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Symantec Digital Workforce: Let the bots work for you

What would you do with an extra 6 years of productivity? Learn how Symantec is reshaping the way they work and has saved over 2,500 working days by automating processes in Finance, Order Operations, Sales, and IT.

In this webinar, Ravi Konda, Sr. Manager for Automation and Bots at Symantec Corp, will explain how they eliminated errors, reduced cycle time, simplified complex processes and enabled process standardization by automating processes end-to-end like Payroll, Order Management or UAT test cases.
Recorded Jul 16 2019 56 mins
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Ravi Konda Sr. Manager Symantec Corp, Pawan Singh CEO August Group, James Dening VP EMEA Automation Anywhere
Presentation preview: Symantec Digital Workforce: Let the bots work for you
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  • Bots in the NHS: a Covid-19 case study Jun 18 2020 9:30 am UTC 60 mins
    Tremaine Richard-Noel, Non-Executive Director for NGH
    The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a rapid rise in the number of patients requiring oxygen support to help patients breathe and retain oxygen saturation in the blood.

    One UK NHS Trust, Northampton General Hospital, has two large oxygen tanks which supply the ventilation machines throughout the facility. But the monitoring of the tanks is a manual process, requiring a person to log in to a system and physically collect each reading from the tank.

    In the face of additional pressure, a new system was required to free up resources and reduce unnecessary risk of error, as information is extracted from one system and inputted into another.

    Join this webinar to hear what steps NGH’s IT and Estates teams took to automate the process, and what difference this has made to patient outcomes.

    Tremaine Richard-Noel, Non-Executive Director for NGH will share how the bot, developed by Automation Anywhere, automates the process, extracting the data and calculating flow rates to monitor the oxygen levels 24 hours a day without human intervention.

    He will also outline how automating the collection of this data mitigates clinical risk within the hospital, by arming incident teams with the information required and ensuring demand is shared across the two tanks.
  • Comment la RPA vient en aide au secteur des Télécoms face à la crise sanitaire Jun 12 2020 12:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Yoann Tardif, Sales Engineer France
    Lors de ce webinaire nous aborderons:

    • Ce qu'est l'automatisation intelligente
    • En quoi l'automatisation Intelligente aide à la gestion des données pendant la crise sanitaire
    • Des études de cas spécifiques au secteur des Télécoms
    • Comment la RPA permet une continuité de service
    • Comment démarrer avec la RPA et la mettre à l'échelle
  • Scoprite come l'RPA può migliorare la produttività in Salesforce Jun 11 2020 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Paolo Salvini - Sales Engineer Italy
    Scopri in questo webinar come migliorare l'esperienza del cliente e potenziare Salesforce con Automation Anywhere.
  • La automatización en tiempo de crisis sanitaria en el sector manufacturero Jun 8 2020 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Gerardo Murias - Preventa España
    La crisis actual ha alterado nuestro estilo de vida y como consecuencia la forma en que hacemos negocio. Ha supuesto también un golpe extraordinario en la cadena de suministros en la compañías manufactureras. La forma de responder en el corto plazo y el modo en desarrollar resiliencias en el largo plazo determinará su viabilidad y éxito. Definir alternativas a la cadena de suministros es una prioridad fundamental en este mercado. Hacerlo a la velocidad adecuada es complejo, con un alto consumo de tiempos y asumiendo riesgos importantes considerando las implicaciones que conlleva.

    Participe en el webinar y descubra como la automatización en combinación con IA puede ayudarle en:

    - Reducir la pérdida de cuota de mercado e ingresos
    - Acelerar la selección y habilitación de nuevos proveedores
    - Gestionar información en tiempo real para mejorar la gestión
    - Dotar de mayor velocidad y precisión a los procesos
  • Découvrez comment la RPA peut améliorer la productivité dans Salesforce Jun 4 2020 12:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Cyril Millin, Pre-Sales Manager South Europe
    Apprenez, lors de ce webinaire, comment améliorer l’expérience client et donner de l’agilité à Salesforce grâce à Automation Anywhere.
  • RPA: Tu Aliado Frente a la Crisis Jun 4 2020 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Gerardo Murias, Juan Manuel Soto, Javier Peran
    La tecnología de Robotización inteligente de nivel Enterprise te ofrece nuevas oportunidades, de forma rápida y potente
  • Reduciendo los costes operativos de RRHH con una fuerza de trabajo digital Jun 2 2020 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Lorenzo Mochales, Borja Nevado, Simon Vazquez
    Participa en este webinar y descubre como la fuerza de trabajo digital contribuye a la aceleración y gestion operativa de los recursos humanos.
  • Transforming Banking & Financial Services with Intelligent Automation Recorded: May 26 2020 53 mins
    Ken Mertzel, Global Industry Leader - Financial Services at Automation Anywhere
    Financial institutions are facing tremendous pressure to improve business performance and drive cost efficiency while encountering challenges such as increased regulatory scrutiny, high cost of compliance, back-office inefficiencies and outdated legacy systems.

    In the current economic environment, banks are adopting Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to manage increasing volumes of customer requests for loan refinancing and forbearance. Learn how your organization can scale and transform with the latest Intelligent Automation (RPA +AI); not only to reduce cost, but also boost the overall business performance as well as improve employee and customer experience.

    Join our upcoming webinar to hear industry experts share their insights on:

    • Intelligent Automation Trends in Banking and Financial Services
    • Successful Use Cases in KYC/AML Compliance, Loan Forbearance & Call Center Automation
    • Key Success Factors to Implement and Scale RPA

    Who Should Join:
    Loan Fulfillment, Compliance, Call Center Operations, Customer Experience, IT and Finance executives in Banking and Financial Services
  • Keep your business running in times of crisis Recorded: May 26 2020 49 mins
    Eileen O’Mahony - GM WMPromus & James Dening - Chief Evangelist Automation Anywhere
    This current crisis requires a fundamental shift in how you live your life and how your organisation operates. Quickly adapting to remote working and relying heavily on online collaboration tools has become the norm. For many of us, navigating through this unprecedented time is extremely stressful.

    What would make a difference?

    Join our webcast series with WMPromus and Automation Anywhere, starting by sharing the RPA insights and how some of our clients used this as the game changer to rely on IT automation tools to deliver business continuity.

    •Invoice Processing – Automatically process invoices without the need for manual matching/reconciliation
    •Application Forms – Process new forms e.g. Job Retention Scheme, SME Grants etc.
    •Co-ordinated Supply Response – Collate information from supply chain to predict usage and order key items
    •JML – Processing on-boarding, background checks, enabling workforce deployment, eliminating overpayments
    •Rostering – Accelerating roster availability, finalising roster reminders, automated billing and reconciliation
    •Automating HR Forms – Process HR, training and declaration forms, upload appraisal data
    •Sickness and absence – Collating daily nCov-19 sitrep information for managers and situations submissions

    Don’t miss out and register now!
  • Maximizing ROI through accelerated bot development Recorded: May 20 2020 61 mins
    Oli Morris, RPA Program Manager & Will Jones, Sr. Solution Lead
    As a result of our work with a wide variety of customers from different industries across the globe and over 1.5 Million bots deployed, we’ve gained a great deal of knowledge about effective bot deployment.
    In this webinar Oli Morris, RPA Program Manager & Will Jones, Sr. Solution Lead share their experience working with customers to improve the acceleration of their automation strategy.
    •Hear about the pitfalls that slow the deployment of bots and how to address them
    •Learn how to build re-usability into your automation strategy
    •See the possibilities for download of ready -to- use bots
    •Understand the potential for cloud and newest innovations in bot technology
    We’ll help you take another look at your deployment, see new possibilities, tools and techniques to drive better ROI from your process automation. Whether you’re just starting out or scaling in automation, there’s something here for you.
  • Descubra como la RPA puede ayudarle a mejorar la productividad dentro de SFDC Recorded: May 20 2020 52 mins
    Gerardo Murias - Preventa España
    Aprenda cómo mejorar la experiencia del cliente y potenciar Salesforce con Automation Anywhere.
  • Introduction to RPA Controllership Recorded: May 19 2020 57 mins
    Raj Ganesan, Managing Director, The Business Labs
    Accounting automation has gained significant inroads in many organizations. Yet, controllers are unsure how to reap the benefits of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to reduce errors and speed-up P2P, O2C and R2R processes without additional cost and resources. RPA can help prevent mistakes and assist accountants improve their performance. In this session you will learn the necessary steps to initiate RPA in accounting departments and enable a digital finance approach.

    After this webinar you will be able to:

    • Determine when RPA is a better alternative to manual accounting activities
    • Define steps to analyze RPA candidates
    • Apply Best Practices for developing an RPA Proof-of-Concept (PoC)

    This webinar is delivered from the perspective of a controller who needs to strategize, design and manage finance and accounting automation. At the end of the session controllers will have gained basic knowledge to initiate RPA project in their organization and lead PoC efforts.
  • Automation in the Midmarket: Mitigating disruption – Insights from PE Recorded: May 7 2020 59 mins
    Josephine Hus - Permira, Wayne Butter - ISG, At Sital – Nouryon & James Dening - Automation Anywhere
    Private Equity firms are uniquely positioned to help guide and advise their portfolio companies through business disruption by leveraging tried and tested strategies. Hear how midmarket businesses are leveraging automation to mitigate business disruption and capitalise on opportunities for value creation, even in times of crisis and what this means as the new normal. Insights from Permira, ISG and Nouryon.
  • Emerging Trends in Intelligent Automation for Telecom Recorded: May 6 2020 52 mins
    James Dening, Digital Worker Evangelist - Automation Anywhere
    Join us for an overview of RPA & Intelligent Automation for Telecom with an industry expert and see how the technology help you increase productivity and transform your processes - whether preparing for 5G, enhancing the customer experience in contact centres, or improving network operations to ensure great connectivity.

    In this webinar we will explore:

    - What is Intelligent Automation
    - How Intelligent Automation is helping manage data and respond to COVID-19
    - Telecom-specific use cases
    - Helping with network continuity and keeping us connected
    - 5G and how Intelligent Automation can make a difference
    - How to get started, or scale up
    Gerardo Murias - Preventa España
    Cómo responder eficazmente a los desafíos para mantener la estabilidad económica y la salud de las personas a nivel mundial
    James Dening, Digital Worker Evangelist - Automation Anywhere
    The current crisis has disrupted life and consequently has changed the way business will be done. It has dealt a telling blow on Supply chain in Manufacturing companies. How businesses respond in short term and build resiliency in long term will determine their viability and success. Setting up alternate supply chain is a top priority of manufacturing companies. Doing it in an accelerated time frame is complex, time-consuming and potentially risky considering downstream implications. Let us exchange ideas and share experiences on how companies can leverage enterprise automation to:

    - Reduce cost exposure as businesses ramp up efforts to reduce loss of market share and revenue
    - Accelerate selection, onboarding and enabling new vendors
    - Enable real time data flow to better manage programs.
    - Deliver much needed speed and accuracy to the processes.
    Paolo Salvini - Sales Engineer Italy
    Come rispondere efficacemente alle sfide per il mantenimento della stabilità economica e della salute umana globale
    Nedra Zeghidi - Pre-Sales Engineer France
    Comment l'IA et la RPA offrent des solutions à l'industrie pharmaceutique dans un contexte de crise sanitaire
  • Leveraging AI & Automation in Life Sciences during a Health Crisis Recorded: Apr 22 2020 54 mins
    Catherine Calarco, Senior Director, Global Industry Strategy for Life Sciences at Automation Anywhere
    When health crises arise, businesses and communities face both economic and humanitarian impacts that test infrastructure, resources, and financial models.

    Government, Healthcare, and Life Sciences industries must rapidly respond to these global challenges and are working at an unprecedented pace to find solutions.
    Intelligent automation empowers active collaboration for:

    •Real-time analysis and AI-driven decision-making
    •Data gathering and sharing
    •Scaling of organizational capabilities
    •Support for smart supply chains to meet the current crisis
    •Faster vaccine development to meet future recurrences

    As you adjust to new challenges, RPA adapts with you.

    Take a moment and join us for this webinar specifically dedicated to using automation and Artificial Intelligence for the protection of businesses and human capital.
  • Leveraging training for accelerated RPA adoption Recorded: Apr 22 2020 51 mins
    Paul Donaldson, Head of Customer Success EU and Sundar Nagarathnam - SVP AAU
    The successful implementation of any technology is under-pinned by the knowledge and skills of those delivering it. And, while Automation Anywhere software is known worldwide for its easy accessibility, there are also many opportunities to accelerate productivity, upskill employees, and gain professional credentials in RPA through Automation Anywhere University (AAU).
    In this webinar you’ll meet Sundar Nagarathnam SVP AAU and:
    •Find out about Automation Anywhere University and the types of training and credentials available
    •Learn how to access over 100 free training courses online
    •Hear why RPA training is important and what best-in-class RPA training programs look like
    •See our job role based prescriptive learning trails that lead to certification

    This webinar is for individuals (business analysts, program managers, RPA developers, or administrators) and those managing teams interested in automation. Whether your organisation is just starting out or expanding their automation footprint, there is something here for you.

    Don’t miss out, register today.
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  • Title: Symantec Digital Workforce: Let the bots work for you
  • Live at: Jul 16 2019 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: Ravi Konda Sr. Manager Symantec Corp, Pawan Singh CEO August Group, James Dening VP EMEA Automation Anywhere
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