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What does U2, the band Queen & Buckingham Palace have in common? Answer disguise

Hear from Ivan Roche, Head of Global Business Intelligence and Technology at disguise to find out how they have used Boomi to digitally transform their business, bringing big ideas to life.
Recorded Jun 2 2020 42 mins
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Presented by
Ivan Roche, Head of Global Business Intelligence and Technology, disguise; Chris Rae, Account Director, Boomi;
Presentation preview: What does U2, the band Queen & Buckingham Palace have in common? Answer disguise

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  • When Digital Transformation Projects Fail: What Next? Jul 29 2021 7:00 am UTC 61 mins
    Alex Hilton - Cloud Industry Forum | Mike Kiersey - Dell Boomi EMEA | Jason Carolan - Flexential | Rory Choudhuri - VMWare
    Despite best efforts, 70% of Digital Transformation projects fail according to research by McKinsey. What happens when your project is one of the 70%?

    Join episode 8 of Digital Transformation in Action, where host Alex Hilton and guest experts give guidance on what to do next - and what to do to ensure you don't find yourself there in the first place.

    Topics of discussion will include:

    - How leaders can effectively communicate their goals, strategy, purpose and outlook for failed and future DX projects to employees
    - Why companies need to prioritise data transformation in their Digital Transformation initiatives
    - Understanding that with Digital Transformation, it's crucial that business practices and operations receive the same focus as technological advancements

    Moderator: Alex Hilton - CEO, Cloud Industry Forum
    Panellists: Mike Kiersey - CTO, Dell Boomi EMEA | Jason Carolan - Chief Innovation Officer, Flexential | Rory Choudhuri - Solutions Marketing Director, VMWare EMEA
  • Enabling Pervasive Integration – A Wipro and Boomi Perspective Jul 28 2021 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Hemantha Kumar C, Global Practice Head, and Selvan Nagaraja General Manager, Wipro Digital; Ed Macosky SVP of Product, Boomi
    Engaging with disparate business units and customers is often complex and challenging. Modern enterprises have a variety of integration needs: integrating legacy infrastructure with modern applications, integrating cloud environments with on-premises systems, integrating systems of records with customer-facing experiences, and more. These efforts consume an alarming amount of resources, time and cost – but they don’t have to.

    Watch this webinar to learn how companies can accelerate their modernization with digital integration journey by leveraging pervasive connectivity. Delivered in a multi-tenant, self-service and shared-services model, this Data Integration as a Service (DIaaS) empowers businesses to overcome their integration journey challenges across the distributed enterprise landscape, achieving outstanding results such as:

    • Improved time to market for new products and services
    • Increase in operational efficiency up to 30%
    • Actionable Visibility – 40% reduction in mean time to recovery (MTTR) with business transaction monitoring
    • Faster Speed – 30% effort reduction by using DevOps principles
  • Data Driven Innovation Masterclass Recorded: Jul 14 2021 63 mins
    Ed Macosky, SVP & Head of Products, Boomi - Mike Veldhuis, Sales Director & Co-founder, Nalta
    The exponential growth of data inside organizations requires integration to optimize the business outcome business leaders are striving for. They want to optimize the use of data generated by their systems and ‘things’.
    However, how do you do that? Where do you get started? What does the required architecture look like?
    All these questions (and more) will be answered in this masterclass by Ed Macosky, SVP & Head of Products @Boomi and Mike Veldhuis, Sales Director & Co-founder @Nalta. They will also dive into trends and opportunities with IoT, Machine Learning and Blockchain.
  • Untangle your Business Data with Boomi and IFS Recorded: Jun 24 2021 30 mins
    Colin Elkins, VP Manufacturing - IFS ¦ Peter Sketch, ISV Sales Manager - Boomi
    Boomi and IFS will discuss how businesses can untangle business applications and data to overcome the many challenges faced when delivering an organization's Digital Transformation strategy.

    • Learn how to avoid and untangle complex data and applications
    • What are some of the drivers behind tangled systems?
    • How you can achieve a single view of your customer?
    • How do you build resilience through continuous innovation
    • Thoughts and recommendations towards Composable ERP solutions
  • 20th Episode Special: Celebrating the Power of Digital Transformation Recorded: Jun 22 2021 61 mins
    Alex Hilton, Cloud Industry Forum | Mike Kiersey - Dell Boomi | Rich Froble - Data Intensity | Daniel Cohen - Radware
    It’s hard to believe where the time has gone but Digital Transformation in Action is celebrating its 20th episode! The first episode aired on 9th October 2019, and it would be fair to say a lot’s changed since then.

    We’re using this special episode to celebrate how Digital Transformation has helped businesses survive the pandemic and aided essential services and first responders in supporting communities around the globe during the crisis. We’ll also be taking the time to ask what’s changed in the Digital Transformation landscape since October 2019 and discussing predictions for the next 18 months.

    Join us live to take part, celebrate the power of technology and discuss:

    - How trends around Digital Transformation have changed in the last 18 months
    - What technologies and businesses helped communities overcome the damage of the pandemic
    - What DX roadmaps looked like then and now
    - And more

    - Mike Kiersey - CTO, Dell Boomi EMEA
    - Rich Froble - VP of Product Management at Data Intensity
    - Daniel Cohen - VP, Cloud Services at Radware
  • Public Sector Automation in 2021 and Beyond Recorded: May 25 2021 58 mins
    Colin Gray, Public Sector Lead, Boomi - Angela Lawrence, Surrey County Council - George Dewar, Flow Specialist, Boomi
    Following the reliance on technology and innovation to meet the needs of the past year, many local authorities will now be considering how to use their experience to support their use of digital platforms in the future. As demand for public sector services rises, the challenge will be to manage the growth in work volume and complexity without a drop in quality.

    With this in mind the benefits of automation are clear, but where does one start? And how can councils identify parts of their workflow that can be automated?

    Our panel of expert speakers, including Angela Lawrence from Surrey County Council, discuss this and much more during this interactive webinar session.
  • The Fintech Show – Cloud & Connectors Recorded: May 25 2021 20 mins
    Mike Kiersey, Boomi - Jason Maude, Starling Bank - Noam Zeigerson, Tandem Bank
    On The Fintech Show this month, join Jason Maude, Chief Technology Advocate from Starling Bank, Mike Kiersey from Boomi and Noam Zeigerson, Chief Data & Technology Officer from Tandem Bank as we discover how cloud based technology can connect the dots for huge multinational banks. With legacy systems still in place, the ability to innovate is stifled and all the while, agile fintechs are taking up market share.
  • Présentation de la plateforme Boomi : les bonnes pratiques applicatifs métiers Recorded: May 3 2021 11 mins
    Bruno Labidoire Presales Senior Manager Boomi
    ‐Speaker : M Bruno LABIDOIRE, Senior Manager EMEA Presales Southern and Benelux, Boomi
    ‐Durée : 7-10 minutes
    ‐Titre : Comment obtenir les bonnes données pour vos applicatifs métiers
    ‐Thème : Présentation de la plateforme Boomi
  • Building a Data Driven Strategy: Unify Data to achieve Business outcomes faster Recorded: Apr 27 2021 49 mins
    Claes Huber, Senior Account Executive, Boomi
    Hear from Claes Huber, Senior Account Executive from Boomi discuss how important it is to consolidate data to enable a business to become more agile and achieve better business outcomes faster.
  • Best practice for integration: leverage AtomSphere investments through MDM Recorded: Apr 22 2021 53 mins
    Rolf Emmens, Senior Software Engineer, Boomi; Suresh Kannababu, Senior Software Engineer, Boomi;
    Learn how to leverage the Boomi AtomSphere platform from integration and configuration to the creation, stewardship and synchronization of a single version of truth. This webinar will focus on the journey from data integration to data management using Boomi’s Master Data Hub.
  • Willkommen im Data Supermarket - Neues Buzzwort oder neue Chance? Recorded: Apr 20 2021 10 mins
    Mathias Zacher, Senior Consulting Manager, IDC; Stephanie Hanl, CIO, Scheck Process Group
    Zentralisierung einer heterogenen Applikationslandschaft mit Hilfe von Modern Middleware

    Aktuelle Vorträge vom digitalen Event IDC Future of Data & Analytics -DACH- The Transformation to the Data-Driven Enterprise

    1. Mathias Zacher, Senior Consulting Manager, IDC. 2020 waren die meisten Unternehmen damit beschäftigt, das Tagesgeschäft zu sichern, Kostenoptimierung zu betreiben und die Widerstandfähigkeit zu erhöhen. Ohne effizientes Datenmanagement und das Gewinnen von Insights aus den Daten ist das eine herausfordernde Aufgabe, wie die Erfahrung vieler IT-Organisationen zeigt. Neue bzw. verbesserte Lösungsansätze sind also gefragt. Der Vortrag von IDC beleuchtet den Nutzen eines Data Supermarkts und gibt Empfehlungen zur Optimierung der Daten-Landschaft für 2021+.

    2. Stephanie Hanl, seit 20118 CIO bei der Scheck Process Group verantwortet die lokalen und regionalen IT-Teams, Prozesse und Technologien. Durch eine optimale technologische Infrastruktur (Netzwerke, Computersysteme, Services), IT-bezogene Projekte, Geschäftsanwendungen und damit verbundene Prozesse in der Organisation, stellt sie optimale Abläufe und Kundennutzen sicher. Stephanie Hanl beschreibt im zweiten Teil, wie Moderne Anbindung von unterschiedlichen Applikationen und deren Daten über eine iPaaS Plattform gelöst werden, die einerseits effizient ist und andererseits das Unternehmen unabhängig agieren lässt.
  • Zentralisierung Applikationslandschaft mit Hilfe von Modern Middleware Recorded: Apr 20 2021 19 mins
    Stephanie Hanl
    Ein Vortrag vom digitalen Event IDC Future of Data & Analytics -DACH- The Transformation to the Data-Driven Enterprise

    Stephanie Hanl, seit 20118 CIO bei der Scheck Process Group verantwortet die lokalen und regionalen IT-Teams, Prozesse und Technologien. Durch eine optimale technologische Infrastruktur (Netzwerke, Computersysteme, Services), IT-bezogene Projekte, Geschäftsanwendungen und damit verbundene Prozesse in der Organisation, stellt sie optimale Abläufe und Kundennutzen sicher.
    Stephanie Hanl beschreibt in diesem Video, wie Moderne Anbindung von unterschiedlichen Applikationen und deren Daten über eine iPaaS Plattform gelöst werden, die einerseits effizient ist und andererseits das Unternehmen unabhängig agieren lässt.
  • AO Foundation innovates to improve patient care globally Recorded: Mar 23 2021 46 mins
    Brian Ingle, IT Project Manager, AO Foundation; Peter Mariani, Senior Systems Engineer, Boomi;
    AO Foundation needed to implement a new IT strategy that would look to simplify processes, enable cloud adoption whilst protecting sensitive data and increase agility. Hear how deciding to adopt the Boomi platform has led to innovation (including IoT, machine learning) to improve patient care and enable new product development and empower a global network of surgeons.
  • Unlock critical SAP Data and Extend your Business Capabilities Recorded: Mar 18 2021 55 mins
    Marcia Morey, Boomi Global Director, SAP Solutions; Ralph Nedergaard/Peter Kreiner-Sasady, Invixo Consulting Group A/S
    Data is the foundation of every organization today. Providing and interacting with SAP ERP, SAP S/4HANA, and SAP BW is crucial for business decisions and business processes. Providing data from your SAP application is crucial as it needs to be shared with dozens of systems outside SAP. These external systems provide critical data to these business processes need specific data from SAP. Boomi aXis provides SAP application data at your fingertips with no code!

    Join us for this one-hour session to learn more on:

    • Common challenges for customers needing SAP application data
    • Getting the right SAP application data, when you want it, and how you want it, with no coding!
    • Decreasing risk when planning and moving to SAP S/4HANA
    • Drastically reducing projects and timelines which require SAP application data
    • Avoiding IDocs and JCO
    • Driving business value
    • Hear how a leading utility services company have realized the advantages of Boomi and
    Boomi aXis propelling their business automation
    • Q&A
  • Digital transformation - Which government projects will survive Covid? Recorded: Mar 16 2021 59 mins
    Civil Service World and Boomi
    The work of government has been upended by the response to the coronavirus pandemic, as departments moved swiftly to respond to a health emergency. This webinar reviews the projects that been able progress and those that have had to take a back seat.
  • Technical Deep Dive: Boomi/OpenLegacy – Accelerated Mainframe/AS400 integration Recorded: Mar 3 2021 41 mins
    Boomi and OpenLegacy Technical team
    Join Boomi and OpenLegacy in a technical deep dive demonstrating how companies using modern cloud-native technology are able to replace ESBs and integrate with legacy mainframes/AS400 ten times faster than before while eliminating significant technical debt and unnecessary costs.
  • Réussir sa transformation digitale avec une Plate-forme HIP : les Mousquetaires Recorded: Feb 25 2021 54 mins
    Sébastien Braud, lead architecte projet ADN STIME; Vincent Rontani, GM Solace; Mike Payole, AE Boomi
    Le Cloud, L’internet des Objets, la Mobilité ou l’Intelligence Artificielle sont autant de disruptions qui ont modifié durablement les codes de l’entreprise.
    En adoptant ces technologies, les entreprises se « digitalisent » et les impacts sociaux, culturels et techniques sont nombreux. Chacun apporte son lot de challenges.
    Moteur de cette transformation, les Systèmes d’Information doivent être repensée en profondeur pour répondre aux nouvelles exigences de modèles économiques « Data Centric ». En effet, il faut être capables d’appréhender les flux de données et les évènements exponentiels, tout cela dans un contexte de volumes inédits.

    Ce webinaire vous permettra d'explorer les caractéristiques indispensables aux fondations digitales de nouvelles génération au travers de plusieurs thèmes centraux :
    • Event Brokers, iPaaS, API Gateway : Quels sont les pilliers d’une “HiP” ?
    • On Prem ? Cloud First ? Hybride ? Multicloud ? Multizone ? vers des SI toujours plus distribués
    • « L’Entreprise 4.0 » ou comment l’entreprise devient «Temps Réel » et « Event Driven »
    • Scalabilité, Flexibilité et Ouverture pour répondre aux challenges présents et préparer l’avenir.
    • Q&A

    Présenté par :
    - Sébastien Braud, lead architecte projet ADN Groupement Les Mousquetaires
    - Vincent Rontani, General Manager France Solace
    - Mike Payole, Account Executive Boomi France

    L’équipe Boomi France
  • 2021: The year to unify experiences - Empowering your CX journey in Retail Recorded: Feb 23 2021 61 mins
    Oliver Banks, Retail Transformation Consultant; Mike Kiersey, CTO, Boomi; Yamini Chitturi, Practice Lead, Aspire Systems
    The world has changed beyond recognition in a matter of months. Instead of playing catch up, how do you go about setting trends that will put your brand on the map as a leader in your space? Building Unified Experiences for your customers across digital and physical channels is possible only when you have a single view of your data. In this one-hour session you will learn:
    - The role played by data in unifying experiences
    - The business value of creating a single source of truth and how to do it
    - Business challenges posed by data in Retail
  • Contraload Turns to Boomi to Transform Supply Chain Sustainability Recorded: Feb 18 2021 19 mins
    Raf Fonteyn, ICT Director, Contraload; Ruben Goethals, Commercial Lead, B-Flow
    Register today to hear from Raf Fonteyn, ICT Director at Contraload and host Ruben Goethals, Commercial Lead at B-Flow, who will discuss how working with Boomi has enabled Contraload to improve their integration and workflow engine, thereby helping to address key business challenges for this innovative company.

    Contraload, a leading European supplier of pooled, eco-friendly plastic pallets and industrial storage containers, turned to Boomi to modernize its inventory tracking system.
  • Comment Boomi aide les entreprises à accélérer leur modernisation ERP ? Recorded: Feb 16 2021 55 mins
    Alexandre Pilz, Group IT Manager Vernicolor; Alexandre Martin, AE Boomi; Bruno Labidoire, Pre Sale Manager Boomi
    Dates : Mardi 16 février
    Horaire : 11h à 11h45
    Selon une étude Coleman Parkes*, les entreprises européennes s’attaquent au « dilemme de l’innovation dans l’ERP » et repensent leurs anciens ERP en orientant davantage leurs investissements vers la modernisation et l’innovation.

    Cette étude pointe ce nouveau dilemme technologique qui place les entreprises européennes et françaises face à un choix cornélien : renforcer leurs investissements dans ce que certaines considèrent encore comme un processus coûteux et complexe de modernisation de leur ERP ou bien se laisser distancer par des concurrents moins réticents à prendre des risques.

    Aussi, le principal défi auquel sont confrontées la majorité des entreprises en EMEA, y compris la France, est d’abord le manque de technologies d’intégration capables de capturer des données provenant des équipements ou sources existantes, suivi du coût lié à la maintenance de multiples technologies d’intégration ou encore de la pénurie de compétences adéquates en matière d’intégration.

    Ce webinaire vous permettra d'explorer :
    • Les tendances de la modernisation de l’ERP
    • Les initiatives technologiques et raisons de moderniser l'environnement ERP comme une priorité, et un avantage pour les entreprises (notamment SAP/S4Hana, Microsoft Dynamics, Best of Breed SaaS comme Netsuite ou IFS)
    • La valeur de la plateforme IpaaS Boomi dans la modernisation du SI et la gestion de vos données
    • Retour d’Expérience Clients : Vernicolor : stratégie d’urbanisation du SI
    • Q&A

    Et vous sera présenté par :
    Alexandre Pilz, Group IT Manager Vernicolor
    Alexandre Martin, Account Executive Boomi, France
    Bruno Labidoire, Pre Sale Manager, Boomi Southern Region

    Vous pourrez participer au talk en posant vos questions en direct et obtenir l’ebook de cette étude « The ERP Innovator’s Dilemma » (Le dilemme de l’innovateur ERP).

    Inscrirez-vous dès maintenant pour obtenir votre place.
    L’équipe Boomi France
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  • Title: What does U2, the band Queen & Buckingham Palace have in common? Answer disguise
  • Live at: Jun 2 2020 10:00 am
  • Presented by: Ivan Roche, Head of Global Business Intelligence and Technology, disguise; Chris Rae, Account Director, Boomi;
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