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How to get the most out of Customer Data with Machine Learning

The promise of machine learning (ML) is huge. We’ve all benefited from machine learning technology, whether it’s something as simple as a song recommendation or something as complex as a self-driving car. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Yet, while the vast majority of companies have started ML projects, very few report much success. Why? it’s all about the data.

Listen now as we explore the challenges companies must solve to unlock the promise of ML and how companies can use it to deliver more effective customer experiences. You’ll also hear all about our newest ML-powered feature, Tealium Predict, adding machine learning insights to Tealium’s Customer Data Platform.

The webinar will cover:

- What challenges must companies solve to conquer the machine learning conundrum

- What capabilities are key to get real value from ML projects

- How a data supply chain approach supercharges ML results

- Learnings from developing ML-powered products

- Walkthrough of Tealium Predict, Tealium’s newly released ML-powered customer insights tool for our Customer Data Platform
Recorded Mar 20 2020 46 mins
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Presented by
Matt Parisi, Senior Product Marketing manager and Dave Lucas, Senior Director of Product
Presentation preview: How to get the most out of Customer Data with Machine Learning

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  • Data Privacy: Wer ist da nochmal verantwortlich? Oct 20 2020 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Julian Llorente, Director Product at Tealium, Martin Possekel, Managing Director at Future Marketing
    Data Privacy ist und bleibt ein Dauerbrenner. Auch nach mehr als zwei Jahren GDPR und DSGVO kämpfen Unternehmen weiterhin mit deren Umsetzung. Währenddessen werden Urteile erlassen (wie zuletzt Schrems II) und bringen damit zusätzliche Fragen auf. Neue Gesetze, wie bspw. CCPA, verkomplizieren die Lage nur noch weiter. 

    Hinzu kommt: die Verantwortlichkeiten in Unternehmen sind häufig unklar und führen dazu, dass das Thema keine Ruhe findet. Dadurch entsteht Unsicherheit und Data Privacy wird zur never ending story (ist es ja eigentlich eh schon, oder?). In unserem Panel räumen wir nun mit Unsicherheiten auf und versuchen Licht ins Dunkle zu bringen.

    Folgende Fragestellungen werden wir u.a. beleuchten:
    - Wie bereiten Sie sich auf neue Rahmenbedingungen rechtzeitig (und proaktiv) vor?
    - Wie orchestrieren Sie die Zusammenarbeit von Fachabteilungen (Marketing), Datenschutz und IT für Rechtssicherheit und Marketingeffizienz?
    - Welche Best Practices gibt es, um die Performance aufrecht zu erhalten und wie sollte die Data-Supply-Chain end-to-end aussehen?

    Gemeinsam mit Data Privacy Experte Martin Possekel werden wir diese und andere Fragen genauer in unserem Panel unter die Lupe nehmen. 

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  • Cómo crear experiencias de cliente más eficaces con ML en 5 clicks Recorded: Sep 22 2020 48 mins
    Carmen San Emeterio, Director Spain & Portugal y Ulisse Sarmiento, Director Solution Consulting
    El potencial del aprendizaje automático (ML) es enorme. Si bien la gran mayoría de las empresas han comenzado proyectos de ML, muy pocas han tenido mucho éxito. ¿Por qué?

    Se trata de los datos. Es fácil caer en el hechizo de la tecnología que promete resolver todos los desafíos de su negocio, pero obtener resultados es difícil si la información del cliente está dispersa en todos los sistemas y canales.

    Entonces, ¿cómo pueden las empresas usar ML con sus datos de clientes para ofrecer experiencias de clientes más efectivas e identificar nuevos modelos de comportamiento?

    En este webinar aprenderás:

    - Los retos que tienen las compañías para tener éxito en un proyecto de ML
    - Cómo ML y sus soluciones Adtech y Martech existentes deben trabajar juntas
    - Impacto de crear experiencias de clientes más efectivas con ML
    - El ML para marketers: creación de modelos en 5 clicks y casos de uso

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  • How to Use Customer Data to Acquire and Retain Retail Business Recorded: Sep 9 2020 44 mins
    Krishna Kopalle, Rezultize, Kunal Sharma, MoEngage, Ulisse Sarmiento, Tealium
    Many retail and ecommerce businesses may currently find themselves far from the forefront of their usual target market’s mind and priority list. This can be the ideal time to reevaluate how best to interact with customers and prospects, and ensure your messaging is timely, personalised and engaging.
    This ecommerce-focused session will offer practical steps to help you keep customers and prospects engaged until they are ready to spend again. Join this fireside chat and practical demo, where our experts focus on;
    How clean and correlated data can be captured from all data sources, thereby creating high value and low value segments for activation across various systems via cross-channel engagement,
    How the right tech can help you to deliver 1:1 personalised interactions via push notifications, in-app recommendations, emails and other retargeting channels with AI-powered automation,
    How online and offline data can be stored and activated
    How a user can select a set of attributes and reach those that have and haven’t shopped online previously.
  • How the 'Cookie' crumbled - preparing you for a time without cookies Recorded: Sep 3 2020 45 mins
    David Morris, VP Solutions Consulting, Tealium EMEA
    Third-party cookies are critical to digital advertising, yet as Google Chrome plans to phase them out by 2022. Critical digital advertising and attribution functionality are at risk.

    Is your team prepared? Is your data collection strategy in order? Do you have plans in place to move successfully from third party to first party data? These are all questions marketers should be asking themselves now to be equipped to manage the journey ahead!

    David Morris, Senior VP of Solutions Consulting in Europe, shares fundamental insights on how to ensure you are turning the cookie apocalypse into a strategic advantage. Join us and hear:

    > How the ‘Cookie’ crumbled and what that really means for your organisation
    > How brands can equip their internal teams to manage the upcoming change
    > Tools that enable brands to become browser independent
    > Tips to understand how best to acquire, store and use your data

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  • Comment le ‘Cookie’ s’est émietté, Préparez vous pour une période sans Cookies Recorded: Sep 2 2020 49 mins
    Pascal Morvan, Senior Sales Engineer chez Tealium
    les third party cookies sont essentiels à la publicité numérique, mais Google Chrome prévoit de les éliminer d'ici 2022. Les fonctionnalités critiques de publicité numérique et d'attribution sont menacées.

    Votre équipe est-elle préparée ? Votre stratégie de collecte de données est-elle en place? Avez-vous des plans pour passer avec succès des données third party aux données first party ? Ce sont toutes des questions que les spécialistes du marketing devraient se poser maintenant pour être équipés pour gérer le futur !

    Pascal Morvan, Senior Sales Engineer chez Tealium, partage des informations fondamentales sur la façon de vous assurer que vous transformez l'apocalypse des cookies en un avantage stratégique. Rejoignez-nous et écoutez:

    > Comment le "cookie" s'est effondré et ce que cela signifie vraiment pour votre organisation
    > Comment les marques peuvent équiper leurs équipes internes pour gérer le changement à venir
    > Des outils qui permettent aux marques de devenir indépendantes du navigateur
    > Conseils pour comprendre comment acquérir, stocker et utiliser au mieux vos données

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  • How 4 Companies Use Data to Tackle the Current Situation Recorded: Aug 19 2020 48 mins
    Kunal Badiani, Adam Salem, Alastair Sheriffs, Cristian Ciccioli, Sohail Nawaz MBE
    In this panel we will take a look at how companies tackle the current challenges and drive growth in times of change. In this panel you'll hear our experts talk about getting ready for the future.

    Join this lively discussion and get real-life tips from 5 industry experts:
    Adam Salem, Corporate Ecommerce Manager at DUR Hospitality
    Alastair Sheriffs, VP Growth at Property Finder
    Cristian Ciccioli, Head of Business Technology at Abbott Nutrition
    Sohail Nawaz MBE, Head of Digital at Khaleej Times
    Kunal Badiani, Regional Director at Tealium

    Key Topics:
    - How to look for and identify new opportunities while audience behavior is changing
    - How to have a relevant message that resonates with customers as we move out of these unprecedented times
    - The best ways to leverage customer data to differentiate yourself and bounce back stronger from these uncertain times
    - The role of technology and partners to gear up for the future
    - And much more!

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  • Why You Shouldn't Ignore CCPA, Key Differences to GDPR and How to Comply With It Recorded: Jul 7 2020 44 mins
    Julian Llorente, Director Product & Maltie Maraj, Senior Counsel
    CCPA and GDPR are now our permanent companions. However, many companies are still unsure how - or even if - the laws affect them.

    In this Masterclass we want to clear up prejudices and show if GDPR and CCPA are relevant for you and what needs to be considered.

    Join to learn how brands should be thinking about consent management in the changing data privacy landscape.

    You'll also learn in this webinar:

    - Key differences between GDPR and CCPA
    - The importance of automating parts of your customer data governance
    - Legal and technological considerations for both laws
    - The importance of consent

    And so much more! We hope to see you there.
  • The Importance of Data Quality in a Data Driven E-Commerce Use Case Recorded: Jun 29 2020 45 mins
    Marco Roccioletti, Data & Analytics Director, Zweipunkt & Timothy Stadie, Solutions Consultant, Tealium
    About this webinar
    In this use-case based presentation and discussion, Tealium and Zweipunkt will break down and analyse a project model built for their work with Zurich Insurances Switzerland.

    We'll look at
    - the challenges Zurich Insurances Switzerland faced,
    - how the use case around a single source of truth for ecommerce reporting was shaped,
    - what Data Quality is, its importance and how it can be defined and measured,
    - how Zurich Insurances Switzerland achieved the defined goal,
    - how this approach and learnings can be used in various industries.
  • The CDP Wheel - Making Tech Work for You Recorded: Jun 25 2020 46 mins
    David Raab, CDP Institute / Tim Van Den Berg, a.s.r / Martin Schierning Wammen, eCapacity / David Morris, Tealium
    The big question: You have so much customer data, how do you begin to activate it?

    Join this lively discussion and get real-life tips from 3 industry experts:

    The Brand - a.s.r. Netherlands
    The Partner - eCapacity
    The Technology Expert - CDP Institute

    With the explosion of data and demands for meaningful conversations, your customer expectations have increased exponentially. Stakes are higher than ever before and the pressure is on for brands to activate their greatest asset - Customer Data.

    Key Topics:

    * Fundamentals of a Customer Data Platform and what that means for your First-Party Data
    * The internal journey - from buy-in to data activation and making technology work for you
    * What, when and how to engage with Industry Partners
  • Customer Data Platforms: Choosing the Right Type For Your Customer Data Strategy Recorded: May 19 2020 49 mins
    Kunal Badiani, Regional Director Middle East and Africa at Tealium
    Arguably, Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are one of the hottest technologies in the marketing technology space right now. Gartner recently released a report identifying the top four “Trends That Will Transform How Marketers Run Their Technology Ecosystems,” and CDPs were at the top of the list. But, as the report also notes, half of enterprise companies say the CDP is their CRM system. So…what's going on?

    As the CDP space becomes more crowded than ever, there are lots of questions around what a CDP should do, as well as which CDP is right for each business or organisation.

    Join to learn more about what is a Customer Data Platform (and what it isn't) along with:

    - The why of CDP

    - The state of the CDP today

    - Different types of CDPs

    - Which CDP is right for you?

    - Which strategy (Customer data orchestration vs. campaign orchestration) will drive your CDP adoption?
  • Rapidly Maximising Media Efficiency in a Highly Competitive Market Recorded: May 19 2020 49 mins
    Danny Moschke, Pieter-Paul van der Meer & Martijn de Kruijk
    In this use-case presentation, we will review and demonstrate how to
    - Build an impactful and data-driven use-case in one week,
    - Utilise predictive modelling as a driver for media efficiency,
    - Take both behavioural data and business context for conversion probability,
    - Share a test-setup, hypothesis and technical ins and outs,
    - Share insights in the results and clear next steps.
    This presentation is for brand-side decision makers looking to get the most out of their budgets.
  • Utilising Data and Technology During a World Pandemic Recorded: May 7 2020 49 mins
    Danny Moschke, Digital Strategist at Tealium and Simon Theakston, SVP Partnerships at Silverbullet
    Experts from Tealium and Silverbullet aim to drive the conversation on how brands can better utilise their data during the world’s pandemic crisis.

    The duo will provide specialist advice across the data-driven marketing landscape, delving into topics that span from the voice of the CMO, the future of a ‘cookieless’ world, and what it means to have a data-centric strategy during uncertain times. This exclusive ‘one-off’ webinar will focus on reimagining the nuts and bolts of your digital transformation.

    What will you learn during this session?
    - Gain tips on the immediate challenge, to get through the pandemic
    - Understand the importance of a data strategy - in a cookieless world
    - How to hit the ground running, when ‘normality’ resumes
  • Virtual Expert Series - 5 Steps to Delivering a Unified Customer Data Strategy Recorded: May 6 2020 59 mins
    Frans Melenorst, Founder - Clear Value B.V and David Morris, RVP Solutions Consulting EMEA - Tealium
    As the explosion of data and the demands for meaningful conversations in today's environment evolves, so do customer expectations. Customers want to feel that organisations are listening to their wants and needs and talking to them about the things they care about, not simply being one of a multitude in a mass email send.

    With the average person consuming 11.4 pieces of content before even making a purchase decision, the ability to differentiate for modern brands comes down to tailoring the customer experience out of a unified Customer Data Strategy.

    Over a thought-provoking discussion hosted by Tealium RVP David Morris, hear our ‘Virtual Series Expert’, Frans Melenhorst, founder of Clear Value, share his insight and expertise on how best to navigate the Customer Data Platform. Frans will discuss how a CDP can bring value to each team and business unit, with a goal to drive experiences which excite and delight your customers.

    Over this expert session you will also learn:

    - Tips for gaining CDP success across business units
    - Ways to navigate key data challenges facing the industry today
    - Steps to creating effective personalised experiences
    - Ways to define and better understand your business requirements

    Q&A to follow
  • Wie Sie mit Machine Learning mehr aus Ihren Kundendaten machen Recorded: Apr 28 2020 38 mins
    Timothy Stadié, Senior Solution Consultant & Etienne Kokou, Sales Director
    Das Versprechen von Machine Learning ist enorm. Wir alle haben in unserem Alltag bereits davon profitiert, sei es eine Song-Empfehlung oder so ein selbstfahrendes Auto. Und das ist nur die Spitze des Eisbergs.

    Während die überwiegende Mehrheit der Unternehmen Machine-Learning-Projekte gestartet hat, berichten nur sehr wenige von großen Erfolgen. Doch warum ist das so? Erforschen Sie mit uns die Herausforderungen, die Unternehmen lösen müssen, um das Versprechen von Machine Learning zu verwirklichen. Wir zeigen außerdem wie Unternehmen es nutzen können, um außerordentliche Kundenerlebnisse zu erzielen.

    Im Webinar lernen Sie:

    - Welche Herausforderungen Sie lösen müssen, um maschinelles Lernen erfolgreich einzusetzen
    - Wie Sie einen echten Nutzen aus Ihrem Machine-Learning-Projekten ziehen
    - Welchen Mehrwert Sie Ihren Kunden mit dem Einsatz von Machine Learning bringen
  • Network Ten: Building the right foundations to becoming more data-driven Recorded: Apr 28 2020 49 mins
    Josh Slighting, Head of Data and Digital Audience, Network Ten
    In 2017 Australian television network Network Ten, with no data strategy and no in-house data team gave themselves 18 months to drive and implement thirteen new customer-centric business strategies. One problem - how does an organisation kick-off data-led strategies with no team to activate them?

    It all started with ‘skunkworks’

    Josh Slighting, Head of Data and Digital Audience for Network Ten joins us live on the 28th April at 10:00AM GMT, to share how this leading Australian Television Network, transformed with data as a whole-of-business capability to capture total audience, power creative decisions, deliver increased personalisation, and segment and deliver to advertisers.

    During this session you will hear:

    - How Network Ten are utilising a Customer Data Platform to allow them to recognise people and not just devices in their engagement strategies
    - How Network Ten are able to accelerate automation & run deep analysis of their audience base with clean, correlated data
    - How Network Ten are successfully delivering a personalised user experience across all platforms
    - And much more!
  • Comment tirer le meilleur parti de votre CDP avec le Machine Learning Recorded: Apr 23 2020 44 mins
    Pascal Morvan, Senior Sales Engineer chez Tealium
    La promesse du machine learning (ML) est énorme. Nous avons tous bénéficié de la technologie du machine learning, qu'il s'agisse de quelque chose d'aussi simple qu'une recommandation de chanson ou de quelque chose d'aussi complexe que la conduite d'une voiture. Et ce n'est que la partie visible de l'iceberg ! Pourtant, si la grande majorité des entreprises ont lancé des projets ML, très peu d'entre elles font état d'un grand succès. Pourquoi ? Tout est une question de données.

    Écoutez-nous maintenant, alors que nous explorons les défis que les entreprises doivent relever pour concrétiser les promesses de ML et la façon dont elles peuvent s'en servir pour offrir une expérience client plus efficace. Vous découvrirez également notre toute dernière fonctionnalité de ML, Tealium Predict, qui ajoute des informations de machine learning à la Customer Data Plateforme (CDP) de Tealium.

    Le webinaire portera sur :

    - Quels sont les défis que les entreprises doivent relever pour résoudre l'énigme du machine Learning
    - Quelles sont les capacités clés pour obtenir une valeur réelle des projets ML
    - Les enseignements tirés du développement de produits alimentés par le ML
    - Présentation de Tealium Predict, le nouvel outil de Customer Data Plateforme de Tealium, alimenté par ML, pour notre Customer Data Plateforme
  • Have You Crossed the GDPR Finish Line? Recorded: Apr 21 2020 44 mins
    Julian Llorente, Director of Product at Tealium and Dirk Hellmann, Associated Partner Data Privacy at Future Marketing GmbH
    Going from Basics to Best Practices with Data Privacy!

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been the subject of many news headlines since going into enforcement in May 2018 for compliance. Even after almost two years companies are still struggling to meet GDPR requirements. More companies are either failing to meet regulatory requirements or having trouble keeping up. So how do you know when your company has crossed the proverbial "finish line" when it comes to getting your data and teams aligned for GDPR compliance?

    In this webinar, we will start from the basics of GDPR, explained in a way for all of us to understand the topic and move into key best practices that can help get your data and teams organized better meet these requirements.

    Join Julian Llorente, Director of Product at Tealium and Dirk Hellmann, Associated Partner Data Privacy Practice at Future Marketing GmbH to take a fresh look at GDPR, its components and more importantly what it all means for you and your company.

    Join the webinar to learn what GDPR is and how it applies to your organisation, as well as:

    - Online Marketing before and after GDPR
    - The importance of GDPR
    - How you can meet GDPR requirements
    - The role of a data supply chain and Consent Management in GDPR
    - And so much more!
  • From In-Person to Online: How a CDP Can Help Retailers in a Time of Change Recorded: Apr 16 2020 45 mins
    Matt Parisi, Senior Product Marketing Manager and Jake Spencer, Product Marketing Manager @ Tealium
    How can retailers build customer trust and provide one-to-one engagement in a time when in-person interactions are limited?

    Join us as we discuss how retailers can find growth and opportunity in existing customer data with a Customer Data Platform. During this webinar, you’ll discover how to:

    - Build trust in times of uncertainty
    - Create a central source of trusted customer data for your decentralized workforce
    - Double down on digital in times of lower foot traffic
    - 4 ways Tealium can help retailers
    - And much more!
  • Cómo conocer las necesidades de tus clientes usando un CDP Recorded: Apr 7 2020 43 mins
    Carmen San Emerito, Director Sales
    La personalización omnicanal es muy potente ya que puede ayudar a crecer su negocio y aumentar sus ingresos. Pero, ¿cómo puede personalizar su marketing en cada punto de contacto con su cliente? Muchas empresas utilizan un CDP para proporcionar exactamente la experiencia que el cliente necesita en una situación específica. Usando un CDP es posible reaccionar rápidamente ante cualquier cambio en el contexto o demanda de su cliente. Pero, ¿son todos los CDP iguales?

    Únase a nuestro seminario web para aprender qué es realmente un CDP y qué valor puede añadir un CDP a su organización.

    En nuestro webinar aprenderá:

    - La importancia de un Data Foundation
    - Beneficios de un CDP
    - Ejemplos de casos de uso
  • How a CDP Can Help Financial Service Orgs in a Time of Uncertainty Recorded: Apr 1 2020 36 mins
    Heidi Bullock, CMO, and Jake Spencer, Product Marketing Manager @ Tealium
    How can banking and financial services organisations build customer trust and provide one-to-one engagement in a time when in-person interactions are limited?

    Hear us discuss how banking and financial services firms can find growth and opportunity in existing customer data with a Customer Data Platform. During this Webcast, you’ll discover how to:

    - Build trust in times of uncertainty
    - Create a central source of trusted customer data for your decentralised workforce
    - Double down on digital in times of lower foot traffic
    - 4 ways Tealium can help
    - And much more!
Tealium EMEA
Tealium EMEA

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  • Title: How to get the most out of Customer Data with Machine Learning
  • Live at: Mar 20 2020 12:00 pm
  • Presented by: Matt Parisi, Senior Product Marketing manager and Dave Lucas, Senior Director of Product
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