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Bots in the NHS: a Covid-19 case study

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a rapid rise in the number of patients requiring oxygen support to help patients breathe and retain oxygen saturation in the blood.

One UK NHS Trust, Northampton General Hospital, has two large oxygen tanks which supply the ventilation machines throughout the facility. But the monitoring of the tanks is a manual process, requiring a person to log in to a system and physically collect each reading from the tank.

In the face of additional pressure, a new system was required to free up resources and reduce unnecessary risk of error, as information is extracted from one system and inputted into another.

Join this webinar to hear what steps NGH’s IT and Estates teams took to automate the process, and what difference this has made to patient outcomes.

Tremaine Richard-Noel, Non-Executive Director for NGH will share how the bot, developed by Automation Anywhere, automates the process, extracting the data and calculating flow rates to monitor the oxygen levels 24 hours a day without human intervention.

He will also outline how automating the collection of this data mitigates clinical risk within the hospital, by arming incident teams with the information required and ensuring demand is shared across the two tanks.
Recorded Jun 18 2020 51 mins
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Presented by
Tremaine Richard-Noel, Non-Executive Director for NGH
Presentation preview: Bots in the NHS: a Covid-19 case study
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  • Scale Up Your Digital Workforce: Introducing the Enterprise Value Chain Approach Dec 17 2020 5:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    Amardeep Modi, Practice Director at Everest Group and Kashif Mahbub, Vice President, Product Marketing at Automation Anywhere
    As Robotic Process Automation (RPA) continues its rapid adoption across the business world, much has been written about the best practices and methodologies of deploying and running RPA as a gateway to become a digital enterprise.

    As enterprises continue to scale up RPA, they need a framework to identify and build pipelines of processes best suited for intelligent automation across their lines and functions of business.

    Everest Group, in collaboration with Automation Anywhere, has introduced the Enterprise Value Chain Approach (EVCA) – a framework, supported by a series of papers, that enables businesses to identify and evaluate processes to build an intelligent automation pipeline.

    Join Amardeep Modi, Practice Director at Everest Group and Kashif Mahbub, Vice President, Product Marketing at Automation Anywhere in this webinar as they discuss use cases and compelling examples of how EVCA can be applied in different business functions such as Finance and Accounting (F&A), HR and IT.

    The EVCA series and this webinar are intended for automation CoE executives looking to scale automation in their enterprises, team leaders who wish to select processes for automation within their specific business functions, CFOs and shared services leaders who wish to increase operational efficiency and service providers looking to help their clients with innovative automation solutions.
  • Automating Report-to-Report (R2R) process in F&A with Intelligent Automation Dec 15 2020 5:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    Ken Mertzel, Senior Director, Industry Marketing and Kashif Mahbub, Vice President, Product Marketing at Automation Anywhere
    Record-to-report (R2R) processes account for nearly a third of all costs in Finance and Accounting (F&A). As expectations grow on the business outcomes, F&A needs to deliver working capital optimization, demand management and other strategic insights that influence decision making.

    Join us for an engaging discussion on using a methodical approach to categorizing and automating your R2R processes. EVCA is a framework developed by Everest Research in collaboration with Automation Anywhere that provides clear guidelines and a step-by-step guide to build your automation across F&A, HQ, IT and other business functions.

    In this webinar you will hear from Ken Mertzel, Senior Director, Industry Marketing and Kashif Mahbub, Vice President, Product Marketing at Automation Anywhere on how you can:

    * Employ the EVCA framework to evaluate your R2R processes
    * Identify the best candidate processes for automation
    * Rid yourself of the manual challenges to achieve efficient data management, reduced costs, and operational efficiency
    * Register for this webinar to get free access to the complete set of 12 EVCA papers each covering a specific business function.

    This webinar is intended for business process owners, CXOs and shared services leaders focused on increasing operational efficiency and CoE executives looking to scale their automation.
  • Intelligent Process Automation for the Mortgage Industry Dec 9 2020 5:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    Jag Chopra, COO of The Loan Store (TLS); Vivek Shivpuri, CEO -MozaIQ & Aditi Charnoubi, Automation Anywhere
    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) combined with AI (Intelligent Automation) are the next generation technologies to help Mortgage & Title companies improve loan fulfillment metrics, lower Cost of Loan and provide better customer experience. RPA helps to automate manual, repetitive, rules-based tasks, whereas, AI techniques are critical in the setup of foundational processes: essentially, file categorization / indexing along with extraction of relevant business data from unstructured Mortgage documents.

    Leveraging Automation Anywhere’s RPA and Cognitive platforms, MozaIQ has built solutions that are driving a paradigm shift in deploying “Digital Works”, teaming closely with human workers to exceed business expectations. Our solutions integrated into our client platforms are immediately adding value.

    Join us as we demonstrate our Mortgage Digital Workers in action. You will hear from Jag Chopra, COO of The Loan Store (TLS), a Wholesale Mortgage Lender; Vivek Shivpuri, CEO of MozaIQ and Aditi Charnoubi, Sr. Director of Cognitive at Automation Anywhere as they discuss:

    Digital transformation via automation – a must have in the mortgage sector

    * How MozaIQ solutions provide meaningful ROI to Mortgage and Title companies in the automation journey

    * The TLS story and how they have successfully deployed digital workers to the Loan Origination process and the benefits they are seeing from automation

    * Understand the challenges in implementing automation in the Mortgage eco-system.

    * This webinar is intended for Mortgage and Title Executives who would like to understand the viability of incorporating targeted intelligent automation solutions, in aggressive timelines, to gain an attractive ROI.
  • RPA only - war gestern! RPA und Hyperautomation: die Reise geht weiter! -DE Dec 9 2020 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Konstantin Riegel & Benedikt Blaser
    Herzlich Willkommen zu unserem deutschsprachigen Webinar von Automation Anywhere: RPA only - war gestern! RPA und Hyperautomation: Die Reise geht weiter!

    Was macht namenhafte Unternehmen in der digitalen Welt so erfolgreich?
    Die Hersteller werfen mit Begrifflichkeiten nur so um sich: aber was steckt dahinter?
    Gemeinsam möchten wir hinter die Kulissen von ML, AI und IDP blicken und dann diese Möglichkeiten auf Ihre Prozesse anwenden.

    Erfahren Sie hierzu mehr in unserem Webinar am 3. Dezember um 10:00 Uhr:

    Wo liegt Ihr Vorteil von KI und Maschine Learning?
    • Die Digital Workforce (Bot) lernt vom User
    • Die automatisierte Analyse von Daten, um Prognosen zu treffen
    • Die automatisierte Verarbeitung unstrukturierter Daten
    Fazit: Setzen Sie Ihre Ressourcen effizienter ein!

    Sein Sie herzlich eingeladen, gemeinsam mit unseren Experten Konstantin und Benedikt Ihre individuellen Fallbeispiele auch in einem anschließenden Q&A zu betrachten.

    Go Be Great - Hier geht es zur Registrierung!

    Wir freuen uns auf Sie
    Ihr Automation Anywhere Team
  • Automation Anywhere Webinar - Robotic Process Automation-DE Recorded: Nov 26 2020 68 mins
    Konstantin Riegel & Benedikt Blaser
    Herzlich Willkommen zu unserem deutschsprachigen Webinar:
    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) ist nicht gleich RPA!

    Unterschiedliche Kriterien und Faktoren wie:

    • Planung der Projektphasen
    • Automatisierung end-to-end
    • Skalierbarkeit und Benutzerfreundlichkeit

    spielen bei der erfolgreichen Umsetzung von RPA-Projekten eine große Rolle!

    Lernen Sie in unserem Webinar am 26. November 2020 um 14:00 Uhr, wie sie schnell, einfach und effizient RPA nutzen und erfolgreich im Unternehmen einsetzen.

    Begleiten Sie uns auf dieser spannenden Reise und erfahren Sie von unseren Experten:

    • Herausforderungen bei der digitalen Transformation
    • Automatisierung komplexer End-to-End-Geschäftsprozesse mit Hilfe integrierter KI-Funktionen
    für eine agile Prozessoptimierung
    • Wie Sie Ihre Gesamtbetriebskosten drastisch reduzieren
    • Welche Vorteile sich daraus für ihr Unternehmen ergeben
    • Wie AARI, Ihr persönlicher RPA-Assistent, Sie bei der Skalierung und
    Automatisierung unterstützt

    Der Einsatz einer Digital Workforce spart Zeit, ist produktiv und trägt dazu bei, dass auch in schwierigen Zeiten der operative Betrieb gewährleistet wird.

    Check it out - Go Be Great!

    Wir freuen uns auf Sie
    Ihr Automation Anywhere Team
  • Transforming Banking & Financial Services with Intelligent Automation Recorded: Nov 24 2020 52 mins
    Ken Mertzel, Global Industry Leader - Financial Services at Automation Anywhere
    Financial institutions are facing tremendous pressure to improve business performance and drive cost efficiency while encountering challenges such as increased regulatory scrutiny, high cost of compliance, back-office inefficiencies and outdated legacy systems.

    In the current economic environment, banks are adopting Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to manage increasing volumes of customer requests for loan refinancing and forbearance. Learn how your organization can scale and transform with the latest Intelligent Automation (RPA +AI); not only to reduce cost, but also boost the overall business performance as well as improve employee and customer experience.

    Join our upcoming webinar to hear industry experts share their insights on:

    • Intelligent Automation Trends in Banking and Financial Services
    • Successful Use Cases in KYC/AML Compliance, Loan Forbearance & Call Center Automation
    • Key Success Factors to Implement and Scale RPA

    Who Should Join:
    Loan Fulfillment, Compliance, Call Center Operations, Customer Experience, IT and Finance executives in Banking and Financial Services
  • Intelligent Automation: The RX for Optimized Business Outcomes Recorded: Nov 19 2020 57 mins
    Catherine Calarco - Automation Anywhere and Andrew Pellegrino - DataRobot
    The healthcare, pharma, and medical device ecosystem faces tremendous challenges right now, including the discovery of new drugs and fast track clinical trials. In addition, global operations require predictive analytics and agile supply chains for better global healthcare.Deploying Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI builds strategies that will sustain operations as these organizations move forward into the new normal.

    Listen as our experts share how leading organizations are adopting intelligent automation as a key pillar to unlock significant value for their companies. Join Catherine Calarco, Senior Director of Global Industry Strategy at Automation Anywhere, and Andrew Pellegrino, Director of Intelligent Automation at DataRobot, as they discuss the art of the possible when it comes to intelligent automation.

    In this session:

    * Discover what RPA is, what AI and machine learning is, and how the combination of the two -- intelligent process automation -- drives digital transformation and business results

    * Discuss leading use cases that impact the industry by speeding up drug development and enabling better healthcare worldwide

    * Explore high impact use cases and leading edge innovations realized through intelligent automation

    * Watch a demonstration of how DataRobot and Automation Anywhere work together to improve pharmacological supply chains, even amidst times of change
  • Delivering Rapid Digital Transformation: Is Intelligent Automation the Cure? Recorded: Oct 6 2020 47 mins
    Rajiv Phougat, Eli Lilly & Catherine Calarco, Automation Anywhere
    Practical AI delivers new Innovation and transforms the Life Sciences industry

    Rajiv Phougat, Advisor – Strategy & Architecture Global Information Services, Eli Lilly & Company
    Catherine Calarco, Senior Director Global Industry Strategy, Life Sciences, Automation Anywhere

    This session focuses on trends of how AI and IA are merging together and becoming key for Life Sciences and also how practical AI in key areas provides rapid response to global crisis – enables digital transformation – creates resilient agile organizations for better global health.

    When health crises arise, businesses and communities face both economic and humanitarian impacts that test infrastructure, resources, and financial models. Organizations must rapidly respond to these global challenges and are working at an unprecedented pace to find solutions. This is where Intelligent Automation comes in.

    Intelligent automation empowers active collaboration for:

    - Data gathering and sharing
    - Real-time analysis and AI-driven decision-making
    - Scaling of organizational capabilities
    - Support for smart supply chains to meet the current crisis
    - Faster drug development to meet future recurrences
    - As you adjust to new challenges, RPA adapts with you.

    Take a moment and join us for this session specifically dedicated to using automation and Artificial Intelligence for the protection of businesses and human capital.
  • Go Be Great: Time to Rethink HR Recorded: Sep 29 2020 39 mins
    Nancy Hauge, CHRO at Automation Anywhere, and Patty McCord, former CHRO, Netflix
    The pandemic has changed everything: the way we live and the way we work. That change has created an opportunity to start over, to free people from the limitations of just following traditional best practices and policies in business—and especially human resources (HR). It’s an opportunity to rethink what works best for employers and employees today.

    Join Nancy Hauge, chief human resources officer at Automation Anywhere, and Patty McCord, former chief human resources officer at Netflix and author of the book “Powerful: Building a Culture of Freedom.” In their thought leadership session, they explore the changes brought on by the pandemic and what HR and businesses should consider to mee the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities of this new world. Hear about:

    * The role of HR in a working-from-home environment
    * What to throw out and what to keep
    * Rethinking employee compensation, performance, and other criteria
    * What every business group should think about, not just HR
  • Accelerating Data-Centric, End-To-End Business Processes Intelligent Automation Recorded: Sep 22 2020 46 mins
    Mike Reynolds - Key Bank, Ken Mertzel - Automation Anywhere and Seth Adler, Editor in Chief - AIIA
    Hear how KeyBank saved 300 hours in just 65 days with RPA, and bots processed 3,174 appraisals and 4,931 flood certificates.

    Companies are facing tremendous pressure to improve business performance and lower operational cost while at the same time dealing with challenges such as back office inefficiencies, heightened customer service expectations, and outdated legacy systems. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a “new normal” for businesses to manage operations in a more agile, automated manner.

    Most organizations have started adopting Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions to ease the pressure. Learn how your organization can scale and transform using Intelligent Automation; not only to reduce cost, but also to boost overall business performance as well as employee and customer experience.

    Hear how KeyBank saved 300 hours in just 65 days with RPA, and how bots processed 3,174 appraisals and 4,931 flood certificates.

    Join our upcoming webinar to hear industry experts share their insights on:

    * Intelligent Automation Trends
    * KeyBank RPA Program and Benefits
    * Use Case Examples Demonstrating How Other Successful Companies Have Implemented RPA
    Michael Sampson, Enterprise Product Owner - Maximus and Christopher Vitek, Global Lead, ContactCenter - Automation Anywher
    How did Maximus save $2.5 million a year with intelligent automation? Don't miss your chance to hear their story in this webinar.

    Learn how intelligent automation helps call centers increase productivity for remote agents, increase FCR, and cut handle-time by 25% - 50%.

    * Christopher Vitek, Global Lead, ContactCenter - Automation Anywhere
    * Michael Sampson, Enterprise Product Owner - Maximus

    This session will cover:

    • Automation of manual data-processing tasks save time; and can be quickly moved into any self-service channel to increase containment
    • Guided work-flows eliminate errors and increase productivity
    • How RPA adoption results in typical ROI ranges from 1,000% to 5,000%
    • Key steps to connect processes to improve customer experience
  • Go Be Great: The New CIO Charter Recorded: Aug 19 2020 37 mins
    Bask Iyer, CIO and chief digital transformation officer of VMware, and Yousuf Khan, CIO of Automation Anywhere
    What are the topics on every CIO’s mind and what should they think about? How has the world of IT changed in 2020?

    These are just some of the questions that Bask Iyer, CIO and chief digital transformation officer of VMware, and Yousuf Khan, CIO of Automation Anywhere, address in their candid conversation. Join us for this session with two of Silicon Valley’s leading IT professionals and learn:

    How the role of the CIO has evolved—the new priorities for an IT leader
    What to keep in mind regarding a cloud strategy for today and the future
    Why it’s important to rethink business continuity and cybersecurity
    About the impact of intelligent automation post COVID-19
  • Go Be Great: Resilience in Times of Uncertainty Recorded: Aug 11 2020 61 mins
    Mihir Shulka, CEO Automation Anywhere and Jeff Immelt, Former Chairman & CEO of GE
    When a crisis strikes, it’s the “doers” that lead us through. They are pre-wired to contribute and take action. At any level, your and your team’s decisions will impact your business outcome. While no one can predict the future, those who prepare, are more likely to weather the storm and emerge stronger.

    Join Jeff Immelt, venture partner of New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and former chairman & CEO of GE, and Mihir Shukla, CEO of Automation Anywhere, as they share their personal stories and strategies on overcoming natural disasters, pandemics, and other business uncertainties to help you master unexpected events.

    Moderated by special guest Jeremiah Owyang, industry analyst and founding partner at Kaleido Insights.
  • IBA3 201 – What Can Bots Actually Do? Recorded: Aug 6 2020 32 mins
    William Bunce, Automation Anywhere
    In this episode, we dive into what Robotic Process Automation bots can actually do and learn a repeatable approach to identifying and scoring potential RPA opportunities. Learn about the different actions that your bots can take during processing as well as a framework you can adapt to your organization of scoring and comparing internal RPA opportunities.
  • IBA3 301 – Building a Bot & IQ Bot Recorded: Aug 5 2020 69 mins
    William Bunce, Automation Anywhere
    In this course, you will learn how to build a fully functional bot using Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019. This course will help you use various Actions and Recorder to build task bots intuitively to attain business process automation goals. This is a great session for beginners or those with little to no coding experience as every step is covered. Go from nothing to something in just about 30 minutes.
  • IBA3 101 – Intro to Robotic Process Automation Recorded: Aug 5 2020 25 mins
    William Bunce, Automation Anywhere
    In this session, you will learn what is Robotic Process Automation (RPA), learn to identify business processes to automate, we break down what is and is not Robotic Process Automation, discuss the 8 key benefits of RPA.
  • Leveraging RPA as a Sales Driver at Nestle CZ&SK Recorded: Jul 20 2020 42 mins
    Petra Kellermann Slotemaker Information Systems and Insights Manager; Digital Transformation Lead
    Nestle CZ shares its experience automating commercial use cases for the sales department (trade activity management, leaflets, listing cards) and local projects and explains its vision to automate supply-chain management for multiple large retailers.

    Petra Kellermann Slotemaker has spent four years at Nestle in various roles. Currently, she is responsible for digital transformation and application of modern/emerging technologies in commercial areas, insights, analytics, and e-business. Prior to this position, Petra held various roles in insights, marketing, and technology-related fields, including serving as Consumer Engagement Manager for British American Tobacco, Management Consultant in the Dutch-based BeBright, which focused on utilisation of technologies and innovations in healthcare, especially for geriatric patients.

    Watch more Imagine Digital 2020 videos at https://imagine.automationanywhere.com/
  • Strategic RPA for Operational Efficiency at W&W-Gruppe Recorded: Jul 16 2020 34 mins
    Christian Wolf, Head of Business Organisation and Process
    Find out about the current and future strategic RPA goals and initiatives within W&W-Gruppe and the company’s approach to operationalizing these strategies.

    Christian Wolf, Head of Business Organisation and Process - Christian has more than nine years of national and international consulting in process management and structure, focusing on organisational and technical optimisations. As Head of Process and Transformation, Christian launched RPA four years ago at Wüstenrot & Württembergische AG. His area of responsibility covers RPC, process management and consulting, organization management, and innovation. Christian is a distinguished RPA speaker, both at national and international conferences.

    Watch more Imagine Digital 2020 videos at https://imagine.automationanywhere.com/
  • Tendencias, Mejores Practicas y Casos de uso RPA en e area de Recursos Humanos Recorded: Jul 16 2020 63 mins
    Arnaud Charvin, Andres Benito, Francisco Ruiz
    ¿Por qué la automatización de procesos puede ayudar a tu equipo humano a centrarse en las tareas de valor y evitar las repetitivas?
    • Introducción
    • Mejores oportunidades de automatización en este área
    • Ejemplos prácticos en RRHH
  • The First Six Months: Your RPA Journey and Lessons Learned at Honeywell Recorded: Jul 14 2020 14 mins
    Christian Jenny,​ Digital Operations Manager
    Honeywell turned to RPA in its efforts to quickly address limited resources, increases in order volume, and excessive numbers of repetitive tasks. The results? Increased team capacity, improved SLAs, and the ability to promote team members as a Centre of Excellence for automation.

    Christian Jenny, Digital Operations Manager - With 15+ years in diverse IT roles, Christian has acquired a solid experience by leading several initiatives within finance, industry, and banking institutions in Ireland, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. Within Honeywell, he is leading the development of the Digital Operations, Technologies Innovations and Business transformation activities across multiple business divisions. In charge of both onshore and offshore teams, he has deployed the Automation Anywhere framework in 2019 with an objective to simplify the process execution, optimise the global RTO/OTC cycle time and reinforce the link between business and IT.

    Watch more Imagine Digital 2020 videos at https://imagine.automationanywhere.com/
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  • Title: Bots in the NHS: a Covid-19 case study
  • Live at: Jun 18 2020 9:30 am
  • Presented by: Tremaine Richard-Noel, Non-Executive Director for NGH
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