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2017 Global PKI Trends: PKI at the Crossroads

"PKI (public key infrastructure) has quietly become one of the most critical assets for enterprises today. Our 2017 study, conducted by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Thales e-Security, reveals an increase in the number of applications that use digital certificates, that enterprises are investing in fortifying the security posture of their PKIs, and that the IoT is the next game-changer for the future of PKI.

Join this webcast to learn about the top findings of this research, including:

• The increasing influence of the IoT in PKI planning
• The increasing security maturity of enterprise PKIs including the use of Hardware Security Modules
• Identification of enterprise applications that commonly depend on PKI credentials
• The ongoing challenges associated with PKI deployment and management"
Recorded Nov 8 2017 62 mins
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Presented by
Dr. Larry Ponemon, Chairman & Founder, Ponemon Institute and John Grimm, Sr Director of Security Strategy, Thales e-Security
Presentation preview: 2017 Global PKI Trends: PKI at the Crossroads

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  • Why your encrypted data is at risk Nov 14 2019 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jose Diaz, Prime Factors, Justin Teitt, Prime Factors and Juan Asenjo, nCipher Security
    Data has never been more plentiful or more valuable, nor has it ever been more at risk from breach. Though billions of dollars are spent each year on cyber security, data breaches continue – everywhere. To both comply with industry standards and government regulations as well as protect valuable, sensitive information most large enterprises deploy data protection solutions as part of their cyber security strategy. However, data breaches have continued, due in large part to a particular vulnerability that traditional data protection solutions do not address..

    • The particular vulnerabilities in data protection that traditional solutions do not resolve.
    • How these vulnerabilities can be addressed to better avoid a data breach.
    • Protecting data where it is most at risk has been simplified, and you can put a stop to costly data breaches.
  • Steering Clear of Key Management Pitfalls in Banking Recorded: Oct 1 2019 50 mins
    Ed Wood - Director of Product Management at Cryptomathic and Kevin McKeogh - Director, Product Management at nCipher Security
    Loss, theft or misuse of a single critical key can put your organisation on the front page; damaging your reputation, credibility and even put you out of business. Despite its critical importance, key management often doesn't get the attention and investment it requires.

    This webinar will look at:
    ● Current trends and challenges of lifecycle key management in banks and FSIs
    - The reality of key-management practices in even mature organisations today
    - What we have seen happening over the last 10 years
    ● Confidently complying with internal / external standards
    - FIPS and PCI: what you need to know about their intersection
    - Pathway to efficiently or effectively demonstrating compliance
    ● Risk : the obvious and not-so-obvious
    - Common mistakes: errors or omissions in key management practice
    - Conspiracy: rogue / bad-actors have huge potential for damage
    - Spelling out the consequences.
    ● Real-world example / case study from leading acquirer in Europe – Swedbank adopts
    centralised key management across acquiring and terminal network
    - Hear from a bank about their motivation and experience of implementing automated
    lifecycle key management
    ● Why is it important to act now?

    This webinar is for you if you are responsible for:
    1. Managers of products / services highly dependent on cryptography.
    2. Security / Cryptography practitioners (key and cryptography policy management).
    3. Auditors / Compliance managers.

    Cryptomathic and nCipher address the key management challenges experienced by banks and FSIs with a certified centralised banking-grade key lifecycle management platform.
  • Encrypt Tokenize Repeat – Comprehensive data security for the enterprise Recorded: Sep 4 2019 14 mins
    Jose Diaz - Vice President of Products and Services at Prime Factors
    This presentation highlights the importance of encryption, tokenization, and masking as vital tools for a comprehensive enterprise data security program. The session describes how Prime Factors' EncryptRIGHT simplifies application level data protection with an nCipher nShield hardware security module (HSM) root of trust.

    Watch video and learn how to:
    - Address challenges of protecting sensitive enterprise data
    - Implement data protection policies at the application layer
    - Use encryption, tokenization, and data masking techniques
    - Anonymize and pseudonymize sensitive data for compliance
    - Establish robust hardware-based cryptographic root of trust
  • Perform Like a Conductor - Automated and Secure Key Orchestration Recorded: Aug 23 2019 10 mins
    Paul Cleary - Ecosystem Architect at Venafi
    Perform Like a Conductor - Automated and Secure Key Orchestration with Venafi and nCipher

    This presentation highlights how to orchestrate automatic and secure machine identity and code signing with a robust root of trust using Venafi and nCipher technology.

    - Demand for machine identities
    - Challenges with technology
    - Addressing key orchestration
    - Importance of code signing
    - Establishing the root of trust
  • In PKI we trust securing transactions & identities in a digital world Recorded: Aug 16 2019 8 mins
    Marlon Lorde - Senior Sales Executive at Entrust Datacard
    In PKI we trust securing transactions & identities in a digital world-Entrust Datacard & nCipher

    This presentation focuses on how connected employees, customers, systems, and things are transforming the way businesses is done. The need for secure identities in an increasingly digital world is discussed, and the impact that inadequate digital trust has on the way we conduct business transactions is described. The session presents how Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions address these challenges with trust, integrity , and control.

    - Business transformation
    - Increasing digital identities
    - Critical role of the PKI
    - Need for root of trust
    - Available solutions
  • nCipher Micro Focus Voltage Recorded: Aug 16 2019 15 mins
    Carole Murphy, Global Product Marketing Senior Manager for Micro Focus Voltage
    Carole Murphy, Global Product Marketing Senior Manager for Micro Focus Voltage, explains how to achieve data-centric information protection across the enterprise with Micro Focus Voltage and nCipher technology.

    Learn how to:
    - Make safe use of data for innovation
    - Protect data for privacy and analytics
    - Securely manage cryptographic keys
    - Establish a certified HSM root of trust
  • Don’t Just Manage Your Keys. Orchestrate Them! Recorded: Aug 16 2019 10 mins
    Mr. Jeremy Sturm - Director of Sales Engineering at Fornetix
    Today's interconnected business environment increasingly uses security technologies to protect data confidentiality and integrity. This need is creating a growing challenge for traditional cryptographic key management practices that demands careful orchestration of keys and their use policies across the many platforms deployed across organizations.

    - Problems with traditional key management practices
    - Challenge integrating them with existing technologies
    - Advantage of a comprehensive key orchestration plan
    - Establishing a root of trust for key lifecycle automation
  • Integrating nCipher and IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager for customer success Recorded: Aug 14 2019 10 mins
    Rick Robinson, World wide Offering Manager at the IBM Security Group
    This brief presentation describes the threats that customer data is typically exposed to during rest, transit, and use, and the challenges involved in protecting the data through cryptography. The session focuses on the need to establish a root of trust for the safeguarding and management of underpinning cryptographic keys throughout their lifecycle, and highlights how nCipher and IBM solutions address this with standards-based systems designed to provide maximum efficiency and robustness.

    - Threat
    - Challenge
    - Solution
    - Why IBM and nCipher
  • What's driving security trends in the Middle East? Recorded: Jul 17 2019 30 mins
    Hamid Qureshi, Territory Sales Manager - Middle East, nCipher Security
    We surveyed hundreds of organizations in the UAE and Saudi Arabia for our annual Middle East Encryption Trends Study with global researchers, Ponemon Institute. The results reveal an increase in the use of emerging technologies like IoT and Docker containers, which open the door to new security vulnerabilities. In response, security leaders are broadening their use of encryption and strong key protection to protect sensitive data against theft and other threats. Join Hamid Qureshi in this session to;

    -discover these key security trends
    - learn how your peers are addressing their evolving business
    - understand how nCipher can help you secure your critical data and
  • Innovative Information Protection for a Data-Driven Economy Recorded: Jun 26 2019 103 mins
    Juan C. Asenjo, nCipher Security and Carole Murphy, Micro Focus Voltage
    This web conference will provide insights on how to secure the growing data flows driving today’s global economy. Our experts will outline best practices for safely using data to optimize performance, enable new services, and transform existing business models, while addressing evolving threats and managing risks. The web conference will focus on the best ways of handling sensitive customer and transactional data, including healthcare and financial information, in light of the impact that the growing Internet of Things (IoT) is having on the capability to collect, analyze, and derive new customer insights and other business intelligence. Our speakers will identify the challenges faced by organizations that collect and use increasing amounts of data and need to maintain its confidentiality and integrity, and ensure compliance with data privacy requirements. The conference will close with a description of associated solutions underlining encryption, cryptographic key management, and the establishment of a secure root of trust, and recommendations on how to put these solutions in practice.

  • Scalable web traffic visibility with Gigamon and nCipher Recorded: May 28 2019 14 mins
    Bassam Khan, VP - Product and Technical Marketing at Gigamon
    This presentation highlights the importance of having web traffic visibility and ensuring that your tools can keep a watchful eye over the whole of your network using technology from Gigamon and nCipher.
  • In PKI we trust – secure & high-performing identity management Recorded: May 22 2019 11 mins
    Graham McCord, Senior Manager for Strategic Alliances at Entrust Datacard
    This presentation highlights the importance of trusting your public key infrastructure to deliver secure and high performing identity management services, and how you can achieve this objective using technology from Entrust Datacard and nCipher.
  • Global encryption trends -- is your organization keeping pace? Recorded: May 15 2019 61 mins
    Dr. Larry Ponemon, Ponemon Institute and John Grimm, nCipher Security
    Corporate data breaches are in the headlines on an almost daily basis, while business critical applications face malicious threat, or are accidentally compromised by employee mistakes. The 2019 Global Encryption Trends study, with data from almost 6000 respondents in 14 countries/regions, reveals:

    - How organizations in different industries and countries are using encryption to protect sensitive data
    - What use cases for hardware security modules (HSMs) are growing the fastest
    - Features of encryption solutions that organizations value the most

    Join Dr. Larry Ponemon and John Grimm for an overview of the top findings of this industry-leading study on encryption trends, and advice on addressing encryption's top challenges.
  • Perform Like a Conductor – Automated and Secure Key Orchestration with Venafi Recorded: May 1 2019 11 mins
    Ben Rogers,Senior Solutions Architect, Venafi
    nFinity partners spoke at nCipher RSA booth to highlight strengths of a combined nCipher / partner product integration.
  • Proactive Data Defence for Digital Transformation Recorded: Nov 22 2018 32 mins
    Brett Bourke Abela, Senior Sales Engineer, UK, Thales eSecurity
    In the third of our #CoffeeBreak webcasts, Chris Ogilvie interviews Brett Abela, Thales eSecurity Sales Consultant on proactive data defence for digital transformation.

    Digital transformation is business enhancing but fraught with danger. With services moving into the cloud, the result is a faster, more agile and open service for consumers and enterprises. However, this digital transformation is taking place in an increasingly precarious environment, with more and more of your corporate attack surface being exposed.

    The rise of cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT), has forced companies to take control of their data – regardless of where it resides and in addition, reputational damage caused by public breach is firmly on the agenda of the board.

    Join Chris and Brett for the third “coffee break” webcast when they will discuss:
    a) Key security considerations for a digital transformation strategy
    b) Why a proactive data defence strategy is crucial
    c) The benefits of maximising the level of control over data irrespective of where it is created, stored or shared.
    d) How can enterprises regain control of their data security?
  • Trust and responsibility throughout your software distribution chain Recorded: Nov 14 2018 56 mins
    Juan Asenjo, Senior Manager for Solutions Marketing, Thales eSecurity & Tomas Gustavsson CTO, PrimeKey
    Harmful code is today a real threat to users and organizations alike. Criminal groups and even governments increasingly use malicious software to steal, manipulate, and monitor data, to export money, or empty bank accounts. An efficient way to prevent this, to protect your intellectual property, and brand equity is through code signing. That is why the solution today has the attention of the business owner and developer community worldwide. However, code signing requires not only signing keys to be robust, but also to be stored securely. With the use of a hardware security module (HSM), you can manage the risk of having critical code signing keys stolen and your security compromised. In this webinar, PrimeKey a leading provider of PKI and signing solutions, together with Thales eSecurity, a leader in HSM technology, will take you through the world of safe code through proper code signing.

    Join this webinar to learn how to:

    • Achieve trusted and secure software distribution using PKI and HSMs
    • Take advantages of server-side signing with central key management
    • Support multiple code signing needs, drivers, firmware, and formats
    (Microsoft, JAR, P#1, P#7, CMS etc.), in one single installation
    • Integrate with existing build and distribution processes for automation
    • Deploy best practices for code signing solutions and improve security
  • Secure Data Gathering and Analytics: PKI Solutions with Hardware Root of Trust Recorded: Nov 6 2018 59 mins
    Juan Asenjo, Sr. Mgr. for Solutions Mktg, Thales eSecurity & Julie Lassabliere, Digital Mktg and Communication PM, Safelayer
    Organizations today gather unprecedented amounts of data from their operations to create new opportunities and to customized marketing, business, and services for their users and customers. Every transactions and exchange within the enterprise is creating more data that when analyzed, can produce valuable insight. Whether the data comes from a person or from a connected device such as a sensor, data collected is becoming essential for decision-making. Therefore, protecting the integrity of connected devices collecting this data is critical to ensure the trustworthiness of the system. Public key infrastructures (PKIs) provide the framework to secure the identity of devices to ensure integrity and confidentiality of data collected and exchanged. Using asymmetric cryptography, PKIs sign all certificates used to identify devices collecting data. Protecting the signing keys used for this purpose is essential to ensure a root of trust. In this webinar, we will examine how PKI-based solution provide a mechanism for secure identification, so you can trust your devices and the data they collect. The session will explain how hardware security modules (HSMs) help establish a root of trust, and provide examples and use cases.

    Join the webinar to learn how you can use connected devices with a PKI and an HSM to:

    • Improve your data gathering capabilities
    • Protect the integrity of your critical data
    • Defend organization from data breaches
    • Secure all analytics and decision making

    ** This webcast was recorded when nCipher Security was part of Thales **
  • PKI 2018: The IoT and other drivers of next-generation PKI Recorded: Oct 24 2018 60 mins
    Dr. Larry Ponemon, Chairman & Founder of Ponemon Institute and John Grimm, Sr. Dir of IoT Security Strategy, Thales eSecurity
    In recent years, cloud applications and the Internet of Things (IoT) have become the latest disruptors to future PKI planning. This 2018 study, conducted by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Thales eSecurity, reveals trends in PKI usage and deployment, security controls, and challenges. Those trends clearly indicate that organizations must not only tend to the ever-changing digital certificate needs of today, but must also simultaneously prepare for the future -- a future with never-before-seen diversity and scale.

    Join this webcast to learn about the top findings of this research, including:

    • The increasing influence of the IoT in PKI planning
    • The increasing security maturity of enterprise PKIs including the use of Hardware Security Modules (HSMs)
    • Identification of enterprise applications that most commonly depend on PKI credentials
    • The most important PKI capabilities for IoT deployments, and projected rates of digital certificate usage by IoT devices.

    ** This webcast was recorded when nCipher Security was part of Thales **
  • Enabling trusted identities for the Internet of Things Recorded: Oct 9 2018 61 mins
    Juan Asenjo, Sr. Mgr. for Solutions and Partner Mktg at Thales eSecurity & Daniel Hjort, Dr. of Smart ID Mgmt.at Nexus Group
    With billions of things connecting to the Internet, addressing security, privacy, and safety are becoming significant challenges. Enterprises deploying Internet of Things (IoT) technologies need strong security that is easy to implement, seamless to use, cost-effective, flexible, and scalable. The foundation to establish trust and reliable security for IoT is to use standards-based PKI certificates with the right communication protocols.

    This webcast will examine the challenges that industry faces to ensure safe adoption of IoT technologies, from device manufacturing, to deployment and operation. Join Thales and Nexus to learn how IoT PKI:

    • Controls device identity, from manufacturing bootstrap to lifecycle management
    • Delivers protected operations based on strong authentication and encryption
    • Manages full range of devices from battery-powered sensors to self-driving cars
    • Secure logs and reports to facilitate compliance with data security regulations
    • Establishes a certified root of trust for the security of the entire ecosystem
  • Making PKI the foundation of your digital transformation Recorded: Sep 20 2018 48 mins
    Simon Keates, Business Development Manager, EMEA.
    Chris Ogilvie interviews Simon Keates, Thales eSecurity Business Development Manager, EMEA on one of the hottest security topics in 2018.

    PKI offers organisations the flexibility to create security models, however defining, maintaining and securing PKI is a major risk to enterprises. Key theft, weak controls on keys, and impact on business agility as new applications are on-boarded without due care, are some of the challenges faced by enterprises.

    Join Chris and Simon for the first in our series of “coffee break” webcasts when they will discuss:
    a) The current PKI market, the growth in EMEA and the challenges facing organisations
    b) How enterprises are using PKI to enhance their security posture
    c) How Thales eSecurity is integrating with market leading PKI technology partners to offer a holistic solution for the enterprise.

    ** This webcast was recorded when nCipher Security was part of Thales **

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  • Title: 2017 Global PKI Trends: PKI at the Crossroads
  • Live at: Nov 8 2017 5:05 pm
  • Presented by: Dr. Larry Ponemon, Chairman & Founder, Ponemon Institute and John Grimm, Sr Director of Security Strategy, Thales e-Security
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