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Get 2020 Vision Into Your Cold Data: Know Before You Act

By 2025, 175 ZB of data will be created, up from just 33 ZB in 2018, including structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. The result? Costs to store and transmit data , while always a concern, has taken on increased importance in this era of explosive data growth and pressure to become data-driven. How can you keep up with today’s growth while identifying the “who, when and what” of your unstructured data? It starts with knowing your data, improving your organization’s competencies to manage and capitalize data, helping you to better-understand data types, access patterns, and place them strategically in the right infrastructure

Join our upcoming webinar to understand the value of Intelligent Data Management as a critical first step to become a data-driven enterprise. We’ll cover how in three easy steps:

Analyze data prior to making any decision
Move data with zero interference to apps, users or hot data
Access your data whenever, wherever
Recorded Jan 29 2020 24 mins
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Presented by
Krishna Subramanian, COO, Komprise
Presentation preview: Get 2020 Vision Into Your Cold Data: Know Before You Act

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  • Move to the Cloud with Qumulo and Komprise Oct 27 2021 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Keith Nargi, CTO - Americas, Qumulo, & Steve Pruchniewski, Director Product Marketing, Komprise
    If your current NAS is holding you back from moving to the cloud, it’s time to discover how Qumulo and Komprise can help. Migration from legacy NAS can be a challenge if you don’t have the right tools and the experts to put the plan in motion. Qumulo and Komprise have the shared mission to help customers unlock the power of their data in the cloud and have the experience to make migration from any NAS to Qumulo fast, reliable, and efficient.

    Join our team of experts for a live demonstration and discussion on October 27th at 9am PT/12pm ET for this interactive 30 minute webinar.

    Who should attend?
    • Enterprise IT operations and infrastructure leaders
    • Storage administrators
    • Dell EMC Isilon customers looking to modernize and migrate
    • Organizations considering storage consolidation or cloud adoption
  • Enhance Ransomware Defense - Cloud Tiering and Immutable Storage Recorded: Oct 13 2021 18 mins
    Randy Hopkins, VP Systems Engineering, & John Duffy, Senior Systems Engineer
    Join us for a coffee break where Komprise engineers will present a short 10-minute demo on how to use Komprise for moving and tiering files to a WORM-Compliant object store target as additional protection against ransomware.
  • How Pfizer Used Analytics to Create a Cold Data Strategy Recorded: Oct 7 2021 35 mins
    Matthew Braunstein, Pfizer | Anthony Fiore, AWS | Caitlyn Possehl, Komprise
    Pfizer had petabytes of unstructured file data sitting on-premises on high-performance storage. With non-stop data growth, the company needed a plan for “right-placing” it. Komprise gave Pfizer a way to quickly analyze all its data and transparently tier cold files to AWS, cutting costs while building a global tagged data lake to drive business innovation.

    Watch this webinar to learn how Komprise helped Pfizer stop 20 years of increasing storage costs and leverage the data tiered to AWS for research, all without changing how users and applications access their files.

    In this webinar, you'll learn to:
    - Use analytics across multi-vendor storage environments to plan data management and data movement to the cloud
    - Tier unstructured cold data to the cloud without changing how users access it
    - Save on storage and cloud migration costs by accessing the power of analytics
    - Use data in the cloud natively to gain insights from Big Data, AI, and global data lakes

    Who should watch?
    Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Information Security Officers, VPs of IT, and IT Professionals
  • What is the State of Unstructured Data Management in the Enterprise? Recorded: Sep 15 2021 31 mins
    Krishna Subramanian - Komprise COO, Polly Traylor - Komprise Communications, Darren Cunningham - Komprise Marketing
    The recently published Komprise State of Unstructured Data Management Report found a prevailing interest in analytics, followed closely by data lakes, to foster better ROI from data management.

    Join the Komprise team to review the highlights of the report. We’ll discuss the implications for storage leaders in the enterprise and share key insights and recommendations from the report:

    - 65.5% spend more than 30% of their IT budgets on data storage.
    - 1/3 acknowledge that +50% of data is cold while 20% don’t know.
    - 42% are interested in tagging data for future use and enabling data lakes.
  • Komprise TMT (Transparent Move Technology): Dynamic Links Deep Dive Recorded: Aug 25 2021 16 mins
    Randy Hopkins, VP of Global Systems Engineering, Eric Platt, Regional Sales Director
    In this interactive 15-minute technical webinar, solution engineers Randy Hopkins and Eric Platt will discuss the Komprise approach to file-based data tiering, which moves all of your data and leaves a symbolic link behind so users don’t experience any change. The session includes a brief demo.
  • Advancing Cloud Data Strategies with Efficiency and Ease in the Public Sector Recorded: Aug 10 2021 55 mins
    Michael Del Castillo (Komprise), Jeff Drewes (Red River), Sean Phuphanich (AWS)
    Unsure of how best to leverage data storage in the cloud? Not sure what your cloud data strategy should be? Are slow cloud migrations hindering decisions? Cloud First is a strategy all entities are working toward. But, how do we know what data we have? Where it lives? How old it is? Where it should go? And how it should get there?

    Komprise Intelligent Data Management and AWS’ storage offerings in the cloud are solving these questions. Red River is the trusted partner helping implement these game-changing technologies at public sector entities across the United States.

    Leverage Red River’s expertise to assess, plan, migrate, and manage your technology transformation to the AWS cloud.

    Leverage Komprise to:
    - Analyze data across your NAS, file and object storage with to plan your AWS strategy
    - Migrate data quickly and reliably to AWS
    - Manage data across on-prem and AWS Storage
    - Identify cold data and archive it to Amazon S3
    - Optimize your cloud implementation by tiering from Cloud NAS to Amazon S3
    - Easily access moved data as files and objects on AWS
    - Cut over 70% of costs

    Who Should Attend?
    - Storage leaders
    - Cloud architects
    - IT infrastructure and operations leaders
  • Fast, Reliable, Intelligent Data Migrations from Any NAS to Qumulo Recorded: Jul 15 2021 36 mins
    Neale Simpkins - HPE, Troy Alexander - Qumulo, Jon Harding - Qumulo, Chris Marsh - Komprise, & Chris Dearden - Komprise
    Digital forensics is a critical capability in police forces today. Yet the masses of file data that emanate from this practice has created escalating costs and complexity in unstructured data management and storage.

    Komprise Intelligent Data Management gives police forces the ability to analyze data usage and costs across all storage and then automatically move data to the optimal storage tier based on its age and access needs. Join this webinar to learn how you can cost-effectively manage digital forensics data:

    - Learn how Komprise can accelerate data migrations from any NAS or file server into Qumulo’s flexible software-defined file data platform.
    - See a live demo on how to find and migrate the right data from any file platform including EMC Isilon, Windows File Servers and NetApp into Qumulo.
    - Understand how your police department can benefit by reducing overall storage and backup costs, getting better insight into data assets and usage, and building a more efficient data management strategy.

    Komprise Elastic Data Migration to Qumulo is fast, reliable and efficient. Join our team of experts on 15 July!

    Who should attend?
    - Enterprise IT operations and infrastructure leaders
    - Managers of Digital Forensic data files
    - Managers of Image and large data file sets
    - Organisations with file migration projects and needs
  • Migrating NFS & SMB Data with Komprise Recorded: Jul 14 2021 16 mins
    Randy Hopkins, VP of Systems Engineering, Komprise
    Randy Hopkins, VP of Systems Engineering and Chris Dearden, Sr. Systems Engineer at Komprise, will deliver a short demo of selecting and running data migrations. They will review the Komprise Multi-Level Parallelism & Protocol Optimization to show how you can achieve 7-25x performance with your migrations. Learn a lot in just 15 minutes!
  • Komprise + AWS: Driving Intelligent Data Management in Health and Life Sciences Recorded: Jul 13 2021 54 mins
    Anthony Fiore, Senior Partner Solutions Architect, AWS / Krishna Subramanian, President and COO, Komprise
    According to Gartner, enterprise IT today doesn’t have a data storage problem, it has a data management problem.

    Unstructured data is growing fast, data center space is limited – how do you manage explosive data growth within tight budgets?

    On July 13th at 12pm ET / 9am PST industry experts from Komprise and AWS will be discussing the most common unstructured data management challenges and demonstrating ways to analyze, move and manage file and object data at any scale.

    Learn how Komprise and AWS are helping top Health and Life Sciences companies:
    • Analyze data across their NAS, file and object storage to plan their AWS strategy
    • Save 50%+ on their storage budgets year over year
    • Transparently archive cold data to AWS without any disruption to end-users or applications
    • Migrate data quickly and reliably to AWS storage options like S3, EFS, FSX, Outposts and more
    • Prevent disruption to end users, applications, or the data itself

    You’ll also hear best practices relevant to the Health and Life Sciences industry as we review customer journeys migrating from on-prem NAS to AWS and cold data cost savings with Komprise.

    Who Should Attend?
    • Storage administrators
    • Cloud architects
    • IT infrastructure and operations leaders
  • TechKrunch: Komprise Intelligent Data Management for Nutanix Recorded: Jun 16 2021 22 mins
    Randy Hopkins, VP Systems Engineering, and Steve Moore, Senior Sales Engineer
    Komprise makes it easy to migrate file data to Nutanix and cut ongoing costs by analyzing and transparently archiving/tiering cold data to the cloud without any disruption. Komprise scales elastically to grow as your data grows, and it moves data without any stubs, agents or changes to your hot data paths.

    In this TechKrunch, we will review key Komprise use cases for Nutanix, including:

    - Analytics and Planning: Komprise analyzes across your NAS and cloud data to identify the right data to move to Nutanix and the savings you can expect.
    - File Data Migrations to Nutanix: Migrate file data up to 27 times faster with reliable MD5 checksums on every file. Manage hundreds of migrations with a single console.
    - Transparent Data Archiving/Tiering from Nutanix: Cut ongoing storage and backup costs by finding cold, inactive data on file storage and transparently archiving/tiering it to Nutanix Object storage or the cloud. Archived files continue to be accessed exactly as before so users see no change.
    - Native Access to Tiered Data: Komprise moves data in native format, so files and objects moved by Komprise can be directly accessed from the destination without needing Komprise or any 3rd party software.
  • Cloud Data Migration and Cloud Tiering: Know Your Choices Recorded: Jun 3 2021 43 mins
    Krishna Subramanian, co-founder and COO at Komprise, & Darren Cunningham, VP Marketing at Komprise
    Unstructured data is everywhere. From genomics and medical imaging to streaming video, electric cars, and IoT products, all sectors generate unstructured file data. While file data growth is exploding, IT budgets are not. That’s why enterprises need to migrate file workloads to the cloud.

    But not all data migration and cloud data tiering solutions are the same.

    On June 3rd at 12pm ET / 9am PST join industry experts from Komprise for an interactive discussion that reviews:

    - Why Migrate File Data to the Cloud?
    - What Options Do You Have?
    - What are Your Cloud Data Migration Choices?
    - What are Your Cloud Data Tiering Choices?
    - Live Demo of Cloud Migration and Transparent Cloud Tiering with Komprise

    We’ll also review Komprise Intelligent Data Management customer journeys for migrating from on-prem NAS to cloud data storage and summarize the cost savings and business benefits of Komprise compared to storage-based alternatives and cloud storage gateways.

    Who Should Attend?
    - Storage administrators
    - Cloud architects
    - IT infrastructure and operations leaders
  • TechKrunch: Async Replication for Pure FlashArray Files Recorded: May 19 2021 19 mins
    Randy Hopkins, VP Systems Engineering, & Steve Moore, Information Architect - Channel and Alliances
    Komprise and Pure Storage recently expanded our partnership, with the announcement of Komprise Async Replication for Pure FlashArray files customers.

    In this TechKrunch, you’ll see what’s new and hear about what’s next. You’ll see how easy it is to start with data replication for Pure and expand to the complete Komprise Intelligent Data Management solution.

    Key features of the demonstration will include:

    - Ensuring Recovery Copy Availability
    - Handling Errors and Failures
    - Handling Schedule Overruns
    - Failover and Failback
  • TechKrunch: Cloud-to-Cloud Data Replication Recorded: Apr 14 2021 9 mins
    Randy Hopkins, VP Systems Engineering, and Eric Platt, Senior Sales Engineer
    According to IDC, 60% of the storage budget is not really spent on storage. It’s spent on secondary copies of data for data protection – backups, backup software licenses, replication, and disaster recovery.

    Replication does not always have to be synchronous and like-to-like. Did you know that you can cut 60%+ of replication costs by replicating to the cloud and replicating from one cloud to another? This not only lowers costs but it also improves data resiliency.

    In this TechKrunch session, our experts will discuss and demonstrate why and when cloud-to-cloud data migration is a good idea and how it is supported with Komprise cloud data management.

    You will learn:

    - How to copy from your NAS to S3 to have a second copy in the cloud
    - How to continuously replicate from one cloud to another, and why this might be cheaper than cross region replication
    - How to manage replication for hot and cold data differently
  • TechKrunch: Data Migration or Data Tiering/Archiving Recorded: Mar 17 2021 11 mins
    Eric Platt, Sr Sales Engineer, Komprise / Randy Hopkins, VP Global Systems Engineering and Enablement, Komprise
    At Komprise we like to say Know First and Move Smart. But when it comes to NFS and SMB, what is the difference between copy, migration (replication), and migration (cutover)? Which one would you use and why? What are the different use cases?

    In this session we’ll focus on:
    - The Copy function and the NAS use case
    - Data Migration with no cutover and the difference between Data Replication
    - Data Migration with cutover and the NAS use case
  • Faster Recovery: File Replication for Pure FlashArray with Komprise Recorded: Mar 10 2021 31 mins
    Alan Driscoll, Sr. Product Manager, Pure Storage / Paul Chen, Dir. Product Management & Dominque Garcia, Alliances, Komprise
    If your disaster recovery plan for unstructured data doesn’t offer fast recovery, your phone could be buzzing with complaints for hours. Recovering data from backups can be much slower than your users can tolerate. That’s why data replication, not backup, is the strategy you need for business continuity.

    Attend this live demo webinar with Pure Storage and Komprise to learn how you can:
    - Increase availability and minimize data loss by having a consistent replication copy always available
    - Replicate entire shares or specific managed directories and schedule them to fit your organization’s needs
    - Manage for all your Pure FlashArray replications from a single intuitive console, and automate enterprise-scale replications using APIs
  • TechKrunch: Transparent Tiering for Microsoft Azure Files and Azure BLOB Recorded: Feb 17 2021 13 mins
    Glenn Speer, Systems Engineering - TOLA, Komprise & Randy Hopkins, VP Systems Engineering, Komprise
    Learn how and watch a demonstration of how Komprise uses Transparent Move Technology (TMT) to tier cold data to Microsoft Azure Files and Microsoft Azure BLOB.

    In this interactive session you’ll see a demo of:
    - Komprise archiving cold data to Azure Files
    - Archive archiving data to Azure Blob
  • Cut Public Cloud Costs by 40% with Komprise Intelligent Data Management Recorded: Jan 12 2021 46 mins
    Krishna Subramanian, COO, Komprise
    85% of enterprises are now using public clouds, but as cloud usage grows, it becomes more critical to understand cloud data usage, to optimize costs, and to manage public cloud data.

    Join this webinar to learn:
    •How you can understand data usage and costs across all your cloud accounts and buckets
    •How you can manage cloud data lifecycle efficiently to cut costs
    •The difference between a cloud data management solution and general cloud management tools
    •Live demo of Komprise on AWS
    •How other companies save 40%+ of monthly cloud storage costs
  • AWS & Komprise: Efficiently Manage Your Hybrid Cloud Data Strategy Recorded: Dec 17 2020 44 mins
    Mohit Dhawan, VP Engineering, Komprise & Anthony Fiore, Storage Partner Solutions Architect, AWS
    Keep changing your mind about how to leverage the cloud? Not sure what your cloud strategy should be? Archive cold data to the cloud? Are slow cloud migrations hindering decisions? You know cloud is very important as your data continues to double each year but you need flexibility as your business evolves. It’s not enough to just copy data to the cloud. You need to preserve full file-based access to data in Amazon S3, while being able to easily manage to avoid data sprawl.…

    It’s all possible with AWS and Komprise Intelligent Data Management.

    ·Analyze data across your NAS, file and object storage to plan your AWS strategy
    ·Migrate data quickly and reliably to AWS
    ·Manage data across on-prem and AWS Storage
    ·Identify cold data and archive it to Amazon S3
    ·Optimize your cloud implementation by tiering from Cloud NAS to Amazon S3
    ·Easily access moved data as files and objects on AWS
    ·Cut over 70% of costs

    Register below to watch a live demo.
  • TechKrunch: Komprise “Confine Function” – What the heck is it? Recorded: Dec 9 2020 15 mins
    Glenn Speer, Systems Engineering - TOLA, Komprise & Randy Hopkins, VP Systems Engineering, Komprise
    Learn how to automatically go out and clean those cold and dormant files that aren’t needed.
    This technical session(demonstration) will show how to build an automated plan for storage management leveraging Komprise “confine”, and why you might want to do it.
  • How to Accelerate Cloud Data Migrations and Cut Cloud Costs Recorded: Dec 3 2020 44 mins
    Krishna Subramanian, COO, Komprise & Clare Loveridge, VP EMEA Sales, Komprise
    Companies are going multi-cloud - but 80% will outspend their cloud budgets according to Gartner. How do you know what data to migrate to the cloud? How do you manage cloud costs across all your users? How do you replicate data across clouds?

    Learn how you can simplify your multi-cloud strategy and save substantial costs with analytics-driven cloud data management.

    Join this webinar to learn how you can:
    Analyze data usage and costs across silos and cloud accounts to inform decisions
    Accelerate cloud data migrations
    Cut costs with intelligent archiving and intelligent tiering
    Save 40%+ of monthly cloud storage and backup costs
    See a live demo of Komprise Intelligent Data Management for Multi-Cloud
Komprise enables organizations, like yours, to efficiently manage data growth across storage silos. Komprise identifies hot and cold data, transparently moves data across multi-vendor storage, and delivers ongoing policy-based archiving and data migration.

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  • Title: Get 2020 Vision Into Your Cold Data: Know Before You Act
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