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Helping your remote workers thrive - Insights from Google & Citrix

Working remotely doesn’t need to feel that way. In-fact, according to a new study conducted by the Centre of Economics and Business Research (CEBR), companies that leverage technology to enable flexible working models increase employee engagement and productivity.

During this webinar, the Google Chrome Enterprise and Citrix team will cover :
•What you need to know about remote working
•Top 10 insights for working at home effectively
•The time is now to get your technology set up in the right way
Recorded May 5 2020 58 mins
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Presented by
Safi Obeidullah APJ Field CTO, Citrix & Neal French, Head of Chrome Enterprise, JAPAC, Google.
Presentation preview: Helping your remote workers thrive - Insights from Google & Citrix

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  • A Guide To Digital Wellness: Avoiding Burn Out in the Digital Age Apr 27 2021 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Safi Obeidullah, Citrix | Amy Haworth, Citrix | Elizebeth Varghese, IBM
    Wellness, and more specifically digital wellness, has become very topical in the last year. As employees become more distributed, and working from home becomes the new ‘normal’, efforts to improve mental health and employee wellness have become ever more important. A recent Citrix survey revealed that 97% of respondents agree that digital wellness solutions are necessary for strengthening and preserving company culture. In fact, bolstering company culture, reducing burnout, and remaining competitive in retaining and recruiting talent, are some of the main driving factors behind the development of digital wellness initiatives.

    In the wellness space, it’s vital that leaders ask themselves some important questions. What is the human cost of increased productivity? How do you measure employee wellness? How to remain competitive and push employees to be their best, while also avoiding burnout and promoting wellness?

    In the first episode of this series, we took a close look at employee experience, and how to operationalize EX strategies. In this second episode, we’ll be going a little deeper, and picking apart the foundations of your people strategy to demonstrate the innate value of digital wellness in the digital age.

    Join this session as we discuss:
    - Strategies to build digital wellness
    - How to maintain engagement and social connection
    - How technology can be a great asset in the wellness space
    - And more

    Safi Obeidullah, Field CTO at Citrix
    Amy Haworth, Chief of Staff of Human Resources at Citrix
    Elizebeth Varghese, Global Leader and Global Top 100 HR Influencer at IBM
  • Designing Employee Experiences: How to Operationalize Your EX Strategy Apr 20 2021 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Safi Obeidullah, Field CTO, Citrix | Renee Flores, Director of Design Thinking, Citrix
    Operationalizing employee experience has always been important. A good employee experience (EX) pushes employees to do their best work, and has a direct impact on your business. In a recent survey by Citrix, 43% of employees surveyed had seen better employee experience lead to improved productivity, and more than 30% said EX led to improved profitability and better customer satisfaction.

    Leaders must prioritise EX, particularly when there has been such a strain on the workforce as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. As the workforce grapples with the new world of work, there has never been a more important time to operationalize EX. Leaders must secure the digital workspace, encourage collaboration across departments, and simplify workflows. However, EX is more than just deploying a new piece of technology or implementing a new process. To build the right EX you need to start with a clear understanding of the needs of employees and that’s where leveraging methodologies like design thinking are gaining popularity.

    While the reasons to focus on EX are clear, many organizations struggle with how to operationalize EX strategies. The two key challenges are cultural and technological. Both culture and technology are key to improving employee experience, but leaders must leverage them in the correct way.

    So, how can leadership teams overcome challenges, and execute and define an EX strategy? Join us in the first episode of [Series Name] as we discuss:
    - How to execute and operationalize EX
    - The main challenges facing EX efforts, and how to overcome them
    - The future of EX
  • The Remote Workforce 12 Months On: Is The Office Dead? Apr 13 2021 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Safi Obeidullah, Citrix | Janet Jones, Microsoft | Alexi Marmot, UCL
    In the last year, the corporate world has seen a huge shift. Entire workforces were forced to adapt to remote working overnight, and we are still coming to terms with the extent of this shift now. But what does the world of work look like 12 months on, and what are the business implications of these changes?

    The move to remote work has catapulted many organisations into digital transformation, and as businesses do become more digital, business agility improves. An estimated $44.4 billion has been saved in commuting costs, and leaders are prioritising employee wellness in a way we’ve never seen before. With immense change impacting the fabric of the working world, it is vital to consider the fundamental shifts and the business benefits they can bring to your organisation. For example, digital transformation and the move to the cloud.

    Looking forward, the likelihood is that many organisations will embrace a hybrid model, with employees balancing their time between remote and office based work. So, how does this change the nature of the physical office; how do you facilitate collaboration and maintain engagement with employees that are both in the office and remote.

    There are many layers to the impact of Covid on the world of work, and in this episode we’ll explore what the office looks like in a post-Covid world.

    Join this session as we discuss:
    - The business and economic benefits of remote working
    - What does the physical office of the future look like?
    - The long term impact of flexible and remote work
    - The business benefits of these changes
  • Top Security Predictions for 2021 Mar 30 2021 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Safi Obeidullah, Citrix | Fermin Serna, Citrix | Ayman El Hajjar, University of Westminster
    2020 was an intense year for security professionals. The shift to remote working uncovered unforeseen vulnerabilities and called for more stringent security solutions. Distributed workers meant distributed data, and security professionals had to find a balance between enabling wide-scale access to private data, and protecting their organisations from new threats.

    However, as we move into 2021, it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any easier for the security world. According to a recent Citrix survey. 93% of US and European business leaders believe cybercrime and big data breaches will present a significant risk to organisations over the next 15 years. But what are these risks, and how can you best prepare your organisation to tackle them?

    In this episode, we’ll take a look at what we have learned from security in 2020, and how we are using these lessons to inform security strategies over the next few years.
    Join us as we discuss:
    - The top security predictions for 2021
    - Security lessons from 2020, and how 2020 changed security forever
    - The future of security, and what to expect going forward

    Safi Obeidullah, Field CTO at Citrix
    Fermin Serna, Chief Security Officer at Citrix
    Ayman El Hajjar, Course leader Cyber Security and Forensics at University of Westminster
  • Lessons from HR: A Resilient Employee Experience, for the Future Hybrid World. Mar 25 2021 10:00 am UTC 17 mins
    Jane Christopher, Senior HR Business Partner, Citrix
    2020 was a challenging year for every organisation, not least for HR teams. Discover the lessons from the Citrix HR Office and how to build an employee experience strategy for the future of work.
  • Citrix Workspace [EP3]: Ideas for using Citrix Workspace to support resilience Mar 23 2021 10:00 am UTC 18 mins
    John Moody, EMEA Domain Specialist & Ellen Wootten, Software Engineer, Citrix
    In this session, we look at ideas and solutions that support human resiliency. Citrix Workspace can be used to deliver employee support programs, and innovative Microapps to support well-being. In this session we'll look at some of these ideas that you can use in your own organisation, and how to get started.
  • Citrix Workspace [EP2]: The Future of the Adaptive Workspace Mar 18 2021 10:00 am UTC 32 mins
    Calvin Hsu, Vice President of Product Management, Citrix
    Competitive advantage will go to organizations that empower employees to do their best work – wherever, whenever and however work needs to get done. This is the adaptive workplace of the future, any user, any location, any application, any cloud, any device. Join this session to find out more.
  • Citrix Workspace [EP1]: Employee Experience, Well-being & Resilience Mar 15 2021 10:00 am UTC 14 mins
    Alysia Eve, Director of Product Marketing, Citrix
    Throughout 2020, the concept of resilience leaped into prevalence. As employees dramatically shifted to remote working and often tried to balance care-giving with professional responsibilities, burnout and mental health challenges became central issues for workplaces to address. This is where Citrix Workspace comes in. Citrix Workspace and it’s platform gives organizations the ability to design and create the right workspace to help aid and build resilience in their workforce. Find out how you can deliver a workspace with well-being built in.
  • The Human Side to ZeroTrust Mar 10 2021 10:00 am UTC 21 mins
    Kurt Roemer, Chief Security Strategist, Citrix
    72 percent of organizations plan to roll out a ZeroTrust model to mitigate security risk. But Zero Trust takes more than flipping a switch—if employees don’t buy in to your security strategy, it will not succeed.
    Join this session to find out more.
  • Work 2035 – How people and technology will pioneer new ways of working Mar 9 2021 10:00 am UTC 22 mins
    Tim Minahan, EVP Business Strategy & CMO, Citrix, Safi Obeidullah, CTO, Citrix
    Nowhere is our future more in flux than the future of work. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many organisations to revolutionise their ways of working almost overnight and brought the future of work to the present. Remote work has become the “new normal,” and companies are making it part of their long-term strategies to ensure business continuity. Work will never be the same again. Yet it remains central to what it means to be human.

    How will this relationship between the workforce, work models and work environment evolve? And how can we as business leaders, policymakers and individuals see further into the forces that will shape our future and bring about the future we want?
    We asked some of the world’s most respected academics, business leaders and employees to join us in imagining what the future of work might look like in 2035, the opportunities and threats it might hold, and how people and technology may work together to generate value.

    This exercise raised the fundamental questions that must be faced by every business and government organisation in their long-term strategic planning. How will workers be organised to deliver value? How will people partner with technology and will we see the emergence of human-machine teaming? What new opportunities will workers be afforded and what novel pitfalls will they face? How might governments and supranational entities respond with regulation to support workers and ensure competition in the new world of work?

    In this session Tim Minahan Executive Vice President, Business Strategy and Chief Marketing Officer will discuss the research with Safi Obeidullah Field Chief Technology Officer. They will talk through various topics including Artificial Intelligence and what it could mean for workers and leaders and how savvy companies are using this crisis as an opportunity to rethink their workforce strategies.
  • Connected IT to Deliver Care – Any Place, Any Time Recorded: Mar 2 2021 56 mins
    R. Vize, Public Policy Media, Dr A. Hayter, NHS England, J. Beardsmore, Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust, J. Murden, Citrix
    As a result of the pandemic, hospitals are being reinvented as centres of intensive care, with other services being pushed out into the community, or delivered through virtual settings. This is driving the largest shake-up of NHS estates and the delivery of care ever witnessed.

    At the heart of this reconfiguration is the need for a connected health and IT infrastructure that will enable clinicians to effectively deliver patient care in any setting. The imperative for access to apps, data and systems in any location, at any time has never been more essential or urgent.

    In this webinar we will be hearing from transformation leaders at the heart of delivering connected systems. We’ll be discussing the need for rapid transformation and the business case for investing into connected IT systems right now, as well as exploring some of the practicalities of connecting your legacy systems to enable clinicians to deliver effective care regardless of their location.
  • Five heroic measures IT teams must take to navigate 'back to the office' Recorded: Feb 23 2021 55 mins
    Matt Crawford Director, Solutions Marketing, Citrix & Richard Achee, Global Technology Partner Lead, Google.
    Last year, IT teams did a super-human job of rapidly enabling employees to work remotely during the pandemic. The stories were amazing – with some technologists standing up environments in weeks – or even a matter of days. Now, IT leaders realize that “Back-to-Office” isn’t “remote work in reverse.” IT departments have to consider more than just how to support remote and office workers at the same time. It’s more complicated than that given thin IT budgets, new post-COVID-19 requirements, and new employee perspectives on what a great technology experience really is. The new normal requires efficient technology infrastructure that facilitates employee productivity, keeps business data and intellectual property secure, and allows IT departments to be agile enough to seize opportunities. IT needs to be able to respond to whatever comes next. Take 30 minutes to learn five heroic measures you can take -- cost effectively – to support this next phase of work.

    · Provide a unified work experience no matter where work gets done.
    · Develop an endpoint device strategy that reduces costs.
    · Rethink security with a zero trust approach
    . Reduce onboarding costs for all workers, including gig workers and contractors.
    · Give yourself options for scalable, flexible deployment.
  • 'Unlocking Digital Productivity for the Public Sector Recorded: Feb 16 2021 61 mins
    Terry A'hearn, CEO, SEPA, Steve Hoensch, University of Cambridge, Matt Smith, Citrix
    The COVID-19 pandemic, and subsequent societal shift to home-working, has created massive challenges for business continuity and service delivery in the public sector.

    However, with the right digital solutions, this could be leveraged into an opportunity for organisations to improve productivity and unlock access to new talent. So how can you take advantage of this and transform your approach?

    Holyrood Connect has partnered with industry experts Citrix to answer this as part of our ongoing series of digital briefings.

    Our high profile lineup of speakers will include a presentation from Kate Forbes MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Finance, on the role digital productivity can play in Scotland’s post-pandemic economic recovery. This will be followed by a panel discussion focusing on public sector case studies of digitally enabled productivity.
  • Real world business continuity insights, consideration & recommendations Recorded: Feb 9 2021 31 mins
    Safi Obeidullah, Field CTO APJ, Victor Rodriguez, Field CTO, AMS, Kurt Roemer, Chief Security Strategist, Jeff Sanderson, CTO
    Organizations must create an effective, holistic business continuity plan that mitigates the potential organizational impact an unexpected event can cause. Creating an effective business continuity plan requires a number of things to consider, some obvious and not to obvious. Join us for an upcoming webinar, where you will hear from members of the Citrix Office of the CTO who will share their industry experiences to provide insights on effective business continuity planning.
  • The Tension Between Effective Security and Employee Experience Recorded: Nov 19 2020 55 mins
    Safi Obeidullah, Citrix I Thomas Hatch, SaltStack I Kurt Roemer, Citrix I Jennifer Szkatulski, IBM
    The New Workspace Episode 6

    Many organisations agree that employee experience is a top priority. It both attracts new talent, and makes it more likely that your employees will be sticking around for the long haul.

    IT plays a pivotal role in employee engagement. Employees need to work from anywhere and want to use their own devices. Workplace expectations are evolving fast. But with more user endpoints and remote workers than ever, security risks are on the rise.

    According to the 2019 Thales Data Threat Report, 60% of global organisations had experienced a data breach.

    With constant threats on the horizon, it’s important that the digital workspace implements effective security measures. These measures must improve productivity rather than cause a nuisance and take up employee time.

    In this episode we will discuss:

    • How to optimize your security strategy in a way that doesn’t compromise employee experience
    • How the new world of work will impact employer and employee collaboration
    • Fostering a culture of security, privacy and compliance that’s focused on outcomes

    Panelists include:
    - Safi Obeidullah, Field Chief Technology Officer, Citrix
    - Thomas Hatch, CTO and founder, SaltStack
    - Kurt Roemer, Chief Security Strategist, Citrix
    - Jennifer Szkatulski, Security Intelligence Analyst/Technical Strategy and Innovation Lead, IBM
  • Building a Resilient Business for the Future of Work Recorded: Nov 12 2020 59 mins
    Safi Obeidullah, Citrix I Carla Hall, Fujitsu I Jason Southern, NVIDIA I Gerard Lavin, Citrix
    The New Workspace Episode 5

    In order to combat change and disruption, businesses need to be adaptable. Companies are having to change business models and operations to adapt to remote working and workforce strains. Making the most of resources available to us to help digitise your business, like AI, the digital workspace and the cloud, can boost productivity and communication. Using the tools available to us, and staying on top of trends can keep your business thriving.

    While many are returning to work, this is not a return to normality, and a lot of work still has to go into adapting to the new dynamics of the workplace.

    In this episode we will discuss:
    • How to adapt to the new climate and digitise your business
    • The tools that are available to help run business smoothly
    • The digital economy and digital business models

    Panelists include:
    - Safi Obeidullah, Field Chief Technology Officer, Citrix
    - Carla Hall, Head of Workforce and Workspace, Fujitsu
    - Jason Southern, EMEA Head of Professional Visualisation & Virtualisation, NVIDIA
    - Gerard Lavin, Product Strategist, Citrix
  • The Role of Leadership in the New World of Work Recorded: Nov 5 2020 63 mins
    Safi Obeidullah, Citrix I Daryll Scott, LAB Group Ltd I Katharina Wittgens, Innovationbubble I Maria Trivellato, Citrix
    The New Workspace Episode 4

    The coronavirus pandemic has changed the very fabric of the working world. From the challenges of working remotely, to encouraging productivity in your employees - leaders and employees are navigating an entirely new dynamic. While we’re still grappling with adjusting to remote working, organisations are now navigating a return to the office, and putting precautions into place to protect their staff. Everything from culture, to on-boarding and hiring has changed, and leaders must react quickly and efficiently to the change in employees as well as workplace culture.

    In this episode we will cover:

    • What sort of leader is needed in times of crisis, and the sort of leadership that will emerge in the new working world
    • The difference between a remote workforce and a distributed workforce
    • How to make working from home easier and enjoyable for everyone
    • How to lead a return to office
    • The new skill sets needed from employees and leaders

    Panelists include:
    - Safi Obeidullah, Field Chief Technology Officer, Citrix
    - Daryll Scott, Director of Human Technology, LAB Group Ltd
    - Katharina Wittgens, Managing Director & Business Psychologist, Innovationbubble
    - Maria Trivellato, Director, Talent Acquisition, Citrix
  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Master Class Recorded: Oct 27 2020 91 mins
    Mayank Singh and Rob Beekmans, Citrix
    Making Windows Virtual Desktop Work for Business Continuity
    Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) provides users with the freedom to work from anywhere. In order to provide a positive experience, WVD must be personalized, optimized and integrated. If users don't have the right apps or data or experience, the business continuity plan will suffer.

    In this inaugural session by our technical experts, we will walk though how to provide a WVD solution that incorporates:

    •Personalization to accommodate user requirements with FSLogix
    •App-specific optimizations for Office 365 and Microsoft Teams
    •Access to users cloud and on-premises content
  • Through the Storm: Building a Long Term Flexible Working Strategy Recorded: Oct 20 2020 89 mins
    Sara Nelson, HR Director, Citrix. Per Ove Johansson, Solution Strategist, Citrix. Sasa Petrovic, Solution Strategist, Citrix
    In a matter of months, we have moved the conversation around ‘work’ by a decade. ‘Working from home’ has proven possible and productive. Technology has worked. Employees’ expectations have evolved. The world has changed. But how can we prepare for the future?

    Please joint this webinar and you will hear from Sara Nelson, Citrix EMEA HR Director, on how Citrix managed employee experience since COVID-19 and plan to going forward. Then, you will learn how to improve remote employee experience and gain productivity, engagement and efficiency with Citrix Solution Strategists Sasa Petrovic and PO Johansson.
  • Education is Changing.​ How can IT leaders innovate for the next generation?​ Recorded: Oct 14 2020 58 mins
    Steve Hoensch, Cambridge University. Paul Harris, Enterprise Channel Manager, Microsoft. Craig Bramley, Citrix
    This year has seen rapid and significant change in the education sector.

    Universities must not only adapt to these changes now, but find innovative ways to apply technology to meet business challenges and the needs of students and staff in the future.

    In this panel discussion, experts explored the five key areas universities must focus on to deliver successful learning in an ever-changing world.
Citrix EMEA
Citrix EMEA

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  • Title: Helping your remote workers thrive - Insights from Google & Citrix
  • Live at: May 5 2020 9:00 am
  • Presented by: Safi Obeidullah APJ Field CTO, Citrix & Neal French, Head of Chrome Enterprise, JAPAC, Google.
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