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How encryption enables the new banking security standard beyond PCI

The digital payment landscape evolved rapidly with the acceleration of digital transformation initiatives.

Not only with the requirement for PCI DSS, but also Open Banking, PSD2 compliance, and GDPR – all requiring banks to have controlled, automated, and secure IT infrastructure in order to keep up with new applications and market opportunities.
We will look into trends in the modern payment market such as open banking, fintech, blockchain and mobile technologies, that will impact your business and security strategy to enable next generation payment solutions, whilst protecting customers and enterprise data against insider and outsider attacks.
Join this session to discover:
• new opportunities and security requirements for banks
• threats in modern payment system environments
• encryption strategies, data integrity and key management best practice for banking environment
• challenges and solutions from real customer stories
Recorded Mar 11 2021 59 mins
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Presented by
Ena Hurmola, nCipher Security
Presentation preview: How encryption enables the new banking security standard beyond PCI

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  • Solution Whiteboard Series: Microsoft Double Key Encryption Jun 22 2021 5:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Dave Low, VP of Professional Services, Entrust
    This session will discuss how Microsoft’s new Double Key Encryption (DKE) functionality works, and how you can implement that within your environment. The DKE solution allows enterprises to protect their Office 365 documents with both their Key(s) in the Azure environment, along with a key stored in their own environment (not shared with Microsoft) to secure their most sensitive documents.

    Key takeaways include:
    • Understanding of how Microsoft DKE can give you full control and protection of your most sensitive data
    • How your enterprise could deploy this solution
    • What value this solution can bring to your organization
  • Manage certificates simply and easily, and a PKI that's fast & scales on demand? Recorded: Jun 17 2021 52 mins
    Richard Meiling-Multipost Taha Hadreez-Entrust
    Join our webinar to find out how Entrust and Multipost can make this possible

    No clear ownership, insufficient resources, and skills are the top three challenges to enabling applications to use PKI according to the latest research from the Ponemon institute’s 2020 Global PKI & IoT Trends Study

    Discover how to find, control and automate your certificates from a single dashboard and learn the secret of how to make PKI straight forward and simple to use!

    Join Richard Meiling from Multipost and Taha Hadreez from Entrust on 17th June at our 4.00 pm webinar to learn more about protecting your business from outages and simplifying PKI

    • Do you have a lack of visibility on your certificate usage and
    • Have you suffered outages or service interruptions?
    • Are you sure you can meet your internal and external audit needs?
    • Are you struggling to scale your existing certificate solutions ?
  • Connecting the dots for CMMC Recorded: Jun 16 2021 31 mins
    Juan Asenjo, Director, Jim DeLorenzo, Senior Manager, Product and Solutions Marketing, Entrust
    Compliance (and reaching more customers) might be simpler than you think

    As cyberattacks continue to evolve, so do the cybersecurity frameworks designed to address them. The latest example is the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), which establishes security requirements for vendors who do business with the U.S. Department of Defense. But it’s not just DoD, as civilian agencies and even other governments are also planning to adopt this model.

    The good news for vendors is that they have likely already taken steps to address many of the CMMC’s requirements. Join us for our webinar as we look under the hood and discuss what makes up the CMMC domains. There’s a good chance your ongoing security investments put you in position for compliance.

    In this webinar we’ll examine:
    • What standards and frameworks are built into CMMC
    • How you can leverage your existing security practices in your CMMC program
    • Where to find useful resources to position you for more business
  • Which encryption technologies are making a difference? Recorded: Jun 16 2021 42 mins
    Hamid Qureshi, Senior Executive, Entrust
    As sensitive data proliferates across new environments and applications, most organisations are expanding their use of encryption. But what are the top priorities for enterprises in the Middle East?

    Analysts Ponemon Institute conducted a survey of over 300 IT professionals based in the Middle East to create the 2021 Middle East Encryption Trends Study - the most comprehensive encryption survey in the industry.

    Join Hamid Qureshi, Senior Executive, Entrust Data Protection Solutions, for this informative webinar to learn about the key insights and findings from this industry-leading study, and receive advice on addressing encryption’s top challenges.

    You will learn:
    • How your encryption strategy compares to others in the region
    • Which threats are causing the most concern
    • Trends driving encryption adoption and deployment choices; including multi-cloud encryption
    • The growing importance of Hardware Security Modules (HSMs)

    You can also read the full report here: https://www.entrust.com/lp/en/middle-east-encryption-trends-study
  • 2021 Global Encryption Trends: Protecting data in a multi-cloud world Recorded: Jun 10 2021 61 mins
    John Grimm, VP Strategy & Business Development; Dr. Larry Ponemon, Chairman & Founder
    The use of encryption to protect sensitive data has never been higher, but deployment and management challenges abound in today’s multi-cloud world. The 2021 Global Encryption Trends Study, the most comprehensive encryption survey in the industry, highlights how organizations are managing encryption strategies in the face of changing regulations and evolving data security threats.

    Join Dr. Larry Ponemon, chairman and founder of the Ponemon Institute, and John Grimm, vice president of strategy and business development with Entrust, for an overview of key highlights of this just-released research, including:
    • Trends in encryption adoption and deployment
    • Evolving threats, drivers, and customer priorities
    • Methods of managing encryption and keys across multiple clouds
    • The increasing role of hardware security modules (HSMs)
  • Higher Education: Converging Campus Identities from Physical to Digital Recorded: Jun 10 2021 54 mins
    ID Issuance leaders
    Attend our credential issuance forum to meet SIGMA, the world’s most advanced instant issuance system! We will show you how the new Sigma card printer is simple, secure and smart!
    Join us as we discuss:
    • Mobile identification, from enrollment to issuance
    • The convergence of mobile and physical identity on campus
  • Application-level data protection: confusion, challenges and solutions Recorded: Jun 9 2021 51 mins
    Jim DeLorenzo, Solutions Marketing Manager, Entrust, Justin Teitt, CMO & COO, PrimeFactors
    As the amount of data collected and stored by organization continues to accelerate, most organizations struggle in one important area: protecting data at the application level. A recent survey of 600 information technology professionals revealed that, while most plan to enhance their data security, numerous misperceptions and complexities stand in the way of implementing a data security strategy that properly protects data-in-use.
    Join us for this informative webinar, where we’ll dig into the survey findings to highlight the areas of confusion and how traditional data protection strategies fall short once data leaves its storage location.
    You will learn:
    - Which challenges cause the most confusion when applying data security strategies
    - Why application-level data protection has long been perceived as being too complex to be practicable
    - How to implement a security strategy that protects data from the point of capture
  • Retail: Food Labeling Solution Recorded: Jun 8 2021 48 mins
    ID Issuance leaders
    Attend our credential issuance forum to meet SIGMA, the world’s most advanced instant issuance system! We will show you how the new Sigma card printer is simple, secure and smart!
    In this session we’ll review topics including:
    • Food label solutions that are safe and compliant
    • Print on-demand with high-resolution food label printers, keeping up with price fluctuations and changing labeling requirements
  • Public Transportation Recorded: Jun 3 2021 55 mins
    ID Issuance leaders
    Attend our credential issuance forum to meet SIGMA, the world’s most advanced instant issuance system! We will show you how the new Sigma card printer is simple, secure and smart!
    In this session we’ll review topics including:
    • Moving towards a contactless ticketing and open payment
    • Helping transport operators to transform their ticketing office
  • Healthcare & Mobile Identity Recorded: Jun 1 2021 54 mins
    ID Issuance leaders
    Attend our credential issuance forum to meet SIGMA, the world’s most advanced instant issuance system! We will show you how the new Sigma card printer is simple, secure and smart!
    In this session we’ll review topics including:
    • Securing identities of patients and health professional employees
    • Simplifying the process of credential issuing for hospitals
  • Take control of encryption in Azure Cloud with Double Key Encryption Recorded: May 27 2021 64 mins
    Benjy Levin, Microsoft, Redmond, USA, Neil Ginns, Entrust, Dubai, UAE, Iain Beveridge, Data Protection Solutions – Entrust,UK
    Extend control and security over sensitive data in hybrid and cloud environments with Double Key Encryption

    Enterprises are increasingly migrating workloads to cloud services for convenience, flexibility, and cost effectiveness. However, this practice requires organizations to give up some control. To extend control and security over an organization's most sensitive data, double key encryption enables you to set additional levels of protection, control, and assurance.

    Join us in this webinar to find out how to protects your most sensitive content in the cloud using a secondary key - much like a safe deposit box in a bank.

    Top Takeaways:
    • Understand the principles of DKE and how organizations deploy it to protect their most valuable assets with Microsoft Information Protection
    • Discover how you can protect highly sensitive data with Azure Information Protection (AIP) with the assurance that it is completely isolated from third parties
    • Learn how to ensure keys are generated and managed from a trusted, high assurance source
    • Hear how Entrust can help you deploy your organization’s Microsoft DKE instantiation underpinned by nShield HSMs
  • Contrôlez le chiffrement dans le Cloud Microsoft 365 avec Double Key Encryption Recorded: May 27 2021 41 mins
    Jérôme Béclin, Ingénieur Avant-Vente, DPS – Entrust, France & Arnaud Jumelet, National Security Officer – Microsoft, France
    Joignez-vous à Microsoft et Entrust : étendez le contrôle et la sécurité des données sensibles dans les environnements cloud et hybrides avec Double Key Encryption.

    Les entreprises migrent de plus en plus leurs données et workload vers des services cloud pour des raisons de commodité, de flexibilité et de rentabilité. Cependant, cette pratique implique que les organisations renoncent à un certain contrôle sur ceux-ci.

    Afin de renforcer le contrôle et la sécurité des données les plus sensibles d'une entreprise, le chiffrement à double clé (DKE) vous permet de définir des niveaux supplémentaires de protection, de contrôle et d'assurance.
    Microsoft Double Key Encryption aide les entreprises à protéger leurs données Microsoft 365 les plus sensibles dans le cloud à l'aide d'une deuxième clé - de la même manière que le ferait un coffre-fort dans une banque.

    Les points clés du webinar:

    • Comprendre les principes du DKE et comment les entreprises le déploient pour protéger leurs actifs les plus précieux et critiques avec Microsoft Information Protection.
    • Découvrir comment protéger les données les plus sensibles avec Azure Information Protection (AIP) en ayant l'assurance qu'elles soient complètement isolées des tiers.
    • Apprendre comment garantir que les clés sont générées et gérées avec les meilleures pratiques et une sécurité maximale
    • Découvrir comment Entrust peut vous aider à déployer votre instanciation Microsoft DKE reposant sur des modules matériels de sécurité (HSM) nShield.
  • Is Identity at a Crossroads? Recorded: May 26 2021 37 mins
    Jenn Markey, Product Marketing Director, Identity at Entrust Jay Bretzmann, Program Director, Cybersecurity Products at IDC
    With the shift to work-at-home, the new normal for security teams has changed. In a word, identity has risen into a pivotal security technology. Yet many organizations struggle to answer the identity ROI question, and handle the question of moving to the cloud. Yet the steady march towards Identity-as-a-Service (IdaaS) continues, according to IDC.

    Join Jay Bretzmann, Program Director, Cybersecurity Products at IDC and Jenn Markey, Product Marketing Director, Identity at Entrust, as they explore these issues and identify potential solutions.
  • Secure your clouds by securing your keys Recorded: May 25 2021 32 mins
    Iain Beveridge - Product Marketing Manager, Entrust Sean Cannon - General Manager, Sycomp
    Entrust Data Protection Solutions are proud to introduce our new partner within EMEA - Sycomp, a global provider of innovative data centre, cloud and security services. This extended partnership will enable Sycomp to provide their customers across EMEA with an added level of security to protect critical business data and help meet compliance mandates.

    With Covid-19 being a catalyst for most companies to adopt a more cloud-first approach we chose this as our first joint webcast topic. We all know the cloud offers the benefits of agility and scalability - but these benefits don’t come without their security challenges.

    Join Entrust and Sycomp live on May 25 where we will provide a brief 101 on Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and then discuss the top 6 use cases that are helping our customers secure both their journey to the cloud and their cloud data while maintaining control of all encryption keys:

    • BYOK – Bring your own key to maintain control with Cloud Service Providers
    • DKE - Double Key Encryption to protect your most sensitive Microsoft O365 assets
    • Migrating data to the clouds, including using multiple cloud service providers
    • Managing the proliferation of information silos, credentials and secrets using ready-made integrations for CyberArk, BeyondTrust, HashiCorp and Thycotic
    • Deploying containers at scale utilizing high assurance crypto
    • Encrypting virtualized workloads – but what do I do with all the keys?
  • Government: Keeping Security a #1 Priority Recorded: May 20 2021 52 mins
    ID Issuance leaders
    Attend our credential issuance forum to meet SIGMA, the world’s most advanced instant issuance system! We will show you how the new Sigma card printer is simple, secure and smart!
    In this session we’ll review topics including:
    • Security
    • Social effects of identity programs
    • Beyond government security: local-level programs such as library cards, employee cards, hunting/fishing licenses, social benefits programs, medical marijuana, and more
  • Schutz von hochsensiblen Daten in der Cloud Recorded: May 20 2021 40 mins
    Volker Semmelmann, Senior Systems Engineer - Entrust
    Die Verwaltung der Sicherheit von Workloads in dynamischen und virtuellen Umgebungen ist häufig zeitaufwändig und komplex. Die Verschlüsselung des Workloads hilft Unternehmen sicherzustellen, dass hochsensible Daten und Applikationen von aktuellen Bedrohungen und Sicherheitslücken geschützt sind.

    Die Kombination aus HyTrust und Entrust nShield HSMs bietet Ihnen eine einzigartige Lösung für vereinfachte und skalierbare Verschlüsselung, sowie eine Schlüsselverwaltungs-Lösung mit Unterstützung von VMware vSphere VM Verschlüsselung und VMware vSAN Datenverschlüsselung.

    Nehmen Sie an diesem Webinar teil und erfahren Sie wie Sie:
    • im großen Stil Verschlüsselungsschlüssel durch die Verwendung von FIPS-140-konformer Hardware verwalten.
    • durch die Automatisierung der Schlüssel-Lifecycles das Management von verschlüsselten Workloads vereinfachen.
    • Verschlüsselungsschlüssel für virtuelle Maschinen und verschlüsselte Storage-Arrays verwalten, um hochskalierte Deployments zu unterstützen.
    • Mit Hilfe von Policy-basierte Kontrollen die volle Verantwortung über ihre Schlüssel erreichen, um regulatorische Compliance einzuhalten.

    Möchten Sie die Sicherheit Ihre Daten und Infrastruktur erhöhen? Dann registrieren Sie sich noch heute und erfahren Sie wie Entrust Ihnen dabei helfen Kann.
  • Leveling the financial playing field – competing in the digital banking era Recorded: May 19 2021 44 mins
    Madhur Bhargava, Product Marketing Manager, Entrust Identity
    While neobanks and digital only banks certainly aren’t new, the competitive landscape for financial institutions was far from level pre-2020. The pandemic effectively put every financial institution on an equal footing, forcing brick and mortar banks to transform systems and workflows built around branches and physical ID checks into truly digital consumer experiences. Webinar participants will hear how to compete more effectively in the digital banking era by embracing:

    - Cloud
    - Mobile
    - Digital identities
  • Real life IAM war stories Recorded: May 18 2021 21 mins
    Rajan Barara, Director of Product Management, Entrust
    The way we work, run errands, socialize, and even how we see the doctor has all changed. From financial fraud to medical identity theft to ransomware attacks, the massive transformation has also injected many new threats into our daily lives. Today’s digital world demands a modern approach to identity and access management (IAM). Hear IAM experiences and current priorities of Entrust’s own customer base.
  • Enterprise Solutions: Know Your Visitors Recorded: May 18 2021 58 mins
    ID Issuance leaders
    Attend our credential issuance forum to meet SIGMA, the world’s most advanced instant issuance system! We will show you how the new Sigma card printer is simple, secure and smart!
    Join use to learn more about:
    • Keeping your processes seamless and contactless when returning to the office
    • Visitor management solutions: digitally issuing visitor IDs.
  • Hoe encryptie digitaal zaken doen veilig en compliant maakt. Recorded: May 18 2021 55 mins
    Richard Meiling, sales consultant bij Multi-Post en Ena Hurmola, senior solutions consultant bij Entrust
    Compliancy omtrent data privacy, een Cloud strategie of juist niet, groeiende cybercriminaliteit, maar toch meer focus op digitaal zaken doen met relaties. IT organisaties hebben veel zaken om rekening mee te houden. Encryptie helpt om daar meer veiligheid in te brengen. Maar dan moet de kern wel beveiligd blijven. Een HSM is het sluitstuk hierop en zorgt ervoor dat cybercriminelen niet met de encryptiesleutel aan de haal gaan en uw gegevens veilig blijven.

    De 3 Takeaways van deze webcast:
    • Creëren van een ‘Root of Trust’ voor uw encryptie
    • Veilig uw data en encryptiesleutels in de cloud
    • Eenvoudig compliant (AVG, eIDAS, PSD2, NEN7510)
Securing the world in motion.
Entrust keeps the world moving safely by enabling trusted identities, payments and data protection around the globe. Today more than ever, people demand seamless, secure experiences, whether they’re crossing borders, making a purchase, or accessing corporate networks. With our unmatched breadth of digital security and credential issuance solutions, it’s no wonder the world’s most entrusted organizations trust us.

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  • Title: How encryption enables the new banking security standard beyond PCI
  • Live at: Mar 11 2021 9:00 am
  • Presented by: Ena Hurmola, nCipher Security
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