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Natural Intelligence Makes the Perfect Match With Boomi

Find out how Natural Intelligence was able to achieve speed and flexibility in order to keep evolving using a dynamic business model and APIs updated daily.

Accelerating connectivity between everyone & everything.
Recorded Oct 27 2020 30 mins
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Presented by
Orly Ganor, VP of Business Operations, Natural Intelligence; Rene Klomp, Systems Engineer, Boomi EMEA
Presentation preview: Natural Intelligence Makes the Perfect Match With Boomi

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  • University of Sussex Redefines Digital Learning With Boomi Jan 21 2021 11:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Sam Stenning-White, Integration Lead, University of Sussex; Scott Porter, Account Manager, Boomi
    University of Sussex reimagines virtual learning with Boomi by modernizing IT architecture to meet the needs of 19,000+ students.

    Hear how the University has adopted a cloud first strategy and met the challenges of the past year to support both students and staff with a digital campus across multiple platforms.
  • How do you handle growing complexity without sacrificing speed? Jan 14 2021 2:00 pm UTC 27 mins
    Hosted by: Pete Jupp, Account Exec, Boomi; Vince Sparks, IT Director, Eddie Stobart; Ben Parsons, B2B Integration Manager;
    In this talk, hear how Eddie Stobart, an end-to-end transportation company serving the U.K. and Europe, created new, agile IT processes that have increased the speed of integration times by as much as 50%.

    The Challenge:
    The company’s expanding and increasingly complex EDI network was making it hard for managers to ensure fast, high-quality service. Working with traditional EDI providers, Eddie Stobart faced downtime, long project timelines and a lack of innovation.

    The Boomi Platform has underpinned and improved workflows for several business-critical processes, including customer orders, logistics management, enterprise operations, warehouse management and port-transport systems.
  • Transforming and optimizing the Supply Chain Jan 12 2021 11:00 am UTC 46 mins
    Mike Kiersey, Principal Technologist Dell Technologies, Boomi
    Discover how to bring Sales, Supply Chain, and Finance systems together and automates processes to continuously plan and deliver products on-time while rationalizing data to gain value and minimize risks.
  • Modernizing ERP? Learn How To Accelerate Integration and Data Management Dec 17 2020 2:00 pm UTC 48 mins
    Mike Kiersey, Principal Technologist Dell Technologies, Boomi; Gemma Coupland, UK Alliances Director, Boomi;
    ERP Modernization projects underpin the critical business needs of organizations, providing amazing customer experiences and process efficiency. Businesses are striving to break down business function data silos to create a modern connected business.

    Learn how Boomi can help you speed up and de-risk the move to cloud-based ERP by integrating your legacy and modern applications and processes across the cloud, core and edge to achieve a single view of your business.
  • The ERP Innovators Dilemma - Do you Stick or Twist? Dec 15 2020 2:00 pm UTC 27 mins
    Scott Carey, Group Editor (B2B) at IDG; Mike Kiersey, EMEA Principal Technologist, Boomi
    Organisations face an ERP dilemma. Do they stick with existing systems for short-term business reasons, or invest in a modern, cloud-enabled alternative?

    In this webinar, IDG have joined forces with Boomi to discuss the ERP dilemma. Scott Carey, Group Editor at IDG and Mike Kiersey, EMEA Principal Technologists at Boomi, outline how organisations can set a roadmap towards a postmodern ERP system, overcome barriers to change and eventually reap the benefits
  • Managed Cloud Service (MCS) from Boomi Dec 14 2020 2:00 pm UTC 18 mins
    Michael Aronson, Senior Manager, Cloud Services, Boomi; Abraham Raghib, Enterprise Solutions Architect, Boomi;
    Hear from Michael Aronson and Abraham Raghib from Boomi who will be sharing details around the Dell Boomi Managed Cloud Service (MCS) offering.
  • Solving Complex Software Landscapes with Boomi and IFS Dec 9 2020 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Colin Beaney, VP Energy, Utilities & Resources - IFS and Peter Sketch, ISV Sales Manager - Boomi
    Aimed at companies within the Energy and Utilities sectors, Boomi and IFS will discuss how improving your customer’s experience, and your operational efficiency, with an integrated enterprise software landscape is essential.
  • Boomi aXis for SAP – Effiziente Anbindung von SAP mit Non-SAP Applikationen Dec 7 2020 9:00 am UTC 29 mins
    Dirk Masuch, Boomi
    Mit dem neuen Boomi aXis for SAP können SAP Daten deutlich schneller und wesentlich effizienter über die AtomShpere Plattform in andere Systeme verteilt werden. Anstelle von Individueller Programmierung steht nun die Definition der SAP Anbindung mit Grafischer Benutzeroberfläche. So entstehen für SAP Kunden entscheidende Vorteile, da SAP hier nicht nur erschlossen wird, sondern wirklich optimal „Connected“ ist. Erfahren Sie von Dirk Masuch Hintergründe und Möglichkeiten des Einsatzes von Boomi aXis for SAP.
  • iPaaS – Der Enabler für Advanced Analytics Dec 3 2020 1:00 pm UTC 31 mins
    Stephen Reindl, Cegeka
    Stephen Reindl von unserem Geschäftspartner Cegeka Deutschland GmbH beschreibt den Einsatz von Modern Middleware bzw. iPaaS zur schnellen und effizienten Datenbereitstellung für Advanced Analytics. Modern Middleware steht für eine agile, leichte, cloud-basierte Plattform zur Datenintegration. In diesem Vortrag erklärt Stephen Reindl, wie Boomi ihre Architektur bei der Einführung von Advanced Analytics unterstützt und zeigt auf, wie Daten schnell unter Einsatz von Integrationsabläufen und Low-Code sicher bereitgestellt werden können.
  • Real-time, Multi-channel Inventory Management with a Hybrid Integration Platform Dec 2 2020 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Dirk Masuch, Systems Engineer, Boomi, Swen-Helge Huber, ‘Principle Architect IOT, Solace
    Technical webinar demonstrating how a Hybrid Integration Platform combining Boomi and Solace enables real-time integrated customer experiences in retail. In this webinar we will demonstrate the capabilities of distributed Boomi integration processes and a Solace Event Mesh to build and manage flexible, event-driven integration processes with the example of real-time inventory management across ERP systems and physical & online retail channels.
  • A Guide to Being Adaptable: Shifting Strategy and Managing a Remote Workforce Dec 1 2020 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Simon Ratcliffe, Ensono | Mike Kiersey, Dell Boomi I Aaron Peacock, OSCE I Eithne Metcalfe-Bliss, Checkout.com
    "Work Reimagined" For A Hybrid Workforce Episode 3

    The new normal is here to stay, and hybrid working models are just one of the ways that the workplace has changed. With some employees choosing to return to the office, and some remaining at home, it’s important to be adaptable. Lots of businesses are reacting to core changes and challenges, but how do you move from being reactive to active in your strategy? Now that we know this is the new normal, how can we untangle it and make it work efficiently and productively?

    Moving forward, and applying the lessons learnt over the last few months is key. For example, when onboarding new employees, it’s imperative that though you may be working remotely, the process does not become totally digital. This could be isolating, especially for those entering the workforce for the first time. With Boomi solutions, driving digital processes to optimise on-boarding has never been easier. Processes can be automated, accelerating the on-boarding experience, and connecting new employees to existing management, to prevent a potential disconnect between recruits and management. Creating an efficient mentorship scheme whether in person or from home is key to the remote onboarding process. This is just one example of how to be adaptable in this new environment.

    In this session, we will explore:
    - How to incorporate lessons learned throughout 2020 into your strategy
    - How to keep a distributed workforce productive
    - How to go about onboarding new employees virtually without losing the human element
  • TDWI Virtual II 2020 - Simplify your integrations developer life Nov 30 2020 10:00 am UTC 39 mins
    Thomas Herrmann, Hannover Rück
    Am Anfang stand der Aufbau einer strategischen, hybriden Integrationsplattform zur Unterstützung der Anwendungsmodernisierung für die digitale Transformation. Ziel war die Ablösung der Legacy-Integration, basierend auf BizTalk und selbst entwickelten Integrationslösungen. Thorsten Herrmann beschreibt, wie er und sein Team mit Modern Middleware von Boomi Integrationen bestehender und neuer Applikationen realisieren, und so die Cloud First-Strategie des Unternehmens mit einer heterogenen IT Landschaft vereinen. Der Vortrag enthält interessante Anregungen aus erster Hand für jeden Application Integration Lead, Entwickler und Enterprise Architect.
  • Reducing the Risk of M&A through Data and Integration Recorded: Nov 26 2020 59 mins
    Mike Kiersey, Principal Technologist & Evangelist EMEA, Boomi, Darren Way, CEO, Fifth Step, Phil Lear, COO, Fifth Step
    As organisations adjust their strategies to the economic and humanitarian reaction to the pandemic. With the fog that surrounds us at the moment, resilient companies are still preparing and continue to invest through these challenging times.
    Organisations who continually invest organically or non organically need to integrate business with speed and efficiency, however one of the greater barriers is “data”. Organisations need to improve the ability to integrate IT technology functions, swiftly, securely and with minimal risk and disruption to the business.
    Our joint webinar as we discuss how our two organisations are helping customers achieve the maximum value of M&A, through trusted experience. Boomi and Fifth Step will cover:
    • Understanding and managing the risk of data in due diligence
    • Building a Framework approach for data-driven M&A
    • Integration, aligning the synergy between IT and Business
  • Work Reimagined: Returning to Site Recorded: Nov 26 2020 38 mins
    George Dewar, Flow Specialist, Boomi; Mark Mair Solutions Consultant, EMEA Boomi
    As part of the Work Reimagined series, join George Dewar, Flow Specialist and Mark Mair, Solutions Consultant, who will be giving a technical demo to show you exactly how Boomi can support your Return to Site requirements.

    Assess when workers can return to the office and track crucial re-entry criteria.

    As businesses look to return to site, this is hampered by a lack of workflow decision based on self-attestation and the ability to ‘reserve’ a seat at office locations.

    The Return To Site solution allows you to assess when workers can return to the office and track crucial re-entry criteria.

    Your people can instantly connect with any of their systems from badging, guest access, cleaning sites, or anything else that might be needed as you look to return to site.
  • Customer Spotlight: Ergon Transforming Status Quo to a Data Driven Business Recorded: Nov 25 2020 47 mins
    Jana Branham, CIO, Ergon; Greg Jordan, Director, Enterprise Integration, Ergon; Marcia Morey, Global Director, Boomi
    To grow an Oil & Energy company to a multi-billion business requires actionable strategy from the CIO. Siloed systems and “status quo” processes needed to be re-engineered to a data-driven business, to bring agility and deliver application faster.
  • Return to Work Action Plan: Wellness, HR, and IT Infrastructure Recorded: Nov 24 2020 54 mins
    Simon Ratcliffe, Ensono | Mike Kiersey, Dell Boomi | Yvonne Stewart, Dell I Sophie Bryan, Ordinarily Different Ltd.
    "Work Reimagined" For A Hybrid Workforce Episode 2

    The new world is hybrid, and the working environment will never return to how it once was. With this in mind, how can you lead a return to work in a way that reflects the new normal?

    When planning a return to the office, there are a number of key considerations. Leaders must consider how to drive strategy in a way that protects and supports the mental wellbeing of their employees, as well as their physical health. It is important that moving forward, we take the lessons from the pandemic and the hybrid model of work, and apply them to the workplace. Allowing employees to work remotely, supporting their home life, and continuing to push a collaborative effort is key to keeping employees productive and healthy.

    As well as prioritising employee mental health, it is important that organisations have the iT infrastructure in place to monitor and log the data needed for HR and facilities to maintain the proper health and safety restrictions. HR titles will now be intrinsically linked in order to collaborate and ensure the most stringent safety standards. However, your infrastructure must support this. With Boomi solutions, those in HR will be able to track data securely and efficiently, with the ability to interpret data and set up a safe and supportive workplace, keep offices and remote employees connected, and ensure that the digital workspace is safe from disruption.

    In this session we will explore:
    - How to champion the mental wellbeing and wellness of your employees while planning a return to the office
    - How to optimise your existing IT infrastructure to support HR as they log and monitor data, keeping those in the workplace safe
    - How can we ensure that a return to the workplace helps drive social impact, like reducing our carbon footprint and emissions
  • Work Reimagined: Improve the onboarding experience across your organization Recorded: Nov 19 2020 33 mins
    Mark Mair, Solution Consultant - EMEA Boomi
    As part of the Work Reimagined series, join Mark Mair, Solutions Consultant, who will be giving a technical demo to show you exactly how Boomi can support your Onboarding requirements.

    Everyone, at one time or another has "onboarded". Whether it be onboarding as a new employee, bringing on a new company (M&A), a new product into your suite, or just a new app into your current environment. It's such a common use-case, that we solve daily here at Boomi.

    Now organizations are looking for a new 'hybrid' way of working helping to build an agile infrastructure, alongside platforms and services that are both secure and highly productive – all while managing the employee lifecycle reshaped by the pandemic.

    Join this webinar today to hear how Boomi can onboard an employee, platforms, vendors and/or products and see how the process will enable you to tie into all systems.
  • The Future of Work is Flexible: How to Embrace Business Change Recorded: Nov 17 2020 49 mins
    Simon Ratcliffe, Ensono | Mike Kiersey, Dell Boomi | Yvonne Stewart, Dell | Elizebeth Varghese, IBM
    "Work Reimagined" For A Hybrid Workforce Episode 1

    2020 has been a year of immense business change. The onset of the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted the fabric of the working world. As businesses move to remote working, leaders and business owners have been left wondering, what is the future for the corporate office? As we grapple with the new normal, how much of the traditional working environment are we leaving behind, and is this change a bad thing? When employees are properly equipped with the tools needed to work remotely, are they in fact more productive, collaborative and efficient in their work?

    With remote working, comes a flexibility that we do not see in traditional working environments. With Boomi’s ‘Return To Work’ technologies, you can create a safe and reliable digital workspace that fosters employee productivity, giving people the freedom to work from anywhere.

    In this session, we will explore:
    - How to set up and support your employees to work remotely
    - The function of the corporate office. Is it now extinct, or can we adapt it to the new normal?
    - How different industries across the spectrum are adapting to the new hybrid model of work, from those working in manufacturing to IT
    - The key benefits and challenges of remote working
  • Boomi aXis for SAP: Unlock SAP Data for Quick Business Wins Recorded: Nov 3 2020 49 mins
    Steve Tseng Director, Product Management | Strategic Ecosystems, Boomi and Bo Moller, Systems Engineer, Boomi
    Businesses today have to be dynamic in order to support a wide variety of data requirements and business needs. Customers looking at their SAP software journey from R/3 and ECC to S/4HANA require quick access to SAP data to provide to third party systems and push data into SAP.

    Hear from Steve Tseng and Bo Moller, on how to:
    • Reduce time and resources to extract and manipulate SAP data
    • Provide bulk of SAP data for analysis and business optimization
    • De-centralize IT SAP data extraction
  • Quelles pratiques efficaces pour consolider les données de votre SI ? Recorded: Oct 29 2020 6 mins
    Bruno Labidoire Presales Senior Manager Boomi
    CIO WebConférence CIO Online
    La modernisation pour ne pas se laisser distancer.
    Pour 41% des interrogés, la technologie Legacy apporte toujours une complexité indésirable aux entreprises et ralentit leur capacité à suivre le rythme.

    Les entreprises investissent dans la modernisation, afin de:

    - Supprimer la complexité
    - Réduire les coûts et les risques 
    - Libérer des ressources pour l'innovation dont ils ont besoin pour survivre
    - Accélérer les objectifs d'entreprise

    en axant leurs efforts sur les trois objectifs suivants :

    - Normalisation et consolidation des applications: 76%
    - Migration de l’infrastructure vers le Cloud: 75 %
    - Consolidation de l’infrastructure Legacy: 69 %

    Ecoutez Bruno Labidoire
Whatever you need to connect, we can help.
Dell Boomi helps transform businesses to best of breed cloud, while understanding the realities of the enterprise. Let Dell Boomi help you on your integration journey to build a connected business. Visit www.boomi.com for more information.

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  • Title: Natural Intelligence Makes the Perfect Match With Boomi
  • Live at: Oct 27 2020 10:00 am
  • Presented by: Orly Ganor, VP of Business Operations, Natural Intelligence; Rene Klomp, Systems Engineer, Boomi EMEA
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