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Making Kubernetes Easy to Use Across Public and Private Clouds

In this 7.5 minute video from Cisco Live San Diego, Kostas Roungeris explains what the Cisco Hybrid Solution for Kubernetes on AWS is and shows us how it works.
Recorded Aug 20 2019 8 mins
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Kostas Roungeris
Presentation preview: Making Kubernetes Easy to Use Across Public and Private Clouds

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  • Optimizing Your Multicloud Environment Recorded: Sep 11 2019 32 mins
    Kip Compton
    Hear how Cisco solutions address multicloud complexity, see how Cisco CloudCenter Suite delivers a new standard in multicloud management, and learn how Cisco and our partners are working together to help you reimagine IT for a multicloud world. Includes a customer testimonial that begins at 20:41.
  • Making Kubernetes Easy to Use Across Public and Private Clouds Recorded: Aug 20 2019 8 mins
    Kostas Roungeris
    In this 7.5 minute video from Cisco Live San Diego, Kostas Roungeris explains what the Cisco Hybrid Solution for Kubernetes on AWS is and shows us how it works.
  • The Enhanced Cisco Container Platform Recorded: Aug 9 2019 51 mins
    Meenakshi Kaushik
    We launched Cisco Container Platform last year because we wanted to make container cluster deployment easier. And we succeeded. But since then we’ve had a dozen releases and added a number of features to meet the needs of our growing and very vocal user base. The result is a product that is more secure, versatile, and intuitive than ever.

    In this webinar we’ll quickly go over the basic problems that Cisco Container Platform solves for those who are unfamiliar with the product. Then we’ll go into some of the most exciting new features we’ve added, including multiple GPU capability, enhanced logging and monitoring, operator-based lifecycle management, hybrid capabilities, improved storage options, and the steps we’ve taken to harden the solution for production-grade environments.
  • Using Cisco Container Platform to Deploy Kubernetes Clusters Recorded: Jul 30 2019 45 mins
    Matt Tarkington
    Join us for a technical demo and to learn about how to use the Cisco Container Platform (CCP) to set up and configure Kubernetes clusters in your data center and on AWS.

    The demo will cover a walkthrough of installing and configuring CCP, setting up clusters on top VMware infrastructure, and leveraging AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) credentials to set up clusters in Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service.
  • Make containers work for you with Cisco Hybrid Solution for Kubernetes on AWS Recorded: May 30 2019 45 mins
    Dave Cope, Cisco, Matt Liddle, AWS, Tuan Nguyen, Cisco
    Kubernetes is taking off! It’s being rapidly adopted both on-premises and on AWS, but, you may be finding it difficult to build and manage a production-ready Kubernetes-based environment at scale. The Cisco Hybrid Solution for Kubernetes on AWS enables you to quickly, easily and consistently deploy, connect, secure, and monitor Kubernetes-based applications across on-premises environments and the AWS cloud, allowing you to accelerate innovation. This solution combines Cisco, AWS, and open source technologies to make running hybrid applications simple.

    Join us for the first installment of a multi-part webinar series, where we’ll:

    -Discuss how you can configure and run Kubernetes consistently across your data center and Amazon Elastic Container Services for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS)
    -Take a look at the basic architecture of Cisco’s Hybrid Solution
    -Examine the challenges around deploying Kubernetes clusters on-premises
    -Explore the use cases and benefits of implementing this solution
  • Get the Details on the new Cisco CloudCenter Suite! Recorded: Mar 13 2019 26 mins
    Tuan Nguyen, Principal Engineer, Cisco
    Want to know who it’s for, what it does, and how it’s different from the previous Cisco CloudCenter products? Then pop in to this 45-minute live webinar featuring Cisco’s own Tuan Nguyen to find out.

    In addition to the topics listed above, he’ll describe each of the three modules that now make up the CloudCenter Suite, share a few use cases, and provide an overview of the architecture. He’ll also highlight the features that our beta customers have been most excited about, explain the benefits for teams using CloudCenter Suite, and walk you through the new packaging options (spoiler: there are now three different pricing tiers to meet the needs of a much wider range of businesses). When it’s all done, he’ll answer as many questions as he can from everyone in attendance.
  • My developer journey towards true hybrid cloud with Kubernetes Recorded: Jan 9 2019 61 mins
    Matt Johnson, DevNet Technologist
    We started in an automation nightmare, proprietary cloud API's everywhere and awful on-premise user experience; The foundations for hybrid were quicksand! Now, we live in a world of Kubernetes; Consistent APIs for workloads, better solutions for on-premise infrastructure, and service brokers which abstract service management. Better foundations! The building has stopped shaking, build some stairs! Where are we on realizing this hybrid vision?

    This is one guys take on where we are, based on success and failure moving towards a perfectionist's view of "true hybrid cloud". What works, what doesn't, and lots of "why isn't this a thing yet?".
  • Private Cloud Isn’t Going Anywhere Recorded: Nov 16 2018 11 mins
    Todd Brannon, Cisco
    In this ten-minute talk you’ll find out who’s using it, why deployments are projected to grow over the next few years, and whether you ought to be leveraging it in your own IT environment. You’ll also learn what Cisco’s secret sauce is and why it’s critical to building a truly responsive, agile on-premises private cloud.
  • Finding a Clear Path to Multicloud Nirvana Recorded: Nov 16 2018 15 mins
    Lax Sakaikale, Cisco
    Multicloud is the new normal, connecting your on-premise infrastructure with multiple public clouds is complex.

    Hear how Cisco is creating a clear, actionable path to cloud success. We will give you a list of essential tools across networking, security, analytics, and management that you need to get you from wherever you are to wherever you want to go in your multicloud journey.

    We will also address questions you should be asking yourself, as well as a series of steps you can take to chart your route to multicloud.
  • 6 Things IT Ops Needs to Know About Kubernetes in a Multicloud Environment Recorded: Oct 18 2018 50 mins
    Kurt Milne, Product Marketing, Cisco Cloud; Reinhardt Quelle, Principal Engineer, Cisco Cloud
    Containers are not a fad. IT Ops teams are adopting Kubernetes to orchestrate containers in production-grade environments -- both on premises and in the cloud. If you are moving to containers and are going to be responsible for Kubernetes in a production, this webcast is a great summary of things you will need to consider.

    We’ll start with a quick intro to Kubernetes - and then dig in...

    1 - K8s on premises and the cloud is the same – what’s underneath is not.
    2 - Stateful applications rely on persistent storage.
    3 - Container networking is different – now IP addresses and ports are ephemeral.
    4 – K8s needs to be installed, monitored and maintained.
    5 – The monitoring and observability footprint has expanded.
    6 – What’s up with all the yaml?
Educational webcasts and videos for IT and Cloud Professionals
Cisco's cloud portfolio that helps you simplify cloud and get the most out of your IT investments. Whether you plan to evolve your data center to build a private cloud, extend your network to the public cloud, add or build new cloud services; Cisco has the products and solutions to make it easier for you to connect, protect, and consume clouds in a multicloud world.

Learn more: https://Cisco.com/go/multicloud

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  • Title: Making Kubernetes Easy to Use Across Public and Private Clouds
  • Live at: Aug 20 2019 7:55 pm
  • Presented by: Kostas Roungeris
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