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Von der Anfrage zum Angebot - 90 % weniger Bearbeitungszeit

Am Beispiel eines Versicherungsunternehmens wird in diesem Webinar dargestellt, welches Potenzial in der Automatisierung von Kundenanfragen steckt. Sehr oft sind bis zu 8 verschiedene Systeme involviert, um ein Angebot fertigzustellen und vielfach wird dies immer noch manuell bewerkstelligt.

Damit sich die Mitarbeiter zukünftig wertschöpfenderen Aufgaben zuwenden können, müssen sich wiederholende Tätigkeiten sinnvoll automatisiert werden. Das fördert nicht nur die Mitarbeitermotivation, sondern steigert auch die Kundenzufriedenheit durch schnellere Antwortzeiten.

Zur Unterstützung einer schnellen Umsetzung, können vorgefertigte „Digital Worker“ genutzt werden, die von der Blue Prism Digital Exchange (DX), einem App Store für intelligente Automatisierung, heruntergeladen werden können. Darunter auch eine End-to-End Integration mit Salesforce und der digitale Austausch von weiteren VBO-Fähigkeiten.
Recorded Jun 17 2020 29 mins
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Presented by
Jörg Schwarze, Senior Solution Consultant CEE, Blue Prism
Presentation preview: Von der Anfrage zum Angebot - 90 % weniger Bearbeitungszeit

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  • Leveraging Hyper-Automation to Transform Operations in Power & Utilities Sector Aug 12 2021 3:00 pm UTC 57 mins
    Moderated by Jeff Aldridge EY, joined by a group of panelists from Blue Prism, EY, and Eversource.
    Join leaders from EY and Blue Prism in a panel discussion centered on how hyper-automation is transforming Power and Utility (P&U) operations. Also, hear from a P&U leader @ Eversource discuss what they have learned along their IA journey.

    Key topics will include:
    • The importance of strategy and operating model for realizing the long-term benefits of IA
    • Methods for defining and realizing success
    • Effective engagement approaches to alleviate employee concerns with digital workers
    • Roadmaps from successful automation transformation programs
    • Next generation IA use cases within P&U
    • Success story @ Eversource
  • Kore.ai Conversational Bot & Blue Prism RPA Converge to Assist Banking Customers Jul 28 2021 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Paul Andrusyshyn, Kore.ai and Erica Murphy, Blue Prism
    "An intelligent virtual assistant can transform the retail banking process and enhance customer engagement and satisfaction by 3 times."

    Simple for your customers and intelligent for your agents, SmartAssist with BankAssist is an omnichannel contact center solution built on Kore’s virtual assistant platform. Kore.ai humanizing RPA to understand and accomplish complex tasks without manual intervention. "An intelligent virtual assistant can transform the retail banking process and enhance customer engagement and satisfaction by 3 times."
  • Applying Lessons from the Automotive Sector to Financial Services Recorded: Jul 21 2021 59 mins
    Darshan Jain, Blue Prism & Giovanni Gentile, State Street Corporation
    In this session, Giovanni Gentile brings together his unique perspective and experience as a former business leader within the automotive industry with his current role as Head of Automation and AI at State Street.
  • Transform CX with breakthrough digital + human experience Recorded: Jul 20 2021 32 mins
    Bruce Mazza, VP, Global Technology Alliances, Blue Prism
    Customer experiences need to be re-imagined not just made faster. Enterprises need to differentiate their brands with superior customer experience and Contact Centers customer service representatives are your frontlines. The tools that incorporate digital end-to-end journeys, bind AI technologies, and integrate multiple systems is just one facet. Technology needs to be scalable, resilient and secure to manage change. Even more importantly, Enterprises need on-going agility to rapidly transform and re-image customer journeys, adapt to the rapidly evolving remote workforce, and take on new revenue growth and cost-cutting paradigms. In this session, learn from the experts on the following critical success factors:
    • What is key to scaling Customer Experience (CX) with Intelligent Automation transformation for your Contact Centers
    • Learn why smart organizations are looking beyond making interactions just faster
    • How you can align your organization and automation technology needs to make your end-customers experiences better
  • Reducing 5G deployment time by up to 80% using intelligent automation Recorded: Jul 19 2021 62 mins
    Martin Stevenson, Blue Prism, James Harrison, CEO, Inspection2, Mark Newman, Chief Analyst, TM Forum
    5G will present new challenges for network executives. If operators are to deliver new 5G-enabled services and experiences they will need to build denser networks and double their capacity compared with LTE.

    Today’s roll-out methodologies rely on manual processes, email-based communication and isolated office tools. But if operators are to speed up deployments while efficiently managing CapEx and OpEx levels they will need to introduce new digital capabilities such as intelligent automation.
    In this webinar, we discuss:
    - The challenges and complexity of rolling out 5G
    - How to address them with drone technology and intelligent automation using a digital workforce
    - How the intersection of these technologies can reduce deployment time while saving cost and driving revenue
  • Deloitte: Enabling Transformation & Automation with Process & Task Mining Recorded: Jul 16 2021 29 mins
    Trey McAdams and Felipe de Mello e Souza, Deloitte Consulting
    Deloitte BPW 2021: Enabling Transformation & Automation with Process & Task Mining
  • Leveraging Hyper-Automation to Transform Operations in Power & Utilities Sector Recorded: Jul 15 2021 57 mins
    Moderated by Jeff Aldridge EY, joined by a group of panelists from Blue Prism, EY, and Eversource.
    Join leaders from EY and Blue Prism in a panel discussion centered on how hyper-automation is transforming Power and Utility (P&U) operations. Also, hear from a P&U leader @ Eversource discuss what they have learned along their IA journey.

    Key topics will include:
    • The importance of strategy and operating model for realizing the long-term benefits of IA
    • Methods for defining and realizing success
    • Effective engagement approaches to alleviate employee concerns with digital workers
    • Roadmaps from successful automation transformation programs
    • Next generation IA use cases within P&U
    • Success story @ Eversource
  • CLEVVA digital experts: Front-office customer service automation Recorded: Jul 13 2021 67 mins
    Ryan Falkenberg, CLEVVA & David Williams, DigiBlu UK & Alisa DiStaso, Blue Prism
    Together, Blue Prism digital workers and CLEVVA digital experts:

    • Enable contact center agents to process more complex calls, first time, with less training and risk of error
    • Increase the volume and range of service queries that can be resolved via existing digital self-service channels
    • Reduce the need for human-in-the-loop and increase the number of processes automated straight through

    Join us as we explain how this exciting solution is set to transform the customer service landscape
  • Banque Internationale à Luxembourg - Path for Hyper Automation Recorded: Jul 13 2021 17 mins
    Franck Niatel, Banque Internationale à Luxembourg AND Pedro Faria, Banque Internationale à Luxembourg
    In this webinar we will discuss:

    Why RPA?
    Why Blue Prism?
    Achievements with RPA
    Extending further than RPA (Hyper Automation)
    What’s next?
  • The Digital Workforce: Empower your Contact Center Agents for Success Recorded: Jul 6 2021 22 mins
    Peter Walker, CTO EMEA, Blue Prism
    Our age is characterized by unprecedented pace of change. We can often struggle to meet short term imperatives, let alone strategic transformation.
    But change inevitably happens and change can be brutal. A coherent strategy for agility and flexibility is essential for survival.

    Join us to learn how you can evolve gradually and incrementally into the contact center of the future - using your existing legacy architecture - to unleash the benefits of digitization
  • RPA Initiativen erfolgreich skalieren die wichtigsten Tipps im Q&A mit Forrester Recorded: Jul 5 2021 50 mins
    Dr. Bernhard Schaffrik, Forrester & Gerd Plewka, Blue Prism
    Dazu werden wir uns mit dem Forrester-Analysten Dr. Bernhard Schaffrik unterhalten. Wir möchten einen Überblick der derzeitigen Marktsituation im deutschsprachigen Raum erhalten und seine Sicht auf verschiedene Skalierungsoptionen kennenlernen.

    Erfahren Sie in diesem Q&A-Webinar mit Forrester, was erforderlich ist, um den Sprung von der taktischer RPA hin zur transformativen, intelligenten Automatisierung zu schaffen: Registrieren Sie sich noch heute!
  • Sysco: Scaling an Intelligent Automation Program Without Compromise Recorded: Jul 1 2021 62 mins
    Kim Meredith, Product Owner - Robotics Process Automation Team, Sysco & Alison Major, Technical Delivery Lead, Sysco
    Is it possible to scale intelligent automation quickly without compromising high performance, high quality, resilient digital workers, overall code quality and integrity, and fast delivery? How about scaling an RPA program during a global pandemic?

    Join us to hear how in just one year Sysco Corporation grew from a small team to an enterprise-wide program and from three digital workers to more than 45, all while dealing with the impacts of Covid-19.

    Sysco Corporation is a U.S. company that markets and distributes food products, kitchen equipment and tabletop items to commercial businesses.

    Join us for this Café to hear how Sysco:
    • Partnered with their process improvement team, forming a critical alliance, allowing them to rapidly scale the program
    • Created an automation workflow that involved discovery, disaggregation, assessments, solution design, and delivery which enabled them to scale quickly
    • Made use of tools like RPA Supervisor and RoboReview to lighten the load

    Join us as Sysco shares how it rapidly and successfully launched an intelligent automation program and realized immediate business benefits.
  • Reimagine Customer Service with Blue Prism Service Assist Recorded: Jun 29 2021 53 mins
    Alisa DiStaso (Director, Contact Center Solutions) and Rachael Smith (Sr. Solution Engineer)
    Blue Prism’s enterprise-ready contact center automation solution is here to help you reimagine the way you excel at customer service.

    How does Service Assist transform your contact center?
    • Digital workers securely access multiple systems and consolidate customer information into a 360° view, arming your agents to provide fast, consultative service.
    • Seamlessly integrate with your other contact center tools like chatbots, IVR, web forms, and email to increase containment by 30%.
    • Automate after call work (ACW) to free up agent time and increase productivity.

    In this Service Assist demo, we’ll show you how to manage your digital workers and leverage swarming, to achieve maximum productivity using the included Control Room and Work Queues. See for yourself how easy it is to use the Blue Prism platform with drag and drop capabilities and audit log features that reduce automation audit risk.

    Join us to see how it’s done!
  • Leveraging Intelligent Automation to Support Core Business Strategy Recorded: Jun 23 2021 47 mins
    Eric Tyree, Head of AI, Blue Prism
    Intelligent Automation is well past the early adopter stage and is now being used as an enabler of core corporate goals such as competitiveness, growth, resilience and customer service. In a series of mini case studies, this session will share how two banks, a bread maker and a car manufacturer all used intelligent automation in very strategic ways and how you can leverage automation as tool for achieving strategic goals.
    • Mashreq Bank significantly improves market competitiveness
    • Hovis overcomes major IT legacy issues and post M&A challenges to transform customer service
    • Jaguar Land Rover responds to market pressures and overcome legacy issues quickly and at low cost
    • UK Retail Bank efficiently reallocates capital across the business in an ‘Opex shift’
  • Way Beyond RPA for Contact Centers: Set Your ROI Expectations Higher Recorded: Jun 22 2021 60 mins
    Stephen Gush, SYKES; Rosa Marcos Martínez, Telefonica; Blue Prism: Satish Shenoy, Peter Walker & Martin Stevenson
    Contact centers have been investing in automation for years, but outcomes have fallen short. Despite the huge rise in chatbots and other forms of self-service automation, call deflection rates still aren’t contained and customers continue to remain dissatisfied with speed of resolution of their requests.

    Simple Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA) attended automation can’t scale well and misses the mark when it comes to scale, security, speed and compliance. Even Robotic Process Automation (RPA) alone is not enough.

    On top of all that, compliance regulations, back and front-end system complexities, and rising customer expectations are making it hard for large enterprises to attain the ROI they were hoping to see.

    Maybe you’re experiencing these same challenges. And you’re realizing just how much not exploring better solutions is costing you!

    Before you invest in your next automation platform, come learn about the architectural differences provided by Blue Prism Service Assist and how it:
    •Completely simplifies the agent experience
    •Provides attended and unattended automation
    •Delivers better outcomes with your AI/ML investments
    •Offers end-to-end digital process integration
    •Seamlessly ties into your existing contact center agent desktop and ecosystem

    All of this adds up to faster agent onboarding, happier agents, lower agent turnover, faster AHTs, lower operational expense and happier customers. How’s that for ROI?

    Come hear from our expert panel who will discuss real-world examples of telco, energy and financial services contact centers who are experiencing the CX impacts and the rapid ROI acceleration enabled by an intelligent automation solution that goes way beyond RPA.
  • Beyond ROI – Reaching strategic value with intelligent automation Recorded: Jun 22 2021 58 mins
    Leslie Willcocks, John Hindle, Knowledge Capital Partners | Janka Coppens, Managing Director of Intelligent Automation, ATB
    Tune into this Cafè webinar hosted by Chip Coyle, CMO of Blue Prism as he talks with Dr. John Hindle and Dr. Leslie Willcock from Knowledge Capital Partners, about how their recent research led them to synthesize a new value framework for intelligent automation called Total Value of Ownership. They’ll explain how it helps organizations understand all the costs associated with a digital workforce and how organizations can move beyond ROI to find transformational and strategic value with enterprise intelligent automation. Janka Coppens, Managing Director of Intelligent Automation at ATB, will also be joining to give real world context to the new framework and illustrate how being strategic with intelligent automation can drive transformational value.

    In this webinar, you’ll find out about:

    • What the Total Value of Ownership framework is
    • How and why this new framework has been developed
    • Real life examples of organizations driving strategic value with intelligent automation
    • ATB’s automation story and how they are driving transformational value
    • Tips and advice for reaching strategic value at your organization

    Chip Coyle, CMO, Blue Prism
    Dr. John Hindle, Knowledge Capital Partners
    Dr. Leslie Willcocks, Knowledge Capital Partners
    Janka Coppens, Managing Director of Intelligent Automation, ATB
  • Discover Intelligent Automation: Blue Prism with Microsoft Cognitive Services Recorded: Jun 22 2021 29 mins
    Bruce Curling, SVP Microsoft Global Alliance, Alain Mercier Spécialiste Plateforme de données & Intelligence Artificielle
    Découvrez l’automatisation intelligente : Blue Prism avec les services cognitifs Microsoft
    Les possibilités d’automatisation intelligente sont infinies, de la consolidation des processus répétitifs/reproductibles à l’augmentation de l’efficacité opérationnelle entre les organisations.
    Joignez-vous à cette session et découvrez comment l’engagement de Blue Prism envers l’automatisation intelligente évolutive englobe une approche globale qui inclut :

    1. Une plateforme SaaS entièrement gérée et livrée par Azure, Blue Prism Cloud
    2. Plusieurs intégrations natives de glisser-déposer avec une gamme de technologies d’intelligence artificielle et d’apprentissage automatique d’Azure Cognitive Services.
    3. Un connecteur unique pour chaque composant de la Microsoft Power Platform, incluant Power Automate.
    4. Une gamme d’intégrations natives facilement accessibles à partir de Blue Prism’s Digital Exchange avec des partenaires technologiques sélectionnés
    Vous entendrez des experts en automatisation intelligente de Blue Prism sur les meilleures pratiques, les questions clés à poser, les options de déploiement intelligentes qui correspondent à vos objectifs de centre d’excellence, et bien plus encore.

    The possibilities of intelligent automation are endless – from consolidating rote and repeatable processes to streamlining operational efficiencies across organizations.
    Join this session and find out how Blue Prism’s commitment to scalable intelligent automation encompasses a comprehensive approach that includes:
    • A fully managed and Azure-delivered SaaS platform, Blue Prism Cloud
    • Multiple native, drag & drop integrations with a range of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies from Azure Cognitive Services.
    • A unique connector for every component in the Microsoft Power Platform – including Power Automate; and
    • A range of easily accessible native integrations from Blue Prism’s Digital Exchange with select technology partners
  • Building the Intelligent Contact Centre at Speed Recorded: Jun 21 2021 30 mins
    Bruce Mazza VP, Technology Alliance Program, Blue Prism
    This session is for you if you want to:
    Simplify the agent experience
    Deliver better outcomes with your AI/ML investments
    Offer customers end-to-end digital process integration
    Increase your Net Promoter Scores
    All of this adds up to faster agent onboarding, happier agents, lower agent turnover, faster AHTs, lower operational expense and happier customers.
  • Managing the complexity of delivering on hyperautomation Recorded: Jun 17 2021 51 mins
    Alexander Hübel, Turbotic & Hanna Widenberg, Blue Prism & Anna Lagerhed, SSAB
    In this webinar you will learn how to:
    • Manage the complexity with many different vendors and technologies.
    • Decrease cost, while boosting efficiency and accuracy
    • Control performance and getting better visibility
    • See the financial benefit of every AI and automation project.

    Alexander Hübel, Chief Strategy Officer, Turbotic
    Hanna Widenberg, Senior Customer Advisor, Blue Prism
    Anna Lagerhed, Head of Intelligent Automation SSAB
  • Automation in the Post-Pandemic Contact Center Recorded: Jun 16 2021 63 mins
    Paul Stockford, President and Chief Analyst, Saddletree Research and Bruce Mazza, VP, Technology Alliance Program, Blue Prism
    The essential role of automation in the contact center was played out thousands of times as the global contact center industry scrambled to maintain customer service and satisfaction levels amidst an unprecedented global health crisis. Add to these challenges the role of automation in the expectations and requirements of the new generation of contact center customers and workers, and it becomes clear that “business as usual” in the future will be anything but.

    Automation has the power to dramatically and positively impact both customer satisfaction and employee job satisfaction while enabling customer service executives to manage costs in the uncertain economy that potentially lies ahead.

    Join us to hear from Blue Prism’s Bruce Mazza, VP, Technology Alliance Program and Paul Stockford, President and Chief Analyst at Saddletree Research, who specializes in contact centers & customer service. Bruce and Paul will share how automation is delivering true business value and rapid ROI to contact centers throughout the world and how you can get started on your automation journey today.

    In this event, find out the secret weapon that other large enterprises are using to:
    * Deliver an optimized customer experience while their agents provide excellent service
    * Protect client data and ensure that their contact center is in compliance with privacy mandates
    * Attract and retain top-tier customer service talent
    * And so much more...
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We make work smarter and more productive so your people are free to do great things. We believe every company will soon have a digital workforce to automate, streamline, and accelerate work, and we’re dedicated to making this vision a reality. Blue Prism enables an enterprise-grade digital workforce that’s smart, secure, scalable and successful and can be deployed throughout an organization. ///

What will you find here on our webinar channel?
Our team hosts online events aimed at educating and empowering those who are working to reimagine what’s possible. Innovators like you are working to turn these exciting opportunities into new services and revenue streams, while giving your employees greater purpose and customers even more to smile about. Imagine merging human experience and ingenuity with the capabilities of intelligent automation and turning clumsy, time-consuming processes into automated workflows that deliver next-level productivity. That's what we're here to help you do. ///

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  • Live at: Jun 17 2020 8:00 am
  • Presented by: Jörg Schwarze, Senior Solution Consultant CEE, Blue Prism
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