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Tirer parti de vos données avec le portfolio Hitachi Content Platform

Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) est un logiciel de stockage d'objets conçu pour gérer intelligemment les données en tant qu'actif commercial clé et régir les données précieuses pour réduire les risques de conformité. Il est également au cœur d'un portefeuille de solutions qui sont intégrées de manière unique pour relever les défis d'aujourd'hui et s'adapter aux besoins futurs.
Le portefeuille comprend :
-Hitachi Content Platform pour le stockage d'objets
-HCP Anywhere pour la synchronisation, le partage de fichiers et la protection des données
-Les services de fichiers de périphérie HCP Gateway en tant que passerelle de stockage cloud vers HCP
-Hitachi Content Intelligence, où des informations rapides émergent du portefeuille de données / Hitachi Content Platform, centralisent les données dans une plate-forme unique pour vous permettre de mieux comprendre, gouverner et contrôler vos données.
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Recorded Apr 28 2020 38 mins
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Presented by
L. Delaisse, Hitachi Vantara & JC Ricard, ARROW
Presentation preview: Tirer parti de vos données avec le portfolio Hitachi Content Platform

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  • Ransomware Protection made easy – Hitachi Content Platform and Veeam Sep 22 2020 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Stefan Ehmann, Hitachi Vantara
    Ransomware is still one of the biggest threads for data. Especially Backup Data is a primary target for Ransomware Attacks.
    In this Webinar, we demonstrate how easy it is to combine Veeam’s Immutability with Hitachi Content Platform with an integrated approach to mitigate risk and reduce costs.
  • Maximizing Hybrid Cloud Without Creating Another Silo Aug 18 2020 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Join Eric Slack, Evaluator Group, Dinesh Singh, Hitachi Vantara and John Nicholson, VMware
    HCI is a great solution for a range of workloads in today’s data center, from standing up a VDI system to support work-at-home initiatives to building a hybrid cloud with VMware Cloud Foundation. But what about the SAN?
    How do you incorporate this new technology into your existing infrastructure so that HCI does not become another silo?

    Join experts from the Evaluator Group, Hitachi and VMware as they share experiences from companies who have leveraged hyper-converged infrastructure technology with SAN storage to significantly improve their networks.

    •Best practices for leveraging HCI technology
    •How to avoid organizational silos when implementing HCI
    •Ways to better manage your network
  • Data Protection – more important now than ever. Veritas and Hitachi can help. Recorded: Aug 5 2020 51 mins
    Stuart Kalman, Chris Johnson and Bill Evans, Veritas & Terry Louis, Hitachi Vantara
    In today's new reality, learn why data protection is so important to your customer and how it can expand every one of your storage deals. Hear about the partnership and solutions between Hitachi Vantara and Veritas. Leverage the information and available resources to close more data protection business.
  • Capture the Mid-size Enterprise Opportunity Recorded: Aug 4 2020 20 mins
    Karen Griffith, Hitachi Vantara and Debbie Kane, Hitachi Vantara
    This webinar will cover the enterprise midsize campaign overviews on Hitachi Vantara's Marketing Hub. Expand your market opportunities with Hitachi Vantara expanded portfolio.This webinar will provide an overview of the enterprise midsize campaigns on Hitachi Vantara's Marketing Hub. All businesses need reliable infrastructure that works at any scale. From the VSP E990 to the F and G Series, Hitachi products are proven, powerful and predictable…and now they are also affordable. Expand your market opportunities with Hitachi Vantara’s expanded portfolio.
    • Address business-critical workloads in the high-end mid-range
    • Legendary 100% data availability guarantee
    • 4:1 sight-unseen compression guarantee
  • Leading IT in a Pandemic - The New Normal for End User Computing Recorded: Jul 9 2020 35 mins
    Paul Lewis - CTO, Hitachi Vantara, Shawn Bass - CTO, End User Computing, VMWare
    The world of work and the nature of business continuity has shifted in an instant, which brings fresh challenges to organizations in the midst of digital transformation. So how do you enable the future of work when the future in now? This webinar aims to answer those questions.

    Join experts from IDC, Hitachi Vantara and VMware as they discuss:
    • Digital transformation during a pandemic: How IT must examine how best to transform infrastructure and deliver end‑user IT services
    • Federated collaboration: aligning digital transformation to empower collaboration across a highly dispersed work force
    • Resiliency vs. capacity: simplifying IT delivery and ensuring people, processes and technology are in sync
    • Cyber security: how data modernization can help you shore up weaknesses in IT delivery

    You’ll also learn how Hitachi Vantara and VMware can help ensure the resiliency, availability, and security of this new work environment, with solutions designed to ensure smoother collaboration across a federated workforce.
  • Enable Multi-cloud Environments and Supercharging your Applications Recorded: Jun 24 2020 40 mins
    Saif Hameed, VMware and David Kelleher, Hitachi Vantara
    VMware and Hitachi are the right partners to help you migrate and enable your customers' workloads to the cloud by transforming digital infrastructure optimized to support automation, business-critical & cloud-native workloads.
  • Proven, Powerful, Predictable | NEW Mid-Enterprise Offering -- Increase Your W2 Recorded: Jun 10 2020 39 mins
    Daniela Gutierrez
    The E990 Mid-Enterprise storage platform bears the performance and resiliency afforded to large enterprise customers and brings it within reach of the Mid-Enterprise budget.


    Paul Lewis, CTO – Why Hitachi and Why Now
    Daniela Gutierrez, Partner Manager – Why E990 for Partners
    Rick Slan, Sr Partner Technical Enablement – Why E990 for Your Customers
  • Harnessing the Power of Social Selling to Drive Demand Recorded: May 28 2020 42 mins
    Karen Griffith, Hitachi Vantara and Jenn Reed, Channel Maven
    Exclusive for Hitachi Vantara partners, this workshop will focus on social selling – the core of an integrated marketing strategy. Learn to attract prospects with inbound digital content and use social selling to drive demand.
  • Cisco & Hitachi: Better outcomes with a resilient infrastructure that works Recorded: May 27 2020 31 mins
    Marcus Maddox, Hitachi Vantara & Keith Barto, Cisco Worldwide Storage Networking
    Cisco and Hitachi Adaptive Solutions for Converged Infrastructure offers a resilient, agile, flexible, data-driven foundation for today's businesses seeking to transform business data into valuable business insights.
  • Leveraging NVMe to Maximize your Data Center Advantage Recorded: Apr 29 2020 35 mins
    Angela Magill, Stan Stevens and Gary Breder
    NVMe storage is more than just a performance boost, it will drive a fundamental system and application changes and enable new use cases. Hear how Hitachi Vantara is expanding NVMe options within the portfolio to support next-generation workloads while retaining unprecedented scale, resilience, and reliability.
  • Introduction of Partner Velocity Pricing (EMEA Session) Recorded: Mar 25 2020 22 mins
    Gregory Bucyk and Paul Wiley, Hitachi Vantara
    No doubt about it: speed matters. In today’s fast-paced marketplace, we know that organizations need to make high-quality, high-velocity decisions. Even large organizations need to move with the speed and agility of a start-up.

    In response, Hitachi Vantara will be introducing partner velocity pricing which is expected to empower our partners and reduce the amount of Hitachi Vantara intervention required to achieve partner best-in-class pricing. See how to significantly improve your self-service, but also free up time for your team to spend more time in front of customers to expand your opportunities.
  • RESCHEDULED: Introduction of Partner Velocity Pricing (AMERICAS Session) Recorded: Mar 12 2020 2 mins
    Paul Wiley, Hitachi Vantara
    Rescheduled a week later:

    Thursday, March 19, 8AM PT/ 11am EST/ 4PM GMT
    Register Here:

    No doubt about it: speed matters. In today’s fast-paced marketplace, we know that organizations need to make high-quality, high-velocity decisions. Even large organizations need to move with the speed and agility of a start-up.

    In response, Hitachi Vantara will be introducing partner velocity pricing which is expected to empower our partners and reduce the amount of Hitachi Vantara intervention required to achieve partner best-in-class pricing. See how to significantly improve your self-service, but also free up time for your team to spend more time in front of customers to expand your opportunities.
  • Introducing Hitachi Content Platform Gateway Recorded: Feb 26 2020 33 mins
    Jeff Lundberg, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Hitachi Vantara
    Hitachi Content Platform Gateway for Object-Based File Services. HCP Gateway replaces Hitachi Data Ingestor providing access to large amounts of data in the cloud while keeping only active data at the edge with data protection and easy recovery to eliminate traditional backups at remote and branch offices.
  • Combining Hitachi VSP with Brocade Storage Networks to Improve Your Win Rates Recorded: Feb 13 2020 61 mins
    David Robinson
    When you combine Hitachi Vantara's world class VSP 5000 Series data storage with industry leading Brocade Gen 6 Fibre Channel storage networking, you get a Best of Breed solution that increases revenues, improves stickiness and customer account control, and improves your opportunity win rate.

    In this sales-focused session, you'll learn how to make money selling this combined solution with a focus on developing opportunities, hardware sales, software sales, value proposition, and the key solutions driving customer purchases today. You'll also learn where to find additional tools and information, how to get sales assistance, and where to access product training
  • Deploying Multi-Landscape Private Cloud on UCP Recorded: Jan 22 2020 25 mins
    Ravi Srinivasan, Product Management Converged, Hitachi Vantara
    Join us to learn about leveraging UCP for deploying a private cloud for your customer’s line of business (LOBs). We will share the best practices of UCP Management and Automation to enable seamless deployment and configuration of infrastructure services.
  • IT Trends: A Look Into the Future Recorded: Jan 15 2020 57 mins
    Hu Yoshida, CTO, Hitachi Vantara & Paul Lewis, Global Vice President of Industry and Enterprise Architecture, Hitachi Vantara
    In the past few months, there has been a flurry of IT trend predictions. Just about everything has been covered ad nauseam. I have contributed my thoughts about these trends to publications for over 10 years. This year, I have decided to do something different and give you some IT projections that go beyond my usual coverage of short-term trends. I have teamed with Paul Lewis, Hitachi Vantara’s Global Vice President of Industry and Enterprise Architecture, to project how IT might be 10 years out. 10 years is a lifetime in IT technology, but we feel that there is a high probability that these things will happen in this time frame. And there are things that we need to start doing today to get ready for the disruptions that these technologies will drive. The topics we will cover include what compute, storage and AI might look like in 2030.
  • Americas: Hitachi Network Attached Storage - NAS Refresh for 2020 Recorded: Jan 15 2020 58 mins
    Nathan King
    There is a significant opportunity for Hitachi Partners to refresh both the NAS Servers and underlying storage for their Customers in 2020. In this update, Nathan King, Hitachi NAS Subject Matter Expert, will provide an update on recent feature/functionality updates to the Hitachi NAS platform, including the VSP-N platform and deeper dive on Object Replication. We’ll also provide a roadmap and strategic direction update.
  • Americas: Object Storage – Three Use Cases that Help You Sell Recorded: Dec 12 2019 53 mins
    Rick Kellogg
    Selling Object Storage is different from traditional storage. Here are the top three use cases that will help you take advantage of this $5B market that's growing 10% per year. Hitachi Content Platform offers your customers competitive advantages in the marketplace. You can help your customers understand the problem behind the problem. Hear Rick Kellogg present three use cases for Hitachi Content Platform that will help your customers optimize their management of their valuable data.
  • Simplified, Intelligent Storage Management Recorded: Nov 20 2019 54 mins
    Malcolm Muir, SW Product Management & Stan Stevens, Director Software Marketing, Hitachi Vantara
    Introducing the new Hitachi Ops Center software suite for data center management operations to drive new IT operational efficiencies. With integrated management services and shared administrative capabilities, Hitachi Ops Center enables VSP customers to effectively manage, automate, optimize, plan, troubleshoot and protect Hitachi AI-enabled infrastructures. See how Hitachi Vantara's latest management offering not only allows systems to be deployed quickly and easily with presets that can be customized by the user.
Are you a partner familiar with our core storage offerings?
Perhaps your business is going through a transformation of its own, building up an IoT and analytics practice. We want to give you the opportunity to become a Data Infrastructure Partner today and quickly and easily become a Big Data Insights and IoT Partner tomorrow. You choose.
You are critical to our path forward and we believe we can play a tremendous role in yours. We believe that, together, we can do more. Together, we can win. Together, we can succeed.

Don’t wait. Choose your own adventure with Hitachi Vantara!

About Hitachi Vantara

Data is your greatest asset, if you know how to use it. It reveals your path to innovation and outcomes that matter for business and society. Hitachi Vantara combines 100 years of OT and 60 years of IT experience to help data-driven leaders unlock the value in their data. Our unique Stairway to Value model uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver tangible benefits driven by your data. We help you store, enrich, activate and monetize your data to improve customer experiences, create new revenue streams and lower costs. We listen. We understand. We work with you. www.hitachivantara.com

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  • Title: Tirer parti de vos données avec le portfolio Hitachi Content Platform
  • Live at: Apr 28 2020 9:00 am
  • Presented by: L. Delaisse, Hitachi Vantara & JC Ricard, ARROW
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