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Schroders | Delivering Real-World Solutions with Intelligent Automation

Schroders, a leading asset management company is making headway in digital transformation. Since 2017, Schroders has extended Intelligent Automation across a myriad of business functions globally, with operations running at optimum capacity, efficiency and scalability. They have since shifted their focus to higher value-added tasks, enabling business functions to prioritize strategic work and providing faster insights to better decision making. This is a clear testament of how Intelligent Automation can achieve not just efficiency but in driving innovation at the core of every project and function. It also means that digital transformation journeys are more meaningful for those who get the implementation right.

Join Chua Chwee Kan, the Global Head of Cognitive Science and Automation from Schroders as he presents Schroders’ journey in reaching successful adoption of Intelligent Automation. From machine learning to RPA, Mr Chua has led his team in leveraging these technologies to solving business challenges across the group and driving business innovation.

In this webinar, you will learn:

1) Best practices in embedding RPA into the business and sustaining results in the long run
2) How Schroders is leveraging automation in the volatile COVID-19 situation
3) How AI and Machine learning presents new outlooks for RPA
Recorded Jun 9 2020 42 mins
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Presented by
Bill Taylor, VP, ASEAN & Korea, Blue Prism
Presentation preview: Schroders | Delivering Real-World Solutions with Intelligent Automation

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  • Kore.ai Conversational Bot & Blue Prism RPA Converge to Assist Banking Customers Jun 30 2021 5:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Erica Murphy, Blue Prism and Rachel Smith, Kore.ai
    "An intelligent virtual assistant can transform the retail banking process and enhance customer engagement and satisfaction by 3 times."

    Simple for your customers and intelligent for your agents, SmartAssist with BankAssist is an omnichannel contact center solution built on Kore’s virtual assistant platform. Kore.ai humanizing RPA to understand and accomplish complex tasks without manual intervention. "An intelligent virtual assistant can transform the retail banking process and enhance customer engagement and satisfaction by 3 times."

    Simple for your customers and intelligent for your agents, Smart Assist with Bank Assist is an omnichannel contact center solution built on Kore’s virtual assistant platform. Kore.ai humanizing RPA to understand and accomplish complex tasks without manual intervention.
  • Leveraging Hyper-automation to Transform Operations in Power & Utility Sector Jun 24 2021 5:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Moderated by Jeff Aldridge EY, joined by a group of panelists from Blue Prism, EY, and Eversource.
    Gartner predicts that industry adoption of Intelligent Automation (IA) will reach 85% in some form by 2022, and hyper-automation, rapid automation using a combination of automation tools, will be at the core of these automation efforts.

    Join leaders from EY and Blue Prism in a panel discussion centered on how hyper-automation is transforming Power and Utility (P&U) operations. Also, hear from a P&U leader @ Eversource discuss what they have learned along their IA journey.
  • Supercharge your Customer Experience Jun 9 2021 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Jason Burton – Senior Account Director – Utilities and Manufacturing
    Supercharge your Customer Experience - meeting C-Mex obligations and delighting water customers in the Digital Age

    Population growth and climate change mean that the water sector in England and Wales faces growing pressure to address challenges such as water scarcity and environmental quality whilst, simultaneously, improving the resilience of systems and services to customers. This all takes place in a world of rising customer expectations, as the likes of Amazon, Netflix and Uber completely reset the baseline for how brands can, and should, engage, delight and compel customers.
  • CLEVVA digital experts: Front-office customer service automation Jun 8 2021 4:00 pm UTC 67 mins
    Ryan Falkenberg, CLEVVA & David Williams, DigiBlu UK & Alisa DiStaso, Blue Prism
    Together, Blue Prism digital workers and CLEVVA digital experts:

    • Enable contact center agents to process more complex calls, first time, with less training and risk of error
    • Increase the volume and range of service queries that can be resolved via existing digital self-service channels
    • Reduce the need for human-in-the-loop and increase the number of processes automated straight through

    Join us as we explain how this exciting solution is set to transform the customer service landscape
  • Reimagine Customer Service with Blue Prism Service Assist Jun 1 2021 4:00 pm UTC 53 mins
    Alisa DiStaso (Director, Contact Center Solutions) and Rachael Smith (Sr. Solution Engineer)
    Blue Prism’s enterprise-ready contact center automation solution is here to help you reimagine the way you excel at customer service.

    How does Service Assist transform your contact center?
    • Digital workers securely access multiple systems and consolidate customer information into a 360° view, arming your agents to provide fast, consultative service.
    • Seamlessly integrate with your other contact center tools like chatbots, IVR, web forms, and email to increase containment by 30%.
    • Automate after call work (ACW) to free up agent time and increase productivity.

    In this Service Assist demo, we’ll show you how to manage your digital workers and leverage swarming, to achieve maximum productivity using the included Control Room and Work Queues. See for yourself how easy it is to use the Blue Prism platform with drag and drop capabilities and audit log features that reduce automation audit risk.

    Join us to see how it’s done!
  • How Rapid Automation Can Help Streamline SBA PPP Loan Forgiveness Jun 1 2021 3:00 pm UTC 25 mins
    Bruce Mazza, Blue Prism and Pawan Jadhav, Lateetud
    Following the onset of the second round of SBA PPP funding, increased numbers of applicants seeking relief continues to grow, lenders are struggling to keep up with many of its administrative demands. Overwhelmed with collecting and validating documents, determining eligibility criteria, and processing requests, lenders face backlogged applications and their customers can experience slow response times.

    Blue Prism, in partnership with ABBYY, Bizagi, and Lateetud automates the entire end-to-end mortgage and loan relief application and submission process, resulting in:

    Expedited processing – Validate, calculate, record, submit, and track requests in minutes
    Content Intelligence – Convert unstructured documents into structured, usable content for further processing
    Production-ready deployment – Set up in days, on-prem or in your existing cloud platform of choice (Azure, AWS, Google)
    Increased efficiency – Execute quickly & accurately with a digital workforce that complements existing employees
    Full audit trail – Provides 100% compliance & accuracy, enterprise security, and fraud detection
    Web and mobile customer front-end – Collaborate with customers and lending staff efficiently via intelligent chatbot​​​​​​​.
    Register today to see how rapid automation can help you streamline loan applications and forgiveness at your organization.
  • Way Beyond RPA for Contact Centers: Set Your ROI Expectations Higher May 26 2021 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Stephen Gush, SYKES; Rosa Marcos Martínez, Telefonica; Blue Prism: Satish Shenoy, Peter Walker & Martin Stevenson
    Contact centers have been investing in automation for years, but outcomes have fallen short. Despite the huge rise in chatbots and other forms of self-service automation, call deflection rates still aren’t contained and customers continue to remain dissatisfied with speed of resolution of their requests.

    Simple Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA) attended automation can’t scale well and misses the mark when it comes to scale, security, speed and compliance. Even Robotic Process Automation (RPA) alone is not enough. On top of all that, compliance regulations, back and front-end system complexities, and rising customer expectations are making it hard for large enterprises to attain the ROI they were hoping to see.

    But how can you navigate these challenges and optimize your solution?

    Join us and expert panellists as we discuss:
    - How to simplify the agent experience
    - How to provide attended and unattended automation
    - How to delivers better outcomes with your AI/ML investments
    - The value of a solution that offers end-to-end digital process integration
    - How to seamlessly tie into your existing contact center agent desktop and ecosystem

    All of this adds up to faster agent onboarding, happier agents, lower agent turnover, faster AHTs, lower operational expense and happier customers. How’s that for ROI?

    Come hear from our expert panel who will discuss real-world examples of telco, energy and financial services contact centers who are experiencing the CX impacts and the rapid ROI acceleration enabled by an intelligent automation solution that goes way beyond RPA.
  • The Digital Workforce: Empower your Contact Center Agents for Success May 20 2021 5:00 pm UTC 22 mins
    Peter Walker, CTO EMEA, Blue Prism
    Our age is characterized by unprecedented pace of change. We can often struggle to meet short term imperatives, let alone strategic transformation. But change inevitably happens and change can be brutal. A coherent strategy for agility and flexibility is essential for survival.

    Join us to learn:
    - How you can evolve gradually and incrementally into the contact center of the future
    - How to use your existing legacy architecture to unleash the benefits of digitization
  • How RPA Enabled Pets at Home to Realize New Growth and Resilience Recorded: Apr 29 2021 61 mins
    Hannah Atherton, Pets at Home, Jordan Wain, Pets at Home & Charlotte Kennett, Blue Prism
    With an automation-first mindset, Pets at Home turned adversity into opportunity, despite the challenges retail has faced as a result of both COVID-19 and Brexit. Pets at Home is the UK's largest pet supplies retailer and they also have big ambitions of becoming the best pet care business in the world.

    The key elements of Pets at Home’s intelligent automation growth strategy over the past year has been building reusable objects, reducing complexity, and making code easier to maintain and understand. The result of this focus has been greater speed, improved productivity, innovation and recognition, with their RPA team earning the moniker, the ‘Golden Team,’ by their IT department.

    Join us on April 29th to hear how Pets at Home:

    • Built an organizational structure and resilient workflows with the flexibility to cope with change
    • Built automated processes to manage requirements gathering, go live, and production
    • Learned what worked, what didn’t, and planned what they will focus on next

    Join us as Pets at Home share their unique journey.
  • Automatisera med RPA - enkelt och snabbt med Blue Prisms digitala medarbetare Recorded: Apr 22 2021 38 mins
    Jonas Karlsson, Solution Consultant, Blue Prism Niklas Ekblom, Area Sales Director, Blue Prism
    Med hjälp av RPA (digitala medarbetare) kan ni automatisera repetitivt (och tråkigt) arbete – och i stället fokusera på det som ger värde. Många tror att det är krångligt att komma igång med RPA och automationer – faktum är att det är enkelt! När ni väl börjat automatisera är möjligheterna att skala upp oändliga.
    I detta webinar får du följa ett vanligt scenario; en organisation har startat med sin första automation och vet inte hur de ska komma vidare. Samtidigt har verksamheten ett stort behov av att avlasta medarbetare med tidsödande arbetsuppgifter som inte får bli fel.

    För dig som vill ha svar på frågor som;
    • Hur kommer man i gång? Och hur lyckas man skala?
    • Vilka i organisationen ska engageras?
    • Vilken kompetens behöver vi?
    • Kort demo – hur fungerar en digital medarbetare i praktiken?
  • John Lewis | Using Intelligent Automation to Transform its Customer Experience Recorded: Apr 16 2021 22 mins
    Sam Munford, John Lewis Partnership, Dawn Merwanji, John Lewis Partnership & Nina Michell, Blue Prism
    Tune into this Blue Prism Café on April 16, 2021, to hear how John Lewis Partnership is improving customer experience and realizing its digital transformation goal with data-driven intelligent automation. In an industry that must constantly transform to meet ever-evolving customer needs—many related to the impact of COVID-19—John Lewis has introduced and implemented several innovative uses of intelligent automation to pivot from the challenges much of the retail industry has faced.

    In this webinar you will:

    • Hear how intelligent automation has enabled John Lewis to shift stock from its stores to an online marketplace due to COVID-19-related store closures
    • Hear John Lewis’s real-life use cases, demonstrating how they improved customer experience and reduced product waste with intelligent automation
    • Learn what worked, what didn’t and what’s coming next for John Lewis
  • Intelligent Automation: Don’t fail! Scale! Recorded: Apr 14 2021 33 mins
    Corey Donohue Senior Solution Consultant EMEA at Blue Prism
    In this webinar, we will cover 2 of our 7 foundations that make up our Robotic Operating Model, which is the secret to succeeding at RPA & Scaling. We also will cover the Process Assessment Tool (PAT) to help find out where to automate next and keep your automation pipeline full. Blue Prism Building Templates, that will help you to get going faster and build more resilient, robust automations will be covered as our last point.

    Join us on April 14th at 10:00 CET where Corey Donohue, one of our Senior Consultants, will show you how these tools can really help your organization!
  • Morton Salt Automates Sales Order Processing with Blue Prism RPA & Invoke ARIA Recorded: Apr 8 2021 27 mins
    Tim Wilson Director - Customer Supply Chain, OU Americas Morton Salt, Inc., Johnny Ramondino Founder & President, Invoke
    Invoke ARIA solution utilizes Blue Prism digital workers to automation sales order processing. Organizations are looking for ways to drive value for customers and employees. Blue Prism coupled with ARIA make it easy for organizations to rapidly automate any business process. Powered by INVOKE, ARIA delivers an automation-first application for Sales order processing fully integrated with SAP out-of-the-box. You gain a close look at how Morton Salt was able to transform this process for their Supply Chain division reducing order entry time, errors, costs and improving employee engagement.
  • Mencap Society: Digital workers for a human cause Recorded: Mar 31 2021 61 mins
    Matt Juden-Bloomfield, Head of RPA & Global For Good Lead at Blue Prism
    Mencap Society is the UKs largest charity for learning disabilities and the first Not for Profit to pilot Blue Prism’s intelligent automation platform. With support from the Blue Prism Center of Excellence they are utilizing Intelligent Automation to fundamentally enhance their social mission and the lives of those they support.
    Discussion topics include:
    • How intelligent automation allows Mencap to fundamentally enhance the lives of those with learning disabilities and the support they receive.
    • How any Not for Profit can do what Mencap has done by sharing the lessons they have learned along the way.
    • How the Founder and Principal of Profit with Purpose – Isabel Kelly, is now working with Blue Prism on setting up and defining Blue Prism For Good into a fully-fledged business function.
  • How Rebel Energy is Building it's Business with an Automation-First Approach Recorded: Mar 30 2021 61 mins
    Dan Bates, CEO, Rebel Energy and Terry Walby, Chief Executive, Blue Prism Ventures
    Rebel with a cause: How Rebel Energy is using RPA in its mission to disrupt the UK energy market and enable everyone to access the renewable energy transition.

    Rebel Energy is a UK start-up energy company who has launched and designed their business with digital workers in mind.

    Their CEO Dan Bates will join us to discuss how Rebel Energy is building the future of work today using an automation-first approach to achieve seamless integration between digital colleagues and human colleagues. Their aim is to create sustainable profits by helping people and the environment. They think incorporating a digital workforce from day one will help them to achieve their big goals.
    This forward-thinking company’s strategy will help optimize the customer experience - whist generating greater operational efficiencies. This strategy also allows the business to recruit the right people for their mission whilst allowing digital workers to manage the automated tasks.
    Hear how strong leadership will ensure Rebel Energy’s workforce is ready to sustain its digital future.

    In this webinar hosted by Terry Walby, Chief Executive at Blue Prism Ventures, you’ll find out:
    • How the business was built with a digital workforce from the get-go to enable their business to thrive
    • How Rebel Energy is going to disrupt the UK energy market by putting the focus on the humans instead of the processes
    • Lessons learned: what worked, what didn’t, and what are they doing next?

    Be sure to join us live on March 30 at 4pm UK time!
  • The Future of Retail Post COVID-19 - A Demo Webinar Recorded: Mar 26 2021 43 mins
    Coreen Merryweather - Blue Prism & Lee Edwards - Smart Automation & Tom Merry - Rainbird Technologies
    In this webinar we will take you behind the curtain, to reveal how we were able to automate some of the critical customer use cases, and discuss how Intelligent Automation can help you deliver similar new service offerings.
  • How RPA can Accelerate Digital Transformation in Local Government Recorded: Mar 25 2021 58 mins
    Lee Sirdifield, Strategic Director for Transformation and Change at South Kesteven District Council
    South Kesteven District Council (SKDC) is a local authority serving residents and businesses in the southwest of England.
    Through their use of intelligent automation the SKDC automation team developed smart forms to enhance citizen interaction and make fast and informed decisions, resulting in enhanced service delivery to citizens, and improved employee satisfaction.
    Discussion topics include:
    • An overview of the work completed within South Kesteven to deploy RPA across a range of service areas
    • The approach taken to embed this technology into local government as well as plans for future developments
    • Insight to the 80+ reusable objects created for use by other small councils in a partnership-enabling quicker deployment of automations
  • The Future of Retail Post COVID-19 - A day in the life of a retail customer Recorded: Mar 19 2021 29 mins
    Coreen Merryweather Senior Account Director, Blue Prism
    Join us for this Art of the Possible webinar, where we will discuss:
    • Challenges the industry is facing
    • How the competitive landscape has changed
    • What a re-imagined customer journey could look like
  • WIRPA Empower Hour | #ChooseToChallenge Recorded: Mar 18 2021 60 mins
    Xina Seaton, Blue Prism, Nikki North, Thames Water, David Lerma, Blue Prism and Bindi Basan, Blue Prism
    WIRPA Empower Hour | #ChooseToChallenge

    This month we celebrate International Women's Day with a special episode of Empower Hour. This year's theme is #ChooseToChallenge and this panel will dig into this topic in the context of Women in RPA.

    The panel will delve into questions surrounding:
    ·        How to overcome imposter syndrome?
    ·        How to deal with micro-aggressions?
    ·        How to be treated as an equal in a “male dominated” environment?
    ·        How to be create and take opportunities to get the career you want?

    During this webinar we will share tips and techniques to help you #ChooseToChallenge as well.
  • How to Unlock Superior Customer Experience through Intelligent Automation Recorded: Mar 17 2021 60 mins
    Brian Halpin, Blue Prism & Kate Leggett, Forrester & Jason Cullabine, Blue Prism
    Attend this webinar and you will learn:
    •The Economic Impact of Better Customer Experience (CX)
    •The Changing Complex Demands of the Customer and the scrutiny towards the agent
    •The Future of work and the impact of Automation on the workforce
    •Real-world examples of how CX has impacted the workforce
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  • Title: Schroders | Delivering Real-World Solutions with Intelligent Automation
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  • Presented by: Bill Taylor, VP, ASEAN & Korea, Blue Prism
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