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Citrix Future of Work: 2020 Technology Trends

As we move into 2020, Citrix and CCS Insights will be talking you through the key technology trends we see in the Future of Work.

This is the third webinar in a three part series around the Future of Work. You can watch the previous webinars here:

Citrix Future of Work: Our Vision: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/17266/373298

How The Intelligent Workspace Increases Productivity With Your Favorite App:
Recorded May 21 2020 46 mins
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Presented by
Adam Pulsakowski, Senior Technologist, Citrix and Nick McQuire Vice President, Enterprise Research CCS Insight
Presentation preview: Citrix Future of Work: 2020 Technology Trends

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  • Improving employee experience and productivity during the pandemic Oct 6 2020 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Chris Smith and Jane Christopher, Citrix
    In only a few months this global pandemic has changed our lives in ways we could not have seen or imagined before. The financial services industry is playing a pivotal role in supporting businesses and citizens to weather the storm through the crisis. It is critical that banks maintain service continuity, while accommodating stay-at-home orders and physical distancing for their workers. It is challenging.

    Prior to March 2020, financial organisations knew that digital transformation was critical to delivering a better customer experience and operational efficiencies, with many initiatives already underway. However, there was not the urgency that there is now. Post-March 2020, customers will be looking to run their financial life through apps and online banking. These applications will be developed and supported by employees and contractors working from home. In fact, most financial service sector employees at the present time are now working from home.

    These seismic shifts precipitated by the current situation are unlikely to reverse any time soon. Given that employees working from home is the new normal, how does the financial service industry ensure its workers are productive and engaged?

    In February 2020, pre-pandemic, Citrix surveyed managers and employees across all sectors in the UK to understand the relationship between the employee experience and productivity.

    The research revealed 47 per cent of managers in financial services believe their organisation is working at maximum productivity compared to only 27 per cent of employees.
  • Is the Civil Service Ready for a New Era of Remote Working? Sep 29 2020 9:00 am UTC 74 mins
    Mike Hulett, National Crime Agency, Geoffrey Lyons, Civil Service World, Dr. David Best, UCAS, Stephen Twynam, Citrix
    Central government departments have traditionally been strongly opposed to any form of Bring Your Own Device policy, but the pandemic has set off a perfect storm of circumstances meaning it can longer be ignored.

    Departments such as DWP and HMRC are seeing an unprecedented demand for their services as millions of new citizens are being put on furlough with new stay at home policies. Some traditionally desk-based staff working within the departments haven't even been able to work as they don't have laptops to work from.

    What if there was a way to allow staff to use their own devices quickly and securely?

    In this webinar, we'll discuss some of the key issues around remote working, including:
    •How is remote working different (apart from being – well, remote?)
    •What are the security risks around remote working?
    •What are the pros and cons of Bring Your Own Device policies?
  • Continuité d’Activité de votre entreprise avec Citrix : des réponses concrètes à Aug 24 2020 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Maxence Michardiere, Senior Sales Engineer, Citrix
    L’objectif est de répondre concrètement aux questions que vous vous posez actuellement

    •Comment connecter rapidement les collaborateurs qui travaillent de chez eux ?
    •Pourront-ils continuer d’accéder à toutes leurs applications et données ?
    •Cela va-t-il avoir un impact sur la sécurité et les performances de mon SI ?
    •Mon SI sera-t-il en capacité d’absorber rapidement une demande accrue et soudaine de connexions à distance ?
    •Comment rendre mon infrastructure suffisamment flexible pour répondre en temps réel à nos besoins business ?

    Vous verrez comment Citrix peut concrètement aider à répondre à ces problématiques et garantir la continuité de l’activité de votre entreprise, établissement public ou autre.

    Préparez vos questions et votre plateau repas / sandwich maison en attendant ce WebiLunch live !

    L’équipe Citrix France
  • Erfolgsstrategien für die digitale Arbeitswelt: Worauf es bei „New Work“ wirklic Aug 20 2020 9:00 am UTC 51 mins
    Frank Schabel, Hays, Johannes P. Leuschner, Hays, Saša Petrović, Citrix, Daniel Holzinger, Colited Management Consultancy
    Der digitale Wandel der Arbeitswelt beschäftigt heute nahezu jedes Unternehmen. Aber was sind die Schlüsselfaktoren, um ein New Work-Konzept in der Praxis erfolgreich umzusetzen? Wie wird ein Unternehmen zum attraktiven Arbeitgeber für die besten Fachkräfte? Und was können IT und HR tun, um Mitarbeiter im Alltag produktiver und zufriedener zu machen? Darüber sprechen Experten des Technologieanbieters Citrix und des Personaldienstleisters Hays.

    Erfahren Sie in diesem Webinar unter anderem,

    •welche Trends und Entwicklungen die Arbeitswelt gerade verändern,
    •wie Technologie und Kultur am digitalen Arbeitsplatz zusammenspielen,
    •was passieren muss, damit sich New Work für Unternehmen auszahlt,
    •wie Hays seine eigene New Work-Strategie mit Citrix umgesetzt hat,
    •welche Innovationen den digitalen Arbeitsplatz in Zukunft noch smarter und sicherer machen.
  • What if your Business Continuity Plan could help you support a more sustainable Aug 18 2020 9:00 am UTC 28 mins
    Bjorn Riiber. EMEA Domain Specialist: Cloud & Technology Evangelist
    What will be the impact on our work efficiency and to the health of the planet earth after a crisis like the one we are experiencing today – or others we will experience in the future? Will a Business Continuity Plan help us at all? What is important to an end-user in a Business Continuity scenario and how can technology help? How can we secure the level of productivity we need to stay alive as a business or controversially, could it be possible for a crises to increase our productivity? Since 2.7 billion CO2 annual combined GHG comes from global emissions of commuting and ICT, is it possible to reduce our global carbon footprint with an intelligent Business Continuity Plan?
    We at Citrix believe that our technology and vision along with a good Business Continuity Plan will result in helping the globe to become a more sustainable and more efficient place to live!
  • Accelerate your business continuity plan with Citrix + Microsoft Recorded: Jul 21 2020 52 mins
    Ben Lancaster - Citrix, Kirsty Harrison - Microsoft. Toby Brown - Citrix. Paul Hermsen - Citrix
    Citrix + Microsoft have a longstanding partnership, delivering business continuity strategies to our customers. Our joint WVD and Managed desktop solutions allow employees to work remotely with the same experience they would expect in the office.

    Join us in this webinar to understand how you can:
    •Get your employees working remotely using their own devices without the need for additional infrastructure
    •Respond to business continuity requirements with minimal IT or consulting involvement
    •Give your employees the best possible experience from any location on any device even when accessing resource-draining applications
    •Stay ahead of the game by ensuring your Business As Usual (BAU) strategy becomes your Business Continuity Planning (BCP) strategy

    Featuring speakers from both Microsoft and Citrix, we will also discuss how our customers have transitioned their employees seamlessly to a remote workforce to continue business as usual.
  • Preparing for the Unpredictable Recorded: Jun 30 2020 62 mins
    Safi Obeidullah, Citrix I Dave Millner, HR Curator Ltd I Gerard Lavin, Citrix I Dr Sharna Wiblen
    The New Workspace Episode 3

    You can't predict the next crisis but you can be prepared for it: this rings true for all organizations and employees around the world in 2020.

    Business leaders need to prepare for the unknown with an integrated crisis management policy. Successful leaders are navigating today’s crisis by identifying the right combination of policies and technologies to ensure as little disruption as possible while maintaining secure control of corporate resources.

    In the third episode of The New Workspace, we focus on the importance of Business Continuity and how to prepare and educate both your leadership and organization to always be ready for the unpredictable, whilst limiting disruption and continuing workforce productivity.

    Safi Obeidullah, Field Chief Technology Officer, Citrix and host of The New Workspace will be joined by industry experts as they discuss:

    • What is Business Continuity (BC)? Has the definition and importance of BC changed in the eyes of organisations since the COVID-19 crisis?
    • How to avoid the business consequences of being unprepared - for employees, investors and partners
    • Key business learnings from COVID-19?

    Panelists include:
    - Safi Obeidullah, Field Chief Technology Officer, Citrix
    - Dave Millner, Author, Founder & Consulting Partner, HR Curator Ltd
    - Gerard Lavin, Product Strategist, EMEA, Citrix
    - Dr Sharna Wiblen, Executive Educator and Digitalised Talent Management Scholar, Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong
  • Distributed But Connected: Enabling Today’s Remote Digital Workforce Recorded: Jun 23 2020 62 mins
    Safi Obeidullah, Citrix I Michael Wheeler-Wyatt, Google Chrome Enterprise I Gerard Lavin, Citrix I So-Young Kang, Gnowbe
    The New Workspace Episode 2

    Citrix has always believed that a distributed workforce is the best hybrid model to enable organisations to optimize their investment in real-estate while empowering their employees to work more effectively in a style that suits them. Modern business and employees need the flexibility and tools to work remotely - be it a break-out area within your office, on a business trip abroad, or during a crisis.

    Having the ability to maintain productivity and collaboration whilst working remotely not only requires adequate network access and secure connectivity, but also the right leadership and a positive and empowering employee experience.

    In the second episode of The New Workspace, we will focus on the necessary IT and HR strategies, the tools, and functions needed to enable your organisation to effectively and efficiently work remotely - wherever they may be.

    Safi Obeidullah, Field Chief Technology Officer, Citrix and host of The New Workspace will be joined by industry experts as they discuss:

    • How to thrive under the new challenges of remote working
    • Adaptable frameworks for dynamic remote working environments
    • The impact of remote working on culture, employees, leadership, environment and much more.

    Panelists include:
    - Safi Obeidullah, Field Chief Technology Officer, Citrix
    - Michael Wheeler-Wyatt, Head of Chrome Enterprise EMEA, Google Chrome Enterprise
    - Gerard Lavin, Product Strategist, EMEA, Citrix
    - So-Young Kang, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Gnowbe
  • Defining The New Digital Worker Recorded: Jun 16 2020 60 mins
    Safi Obeidullah, Citrix I Chris Hall, KEMET I Alysia Eve, Citrix I Brian Solis, Salesforce
    The New Workspace Episode 1

    The work we do and the way we work has evolved. Todays’ workplace is typified by generational diversity. With that expectations and definitions of work and the workplace now differ. Modern professionals want the flexibility to work where and when they want, as well as needing it, if they are to handle whatever life throws at them. Successful businesses need to evolve; HR and IT must join forces and empower their employees with the right policies and technologies to thrive in today’s environment.

    Workplace technology, including ‘digitisation’ and the digital workspace, has become a major focus within the subject of employee experience. Early adopters have seen increased productivity and engagement from employees who enable their employees with the right digital workspace.

    In the opening episode of The New Workspace, Safi Obeidullah, Field Chief Technology Officer, Citrix and host of The New Workspace will explore how you can empower your employees with a smarter way of working to keep them productive, happy and engaged. He will be joined by a panel of industry experts who will discuss:

    • Why you need a technology-backed, holistic strategy for the new workplace
    • The relationship between effective collaboration tools, employee happiness & the bottom line
    • How consumer tech is influencing how HR and technology need to work together to keep employees engaged

    Panelists include:
    - Safi Obeidullah, Field Chief Technology Officer, Citrix
    - Chris Hall, Vice President, Global IT, KEMET
    - Alysia Eve, Director of Product Marketing, Citrix
    - Brian Solis, Global Innovation Evangelist, Salesforce
  • Citrix Future of Work: 2020 Technology Trends Recorded: May 21 2020 46 mins
    Adam Pulsakowski, Senior Technologist, Citrix and Nick McQuire Vice President, Enterprise Research CCS Insight
    As we move into 2020, Citrix and CCS Insights will be talking you through the key technology trends we see in the Future of Work.

    This is the third webinar in a three part series around the Future of Work. You can watch the previous webinars here:

    Citrix Future of Work: Our Vision: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/17266/373298

    How The Intelligent Workspace Increases Productivity With Your Favorite App:
  • Interview with the CUBE: The new face of remote work Recorded: May 14 2020 40 mins
    Amy Haworth, Chief of Staff for Human Resources at Citrix, and Tamara McCleary, CEO of Thulium and leading Futurist
    In the blink of an unexpected eye, remote work went from a growing trend for some to a requirement for as many as possible. Employees throughout different industry segments are now adapting to the working from home environment, bathrooms are replacing conference rooms, and kids and pets are crashing meetings. Join Amy Haworth and Tamara McCleary for a discussion on what the new face of work looks like, based on intriguing results from our recent survey.
  • The Experience of Work - with guest speaker from Economist Intelligence Unit Recorded: May 6 2020 59 mins
    Pete Swabey, EIU. Christian Reilly, Citrix. Jane Christopher, Citrix
    The need to improve employee engagement is driving companies to consider the working experience they create. A better employee experience means a happier, engaged and productive workforce.

    However, it’s easy to talk about offering a better employee experience, but to make a real difference in productivity and engagement, you’ve got to go about it the right way.

    A new study from The Economist Intelligence Unit examines the factors that shape the employee experience, and the role of technology.

    Join us for this webinar as we explore these findings, and uncover how HR and IT are working together to shape employee experience.

    Why attend?
    Hear from Pete Swabey, EMEA editorial director, thought leadership, The Economist Intelligence Unit, on the finding from this global study, and get his take on why employee experience is high on the agenda for organizations around the world.

    Jane Christopher, senior HR leader at Citrix will share how we are approaching this important topic within our own organization, and what others can learn from our strategy.

    Christian Reilly, Chief Technology Officer, Citrix, will share our vision around the transformation of employee experience, the role of technology and how organisations can deliver a modern digital working environment.
  • Helping your remote workers thrive - Insights from Google & Citrix Recorded: May 5 2020 58 mins
    Safi Obeidullah APJ Field CTO, Citrix & Neal French, Head of Chrome Enterprise, JAPAC, Google.
    Working remotely doesn’t need to feel that way. In-fact, according to a new study conducted by the Centre of Economics and Business Research (CEBR), companies that leverage technology to enable flexible working models increase employee engagement and productivity.

    During this webinar, the Google Chrome Enterprise and Citrix team will cover :
    •What you need to know about remote working
    •Top 10 insights for working at home effectively
    •The time is now to get your technology set up in the right way
  • Lead your office to a modern digital workspace Recorded: Apr 28 2020 51 mins
    Gerard Lavin Sr. Manager Product Management & Marketing, Citrix & David Cottingham Director, Product Management, Citrix
    Lead your office to a modern digital workspace with Citrix Workspace with intelligence.

    Citrix Workspace has always been the place to get work done. Now, with the addition of the intelligence features, Citrix Workspace is a personal productivity hub for your users. It provides simple and secure access to any app on any device and gives insights to guide your users' work day.

    Listen to this webinar to find out more and how Citrix Workspace can benefit your organization. Hear from our experts on how you can transform the employee experience with an intelligent workspace solution, modernize IT security and enable a higher level of mobile productivity.
  • Uncover The full benefits of Virtual Apps and Desktops Service with public cloud Recorded: Apr 21 2020 28 mins
    Jan-Christopher Gärtner, Sr. Manager Product Management & Marketing, Citrix
    The benefits of Virtual Apps and Desktops Service are endless: ease of deployment, operation, and management, as well as agility and choice, to name a few. When you combine this with public clouds (such as Azure) you benefit even more from the right consumption models, achieving scalability and flexibility for your business as well as significant cost savings.

    Listen to this webinar to explore the full list of benefits, and why if you are running workloads in Public Clouds or plan to so in the near future, Virtual Apps and Desktops Services is a must have.
  • Technology in Practice Webinar Series - Expert Q&A: Business Continuity Recorded: Apr 16 2020 59 mins
    Business Continuity is top of mind right now. You may be wondering how to quickly set up or expand Citrix infrastructure to give your workers access during the current disruption. Citrix Remote PC Access, Citrix Managed Desktops, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, and Citrix Cloud services are all great options for flexible access to the apps and data you need to keep working productively.

    Hear from our panelists of experts.

    Dan Feller, Lead Technical Marketing Architect
    Ryan McClure, Lead Customer Success Architect
    Sarah Steinhoff, Lead Professional Services Architect
    Scott Lane, Distinguished Sales Engineer
    Nick Rintalan, moderator, Principal Architect and Sr. Director of Customer Success
  • Geek's Guide to Microsoft Teams Optimization for Windows Virtual Desktop Recorded: Apr 8 2020 28 mins
    Mathew Brooks, Technical Architect, Citrix
    Have you ever seen the user experience fail due to not properly optimizing Microsoft Teams in Windows Virtual Desktop?

    For years, Citrix provided optimization for Skype for Business and now extends the capabilities to Microsoft Teams. But this is not a one-size-fits-all solution. There is a solution for you based on your needs.

    In this session, you will:

    Understand how Microsoft Teams works from a voice/video call perspective.

    See how Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops provides appropriate optimizations for WVD users.

    Learn how to improve the optimization across branches
    If you want to succeed, it is good to remember that when the link quality degrades, so too does the user experience.
  • Tout savoir de la dernière version LTSR de Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops Recorded: Apr 7 2020 45 mins
    Gabriel Nguyen, Systems Engineer, Citrix
    Inscrivez-vous à ce WebiLunch pour tout savoir de la dernière version LTSR de Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops :

    Cloud Release vs Current Release vs Long Term Service Release : Quésako ?
    XenDesktop 7.15 LTSR vs Virtual Apps & Desktops 1912 LTSR : What's New ?
  • Tout savoir sur Citrix Analytics Recorded: Apr 1 2020 47 mins
    Fabien Hanoun, Sales Engineer, Citrix France & Gabriel Nguyen, Sales Engineer, Citrix France
    Pour ce premier webinaire de l’année, on vous dit tout sur Citrix Analytics :

    Qu'est-ce que Citrix Analytics ?
    Sécurisez votre Workspace Citrix
    Garantissez une expérience utilisateur optimale pour vos collaborateurs
  • Improve Employee Experience with Single Sign-On Recorded: Mar 31 2020 66 mins
    Dan Feller, Lead Architect, Citrix & Martin Zugec, Senior Architect, Citrix
    One of the greatest frustrations for many users is passwords. And when you have many usernames, you end up with many passwords resulting in even greater levels of anger and frustration. It is time to break the cycle.

    In this webinar you will hear from our product experts about the benefits of implementing Single Sign-On (SSO). How you can integrate SSO into the workspace to drastically improve the user experience.
    • SaaS apps
    • Web apps
    • Virtual apps
    • Mobile apps
Citrix EMEA
Citrix EMEA

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  • Title: Citrix Future of Work: 2020 Technology Trends
  • Live at: May 21 2020 9:00 am
  • Presented by: Adam Pulsakowski, Senior Technologist, Citrix and Nick McQuire Vice President, Enterprise Research CCS Insight
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