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Marketing Titans | Jeremy Wood of Hootsuite Highlights the Risks of Social Media

Hootsuite and ZeroFOX sit down and discuss the importance of social media protection and company brand values
Recorded Jan 21 2019 3 mins
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Presented by
Jeremy Wood, Vice President, Marketing at Hootsuite
Presentation preview: Marketing Titans | Jeremy Wood of Hootsuite Highlights the Risks of Social Media
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  • Protect Consumers When Shopping Online Against Fakes and Scams Recorded: Mar 19 2020 50 mins
    Sam Small, CSO, ZeroFOX & Ashlee Benge, Threat Researcher, ZeroFOX
    For retailers, digital platforms represent real opportunity for profitability. With online sales at an all-time high, retailers rely on social media, websites and marketplaces to promote products and sell goods directly to consumers. Cybercriminals have recognized the opportunities that online platforms represent for retailers, using malicious domains, counterfeit goods, coupon/gift card scams and impersonations on social media to engage directly with unwary consumers. Retailers must address these new risks to protect revenue, brand reputation and consumer trust. Attendees will gain early access to research results and review key findings from the latest ZeroFOX research on the top digital threats facing the retail sector, from domain-based attacks to counterfeit goods and scams. Hear from industry experts from global retailers discussing the real impact of digital transformation and the associated risks to the retail market.
  • Top Social and Digital Threats Facing Financial Institutions Recorded: Mar 12 2020 59 mins
    Dr. Sam Small, CSO, ZeroFOX & Scott Matsumoto, CISO, Circle
    The threats facing financial institutions are not new: from data breaches and information leakage, spearphishing and customer scams, to financial fraud, bad actors are set on stealing your revenue, damaging your brand, and weakening your customer trust. But as we expand avenues for engagement, the attack surfaces have changed. Bad actors now rely on social media to impersonate your brand and top executives in order to gain access to your information and customers. Cyberattackers use dark web forums to plan attacks and share vulnerabilities. Early warning and visibility into the networks that these actors use to conduct attacks is critical.

    In this webinar, ZeroFOX’s Chief Security Officer, Dr. Sam Small and Scott Matsumoto, CISO, CIrcle, discuss the top digital threats facing their organizations, tactics they’ve seen used most often on social and digital platforms to target their customers, employees and brand, and steps organizations can take to protect themselves against these risks. Sam will present the latest ZeroFOX Threat Research on the top digital threats the ZeroFOX Alpha Team has identified within the financial services industry.

    Key Takeaways:

    •Understand the modern digital threat landscape and where bad actors live, such as deep and dark web forums, code sharing sites and social media sites

    •Gain knowledge of the top digital risks facing the financial industry and the tactics bad actors use to conduct attacks on your organization and customers

    •Hear directly from financial services experts on the top digital threats facing financial organizations and how to effectively and proactively address them
  • A Taxonomy of Digital Threats Recorded: Mar 10 2020 61 mins
    Sam Small, CSO, ZeroFOX & Joe Carrigan, Senior Security Engineer & Outreach Coordinator, Johns Hopkins University
    For most organizations, digital engagement means business. Today’s institutions invest in digital platforms to engage with customers and ease support. However, cybercriminals also recognize the value of digital platforms and exploit this new and expanding attack surface, deploying spoofed domains, bogus social media accounts, and fraudulent mobile applications to engage with the same customers. These attacks are facilitated by a no-cost social landscape, low technical barriers, ease of target acquisition and payload delivery, and broad access to potential victims through these platforms. Leading industry analyst firms and security-conscious enterprises have recognized the seriousness of these risks and now view “Digital Risk Protection (DRP)” as a key element of information security and cyber risk management.

    Attend the webinar to better understand DRP and:

    • The 4 categories of digital threats

    • The impacts of each type across organizations

    • Techniques to detect and remediate threats
  • Playing Offense and Defense with Deepfakes Recorded: Sep 9 2019 52 mins
    Mike Price, CTO at ZeroFOX and Matt Price, Principal Research Engineer at ZeroFOX
    This presentation seeks to demonstrate how deepfaking can be leveraged for offensive and defensive purposes. Specifically, deepfake internals are presented including a fine grained, step-by-step breakdown of creation, including the details of all deep learning models used in the process. A test deepfake video is created. A malicious deepfake video is then created, in which an international politician is impersonated. This video is then temporarily circulated in the wild, as a means for measuring impact. The offense section of the presentation is followed by a defense section. This section provides an overview of contemporary techniques for detecting deepfake videos. A novel approach to detecting deepfake videos is then introduced. Finally, a tool for offensive and defensive research, known as deepstar, is announced and released at the time of the presentation.
  • The Weaponization of Social Media Recorded: Jun 5 2019 44 mins
    James C. Foster, CEO, ZeroFOX & P.W. Singer, Author of LikeWar: The Weaponization of Social Media
    Is your organization prepared for the newest cyber threat to have hit business and government alike: attacks targeting not the networks, but the people and their beliefs on them? P.W. Singer's new book LikeWar outlines a radical new paradigm for understanding and defending against the unprecedented threats of our connected world. Modern businesses need to prepare and protect themselves against digital threats in our new social spaces that have hit everything from elections to corporate brands. Learn about this new battlespace and how organizations can better protect their executives, brand and people.

    Key Takeaways:

    -Explore the collision of social media, war & politics
    -Understand the social media based attacks targeting your brand and business
    -Learn top tactics to protect yourself and your organization on social & digital channels
  • The First Cyber Intelligence Capability You Should Invest In Recorded: May 30 2019 57 mins
    Josh Zelonis, Forrester Research, Inc. and Evan Blair, ZeroFOX
    According to ‘The Digital Risk Protection Market in 2019’, an April 2019 report from Forrester, “sixty-four percent of global security decision makers rate improving advanced threat intelligence capabilities as a high or critical priority”. In this ZeroFOX webinar featuring that report’s co-author, Senior Analyst Josh Zelonis, we’ll discuss how the Digital Risk Protection (DRP) market is evolving as well as the different types of buyers and use cases for digital risk protection services. Security professionals can use this information to determine how digital risk protection can best suit the needs of their business. DRP makes threat intelligence actionable — which is why “it’s a great place to start” for many organizations. During the session, you’ll learn how DRP can be the foundation for building your cyber intelligence program.

    Key Takeaways:

    -Understand how DRP makes cyber intelligence accessible to smaller
    organizations and under-resourced security teams
    -See how DRP provides tactical intelligence, which makes demonstrating ROI
    -Learn how Marketing, Compliance, Legal and other teams can benefit from DRP
  • Addressing Top Digital Threats Facing Financial Institutions Recorded: May 23 2019 3 mins
    Zack Allen, Director of Threat Operations, ZeroFOX
    Learn how to extend visibility into digital channels and see how bad actors are targeting financial institutions. The biggest threats we see for financial institutions include impersonations, scams, spoofed domains and account takeovers. The ZeroFox Alpha Team is the first threat research team that pulls together threat researchers, engineers and machine learning specialist dedicated to the digital threat research space.
  • Tactics to Identify Impersonators and Protect Digital Presence Recorded: May 16 2019 35 mins
    Matt Schnarr, Senior Manager, Sales Engineering at ZeroFOX
    Social media profiles serve as a valuable tool for corporations, high-profile executives and celebrities to create brand awareness and engage directly with followers. But these profiles also represent a broad, easily exploited, and often unregulated attack surface. Bad actors take advantage of your hard-earned social following to spearphish your customers and employees, spread offensive or malicious content, and damage your reputation. Learn how to identify and remediate impersonating profiles of your brand, executives and even yourself.

    Attendees will learn:
    -Why social impersonations often serve as the gateway to broader cyberattacks
    -Tactics for identifying and taking down impersonating profiles
    -Best practices for securing your accounts
  • Protect Financial Customers From Fraud and Fakes Recorded: Apr 24 2019 37 mins
    Zack Allen, Director of Threat Operations, ZeroFOX and Ryan Trost, Chief Technology Officer, ThreatQuotient
    How to identify and mitigate social media and digital risk

    Financial service organizations have a massive footprint and attack surface on social media & external digital platforms — all of which is ungoverned, unmonitored and unprotected by the existing security perimeter. Understanding the threats on these platforms is critical, from financial fraud, phishing and malware spread on social media, customer scams, impersonating accounts and mobile apps, and more. Join ZeroFOX and ThreatQuotient to learn the top risks facing financial institutions on social and digital channels and key tactics for addressing those risks.

    Key Takeaways:

    -Understand top trends and threats facing financial institutions on social and digital channels
    -Gain knowledge of key tactics for addressing social and digital threats
    -Learn about the tools available to your organization for mitigating risk
  • School Cyber Safety Zones Recorded: Apr 2 2019 48 mins
    Sam Small, ZeroFOX & Joseph Carrigan, The Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute
    How to safeguard students and faculty, protect campuses and promote online security

    Social and cyber safety initiatives are increasing across all types of educational institutions. Schools have a massive footprint and attack surface on social media & external digital platforms — all of which is either monitored manually or remains entirely ungoverned and unprotected by the existing security perimeter — exposing institutions to cyber attacks, physical threats, data loss, student scams, reputational brand risk and account takeovers. Students, staff and the schools themselves collectively create a huge attack surface, teaming with potential threats, both from within and outside their organization. Having the tools in place to support your security stack is crucial to allowing the entire community and teachers alike to engage securely on campus and across digital channels.

    Key Takeaways:

    -Next Generation security measures for the education industry and the role of AI
    -How to automate the identification and remediation of risks across digital channels
    -Tips to proactively identify risks to your students, staff, and campuses
  • Protect While You Promote: How to Balance Social Media Engagement and Security Recorded: Feb 21 2019 59 mins
    Evan Blair, Co-Founder, Global VP Channel, ZeroFOX & Jeremy Wood, Vice President, Product Marketing, Hootsuite
    In our connected world, most people engage with brands online prior to making a purchasing decision. With social media marketing on the rise, risks to your brand and reputation are also increasing, from account hacking to impersonating profiles and more. How can you increase engagement while protecting brand integrity from digital risks?

    Key Takeaways

    • Knowledge about social media security risks related to brand
    • Tips for safe sharing on social media
    • Step-by-step guide for protecting your brand
  • ZeroFOX Overview Recorded: Jan 30 2019 2 mins
    James C. Foster, CEO of ZeroFOX
    ZeroFOX Overview
  • Marketing Titans | Jeremy Wood of Hootsuite Highlights the Risks of Social Media Recorded: Jan 21 2019 3 mins
    Jeremy Wood, Vice President, Marketing at Hootsuite
    Hootsuite and ZeroFOX sit down and discuss the importance of social media protection and company brand values
  • Social Media Impact on Businesses Recorded: Jan 3 2019 11 mins
    Jeremy Wood, VP, Product Marketing at Hootsuite and Evan Blair, Co-Founder, ZeroFOX
    Hootsuite and ZeroFOX sit down and discuss the importance of social media protection and company brand values
The Social Media Security Company
ZeroFOX, the market leader in social media & digital protection, safeguards modern organizations from dynamic security, brand and physical risks across social, mobile, web and collaboration platforms. Using diverse data sources and artificial intelligence-based analysis, the ZeroFOX Platform identifies and remediates targeted phishing attacks, credential compromise, data exfiltration, brand hijacking, executive and location threats and more. The patented ZeroFOX SaaS technology processes and protects millions of posts, messages and accounts daily across the social and digital landscape, spanning LinkedIn, Facebook, Slack, Twitter, Instagram, Pastebin, YouTube, mobile app stores, the deep & dark web, domains and more.

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  • Title: Marketing Titans | Jeremy Wood of Hootsuite Highlights the Risks of Social Media
  • Live at: Jan 21 2019 7:55 pm
  • Presented by: Jeremy Wood, Vice President, Marketing at Hootsuite
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