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Post Quantum Series: I. What is the state of the quantum world?

Post quantum experts at Entrust Datacard have been working closely with think tanks and academic leaders who are doing advanced research on quantum computing.
We’re sharing our insights with IT professionals through our three-part post quantum webinar series.

Perhaps you’ve heard a little bit about quantum computing, but you’re not quite sure what to make of it? You’re not alone. Many IT professionals are still not clear on what it is or how it will impact their business.

Get a better understanding of quantum computing and find out what you need to know in the first session of our three-part webinar series:

• What common cryptographic protocols will need to be migrated to post quantum algorithms
• There is no 'one size fits all' – choosing PQ algorithms to fit your use cases
• How to determine the right time to deploy post quantum crypto for data with different "shelf-lives"
Recorded May 7 2020 53 mins
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Presented by
John Gray, PKI Software Architect
Presentation preview: Post Quantum Series: I. What is the state of the quantum world?

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  • Cloud migration with confidence – Securing multi-cloud and hybrid IT Sep 2 2021 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Carole Murphy - Micro Focus, Juan C. Asenjo - Entrust, Jeff Kerpics - Entrust
    Webinar Overview:
    Market research indicates that most enterprises have a multi-cloud and/or hybrid cloud strategy. Due to COVID, over half of enterprises now expect cloud usage to exceed prior plans. Recognizing the pressures of data breaches and regulatory compliance, cloud service providers have started to offer their own data security solutions, each with a different approach and potentially confusing array of capabilities.

    The Webinar will cover:
    • Why hybrid and multi-cloud deployments are challenging for data protection and privacy
    • Examples of data-centric protection enabling data security with data utility and usability
    • Approaches to safely making the move to large scale cloud-based data analytics and other services
  • Comment fermer votre coffre-fort à double tour: Hashicorp + Entrust Aug 26 2021 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Gauthier DONIKIAN, Solutions Engineer, Hashicorp et Jerome Beclin, Sales Engineer, Entrust
    Au fur et à mesure que les organisations migrent vers le cloud, le nombre de mots de passe, PIN, clés, jetons et autres secrets utilisés pour accéder aux plates-formes applications et aux données augmente de façon exponentielle. La gestion centralisée de répertoires de secrets permet aux organisations d'appliquer des politiques de protection cohérentes qui renforcent la sécurité et facilitent l'audit et la conformité.

    Ce Webinar présentera le défi croissant rencontré lors du déploiement d'outils de gestion centralisée des secrets et les solutions pour atténuer les risques associés à l'agrégation d'actifs sensibles. Nous examinerons le besoin d'une racine de confiance pour la migration vers le cloud, les DevOps et la conformité réglementaire et nous décrirons les meilleures pratiques pour déployer ces solutions.

    Rejoignez ce Webinar et découvrez:

    • Quels défis représente la multiplication des secrets pour les organisations
    • Comment la gestion centralisée des clés garantit une politique de sécurité cohérente
    • Pourquoi le cloud, les DevOps et les réglementations nécessitent une approche ciblée
    • Où une racine de confiance est-elle nécessaire pour garantir une sécurité élevée

    Ce webinaire est pour vous si vous êtes responsable de:

    • La gestion de la transformation numérique et de la migration vers le cloud
    • La mise en place des meilleures pratiques de sécurité dans votre organisation
    • Auditer et assurer la conformité de votre organisation
  • Multi-Cloud Secrets-Management:Bewahren Sie Ihre Geheimnisse sicher Aug 26 2021 8:00 am UTC 47 mins
    Volker Semmelmann, Senior Technical Sales Consultant - Entrust, Lieuwe Helmus, Regional Manager - HashiCorp
    Dieses Webinar behandelt die wachsenden Herausforderungen, die beim Implementieren von zentralisierten Secrets-Management-Anwendungen auftreten und wie Risiken beim Aggregieren von sensiblen Daten verringert werden können.

    Unsere Sprecher begutachten weshalb Cloud-Migrationen, DevOps und regulatorische Compliance einen Vertrauensanker benötigen und beschreiben bewährte Verfahren für das Deployment für diese Lösungen.

    Hauptvorteile durch das Verknüpfen von Vault und nShield HSM
    Die Bestandteile "Allgemeine Architektur"
    Was passiert beim Verbinden von Vault und nShield HSM?
    Erstellung, Verwaltung und Schutz des Master-Keys welcher das HashiCorp Vault Enterprise sichert
    Zugriff auf Anwendungen erteilen, erneuern und aufheben
    Verschlüsselung und Entschlüsselung von Daten, die von Anwendungen benutzt werden
  • Sécuriser les vérifications de certificats OCSP Aug 19 2021 9:00 am UTC 64 mins
    Jean Julien Alvado, CEO à Evertrust Jérôme Béclin, Sales Engineering à Entrust, Data Protection Solutions
    Avec l’augmentation exponentielle de l’usage de certificats dans les environnements on prem et cloud, la vérification et la validation de certificats deviennent un enjeux majeur en termes de sécurité et surtout de performance.

    La confiance dans la réponse OCSP est donc primordiale dans le mécanisme de validation de certificats, puisque cette solution permet de créer des signers à clé logicielle ou matérielle.
    L´intégration native de l´OCSPd d´Evertrust aux HSM nShield d´Entrust, permet ainsi la sécurisation des clés privées des signers afin d´assurer une protection logique et physique des clés. Ainsi ce type d’intégration allie sécurité, fiabilité et performance de la réponse OCSP.

    Ne manquez pas ce webinar co-présenté par Jean Julien Alvado, CEO à Evertrust et Jérôme Béclin Sales Engineer à Entrust. C´est l´occasion d´en savoir plus sur la création et la protection des clés privées de signers au travers de cas clients et de démonstrations, mais aussi de poser toutes vos questions sur la sécurisation des certificats.

    Points clés du webinar

    • Les meilleures pratiques pour vérifier l´état de révocation de vos certificats
    • Démonstration d´une intégration OCSP sécurisée
    • Architecture de confiance : Cas clients dans les secteurs industrie et bancaire
  • Securing the Future of Payments Aug 12 2021 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Andy Cease, Product Marketing Manager, Instant Issuance, Entrust
    The way the world pays continues to evolve – from magstripes to EMV chips to dual-interface contactless and now mobile formats. But there’s one thing that has remained: the importance of simplicity and security in how consumers pay and how they receive their payment credential.

    Processing sensitive, personally identifiable financial data requires multiple layers of logical and physical safeguards, and providing a seamless experience for your cardholder is becoming increasingly complex by the day.

    In this presentation, we’ll cover why the Entrust Instant Financial Issuance solution creates a perfect cardholder experience from receipt to utilization to renewal, and how delivering a best-in-class experience for your cardholders and colleagues requires best-in-class solution security.

    Attend this webinar to learn more about:
    • The security threats faced by the evolving card issuance technologies
    • How higher levels of security can create a simpler issuance experience for all
    • How to ensure instant gratification for your customers’ card issuance demand
  • The future of cryptography? Aug 4 2021 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    It’s the year 2030: Quantum computers are capable of cracking all of the public-key algorithms that provided protection for sensitive data in 2021. Hackers use them to access information in private emails and state authorities use them to obtain data belonging to suspicious institutions. Debit card payments are no longer possible, and trading in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin is vulnerable to attack.

    Experts predict that within ten years there will be functioning quantum computers capable of calculating mathematical problems such as the prime factorization of very large numbers millions of times faster than today’s normal computers. And those quantum computers would be able to crack encryption methods which we now believe to be secure.

    How realistic is this prediction, and what does it mean for cryptography?

    Join this live webcast to
    - Hear why organizations need to start thinking about post-quantum security threats now: Migrating to post-quantum cryptography will be difficult. One of the key reasons to start thinking about PQ early is to ensure your business is crypto agile; knowing where you use cryptography, understanding its criticality to your operations and to start preparing today for the shape of things to come.
    - Discover how HSMs provide assurance against unauthorized access to data and identity in a world rife with both internal and external security challenges: Cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are hot investments – representing new forms of digital assets that are disrupting traditional financial services. It’s clear we are witnessing a rapid expansion of the digital asset market and the exponential growth of the role of digital asset custodians.
  • Devenez conforme à l’eIDAS Aug 3 2021 8:00 am UTC 28 mins
    Jérôme Beclin, Pierre Ischan, Data Protection Solutions Entrust
    Devenez conforme à l’eIDAS

    Si votre organisation gère les transactions en ligne de citoyens européens, le règlement eIDAS peut vous ouvrir de formidables opportunités, mais il introduit également de nouvelles exigences.

    Les modules matériels de sécurité (HSM) nShield jouent un rôle essentiel dans la sécurisation des solutions conformes à l’eIDAS, protégeant ainsi les certificats numériques, les horodateurs ou les signatures numériques.

    Ainsi, participer à cet évènement en ligne vous permettra de :

    - comprendre comment un HSM nShield établit une base de confiance pour les systèmes de protection des données afin de générer et de gérer les clés de chiffrement afin de créer des signatures, et aussi d’exécuter des programmes sensibles

    - découvrir comment nos HSM fonctionnent en parfaite harmonie avec les technologies de nos partenaires conformes à l'eIDAS tels que Cryptomathic, Intesi, Safelayer et Nexus

    - voir comment nos clients utilisent les HSM pour fournir des solutions et des services conformes à l’eIDAS, tels que les certificats électroniques, les passeports électroniques, les cartes d’identité électroniques, sécurisant l’autorisation de transactions et les PKI mobiles
  • 2021 Global Encryption Trends: Ponemon insights on evolving threats and drivers Recorded: Jul 29 2021 61 mins
    John Grimm, VP Strategy & Business Development; Dr. Larry Ponemon, Chairman & Founder
    The use of encryption to protect sensitive data has never been higher, but deployment and management challenges abound in today’s multi-cloud world. The 2021 Global Encryption Trends Study, the most comprehensive encryption survey in the industry, highlights how organizations are managing encryption strategies in the face of changing regulations and evolving data security threats.

    Join Dr. Larry Ponemon, chairman and founder of the Ponemon Institute, and John Grimm, vice president of strategy and business development with Entrust, for an overview of key highlights of this just-released research, including:
    • Trends in encryption adoption and deployment
    • Evolving threats, drivers, and customer priorities
    • Methods of managing encryption and keys across multiple clouds
    • The increasing role of hardware security modules (HSMs)
  • How to approach enterprise security with Zero Trust in the work from home era? Recorded: Jul 28 2021 65 mins
    Madhur Bhargava, Product Marketing Manager, Entrust , Rajan Barara, Director of Product Management at Entrust
    Organizations around the world have transitioned to working from home in past months, and this transition has challenged advanced security models and user behaviors in a COVID-19 world. A significant number of users discovered that poor technology and/or infrastructure was the biggest barrier to effective remote working.

    As we speed towards the new normal of hybrid workplaces, organizations are reviewing their business continuity plans and restoring productivity to pre-covid times. Cybercriminals are getting smarter; work from home has expanded the enterprise perimeter; and the digital ecosystem is growing rapidly including new cloud applications. A significant part of IT Security effort is to ensure appropriate infrastructure and tools for their employees as well as top of the line cyber hygiene controls. Therefore, companies need a cyber security strategy that is consistent and crosses their on-premises perimeter. “Never trust, always verify”, is the bedrock of Zero Trust. With a Zero Trust model, every request to access information/data must be authenticated, authorized, and encrypted before permission is granted. It is not a product but an enterprise cybersecurity plan to protect its resources. In this session the participants will learn about:

    o Enterprise challenges in Zero Trust implementation
    o How Zero Trust responds to different risk factors
    o Ways to secure enterprise Hybrid environment
    o How Entrust's high assurance IAM solution helps in achieving Zero Trust
  • Analyst insights on encryption practices making a difference in the Middle East Recorded: Jul 28 2021 42 mins
    Hamid Qureshi, Senior Executive, Entrust
    As sensitive data proliferates across new environments and applications, most organisations are expanding their use of encryption. But what are the top priorities for enterprises in the Middle East?

    Analysts Ponemon Institute conducted a survey of over 300 IT professionals based in the Middle East to create the 2021 Middle East Encryption Trends Study - the most comprehensive encryption survey in the industry.

    Join Hamid Qureshi, Senior Executive, Entrust Data Protection Solutions, for this informative webinar to learn about the key insights and findings from this industry-leading study, and receive advice on addressing encryption’s top challenges.

    You will learn:
    • How your encryption strategy compares to others in the region
    • Which threats are causing the most concern
    • Trends driving encryption adoption and deployment choices; including multi-cloud encryption
    • The growing importance of Hardware Security Modules (HSMs)

    You can also read the full report here: https://www.entrust.com/lp/en/middle-east-encryption-trends-study
  • Hoe encryptie digitaal zaken doen veilig en compliant maakt. Recorded: Jul 28 2021 55 mins
    Richard Meiling, sales consultant bij Multi-Post en Ena Hurmola, senior solutions consultant bij Entrust
    Compliancy omtrent data privacy, een Cloud strategie of juist niet, groeiende cybercriminaliteit, maar toch meer focus op digitaal zaken doen met relaties. IT organisaties hebben veel zaken om rekening mee te houden. Encryptie helpt om daar meer veiligheid in te brengen. Maar dan moet de kern wel beveiligd blijven. Een HSM is het sluitstuk hierop en zorgt ervoor dat cybercriminelen niet met de encryptiesleutel aan de haal gaan en uw gegevens veilig blijven.

    De 3 Takeaways van deze webcast:
    • Creëren van een ‘Root of Trust’ voor uw encryptie
    • Veilig uw data en encryptiesleutels in de cloud
    • Eenvoudig compliant (AVG, eIDAS, PSD2, NEN7510)
  • Contrôlez le chiffrement dans le Cloud Microsoft avec Double Key Encryption Recorded: Jul 27 2021 41 mins
    Jérôme Béclin, Ingénieur Avant-Vente, DPS – Entrust, France & Arnaud Jumelet, National Security Officer – Microsoft, France
    Joignez-vous à Microsoft et Entrust : étendez le contrôle et la sécurité des données sensibles dans les environnements cloud et hybrides avec Double Key Encryption.

    Les entreprises migrent de plus en plus leurs données et workload vers des services cloud pour des raisons de commodité, de flexibilité et de rentabilité. Cependant, cette pratique implique que les organisations renoncent à un certain contrôle sur ceux-ci.

    Afin de renforcer le contrôle et la sécurité des données les plus sensibles d'une entreprise, le chiffrement à double clé (DKE) vous permet de définir des niveaux supplémentaires de protection, de contrôle et d'assurance.
    Microsoft Double Key Encryption aide les entreprises à protéger leurs données Microsoft 365 les plus sensibles dans le cloud à l'aide d'une deuxième clé - de la même manière que le ferait un coffre-fort dans une banque.

    Les points clés du webinar:

    • Comprendre les principes du DKE et comment les entreprises le déploient pour protéger leurs actifs les plus précieux et critiques avec Microsoft Information Protection.
    • Découvrir comment protéger les données les plus sensibles avec Azure Information Protection (AIP) en ayant l'assurance qu'elles soient complètement isolées des tiers.
    • Apprendre comment garantir que les clés sont générées et gérées avec les meilleures pratiques et une sécurité maximale
    • Découvrir comment Entrust peut vous aider à déployer votre instanciation Microsoft DKE reposant sur des modules matériels de sécurité (HSM) nShield.
  • Banking security: How to use encryption to protect customer & enterprise assets Recorded: Jul 27 2021 42 mins
    Pali Surdhar, Chief Security Officer, Entrust
    The attacks targeting financial services organizations continue to increase in both volume and sophistication.
    Security-conscious enterprises need to prepare for threats that emanate from external cybercriminals as well as employee errors and malicious insiders.
    While detection, threat intelligence and other techniques have come into vogue in recent years, encryption continues to play a foundational role in protecting sensitive customer data and enterprise assets.
    Join this session to learn:
    • the role that encryption plays in defending financial institutions’ sensitive data
    • the strategies for implementing strong encryption
    • Real-world case studies to address financial institutions’ challenges
  • The time to prepare for CMMC is now Recorded: Jul 22 2021 62 mins
    Stuart Itkin, Vice President, CMMC and FedRAMP Assurance Coalfire Federal
    CMMC, which affects organizations in the DoD supply chain, establishes a minimum threshold of cyber maturity that all organizations must achieve. CMMC is pass-fail, and failure to become certified disqualifies an organization from being able to supply to the DoD. While CMMC requirements begin roll out this year, many organizations don’t appreciate the effort and the time required to satisfy those requirements, and many have not begun. Certification requirements and the certification process are both exacting. Organizations looking to become CMMC compliant are surprised to learn how exacting and difficult it is to satisfy the requirements.

    We are pleased to be joined by Stuart Itkin, VP CMMC & FedRamp Assurance at Coalfire Federal, to discuss:

    • Why CMMC is important and why it was created
    • A quick overview and description of the CMMC framework
    • How to undertake the journey from where you are and need to be
    • The assessment process: what to expect
    • The impacts of CMMC beyond the DoD supply chain
  • Schutz von hochsensiblen Daten in der Cloud Recorded: Jul 22 2021 40 mins
    Volker Semmelmann, Senior Systems Engineer - Entrust
    Die Verwaltung der Sicherheit von Workloads in dynamischen und virtuellen Umgebungen ist häufig zeitaufwändig und komplex. Die Verschlüsselung des Workloads hilft Unternehmen sicherzustellen, dass hochsensible Daten und Applikationen von aktuellen Bedrohungen und Sicherheitslücken geschützt sind.

    Die Kombination aus HyTrust und Entrust nShield HSMs bietet Ihnen eine einzigartige Lösung für vereinfachte und skalierbare Verschlüsselung, sowie eine Schlüsselverwaltungs-Lösung mit Unterstützung von VMware vSphere VM Verschlüsselung und VMware vSAN Datenverschlüsselung.

    Nehmen Sie an diesem Webinar teil und erfahren Sie wie Sie:
    • im großen Stil Verschlüsselungsschlüssel durch die Verwendung von FIPS-140-konformer Hardware verwalten.
    • durch die Automatisierung der Schlüssel-Lifecycles das Management von verschlüsselten Workloads vereinfachen.
    • Verschlüsselungsschlüssel für virtuelle Maschinen und verschlüsselte Storage-Arrays verwalten, um hochskalierte Deployments zu unterstützen.
    • Mit Hilfe von Policy-basierte Kontrollen die volle Verantwortung über ihre Schlüssel erreichen, um regulatorische Compliance einzuhalten.

    Möchten Sie die Sicherheit Ihre Daten und Infrastruktur erhöhen? Dann registrieren Sie sich noch heute und erfahren Sie wie Entrust Ihnen dabei helfen Kann.
  • Protéger les données dans un environnement cloud hybride Recorded: Jul 20 2021 30 mins
    Jérôme Béclin, Encryption Engineer Evangelist à Entrust, Data Protection Solutions
    Le chiffrement des charges applicatives aide à garantir la protection des données d´entreprise, même si celles-ci venaient à tomber entre de mauvaises mains. La gestion de la sécurité de ces charges dans un environnement dynamique et virtualisé reste pourtant un défi chronophage et complexe pour les administrateurs, alors que la gestion des clés pour des dizaines de milliers de charges applicatives chiffrées n'est pas anodine.
    Ainsi, pour garantir une forte sécurité des données, les clés doivent faire l'objet d'une rotation fréquente et être transportées et stockées en toute sécurité.
    Découvrez les solutions ainsi que les bonnes pratiques lors de ce webinar.

    Lors de ce webinar animé par Jérôme Béclin, Encryption Engineer Evangelist à Entrust , vous apprendrez comment :
    • Gérer les clés de chiffrement à l'échelle en utilisant le chiffrement conforme à la norme FIPS-140.
    • Simplifier la gestion de charges applicatives chiffrées en automatisant et en simplifiant les cycles de vie des clés de chiffrement.
    • Maîtriser les clés de chiffrement avec des contrôles basés sur des politiques pour protéger les données et répondre aux exigences de conformité.

    Ne manquez pas la démonstration HyTrust KeyControl : gestion des clés de chiffrement de manière évolutive de toutes vos machines virtuelles et vos data stores pour une prise en charge de milliers de charges applicatives dans les grands déploiements.
  • A new way to enable high-trust signing for a digital business Recorded: Jul 15 2021 38 mins
    José Perez, Sales Engineer at Entrust and Pierluigi Pilla, ID Systems and PKI Unit Director at Bit4id
    Secure the exchange of documents with legally binding requirements by learning how to enable a high-trust, compliant environment for digital signatures from this webinar.

    This live webinar will be presented by Jose Perez, Sales Engineer at Entrust and Pierluigi Pilla, ID Systems and PKI Unit Director at Bit4id.

    Top 3 Takeaways
    - Bit4id Signing Today: exchanging documents requiring legally binding signatures in a high-trust environment
    - Integration between Entrust nShield HSMs and Bit4id solutions: a root of trust for the creation, management and protection of encryption and signature keys
    - Bit4id, Entrust and Uanataca: an eIDAS compliant digital signature solution
  • Increase insight into your card issuance process Recorded: Jul 14 2021 36 mins
    Heather Petschl, Product Manager, Entrust
    Learn from Entrust leaders with experience and expertise in supporting your operation and your data needs. We will review the ways customers track data today and the opportunities and challenges that brings to the production process. Learn how Production Analytics Solution can provide you with dynamic dashboards for self-sufficient, digital intelligence as well as engagements with experts that will provide you with actionable next steps to improve your operations efficiency and effectiveness.

    Benefits of the webcast

    * Learn how others are tacking data in their card issuance operations
    * What are the pros and cons of each method
    * Hear about solutions that help you become more efficient
  • How to protect critical data in a hybrid cloud environment Recorded: Jul 13 2021 36 mins
    Wayne Lewandowski, VP of Global Sales, HyTrust and Mike Turner, VP, Sales Engineering & Evangelism
    Managing the security of workloads in a dynamic, virtualized environment is a time-consuming and complex challenge for administrators. Encrypting workloads helps enterprises to ensure their data is protected, even if the data falls into the wrong hands. However, managing the keys for tens of thousands of encrypted workloads is not trivial. To ensure strong data security, keys have to be rotated frequently, and transported and stored securely.

    We also know that now more than ever, when dealing with new working environments, vulnerability risks and other issues, data protection is essential. We are here to support and protect your business critical data in these challenging times.
  • What Visa Ready Certification Means to your Instant Financial Issuance Program Recorded: Jul 13 2021 56 mins
    Andy Cease is a Product Marketing Manager in the Instant Issuance business unit at Entrust.
    The payments landscape is evolving rapidly. Are you prepared? Join us to learn how the Entrust Visa Ready-certified Instant Financial Issuance solution can supercharge your card program’s performance and cardholders’ satisfaction while reducing cost and complexity for your financial institution.

    With unparalleled security and simplicity delivered by the industry’s leading provider, there’s no better way to equip your customers and members with their preferred way to pay: the contactless card.

    Attend this webinar to learn more about:
    • What instant card issuance is and how it can improve the client experience
    • How higher levels of security can create a simpler issuance experience for all
    • How to ensure you stay relevant in the eyes of your clients and prospects
Securing the world in motion.
Entrust keeps the world moving safely by enabling trusted identities, payments and data protection around the globe. Today more than ever, people demand seamless, secure experiences, whether they’re crossing borders, making a purchase, or accessing corporate networks. With our unmatched breadth of digital security and credential issuance solutions, it’s no wonder the world’s most entrusted organizations trust us.

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  • Live at: May 7 2020 8:40 am
  • Presented by: John Gray, PKI Software Architect
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