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Meet Sigma: The World’s Most Advanced Instant Financial Card Issuance System

Meet Sigma the newest member of our world leading financial instant issuance solution: In addition to learning about Sigma, in this webinar you will learn about why cardholders love instant access to their cards, why it makes sense to banks and credit unions and what makes Entrust the market leader.

a. Attend this webinar as we show you how the new Sigma card printer is:
b. +Simple
We set out to make the most user-friendly financial card printer on the planet. And we thought of everything – streamlining the entire card issuance process.
c. +Secure
At Entrust, security is in our DNA. So it’s no surprise that our Sigma card printers are the industry’s most trusted and secure.
d. +Smart
Forward-thinking technology, scalability, and modularity allow you to expand your card issuance program as your needs evolve.
Recorded Jan 19 2021 62 mins
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Presented by
Chris Saxton Entrust Product Marketing Manager
Presentation preview: Meet Sigma: The World’s Most Advanced Instant Financial Card Issuance System

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  • Sigma: Impressão de cartão Smart ID Mar 18 2021 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Elizeu Queiroz, Account Manager Entrust
    Nossa nova solução de emissão de cartões de identificação, Sigma, é simples, segura e inteligente, resultando na impressora de cartões de identificação mais avançada do mundo. Este webinar destacará os recursos simples e fáceis de usar do Sigma.
  • Sigma: nova geração em impressão segura de cartões de identificação Feb 25 2021 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Elizeu Queiroz, Account Manager Entrust
    Nossa nova solução de emissão de cartões de identificação, Sigma, é simples, segura e inteligente, resultando na impressora de cartões de identificação mais avançada do mundo. Este webinar destacará os recursos simples e fáceis de usar do Sigma.
  • How much do you know about end-to-end encryption? Feb 25 2021 3:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Joseph Ling, Chief Solutions Architect, Greater China Region, Data Protection Solutions, Entrust
    From WhatsApp to Signal, have you ever worried about the security of your own messages? Even for companies that have implemented end-to-end encryption, public concerns still exist around data protection. Have you ever imagined it could happen to your company as well? Having enabled Hong Kong apps and websites with end-to-end encryption and robust secure key management for many years, Entrust will reveal and analyse the risks of mobile and web applications, and tell you why properly implementing end-to-end encryption should be your top priority.

    Top 3 Takeaways
    • You will understand end-to-end encryption and how it mitigates risks
    • You will know what you should be aware of when implementing end-to-end encryption
    • You will learn how to tell your customers that their data is well protected

    Language: Cantonese
  • Fight fraud, delight customers & boost cyber security in the Financial Industry Feb 17 2021 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Jenn Markey - Product Marketing Director, Entrust
    Pre-COVID, the 2020’s were already being positioned as the decade of digital banking transformation, we just didn’t know it would all happen in the first year! Well not quite all, but banks had to adopt a digital first mindset to survive 2020. It was a year that included exponential growth in digital transactions, closed branches replaced with a remote workforce, and an intensifying threat landscape across a much larger attack surface. As we look forward, financial institutions need to adopt a modern identity approach to be able to address security risks and delight customers. Join this webinar to learn how to accomplish both with:

    - Digital identity verification
    - Transaction risk-based analysis
    - Continuous identity assurance and behavioral biometrics
    - Passwordless options for staff and consumers
    - … and much more
  • Comment fermer votre coffre-fort à double tour: Hashicorp + nCipher Feb 16 2021 9:00 am UTC 44 mins
    Gauthier DONIKIAN, Solutions Engineer, Hashicorp and Jerome Beclin, Sales Engineer, nCipher Security
    Au fur et à mesure que les organisations migrent vers le cloud, le nombre de mots de passe, PIN, clés, jetons et autres secrets utilisés pour accéder aux plates-formes applications et aux données augmente de façon exponentielle. La gestion centralisée de répertoires de secrets permet aux organisations d'appliquer des politiques de protection cohérentes qui renforcent la sécurité et facilitent l'audit et la conformité.

    Ce Webinar présentera le défi croissant rencontré lors du déploiement d'outils de gestion centralisée des secrets et les solutions pour atténuer les risques associés à l'agrégation d'actifs sensibles. Nous examinerons le besoin d'une racine de confiance pour la migration vers le cloud, les DevOps et la conformité réglementaire et nous décrirons les meilleures pratiques pour déployer ces solutions.

    Rejoignez ce Webinar et découvrez:

    • Quels défis représente la multiplication des secrets pour les organisations
    • Comment la gestion centralisée des clés garantit une politique de sécurité cohérente
    • Pourquoi le cloud, les DevOps et les réglementations nécessitent une approche ciblée
    • Où une racine de confiance est-elle nécessaire pour garantir une sécurité élevée

    Ce webinaire est pour vous si vous êtes responsable de:

    • La gestion de la transformation numérique et de la migration vers le cloud
    • La mise en place des meilleures pratiques de sécurité dans votre organisation
    • Auditer et assurer la conformité de votre organisation
  • Devenez conforme à l’eIDAS Feb 11 2021 9:00 am UTC 27 mins
    Jérôme Beclin, Pierre Ischan, nCipher Security
    Devenez conforme à l’eIDAS

    Si votre organisation gère les transactions en ligne de citoyens européens, le règlement eIDAS peut vous ouvrir de formidables opportunités, mais il introduit également de nouvelles exigences.

    Les modules de sécurité matériels (HSM) nShield jouent un rôle essentiel dans la sécurisation des solutions conformes à l’eIDAS, protégeant ainsi les certificats numériques, les horodateurs ou les signatures numériques.

    Ainsi, participer à cet évènement en ligne vous permettra de :
    comprendre comment un HSM nShield établit une base de confiance pour les systèmes de protection des données afin de générer et de gérer les clés de chiffrement afin de créer des signatures, et aussi d’exécuter des programmes sensibles

    découvrir comment nos HSM fonctionnent en parfaite harmonie avec les technologies de nos partenaires conformes à l'eIDAS tels que Cryptomathic, Intesi, Safelayer et Nexus

    voir comment nos clients utilisent les HSM pour fournir des solutions et des services conformes à l’eIDAS, tels que les certificats électroniques, les passeports électroniques, les cartes d’identité électroniques, sécurisant l’autorisation de transactions et les PKI mobiles
  • Digital Certificate Lifestyle Management Feb 10 2021 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Joe Krull, Senior Cybersecurity Analyst, Aite Group
    Digital transformation initiatives, mobile commerce, and IoT deployments are directly facilitated by the expanded use of digital certificates for device identification and encryption of traffic. Although digital certificates have been used extensively for more than two decades, traditional manual processes including spreadsheets and overlapping tools to keep track of these certificates can no longer meet the demands of the growing proliferation of certificates across an organization’s infrastructure. Unmanaged certificates that expire can lead to expensive outages which translate to unhappy customers, potential brand damage, and loss of revenue. There have been recent incidents where unmanaged certificate expirations have even negatively impacted public health reporting and may have caused a major music streaming service to go offline. In this webinar, Aite Group will present an overview of certificate lifecycle management requirements, provide observations and recommendations for best practices in digital certificate management, and detail a case study of how an organization is reducing risk with a unified certificate management solution. Following Aite Group’s presentation, a representative of Entrust will introduce their Certificate Hub offering and explain how this solution can help organizations avoid digital certificate related issues and keep business flowing. This 60 minute webinar will be of interest to anyone responsible for digital transformation programs, cybersecurity operations, and security architecture planning.

    • Overview of digital certificate requirements
    • Emerging best practices in digital certificate management
    • Case study illustrating a unified certificate strategy
  • Sigma: Impressão Simples de Cartão de Identificação Feb 9 2021 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Elizeu Queiroz, Account Manager Entrust
    Nossa nova solução de emissão de cartões de identificação, Sigma, é simples, segura e inteligente, resultando na impressora de cartões de identificação mais avançada do mundo. Este webinar destacará os recursos simples e fáceis de usar da Sigma.
  • Stop Card-Not-Present Fraud while Complying with PSD2 Feb 4 2021 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    John Bejjani, Product Manager, Identity Enterprise, Entrust, Martina Forster, Senior Product Manager, Netcetera
    While in-store purchase volume continues to shift to Card-Not-Present (CNP) channels at an exponential rate, there remains considerable fraud risk associated with CNP payments. To help address this risk, PSD2 requires 3 Domain Secure (3DS) compliance for CNP payments. Entrust has partnered with Netcetera to provide an integrated 3DS solution to prevent CNP fraud by requiring a one-click step-up authentication for consumers prior to completing a CNP transaction. Join us to learn more about:

    - PSD2 requirements for CNP transactions
    - The 3DS specification, including 3DS 2.0 compliance
    - Our integrated Entrust Identity – Netcetera 3DS solution with associated benefits for banks and consumers
  • The Great Disruptors: DevOps, IoT, Cloud, WFH, and Multi-Cloud Environments Feb 4 2021 9:00 am UTC 90 mins
    Jay Schiavo / VP, ECS Products and Markets / Entrust
    Best Practices for Creating a Strong Cryptographic Strategy for Ongoing Crypto Excellence

    Topics will include:

    What is a Cryptographic Center of Excellence?
    Crypto is critical infrastructure
    How to navigate the demands of changing regulations and expanding use cases
    The importance of establishing a CryptoCoE
    A new approach: five building blocks for Entrust CryptoCoE
  • Managing secrets sprawl – 3 reasons why you need a root of trust Jan 28 2021 1:00 pm UTC 55 mins
    Ian Christofis, Principal Managing Consultant, nCipher and David Wright, Partner Solution Architect, HashiCorp
    As organizations migrate to the cloud to manage workloads in a more flexible and cost-effective manner, the number of passwords, PINs, keys, tokens, and other secrets used to access application platforms and data is increasing exponentially. Maintaining centralized repositories of secrets enables organizations to apply consistent protection policies that strengthen security and facilitate auditing and compliance.

    This webcast will look at the growing challenge faced when deploying centralized secrets management tools and how to mitigate risks associated with aggregation of sensitive assets. Our speakers will examine how cloud migration, DevOps, and regulatory compliance require a root of trust, and will describe best practices for deploying these solutions.

    Join the webcast and learn:
    • What challenges secrets sprawl represents for organizations
    • How centralized key management ensures consistent policy
    • Why cloud, DevOps, and regulations require a focus approach

    This webinar is for you if you are responsible for:
    · Managing digital transformation and cloud migration
    · Overseeing security best practices in your organization
    · Auditing and ensuring your organizational compliance
  • How the cloud and IoT are changing the game for PKI, and what’s next Jan 28 2021 12:00 pm UTC 50 mins
    Ian Christofis, Principal Managing Consultant /Jiro Shindo, Director Marketing, APAC /James Cook, Sales Director Australia
    Organizations are facing many challenges to evolve their PKI to meet new needs – and most of those challenges aren’t with the technology. The demands of new applications like the IoT, coupled with a lack of understanding of their current PKI security stance, are causing heightened angst in the face of all of 2020’s dynamics. Join this webcast to learn about
    • How industry leaders are changing their PKI deployment strategy
    • Trends in PKI security best practices
    • Shifts in IoT security priorities
  • Banking security: How to use encryption to protect customer & enterprise assets Jan 28 2021 11:00 am UTC 41 mins
    Pali Surdhar, Chief Security Officer, nCipher Security
    The attacks targeting financial services organizations continue to increase in both volume and sophistication.
    Security-conscious enterprises need to prepare for threats that emanate from external cybercriminals as well as employee errors and malicious insiders.
    While detection, threat intelligence and other techniques have come into vogue in recent years, encryption continues to play a foundational role in protecting sensitive customer data and enterprise assets.
    Join this session to learn:
    • the role that encryption plays in defending financial institutions’ sensitive data
    • the strategies for implementing strong encryption
    • Real-world case studies to address financial institutions’ challenges
  • Sigma: Impresión inteligente de tarjetas de inteligente Jan 27 2021 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Karim Hala, LAC Instant ID Issuance Sales Director Entrust
    Acerca de este seminario web
    Nuestra nueva solución de emisión de tarjetas de identificación, Sigma, es simple, segura e inteligente resultando en la impresora de tarjetas de identificación más avanzada del mundo. Este seminario web destacará las características inteligentes de Sigma.

    Acerca de este seminario web
    Nuestra nueva solución de emisión de tarjetas de identificación, Sigma, es simple, segura e inteligente resultando en la impresora de tarjetas de identificación más avanzada del mundo. Este seminario web destacará las características inteligentes de Sigma.
  • C-ITS: how to secure automotive communications Jan 27 2021 11:00 am UTC 57 mins
    Ena Hurmola, Senior Solutions Consultant nCipher Security, Roland Kraudy, Product owner Microsec
    Vehicles, road users and transportation facilities will soon communicate and cooperate to avoid unforeseeable crashes and reaching the "zero fatalities" vision. It will provide the ability to priories traffic i.e. emergency vehicles and public transport over private cars.
    The webinar is to look at the security infrastructure to ensure transmitted information is secure and none hackable when deployed.
    ENTRUST (nCipher) and Microsec present and overview including
    • How to establish trust between cars and other devices?
    • the Vehicle to Everything Public Key Infrastructure (V2X PKI).
    • The Vehicle to Vehicle communication (V2V)
    • Overall PKI structure for EU C-ITS standards.
    • the role of the Hardware Security Module (HSM) in this solution.
  • Middle East Encryption Trends: Rapid adoption of Hardware Security Modules conti Jan 27 2021 9:00 am UTC 31 mins
    Hamid Qureshi - Middle East Territory Sales Manager
    The push to protect customer personal information, along with growing use of encryption for cloud, containers and the IoT, help drive unprecedented adoption of Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) in the Middle East.
    The 2020 Middle East Encryption Trends Study, conducted by the Ponemon Institute, is based on a survey of 342 IT professionals in the Middle East and highlights how leading organizations are applying their encryption strategies, with detailed insights into the use cases that are growing the fastest.
    Join this webcast to find out more about the:
    - Growing use of encryption for emerging use cases like Docker containers and Internet of Things
    - Increasing adoption of the cloud and cloud data encryption
    - Continued pain associated with managing encryption keys
  • MDM and Next-Gen Identity Management Jan 26 2021 4:00 pm UTC 53 mins
    Paul McBride, Sr. Product Manager PKI, Entrust
    One of the top use cases for PKI that we see today is device certificates. From employees working remotely to personal and company-issued mobile devices co-existing, BYOD environments in organizations have become commonplace. This creates a critical need for IT departments to leverage simple, secure, transparent ways of identifying corporate assets to ensure trusted access to their networks.
    That's where Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions come in. But strong security credentials are also required. And that’s where PKI comes in.

    • Different BYOD scenarios
    • What to look for in the vendors you partner with
    • What the next evolution of identity management looks like
  • Cloud Native and the Future of the Cloud Ecosystem Recorded: Jan 21 2021 42 mins
    Anudeep Parhar, Chief Information Officer Entrust
    Everyone talks about digital transformation, but what does it really mean? In this session, Entrust CIO Anudeep Parhar shares insights into business fundamentals and innovative technologies that make up the building blocks of the digital transformation. Business leaders will leave this session with a deeper understanding on how new cloud-native architectures like microservices and containers are serving as a catalyst for innovation in computing business models.

    - The future is multi-cloud, containerized applications running on a serverless infrastructure.
    - New orchestration and management tools are needed to operate efficiently and securely
    - Security models will default to zero trust.
  • Solution whiteboard series: Internet of Things Recorded: Jan 21 2021 11 mins
    Dave Low, VP of Professional Services at nCipher Security
    In this whiteboard series on IoT, we'll provide an overview of common security/identity issues in the creation and manufacture of IoT devices. This includes the usage and secure distribution of encryption keys in secure and insecure environments.
  • How to Strengthen the Delivery of Citizen Identity Solutions Recorded: Jan 20 2021 60 mins
    John Bejjani , Product Manager, Entrust Identity
    Smartphones have come to dominate every aspect of everyday life as citizens expect and demand more of their governments, and governments rush to deliver more services remotely and cost effectively. Mobile citizen identity is key to delivering these services securely and meaningfully. Join us as we examine how Entrust is introducing new capabilities for partners eager to quickly develop flexible citizen identity solutions which address national ID, permit, and most importantly ICAO Digital Travel Credentials by bringing together the strengths of its Identity, HSM, and digital solutions segments.

    1. Learn how to identify the right citizen credential approach for the use case.
    2. Learn how to bring together the various Entrust segment solutions to build a complete end-to-end citizen identity solution.
    3. Learn how the ICAO Digital Travel Credential relates to traditional ePassport systems, and how to bring the two together.
Securing the world in motion.
Entrust keeps the world moving safely by enabling trusted identities, payments and data protection around the globe. Today more than ever, people demand seamless, secure experiences, whether they’re crossing borders, making a purchase, or accessing corporate networks. With our unmatched breadth of digital security and credential issuance solutions, it’s no wonder the world’s most entrusted organizations trust us.

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  • Title: Meet Sigma: The World’s Most Advanced Instant Financial Card Issuance System
  • Live at: Jan 19 2021 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: Chris Saxton Entrust Product Marketing Manager
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