears and Behaviours around Money

    In this session, Hayley Tink will draw on her experiences as a money coach and financial planner to provide practical tips for navigating common client mindset blocks and fears in relation to money. Including a section on Financial Anxiety in the time of Covid-19, Hayley brings her experiences right up to date with a look at how our ‘COVID survival mentality’ can potentially damage our decision making processes at this unusual time.
  • Don’t look back in anger – Investment diversification for world ahead. Recorded: Dec 10 2020 60 mins
    Simon Morris, National Business Development Manager, Premier Miton
    In a world where a relatively small cluster of investment themes have driven the bulk of portfolio returns in recent years it is understandable that many advisers have questioned the benefits of ongoing portfolio diversification.

    In this presentation will we revisit diversification to explore what it means and some of the reasons it hasn’t worked as well for investors in recent years. We will also explore what investment risks currently exist that may need to be diversified and how this might be done.

    Finally we will challenge advisers to consider how truly diversified their current portfolios are and also to consider asking their multi asset providers to help them better understand the underlying drivers to portfolio performance and, crucially, what they might expect in the event that market conditions change.
  • How to Win Clients Through Verbal Storytelling Recorded: Dec 9 2020 61 mins
    Andrew Thorp with Tamsin Caine
    Andrew Thorp, speaker and coach in the field of verbal business storytelling, introduces us to ‘story-selling’ and how it can improve our communication and influencing skills with prospects and clients. Andrew will be joined by Tamsin Caine, Chartered Financial Planner, Smart Financial and Smart Divorce.

    During this webinar you will learn:

    -What storytelling is in a business context and how to apply it to your advantage
    -How to distil your message into one word and a 12-second pitch
    -How to paint pictures and use your voice effectively
    -Why story-listening and conversational collaboration is as important as framing your own story.
  • Workplace pensions and business protection Recorded: Dec 8 2020 74 mins
    Shelley Read & Justin Corliss, Royal London
    In this webinar, we’ll cover the significant impact automatic enrolment has had on UK workplace pensions and discuss the current opportunities within the market, not only in cyclical re-enrolment but also advising on wider business protection needs.

    Learning outcomes:
    • Describe the features of different workplace pension arrangements
    • Demonstrate the benefit of salary exchange in workplace pensions
    • Identify ways to add value to workplace pension schemes
    • Identify client segments and once these clients are identified, know how to start the business protection conversation.
  • A New Era for Retirement Income Advice: Secure Lifetime Income Recorded: Dec 3 2020 30 mins
    Jacqueline Wilkins and Steve Cutler, Just
    Alongside Just’s series on a New Era, this program looks at how product development can help with the key elements of retirement income advice. The use of platform technology has had a huge impact over recent years and many firms are using this technology to manage client assets.

    In this webinar we revisit some of the key elements and look at how to overcome the regulatory, risk and advice challenges using platform technology. We look at the addition of a secure lifetime income alongside flexible assets. It’s an opportunity to draw on many of the principles from the other sessions and discuss the added flexibility that a combination approach brings.

    Learning objectives:
    • Understand the features and benefits of Secure Lifetime Income (SLI) and how it can improve outcomes for retirees
    • Learn how SLI can improve the probability of success for the overall drawdown portfolio
    • Understand the types of client for whom SLI would be suitable
  • The changing face of pension death benefits - the facts & planning opportunities Recorded: Dec 2 2020 68 mins
    Clare Moffat, Royal London
    The changes to death benefits have had a fundamental impact on advisers, their clients and also the beneficiaries of clients. However, there has also been an impact on their professional connections especially solicitors who are involved in estate planning.

    This seminar will briefly mention the law and some of the areas which are causing problems for advisers but it will also consider where advisers can add value to their professional connections by explaining areas where pension legislation may interact with other areas of the law.

    The session will focus on four main areas:
    • The difference between the law and schemes
    • Taxation of defined contribution scheme death benefits
    • IHT , the potential impact and the Staveley case
    • Public sector death benefits

    This session will consider the facts but also the planning that needs to be considered if your client wants to pass on their death benefits.

    Learning Outcomes:
    • Identify what death benefit choices are available.
    • Explain the taxation of death benefits.
    • Understand the impact of IHT on death benefits.
  • Stress testing a client’s investment portfolio Recorded: Nov 30 2020 48 mins
    Abhimanyu Chatterjee, Chief Investment Strategist, Dynamic Planner
    Abhimanyu Chatterjee, Chief Investment Strategist at Dynamic Planner, discusses the subject of stress testing investment portfolios, in the context of cash flow planning for clients. He debates the dangers of a deterministic approach, alongside the value of risk-based, stochastic forecasting.

    Learning objectives:
    1. Awareness of limitations of deterministic stress testing of investment portfolios
    2. Awareness of benefits of stochastic forecasting for cash flow planning
    3. How to clearly link the risk profile of an investment portfolio to a cash flow plan
  • Covid and personal finance – what will 2021 bring? Recorded: Nov 27 2020 70 mins
    Alistair McQueen, Aviva
    The word of 2020 has been “unprecedented” – unprecedented lockdowns; unprecedented falls in economic growth; unprecedented drops in consumer confidence; and unprecedented spikes in household saving. 2021 looks set to be no less dramatic. Aviva will share its latest views on the economic impacts of Covid-19. Aviva will also outline what this could mean for personal finances, economic recovery and government policy in the year ahead. Hold on for the ride!

    Learning Objectives;
    • The impact of Covid on the economy and personal finances
    • The likely outlook for the economy and personal finances, in the light of Covid
    • The role and opportunities for the personal finance sector, in the light of Covid
  • How to write your story and attract the right audience Recorded: Nov 25 2020 59 mins
    Faith Liversedge, Marketing Expert and Storyteller
    Communicating the value of financial advice isn’t easy, but it’s necessary if you want to retain clients and attract prospects.

    Faith Liversedge will show you how to:

    •Write the perfect story
    •Decide what you should include on your website
    •Produce email content and how often to send one
    •Generate ideas for a blog
    •Improve your SEO
    •Create social media content
  • The Future Is What You Make It Recorded: Nov 24 2020 49 mins
    Presented by Brett Davidson, Founder of FP Advance
    It's a challenging time to be the owner of a financial planning business. Costs are rising exponentially, regulation feels out of control and every second adviser seems to be selling up. Throw in market ups and downs and a global pandemic and it doesn’t get much tougher.
    Are you going to own the power you do have and take positive action to not only survive but thrive in the coming years? Or will you allow yourself to be controlled by events as they unfold?
    Brett Davidson explores what the most robust and profitable financial planning firms are doing to thrive in the current climate.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Find out how most advisers are viewing the current environment (and it’s not good)
    • Discover what the future could look like if you’re willing to re-engage with it.
    • Learn why continuing to push forward in your business might just be the best (and safest) option.
  • Reassuring Messages for Your Investment Client's: Long Term Thematics Investing Recorded: Nov 20 2020 55 mins
    Amanda O'Toole, AXA Investment Managers
    Population growth and rising wealth continue to increase demand for energy, transportation, food and water. Growing social awareness of the pressure on scarce natural resources and greenhouse gas emission reduction is influencing state policies and infrastructure investments, ultimately encouraging corporates to act rapidly.

    Learning Objectives:
    • Understand the investment universe in both developed and emerging markets publicly-listed companies that offer higher growth potential as they support the energy transition and the drive toward resource optimisation, waste and pollution reduction.
    • Understand some of the key issues facing companies transitioning to better use of resources and the potential improvement to overall profitability, the growing population and the issues that brings along with how regulation is changing the behaviour of Publicly listed Companies.
    • Greater understanding of why publicly listed Companies who are supporting the global shift towards energy transition, waste and pollution reduction and better use of resources offer higher growth potential without sacrificing investor returns.
The professional body for the global financial planning profession
We are the professional body for the financial planning profession in the UK. Our remit is to lead the financial planning community towards higher levels of professionalism exhibited through technical knowledge, client service and ethical practice.

We are part of the Chartered Insurance Institute group and aligned with its Royal Charter that requires we secure and justify the confidence of the public.

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