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Motor Finance Europe | How can identity transform the buying experience?

Our expectations of customer experience are being pushed forward by a multitude of factors. From experience obsessed giants like Apple and Google, disruptors like Uber and Tesla, to the impact of COVID-19 – customers are expecting more seamless and streamlined buying experiences.

In automotive purchasing and leasing, identity verification has the capacity to transform the buying experience, minimising the number of interactions required to purchase, while still maintaining the security and integrity of a transaction.

Watch this keynote address, delivered by Onfido's Olli Krebs at Motor Finance Europe 2020, to learn how to anchor customers to their real identity using just their ID and face.
Recorded Oct 14 2021 19 mins
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Presented by
Oiver Krebs (VP of Central EMEA)
Presentation preview: Motor Finance Europe | How can identity transform the buying experience?

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  • Seamless Customer Journeys and Digital Onboarding in Financial Services Nov 16 2021 3:00 pm UTC 49 mins
    HSBC, ClearBank, Allicia Bank, The London Institute of Banking & Finance, Onfido
    Register to hear the below discussed in detail:

    - How is the onboarding process changing? What do customers now expect?
    - How does a digital identity approach benefit the customer journey from initial onboarding to loyal
    - How can digital adoption help meet KYC & AML requirements?
    - What are the potential challenges preventing widespread customer experience improvements and
    digital ID adoption?
    - How will customer experience and onboarding develop over the next 5 years?


    - Steven Habbi (Head of Global Brand Design and Management, HSBC)
    - Richard Davies (CEO, Allica Bank)
    - Andrew Crocombe (Head of Product, ClearBank)
    - Helene Panzarino (Associate Director, Centre for Digital Banking and Finance, The London Institute of
    Banking & Finance)
    - Reuben Sagar (Regional Director, Onfido)
  • Real Identity for the Digital World Nov 11 2021 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Alfy Louis (Onfido), Swaroop Sham (Okta), Jerry Pender (Credibly), Jessica Jiang (Square Financial Services)
    A look back at the disruption of the past year and how we can use it to enable transformation moving forward. We’ve all heard it - digital Transformation accelerated over the pandemic. While many have adapted successfully - are there any specific lessons we can learn from moving too quickly? Solutions?

    In this webinar we will consider the pandemic’s disruption on consumers and small businesses: what shifts did you see during the pandemic and will there be shifts back as we hopefully near the end?

    Join us to learn how to:

    - What are some of the shifts and changes we are seeing across financial services
    - Are, these trends here to stay in the ‘new normal’?
    - What technologies and tools are having the most impact?


    - Alfy Louis, Banking & Capital Market Growth Executive (Onfido)
    - Swaroop Sham, Group Product Marketing Manager (Okta)
    - Jerry Pender, Chief Information Officer (Credibly)
    - Jessica Jiang, Head of Capital Markets & Investor Relations (Square Financial Services)
  • The role of biometrics and KYC in seamless onboarding Nov 4 2021 3:00 pm UTC 24 mins
    Susana Lopes, Senior Product Manager at Onfido
    What does effective onboarding look like? It’s a balancing act. With user friction, identity proofing and effective KYC all fighting for attention. In this webinar, Susana Lopes, Senior Product Manager at Onfido, considers how best to assess these competing factors in creating an ideal user onboarding flow, and how biometrics can help to mitigate traditional tensions.

    She will be discussing:

    - The evolution of account opening in the modern age and how user experiences have changed
    - The principles of proportional risk, and how they can help you ask for more at the right moments
    - How biometrics can help increase security and confidence in identity proofing
  • Digital identity in financial services: new administration & changing regulation Nov 2 2021 3:00 pm UTC 64 mins
    Jeff Pasquerella (DriveWealth), Kevin Trilli (Onfido), Jeremy Grant (Better Identity Coalition)
    With a new US administration now in the White House looking to strengthen the framework for developing a national, interoperable digital identity system and digital dollar (Foster Bill), how will it affect the financial services industry? What new privacy regulations will need to be considered and how will it benefit both consumers and the industry. And with a new Brexit deal negotiated, what does this mean for banks looking to do business in Europe, as eIDAS and new European banking regulations come into effect.

    Roundtable Panellists:

    - Jeff Pasquerella (Chief Compliance Officer, DriveWealth)
    - Kevin Trilli (Chief Product Officer, Onfido)
    - Jeremy Grant (Coordinator, Better Identity Coalition)
  • Now open 24/7: has digital fraud changed forever? Oct 28 2021 2:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    John Erik Setsaas (Signicat), Simon Horswell (Onfido), Jacoba Sieders (Advisory Board Member at IDnext)
    We’ve all had to adapt to circumstance in the past 12 months. We’ve learnt to do more online than we ever thought we could. We bank, we work, we get healthcare, and everything in between. But, businesses adapting their services to be 100% digital has also presented a huge opportunity for fraud - one that fraudsters are doing their best to capitalize on.

    In this panel, John Erik Setsaas (VP identity and innovation at Signicat), Simon Horswell (Senior Document Specialist at Onfido) and Jacoba Sieders (Advisory Board Member at IDnext) will discuss why this shift has taken place, what the impacts will be in 2021, and how businesses can protect themselves and their users without compromising on experience.

    Register now hear them discuss:

    - What’s caused this increase in digital fraud, and what will its impacts be in 2021

    - How businesses can protect themselves and their users without compromising on experience

    - How the regulatory environment needs to adapt to a 100% digital world
  • Faceless criminals—Securing data and privacy Oct 26 2021 2:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Kenn Cukier (The Economist), Lakshmi Hanspal (Box)
    As the world moved online, malicious actors were quick to find novel ways to profit from the pandemic. The threat landscape is becoming more and more sophisticated. In a contactless, post-covid-19 paradigm, how do we allay public concerns around safety as people’s identities are transformed from real to virtual?


    - Kenn Cukier (Senior Editor, The Economist)
    - Lakshmi Hanspal (Global Chief Security Officer, Box)
  • 5 identity fraud predictions for 2021 Recorded: Oct 21 2021 61 mins
    Michael Van Gestel, Dimitrie Dorgan, Simon Horswell
    It’s been a tumultuous year for fraud. The pandemic created ideal conditions by pushing more fraud into the digital space, and taking face to face verification off the table for businesses.

    So... what’s next in 2021?

    In this webinar, our expert fraud team unpack their predictions, discussing:

    - What attack vectors they expect fraudsters to capitalise on
    - How regulatory changes will affect the landscape
    - How businesses can protect themselves
  • The Economist & Onfido - Banking on the future: Financial services, reimagined Recorded: Oct 19 2021 46 mins
    Paul Taylor (Thought Machine), Asheesh Birla (Ripple Net), Mike Tuchen (Onfido), Alice Fullwood (The Economist)
    A whole new (contactless) world: The rise of digital identity

    Cashless reigns supreme in a world where in-person transactions are restricted to prevent the spread of covid-19. This has pushed key demographics, such as the over-65s, across the digital threshold for the first time. The implications will not fade, even after the world physically re-opens for business. In many emerging markets, nearly ubiquitous mobile penetration has made “leapfrogging” core to the development trajectory and e-banking normal for population segments considered unbankable elsewhere.

    What lessons can be learnt:

    - Has digitisation levelled the playing field, or disadvantaged those who
    aren’t digitally literate?
    - In the new normal, what differentiates service providers?
    - How can banks future-proof themselves and their customers in a time of
    unprecedented economic volatility?


    - Paul Taylor, chief executive, Thought Machine
    - Asheesh Birla, general manager, Ripple Net
    - Mike Tuchen, chief executive, Onfido
    - Moderator: Alice Fullwood, banking correspondent, The Economist
  • KuppingerCole & Onfido: Entering the Virtual World with Identity Verification Recorded: Oct 14 2021 60 mins
    Anne Bailey, Analyst at KuppingerCole; Oliver Krebs, VP of Central EMEA region at Onfido
    The way consumers access products and services across sectors has changed forever as interactions move from physical to digital engagement. What started as a change born from convenience, is now a necessity and solidifying into a long-term behavioural shift. As consumers choose to access more goods and services digitally than ever before, it is essential that organisations meet users’ expectations of instant and convenient transactions, or risk losing customers to more customer centric online competitors.

    As businesses accelerate digital transformation initiatives to enable online customer onboarding at scale, digital identity verification becomes pivotal to knowing who they’re doing business with online. An identity strategy is essential in providing protection against fraud, increasing conversion rates, and providing a smoother user experience.

    Watch this webinar to discuss:

    - How digital identity is enabling businesses to meet customer expectations in an online world
    - How acquisition strategies need to evolve to drive growth
    - How to become digital-first, without inviting additional fraud
    - The importance of approved and accredited vendors
  • Motor Finance Europe | How can identity transform the buying experience? Recorded: Oct 14 2021 19 mins
    Oiver Krebs (VP of Central EMEA)
    Our expectations of customer experience are being pushed forward by a multitude of factors. From experience obsessed giants like Apple and Google, disruptors like Uber and Tesla, to the impact of COVID-19 – customers are expecting more seamless and streamlined buying experiences.

    In automotive purchasing and leasing, identity verification has the capacity to transform the buying experience, minimising the number of interactions required to purchase, while still maintaining the security and integrity of a transaction.

    Watch this keynote address, delivered by Onfido's Olli Krebs at Motor Finance Europe 2020, to learn how to anchor customers to their real identity using just their ID and face.
  • MoneyLIVE Nordic: Hyper-relevant experiences – AI-driven customer convenience Recorded: Oct 12 2021 55 mins
    Onfido; Swish; OP Financial Group; NewTechLab, DNB
    Watch this panel from MoneyLIVE Nordic Banking Online Festival discussion to hear Reuben Sagar (Regional Director at Onfido), Robin Hjelte (Head of Data and Market Analysis, Swish) Heikki Räyhäntausta (Head of Emerging Technologies, OP Financial Group) and Yngvar Ugland (Executive Vice President, Head of NewTechLab, DNB) discuss:

    - How has the coronavirus crisis affected what a ‘world of convenience’ looks like for customers?
    - A true market of one: how can advanced analytics deliver a new level of engagement?
    - How can banks utilise AI and data to make intelligent offers at the moment of need?
    - How might data be used to tailor customer engagement during periods of financial difficulty?
    - What elements of data are critical to hyper-relevant strategies?
    - Knowing when to stop: drawing the line between hyper-relevant offers and privacy invasion
    - The potential of auto-switching services: is this something banks will offer and if so, when?
    - Navigating ethical personalisation: where do the challenges lie?
  • MoneyLIVE APAC: Seamless, instant, connected – user experience is everything Recorded: Feb 9 2021 43 mins
    Urvashi Gupta, Onfido; Caecilia Chu, YouTrip; Brad Jones, WaveMoney; Paolo Azzola, PayMaya & Kertapradana Subagus, Grab
    Watch this panel from MoneyLIVE APAC to hear Urvashi Gupta (Regional Manager at Onfido), Caecilia Chu (CEO, YouTrip), Brad Jones (CEO, Wave Money), Paolo Azzola (COO, PayMaya), and Kertapradana Subagus (Head of Strategic Partnerships, Grab) discuss:

    - From simplicity to speed: what makes a seamless payment experience?
    - To what extent can customers be encouraged to adopt new payment methods?
    - To what extent has COVID-19 driven an uptake in contactless payments?
    - Exploring the rise of invisible payments: taking frictionless and contactless experiences even further
    - Virtual technology is here: are voice-enabled payments the next big innovation?
    - Facial recognition payments: how long until it becomes the standard?
    - A single identifier: what more is required to make digital identities mainstream in payments?
  • American Banker & Onfido: How can real identity transform trust? Recorded: Feb 2 2021 47 mins
    Alfy Louis, Banking & Capital Market Executive Advisor (Onfido) & Ed Ackerman, Director Alliances and Partnerships (Onfido)
    Trust is the foundation of every customer relationship. It’s how you protect yourself and your customers from fraud. It’s how you acquire new customers in line with evolving regulation. And it’s how you deliver great user experience at onboarding and beyond.

    The way we generate trust has changed. The branch no longer meets customer expectations. Credit databases no longer sufficiently protect against fraud. And regulation is shifting to allow technology to digitize the process.

    This webinar, hosted by Alfy Louis (Financial Services Advisor to Onfido) and Ed Ackerman (Director Alliances and Partnerships) will discuss changes in customer expectations, the regulatory environment and fraud - and examine how digitalisation of identity can power experience, acquisition and automation.

    Watch now to learn:

    - How identity can drive efficient automation
    - How to anchor users to a real identity whilst meeting their rising expectations
    - How to safely reverify an identity at key moments, delivering a good UX and meeting regulation
  • TechCrunch & Onfido: 7 ways to improve customer's identity experience at sign-up Recorded: Jan 28 2021 39 mins
    Lizzie Laundy, UX Research Lead (Onfido); Charlotte Sferruzza, Product Design Lead (Onfido)
    Your sign-up flow is crucial in making a good first-impression with new customers. Identity verification is a necessary part of this - it’s how you keep yourself and your users safe - and it doesn’t have to be frictional.

    At Onfido we pride ourselves in helping our partners craft the best possible user experience for customer’s verifying their identity. It’s how we maximise completion rates, and minimise drop-off.

    In this webinar, Lizzie Laundy (UX Research Lead) and Charlotte Sferruzza (Product Design Lead) share their top tips for creating great identity flows, with user experience in mind.

    Watch now to learn:

    - How to prepare users for identity verification and manage expectations
    - How to build identity flows with all outcomes in mind - including ‘unhappy paths’
    - How cognitive friction can sometimes be more important than number of clicks
    - And much more!
  • Créer de la confiance digitale avec juste un téléphone et un visage Recorded: Oct 15 2020 31 mins
    Gimena Diaz (VP of SEMEA, Onfido)
    La confiance est le fondement de toute transaction.

    Mais lorsque vous ne pouvez rencontrer vos clients face à face, comment créer, en toute sécurité, une relation de confiance avec chacun d'entre eux? Et comment le faire sans accroc, pour que vos clients vous restent fidèles et ne placent pas leurs investissements ailleurs?

    Dans ce webinar, nous examinerons comment créer une relation de confiance avec vos clients en utilisant deux choses qui leur sont propres un téléphone et un visage.

    Vous découvrirez comment :

    - confirmer la vraie identité de vos clients, de manière simple et sécurisée
    - améliorer l'expérience utilisateur en permettant à vos clients de vérifier
    leur identité une seconde fois grâce à un simple selfie
    - arrêter les tentatives de fraude avant qu'elles ne nuisent à votre
    plateforme et tout en réduisant vos coûts d’exploitation
  • Interpol & Onfido: how do you tackle 3D fraud in a 2D world? Recorded: Oct 13 2020 60 mins
    Interpol & Onfido (see description for full presenter list)
    Identity documents are traditionally designed to be verified in 3D environments. In 3D environments you can shine a UV light to reveal security features, feel the document texture, or see if a photo has been stuck on. But with 6.5 billion online transactions needing verification each year, we need to adapt to verifying in remote 2D environments.

    This means that we need to not only adapt to verifying a 2D document, but a capture of a 2D document. A capture of a document that might have been taken in bad light and with a bad camera. With so many variables in play, how can you perform the best analysis?

    In this webinar, Daniela Djidrovska and Malik Alibegovic from Interpol’s Counterfeit Currency and Security Documents Branch, together with Michael Van Gestel (Global Head of Fraud), Dimitrie Radu (Senior Document Specialist), and Simon Horswell (Senior Document Specialist) from Onfido will discuss:

    - Best practice for assessing 3D documents in a 2D world
    - What can be done to ensure the best possible capture of 2D documents
    - How document manufacturers can bear this transition in mind
    - What they think the future holds for document analysis
  • The future of digital identity - what will 2030 look like? Recorded: Oct 8 2020 61 mins
    John Erik Setsaas (VP of Identity & Innovation, Signicat), Husayn Kassai (CEO, Onfido), Jon Shamah (Chairman, EEMA)
    The digitisation of identity has made tremendous progress in the last 10 years. Digital access to services has now become mainstream, with surging consumer expectations meaning that remote access is now a table stake. COVID-19 has only accelerated that change, as more businesses’ adapt to make their services fully digital. In a world when you never meet your customers face to face, the ability to establish digital trust has never been more critical.

    So... what’s next?

    Will the digital identity revolution continue to transform how we seamlessly access even more core services? How will the infrastructure and regulatory environment develop? And are physical identity documents becoming a thing of the past?

    In this webinar experts from Signicat, Onfido and the Chair of European Association for e-Identity and Security theorise what the future holds.

    Register now to hear them discuss:

    - How will customer expectations continue to shift in a post-COVID world,
    and what needs to change to meet them?
    - How will governance of digital identities develop, and what will the impact
    - Will our digital identities feature cross-border interoperability - and what
    assurances will business need to accept them?
    - What bold new use cases will emerge - can digital identity impact the
    democratic process?
    - Is the end in sight for physical documents?
  • How can identity accelerate digital transformation in financial services? Recorded: Sep 22 2020 60 mins
    Andras Cser (Forrester), Alfy Louis (Onfido), Nick Caley (ForgeRock)
    Expectations of customer experience have accelerated dramatically in the past six months. More than ever, we expect access to financial services to be near instantaneous. From onboarding to transaction approval, we want it all from the comfort of our smartphones.The question is, how do financial service providers meet these expectations whilst still stopping fraud, and adhering to regulation.

    In this webinar, presented by Forrester, ForgeRock and Onfido, we will look at how expectations have shifted, and how identity can catalyse transformation across acquisition, experience and automation.

    Register now to hear Andras Cser (VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester), Alfy Louis (Financial Services Advisor at Onfido), and Nick Caley (VP at Forgerock) discuss:

    - How to meet customer expectations in the wake of COVID-19
    - How anchoring users to a real identity at sign-up can drive acquisition and
    - How you can build an identity ecosystem that stops fraud at the door, and
    enables continuous fraud monitoring to keep you and your users
    - How identity can be used to power operational efficiency
    - How you can transform your CIAM processes
  • Creating trust from a distance: satisfying experience, risk and compliance Recorded: Sep 15 2020 60 mins
    Alfy Louis (Onfido), Jeremy Balkin (HSBC), Lindsey Grossman (formerly N26), Marcel Höschler (Raisin) and Rukesh Reddy (Citi)
    Expectations of financial services have never been higher. Customers expect frictionless and secure access, while demanding evermore streamlined registration processes. And if their expectations aren’t met, they’ll take their business elsewhere.

    The result: a profound tension. How do you balance frictionless registration, secure identity management, and regulatory compliance?

    This webinar will cover:

    - How customer expectations of onboarding are being shaped, and where
    the bar is moving to

    - How these expectations extend into their ongoing engagement with a
    financial service

    - How to stay ahead in the fraud arms race, and catch fraudulent applicants
    without inconveniencing good customers
  • Effective digital onboarding—You have 14 minutes and 20 seconds Recorded: Jul 16 2020 62 mins
    John Erik Setsaas, Reuben Sagar, Sarah Kocianski
    Face-to-face onboarding is no longer the norm, and expectations of digital onboarding are only getting higher. If customers aren’t satisfied, they’ll take their business elsewhere. Research shows that 40% of consumers abandon the onboarding process.

    To optimise this process, a number of tough questions have to be asked. How do you balance frictionless registration and effective identity management, so that customers are more than just an email and password in a database? And how do you do so ensuring regulatory requirements are met, and fraud can’t get through the door?

    This discussion, hosted by Sarah Kocianski (Head of Research at 11:FS), in collaboration with John Erik Setsaas (VP of Identity and Innovation at Signicat) and Reuben Sagar (Regional Director at Onfido) discusses the pressures on the onboarding process, and how it can be improved.
Verify at the speed of life
Our AI-based technology assesses whether a user’s government-issued ID is genuine or fraudulent, and then compares it against their facial biometrics. That’s how we give companies like Revolut, Zipcar and Bitstamp the assurance they need to onboard customers remotely and securely. Our mission is to create a more open world, where identity is the key to access.

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  • Title: Motor Finance Europe | How can identity transform the buying experience?
  • Live at: Oct 14 2021 9:00 am
  • Presented by: Oiver Krebs (VP of Central EMEA)
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