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CLEVVA digital experts: Front-office customer service automation

Together, Blue Prism digital workers and CLEVVA digital experts:

• Enable contact center agents to process more complex calls, first time, with less training and risk of error
• Increase the volume and range of service queries that can be resolved via existing digital self-service channels
• Reduce the need for human-in-the-loop and increase the number of processes automated straight through

Join us as we explain how this exciting solution is set to transform the customer service landscape
Recorded Jul 13 2021 67 mins
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Presented by
Ryan Falkenberg, CLEVVA & David Williams, DigiBlu UK & Alisa DiStaso, Blue Prism
Presentation preview: CLEVVA digital experts: Front-office customer service automation

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  • Reimagining the Customer Onboarding Experience with Intelligent Automation Nov 17 2021 11:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Lee Edwards, Smart Automation, CEO & Ian Barker, Partner Success Manager, Rainbird & Adrian Ewer, EMEA Head FSI , Blue Prism
    In this session you will learn how leading organisations are deploying intelligent automation at scale and speed to reimagine their customer onboarding without the need for systems or process change. From the start of a customer application process, you will see how they are driving up revenue and the customer experience through digital forms, data entry, compliance checking, credit scoring and product issuance.
    Key Discussion Points Covered Include:
    ×        Embracing AI technology to improve CX and engagement for seamless frictionless experience
    ×        Know Your Customer – How AI technology is helping understand customers better
    ×        Rapidly onboard customers correctly to avoid penalties and fraud prevention
    ×        Achieving compliance – How Intelligent Automation can help achieve compliance quicker
  • Delivering Business Value with a Digital Workforce in Energy Nov 4 2021 4:00 pm UTC 36 mins
    Rockie Solomon and Yuval Gilbert from Eversource Energy, Huzaifah Basrai and Jamaal Stanford from EY
    In this panel discussion, you'll learn about the importance of business sponsorship in achieving success with automation and how process optimization enhances the delivery experience. Including:

    How Eversource has succeeded with intelligent automation
    The strategic value Eversource has achieved with a digital workforce
    Accelerating business buy-in to achieve success with automation
    Optimizing processes to enhance delivery of intelligent automation
    How to succeed with intelligent automation in utilities
  • Cutting your Cost to Serve with 21st Century Intelligent Automation Recorded: Oct 20 2021 36 mins
    Christian Bowyer, Blue Prism & Stewart Guy, Mobile Cloud & Ed Challis, Re:infer
    We will look at how leading organizations are using Intelligent Automation to manage the way they engage and interact with their customers, specifically when managing large amounts of unstructured data. There will also be an opportunity to learn first-hand how organizations are deploying the latest NLP and automation technologies to read, extract and even fulfil requests from emails with little or no manual intervention.
    Key Discussion Points Covered Include:
    × Embracing NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology to quickly read and categorize all inbound emails
    × Rapidly extract attachments and decipher email content to identify intent
    × Auto respond to enquiries that do not need a ticket created
    × Create automated workflows to include service ticket creation and notification to other teams and ultimately the customer
  • Intelligent Automation in the Cloud Recorded: Sep 29 2021 49 mins
    Daniel Welcel, Sr. Solution Engineer and Dan Segura, Enterprise Sales Director at Blue Prism
    If your endgame is digital transformation, the cloud is the fastest path to get there – and Blue Prism delivers.

    Discover why intelligent automation in the cloud is:
    - Easier to manage, upgrade, and especially scale
    - An express train to access the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning
    - Easy to spin up on-demand to match the pace of your business
    - Complementary to any IT environment to address diverse strategies

    Blue Prism has a range of cloud-first offerings that can jumpstart both your automation strategy and your digital transformation efforts.
  • Staffing the Digital Health Enterprise Operations Recorded: Sep 29 2021 61 mins
    Anna Twomey
    Operational excellence is the foundation of the healthcare enterprise. The ability to scale quickly and process efficiently in Financials insures the business is operating within budget and maintaining cash on hand for delivery of services to the patients. Satisfying staffing requirements and properly credentialing clinical and operational staff ensures patient safety and avoids risks associated with compliance and legal. In this session, we will look at operational processes that are best suited for automation in Human Resources and Finance.
  • Leveraging Hyper-Automation to Transform Operations in Power & Utilities Sector Recorded: Sep 14 2021 57 mins
    Moderated by Jeff Aldridge EY, joined by a group of panelists from Blue Prism, EY, and Eversource.
    Join leaders from EY and Blue Prism in a panel discussion centered on how hyper-automation is transforming Power and Utility (P&U) operations. Also, hear from a P&U leader @ Eversource discuss what they have learned along their IA journey.

    Key topics will include:
    • The importance of strategy and operating model for realizing the long-term benefits of IA
    • Methods for defining and realizing success
    • Effective engagement approaches to alleviate employee concerns with digital workers
    • Roadmaps from successful automation transformation programs
    • Next generation IA use cases within P&U
    • Success story @ Eversource
  • Self-service via Conversational AI+RPA: A Vision of Customer Service Automation Recorded: Sep 14 2021 24 mins
    Derek Roberti (Cognigy), Alisa DiStaso (Blue Prism)
    An RPA-chatbot integration is a game-changing combination. Together, Blue Prism and Cognigy bring access to legacy systems and traditionally manual processes to a modern conversational interface, saving agents time by handling verification and triage before a human gets involved.

    What You'll Learn

    • How Cognigy integrates with Blue Prism to trigger robots, activate swarms and respond to users in their channel of choice, synchronously or asynchronously
    • How chatbots or voice bots can solve customer issues quickly by connecting them with Blue Prism
    • How automation to customer-facing functions reduces human touchpoints

    Take your contact center automation to the next level through a natural-language interface. Register today!
  • Next Generation Intelligent Automation with ABBYY and Blue Prism Recorded: Aug 20 2021 31 mins
    Neil Murphy, ABBYY VP Global Business Development, and Maxime Vermeir, ABBYY Dir. Customer Innovation
    Together ABBYY and Blue Prism are combining to drive the next generation of Intelligent Automation which it transforming the Customer Experience.
  • Next Generation Intelligent Automation with ABBYY at Blue Prism World Recorded: Aug 20 2021 31 mins
    Neil Murphy, ABBYY VP Global Business Development, and Maxime Vermeir, ABBYY Dir. Customer Innovation
    Blue Prism World Presentation: Together ABBYY and Blue Prism are driving the next generation of Intelligent Automation and transforming the Customer Experience.
  • Reimagining the Patient Experience With Intelligent Automation Recorded: Aug 19 2021 44 mins
    Duff Glaser, Senior Director, Healthcare - Blue Prism
    In 2021, intelligent automation is everywhere, and the healthcare industry is no exception. Though automation presents many exciting new possibilities for health systems, such as streamlining clinical processes and improving patient care communications, professionals have more questions than answers about its impact on their day-to-day.

    At Blue Prism’s recent virtual thought leadership event, Reimagining the Patient Experience With Intelligent Automation, panelists in the healthcare space came together to share their thoughts on:
    • The benefits of enhancing patient engagement, including patient retention and increased revenue generation
    • How to automate new transparency mandates between payer and provider organizations
    • Optimizing manufacturing and supply chain systems in healthcare networks to process orders and financials more efficiently
  • IBM | Opening the Aperture with Extreme Automation Recorded: Aug 9 2021 14 mins
    David Pewitt from IBM Services, Molly Gatti from the Veterans Benefits Administration
    IBM Blue Prism World Presentation: Opening the Aperture with Extreme Automation. This presentation focuses on the motivations and means by which automation programs are currently expanding. It features Molly Gatti from The US Department of Veterans Affairs discussing the many benefits of Extreme Automation.
  • Claims as the Catalyst for Company-wide Transformation Recorded: Aug 4 2021 62 mins
    John Bailey, International Solutions Consulting Manager, Blue Prism
    By registering to watch this on-demand webinar, you will:

    Define your organizational strategy and lead the claims revolution to reengineer claims as a holistic service, offering risk management and risk mitigation techniques that are designed to prevent losses.
    Instigate seamless data sharing between claims and other business units to help underwriting teams make better risk decisions, price effectively and predict supply and demand.
    Understand how remote working is impacting the future of claims and learn to effectively manage customer experience in a remote environment.
    Build fairness and value into the claims process to capture accurate customer feedback and improve on customer retention levels.
    Refine and enhance your claims automation strategy to transform the organization into an integrated information sharing ecosystem that connects the entire customer journey.
  • Driving Operational Excellence Recorded: Aug 3 2021 54 mins
    Emma Kirby Kidd, Customer Success Director, Blue Prism
    Increase Efficiency and Profitability Through Automation and Digitization

    Panel Discussion with:

    Renaud Ambite, Chief Technical and Distribution Officer, Single Risk, SCOR P&C
    Carl Berriman, Head of Personal Lines Product Delivery, LV=
    Emma Kirby Kidd, Customer Success Director, Blue Prism
    Moderator: Hugh Hessing, Founder, H 160 Consulting (former COO Aviva, former CEO Aviva Ireland)
  • Levering Hyper-automation to Transform Operations & Create Competitive Advantage Recorded: Jul 30 2021 49 mins
    Bruce Mazza, Jon Walden, James Matcher
    Gartner predicts that industry adoption of Intelligent Automation (IA) will reach 85% in some form by 2022, and hyper-automation (rapid automation using a combination of automation tools) will be at the core of these automation efforts.

    Hyper-automation is transforming every aspect of organizational function from finance, tax, HR, and IT to supply chain, regulatory compliance, and customer care. World class, best in breed organizations are now combining robotic, intelligent, and autonomous systems into their everyday working practices – widening the scope of potential tasks and processes that can be automated every single day.

    In this panel discussion, leaders from Blue Prism and EY highlight how hyper-automation is transforming operations and helping create new opportunities for growth.
  • How Automation is improving the quality of patient care Recorded: Jul 29 2021 29 mins
    Karen Gorman Healthcare Account Director, Blue Prism & Jason Burrage RPA Specialist, Aneurin Bevan Health Board
    Managing the vaccine program and beating the backlog: How Automation is improving the quality of patient care at Aneurin Bevan University Health Board

    Join Jason Burrage, RPA Specialist and ROM Architect at Aneurin Bevan Health Board, as he walks through the key processes involved in improving the quality of care to their patients and the benefits this is bringing to their staff and their bottom line.

    Key takeaways include:

    How clinicians now have access to every patient’s COVID vaccination record
    The impact this has on clinical care
    How they plan to scale their existing automation program with 26 further automations, using their digital workforce to perform the equivalent of 47 WTEs work
  • Kore.ai Conversational Bot & Blue Prism RPA Converge to Assist Banking Customers Recorded: Jul 28 2021 27 mins
    Paul Andrusyshyn, Kore.ai and Erica Murphy, Blue Prism
    "An intelligent virtual assistant can transform the retail banking process and enhance customer engagement and satisfaction by 3 times."

    Simple for your customers and intelligent for your agents, SmartAssist with BankAssist is an omnichannel contact center solution built on Kore’s virtual assistant platform. Kore.ai humanizing RPA to understand and accomplish complex tasks without manual intervention. "An intelligent virtual assistant can transform the retail banking process and enhance customer engagement and satisfaction by 3 times."
  • How Engie Launched and Scaled its Intelligent Automation Program Recorded: Jul 27 2021 15 mins
    Karin Vandermeer, Sub Chapter Lead Revenue Management, Engie & Robby Van Wert, Sub Chapter Lead Automation, Roborana
    In this session, Engie, shares how and why they launched their RPA program in March 2017 and details its methods for successfully scaling a Blue Prism digital workforce. Engie has deployed Blue Prism digital workers to contact customers to resolve a variety of inquiries.
  • Applying Lessons from the Automotive Sector to Financial Services Recorded: Jul 21 2021 59 mins
    Darshan Jain, Blue Prism & Giovanni Gentile, State Street Corporation
    In this session, Giovanni Gentile brings together his unique perspective and experience as a former business leader within the automotive industry with his current role as Head of Automation and AI at State Street.
  • Transform CX with breakthrough digital + human experience Recorded: Jul 20 2021 32 mins
    Bruce Mazza, VP, Global Technology Alliances, Blue Prism
    Customer experiences need to be re-imagined not just made faster. Enterprises need to differentiate their brands with superior customer experience and Contact Centers customer service representatives are your frontlines. The tools that incorporate digital end-to-end journeys, bind AI technologies, and integrate multiple systems is just one facet. Technology needs to be scalable, resilient and secure to manage change. Even more importantly, Enterprises need on-going agility to rapidly transform and re-image customer journeys, adapt to the rapidly evolving remote workforce, and take on new revenue growth and cost-cutting paradigms. In this session, learn from the experts on the following critical success factors:
    • What is key to scaling Customer Experience (CX) with Intelligent Automation transformation for your Contact Centers
    • Learn why smart organizations are looking beyond making interactions just faster
    • How you can align your organization and automation technology needs to make your end-customers experiences better
  • Reducing 5G deployment time by up to 80% using intelligent automation Recorded: Jul 19 2021 62 mins
    Martin Stevenson, Blue Prism, James Harrison, CEO, Inspection2, Mark Newman, Chief Analyst, TM Forum
    5G will present new challenges for network executives. If operators are to deliver new 5G-enabled services and experiences they will need to build denser networks and double their capacity compared with LTE.

    Today’s roll-out methodologies rely on manual processes, email-based communication and isolated office tools. But if operators are to speed up deployments while efficiently managing CapEx and OpEx levels they will need to introduce new digital capabilities such as intelligent automation.
    In this webinar, we discuss:
    - The challenges and complexity of rolling out 5G
    - How to address them with drone technology and intelligent automation using a digital workforce
    - How the intersection of these technologies can reduce deployment time while saving cost and driving revenue
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  • Title: CLEVVA digital experts: Front-office customer service automation
  • Live at: Jul 13 2021 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: Ryan Falkenberg, CLEVVA & David Williams, DigiBlu UK & Alisa DiStaso, Blue Prism
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