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Next Generation M&E Workflows for Remote Workers

Since the pandemic, remote work is no longer optional - it is mandatory. Unfortunately, M&E workflows are ill-suited for remote work situations. Traditional approaches to previewing, editing, staging and archiving large media files are unworkable over the Internet. With traditional workflows, production would grind to a halt as staff wait on long download/upload times, that is, if they can even access the asset in the first place.

Employee access from home creates potential security vulnerabilities. First and foremost, IT has to ensure unauthorized parties do not have access to proprietary assets and that communication links are secure.

Join us on Tuesday, April 14th at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BST / 7pm CET, to learn how Cloudian and Storage Made Easy have created the next generation of M&E workflows for remote workers.

In this webinar, you will learn how distributed M&E teams can:

· Route around storage failures
· Easily access content remotely (regardless of storage type or vendor)
· Quickly find assets across multiple platforms (permission based)
· Leverage accelerated media transfers
· Work in a security first environment with 2FA and event based auditing
· Provide full visibility into content use

Doug Soltesz, SME, Director of Product Solutions
David Phillips, Cloudian, Principal M&E Solutions Architect
Recorded Apr 14 2020 61 mins
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Presented by
Doug Soltesz, SME, Director of Product Solutions & David Phillips, Cloudian, Principal M&E Solutions Architect
Presentation preview: Next Generation M&E Workflows for Remote Workers
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  • The Ultimate Strategy for Protecting Your Customer’s Data Against Ransomware Oct 21 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jon Toor
    Ransomware has been identified by the World Economic Forum as one of the top 5 economic risks globally. Join this webinar to learn how new technology from Veeam and Cloudian provides the ultimate solution to protecting your customers' data from ransomware and how HostedBizz, Canada’s fastest growing Cloud IaaS provider and Veeam Platinum Cloud Service Provider is delivering Ransomware Protection as a Service and Data Recovery to their customers.

    Your customers expect you to keep data 100% safe from ransomware and other internal or external threats. This webinar will cover:

    · The most critical elements for ransomware protection
    · How to defeat ransomware attacks on your customer’s data by making it 100% immutable
    · How these new technologies make bulletproof protection simple
    · How to position and market Ransomware Protection as a Service

    Featured Speakers:
    Dave Russell - Veeam VP of Enterprise Strategy
    Jon Toor - CMO, Cloudian
    Paul Butcher - Partner, HostedBiz
  • ソリューションシリーズ第4弾!ファイル自動管理ソリューション ZiDOMA & HyperStore Oct 20 2020 1:00 am UTC 60 mins
    国際産業技術株式会社 内田清継、ARアドバンストテクノロジ株式会社 桑原優、 クラウディアン株式会社 石田徹、
    NASデータの60%以上はコールドデータであり、アクセス頻度は低いのが一般的です。それにもかかわらず、毎日高価な容量とデータバックアップリソースを消費します。 CLOUDIANとZiDOMA dataは、そのデータをオンプレミスのアーカイブストレージに移動し、Tier 1 NAS容量の60%を即座に再生できるようにします。


    ZiDOMA dataは、ファイルサーバ上のコールドデータをGB単価が安価なストレージへの自動アーカイブを可能にします。
    ARアドバンストテクノロジ(株)から、基本機能のご紹介、Cloudian HyperStoreとの連携ソリューションご紹介と、HyperStoreの可視化/プライマリサーバからのバックアップなどをデモでご紹介します。

  • Erstellen Sie jetzt mit optimierten Log Management jede Analyse Oct 9 2020 9:00 am UTC 75 mins
    Sascha Uhl - Object Storage Technologist- Cloudian Christoph Dittmann- Head of Data Solutions Services- LC Sytems
    Cribl ermöglicht Unternehmen, systemrelevante Logdaten über einen langen Zeitraum auf einem kostengünstigen Speichermedium abzulegen. Das stößt auf großes Interesse am Markt. Log Management Systeme sind zwar durch die Indizierung aller Daten für den schnellen Abruf optimiert, allerdings geht diese Leistung zu Lasten des Speichervolumens und des CPU-Verbrauchs. Die Kosten für diese Vorgehensweise summieren sich enorm. Um dem Ganzen entgegenzusteuern, bietet die gemeinsame Lösung von Cribl und Cloudian HyperStore eine kostengünstige Lösung. Unternehmen können damit ihre Daten- und Informationsfluten reduzieren und zielgerichtet Informationen an die relevanten und effizienten Anwendungen weiterleiten.

    Das Webinar gibt Einblick in Cribl und die effiziente Datenablage in Cloudian HyperStore.
  • Implementing Resilient IT Infrastructure in an Uncertain Time Oct 6 2020 3:00 pm UTC 58 mins
    Francesco Giannoccaro, HPC & Cloud Solution Architect, Public Health England | Tomas Schimper, Strategy, Knowledge Park GmbH
    An organization’s IT resiliency is its ability to adapt to both planned and unplanned events while still keeping core infrastructure, key services and operations fully functional and running continuously. Without doubt, the whole world is in the midst of an unplanned event – The Coronavirus Pandemic – for which the outcome is still relatively unknown.

    The pressure and scrutiny are apparent on organizations that derive their income through public funding and require transparency around resources – where the near future is yet to be defined and budgets and resources are put under continuous pressure to be reduced and optimized.

    In this webinar, we’ll be talking to leading organizations and IT leaders to discuss how they have coped with:
    - Disrupted working patterns – remote and in the office
    - Adapting IT infrastructure that can be designed to be used under any scenarios
    - A growing threat from cybersecurity and ransomware / hacking attacks
    - Meeting regulatory and compliance constraints
    - Maintaining high-availability resources – both on and off-premises
    - Meeting backup and restoration policies and mechanisms
    - User behavior education and change management

    Key Take-Aways:

    You will learn how organizations are adapting and planning for the future through:
    - Infrastructure programs designed to be flexible and secure
    - More cost-effective solutions to accommodate reduced budgets and resources
    - New uses of technologies such as object storage with built-in resiliency

    Francesco Giannoccaro – HPC and Cloud Solution Architect - Public Health England
    Tomas Schimper – Strategy - Knowledgepark GmbH

    Moderator: Chris Evans, Architecting IT – Analyst, Consultant & Blogger
  • Analyst Webinar: 4 Strategies to Save on Storage Costs Oct 1 2020 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jon Toor, CMO of Cloudian and Randy Kerns, Sr. Strategist at Evaluator Group
    Today’s uncertain economy makes cost control critical. Reducing your storage costs can help.

    Join Analyst Randy Kerns of the Evaluator Group for this live webinar on June 24th at 10am PT / 1pm ET to get your cost questions answered.

    In this interactive webinar, we’ll look at the numbers to examine the true costs of:

    Data Protection: Your backup target alternatives
    NAS: Strategies to contain file storage costs, without disrupting users
    Public Cloud: The true cost of cloud vs. the on-prem alternatives
    Big Data / Splunk: Why server-based storage costs more than you think
  • MythBusters Series: Object Storage and Flash Media – Good Fit or Mismatch? Sep 30 2020 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Sanjay Jagad, Sr. Director of Products and Solutions
    Flash has changed the way storage subsystems are designed and built. There is no argument that flash media allows storage systems to deliver consistently high performance to applications, which in turn translates to better value for the business. Flash media has become ubiquitous when it comes to traditional SAN and NAS offerings, but what about object storage?

    In the third of our MythBusters Webinar Series, we will analyze the value of flash media for an object storage platform to see if it’s a good fit or a mismatch?
  • Drastically Reduce the Cost of Splunk with Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Recorded: Sep 30 2020 61 mins
    Matthew Bottomley, Splunk and David Axler - Cloudian
    When Splunk launched Splunk Cloud they re-architected the way the Software interacts with its run time infrastructure. Splunk Cloud uses AWS EC2 for high performance indexer run time workload. In order to make this architecture efficient and optimised for a hybrid cloud approach, Splunk needed to keep the EC2 instance as small as possible. To do this they created SmartStore and Cache Manager.

    These technologies automate the tiering of Storage capacity from high-performance high-cost EC2 to high-capacity and low-cost S3. Join this webinar to learn how you can deploy Cloudian HyperStore in your Data Centre to optimise your own on-premise Splunk Environment to achieve the same performance and cost optimisation.
    Splunk SmartStore® and Cloudian HyperStore® together manage automatic data tiering between Indexers and Cloudian HyperStore within your hybrid cloud infrastructure.
    Benefits include:
    •Releasing Splunk Indexers to ingest more data from more sources
    •Decouple storage and compute layers
    •Elastically scale compute on-demand for search and indexing workloads
    •Grow storage independently to accommodate retention requirements
    •Save cost with more flexible storage options

    In this webinar Splunk, Cloudian and Somerford Associates will be demonstrating a fully functional Splunk SmartStore with Cloudian HyperStore solution, starting from setup all the way to searching for data residing on remote Cloudian HyperStore

    Key Take-Aways:
    •How to lower TCO for Storage by up to 60% by Decoupling compute and storage and scale storage for longer retention and indexers on performance demand.
    •How to reduce indexer footprint for warm/cold data.
    •How to increase performance and scale using SmartStore and HyperStore in combination
    •How to recover from Failures fast. Copies of data and protection are offloaded to remote storage therefore recovery and rebalance are faster.
  • Lock Ransomware Out – Keep Data Safe with Veeam & Cloudian Recorded: Sep 29 2020 39 mins
    Veeam: Steve Firmes, Solution Architect. Cloudian: Amit Rawlani, Director of Solutions.
    Ransomware has been identified by the World Economic Forum as one of the top 5 economic risks, a risk level comparable to global warming. Join this webinar at 1 PM EST / 10 AM PST to learn how new technology from Veeam and Cloudian provides a hardened solution to keep your data safe. This webinar will cover:

    - Why common approaches to combatting ransomware fall short
    - The most critical element for ransomware protection
    - How to integrate a solution in your backup process
    - What new technologies make bulletproof protection simple

    Veeam: Steve Firmes, Solution Architect
    Cloudian: Amit Rawlani, Director of Solutions
  • Address Strategic Data Priorities in the Financial Industry Recorded: Sep 24 2020 60 mins
    Sanjay Jagad, Sr. Director of Products and Solutions
    Modern data infrastructure is critical to success in today’s financial services industry. IT decision-makers are challenged to meet complex business requirements and protect against critical security risks while supporting exponential data and storage growth on a limited budget and operating within an evolving regulatory environment.

    Join this webinar to learn how to address key priorities for more success:

    -Enable digital transformation
    -Mitigate risk and security challenges
    -Transform customer experiences
    -Use data insights to drive decisions
  • Office 365 Backup – It's Essential Recorded: Sep 23 2020 52 mins
    Amit Rawlani, Cloudian; Karinne Bessette, Veeam
    Office 365 has become the preferred tool for organizations to communicate, create documents and balance their books. For all its capabilities, great features and ability, Office 365 provides redundancy, which only ensures the availability of the present state of the data. What it lacks is comprehensive protection for your business-critical assets.

    Protecting your business-critical Office 365 data is still your responsibility.

    Join us on July 28 at 10am PT and learn how a solution built on Veeam backup for Microsoft Office 365(VBO) paired with Cloudian HyperStore provides a secure and scalable, on-prem solution that protects your business-critical Office 365 assets.
  • Case Study: How the University of Leicester Overcame Backup Challenges Recorded: Sep 17 2020 35 mins
    Mark Penny - Systems Specialist of Leicester University
    Join us to hear how the University of Leicester designed a new backup architecture, increasing data availability and reducing complexity whilst significantly saving in storage space and reducing cost using on-premises object storage as a backup target.
  • IDC Webinar: How SPs Can Build Profitable Revenue Streams with Storage Services Recorded: Sep 16 2020 59 mins
    Pam Miller, IDC Analyst / Jon Toor, CMO at Cloudian, Brad Bastow of AUCloud, and Michael Haag of VMware
    Join us for this IDC analyst webinar on July 8th — featuring IDC channels expert Pam Miller and a case study with service provider AUCloud — as we discuss service provider best practices, storage market trends, and offerings from VMware that will let you:

    • Build S3-compatible Storage-as-a-Service and Backup-as-a-Service offerings
    • Ensure a cost structure that makes you price competitive
    • Help customers protect against ransomware and ensure regulatory compliance

  • Tape: Does It Measure Up? Today's Data Protection Needs–Tape vs Object Storage Recorded: Sep 10 2020 50 mins
    Amit Rawlani - Director of Alliances & David Phillips Principal Architect at Cloudian Inc.
    Unstructured data is growing at an annual rate of over 70%. Storing and protecting this valuable asset is the challenge most commonly identified by IT professionals across industries. Using tape as a data protection medium is no longer adequate or appropriate for requirements such as accessible archives, compliance, and ransomware protection.

    Join Cloudian on September 10 at 8:00 AM PT and learn how to build a modern foundation for meeting today’s data-driven demands, including monetizing digital assets and leveraging advances in AI and machine learning, while keeping your data safe.

    Learn about modernizing your data storage infrastructure and keeping your data safe. This webinar will cover:

    - Challenges with tape storage
    - The advantages of object storage, including lower total cost of ownership
    - The best way to ensure ransomware protection
  • Warten Sie bevor sie zusätzlich NAS Speicher kaufen, es gibt einen smarteren Weg Recorded: Sep 10 2020 33 mins
    Thomas Rochner, Sr. Systems Engineer, Komprise & Claus Wiefel Sales Engineer, Cloudian
    Kluge Analyse und automatische Verlagerung Ihrer Daten mit Komprise auf Cloudian spart Kosten!

    Nehmen Sie an diesem Webinar mit Cloudian und Komprise teil und lernen Sie Datenverwaltungsstrategien kennen, die Ihr Unternehmen schon heute implementieren kann, um mit dem exponentiellen Datenwachstum skalieren zu können. Wir werden erörtern, wie Sie Daten einfach identifizieren, klassifizieren und analysieren können, wie Sie heiße und kalte Daten kosteneffizient archivieren und verwalten und wie Sie sie transparent und sicher ohne Unterbrechung auf wirtschaftlich effizientere Speicherebenen verschieben können.

    Einige der zu behandelnden Themen:

    - 5 Tipps für eine intelligentere Datenverwaltung
    - Wie Cloudian und Komprise helfen
    - Strategien für Hybrid- und Multi-Cloud-Umgebungen
    - Architekturbetrachtungen über Speicherumgebungen hinweg
  • Tech&Takeout: Data Security in Pandemic Times Recorded: Aug 27 2020 55 mins
    Amit Rawlani, Director of Solutions at Cloudian and Frank Cheap, Regional Sales Director at Cloudian
    Teleworking, becoming the norm during the COVID 19 pandemic, has amplified the threat of cyber-attacks making individuals and organizations more vulnerable to threats like ransomware. With an average incident cost of $8.1 million and recovery time ranging into months, the need for a new approach that protect valuable data asset against malicious attacks has never been greater.

    Join our webinar on `August 27th at 10:00 am and learn how Cloudian helps customers keep their data safe. This webinar will cover;
    •Ransomware and how it impacts your organizations.
    •Protection against malware and ransomware
    •Cloudian security solutions
  • ソリューションシリーズ第3弾!Veeam+Cloudianが提供するMicrosoft 365バックアップ方法 Recorded: Aug 25 2020 51 mins
    ヴィームソフトウェア株式会社 シニア・システムズ・エンジニア 斉藤乾、クラウディアン株式会社シニアセールスエンジニア 野瀬哲哉、
    多数の企業が利用しているMicrosoft 365、Microsoft 365のバックアップは大丈夫ですか? 実は、MicrosoftはMicrosoft 365で強力なサービスを提供していますが、それにはMicrosoft 365データの包括的なバックアップは含まれていません。
    Veeam® Backup for Microsoft Office 365を使用すると、Exchange Online、SharePoint Online、OneDrive for Business、Microsoft TeamsなどのMicrosoft 365データに対するアクセスや管理ができなくなるリスクを排除し、データが常に保護され、データにアクセス可能な状態を保つことができます。Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365(VBO)とクラウディアンHyperStoreを組み合わせることで、Microsoft 365のデータ保護を、費用対効果に優れたソリューションで実現します。
    この機会に、是非Veeam+Cloudianが提供する、Microsoft 365のバックアップ方法をご覧ください。


  • The Beginning of the End of Ransomware Recorded: Aug 20 2020 73 mins
    Chris Evans, Architecting IT; Michael Cade, Veeam; Guy Bartram VMWare; Neil Stobart, Cloudian
    Ransomware has been identified by the World Economic Forum as one of the top 5 economic risks, a risk level comparable to global warming. Join this panel session to learn how new technology from Cloudian, Veeam and VMware provides a hardened solution to keep your data safe - whether that be in on-premise data centre or as a Managed Services Provider providing Ransomware Protection as a Service to Enterprise Customers.

    Chair: Chris M Evans, Architecting IT.

    Panelist 1: Neil Stobart, VP Global Systems Engineering - Cloudian
    Panelist 2: Michael Cade, Senior Global Technologist, Veaam Software
    Panelist 3: Guy Bartram, Global Product Marketing, VMware
  • High Margin S3 Compatible Services for Cloud Service Providers Recorded: Aug 19 2020 74 mins
    Adam Dagnall - Systems Engineering Director, Cloudian, Michael Cade - Senior Globale Technologist, Veeam
    Expand your cloud service provider offerings with new services using Veeam Availability Suite and built on Cloudian S3-compatible storage – a proven path to a profitable services business.

    Join this webinar in which Veeam and Cloudian will be demonstrating various scenarios which can be wrapped up as new services including:

    - Ransomware Protection as a Service – Providing Data Immutability and Ransomware Protection for your Customer’s Data
    - Office 365 Back-Up as a Service – back-up service offering directly to object storage
    - NAS Backup as a Service – Tiering as a Service of older file versions to Cloud Service Providers as a cost-effective mechanism
    - Cloud Tiering Assurance – copy mode enables an offsite copy of your data stored in object storage with or without object lock; this gives some really good protection strategy to your data.

    We will also be carrying out a simulated Ransomware attack to show how the combination of Veeam Availability Suite and Cloudian can provide true data immutability and protect your customer’s data.
  • MythBusters Series: Are all object storage solutions the same? Recorded: Aug 18 2020 40 mins
    Sanjay Jagad, Sr. Director of Products and Solutions
    There is no argument that data is growing at an exponential rate.

    There is also no argument that traditional storage technologies, like SAN/NAS, cannot scale to meet the storage needs associated with this data growth.

    Object storage provides a viable alternative to address this growing storage need. However, the challenge is how to clearly evaluate available products to find the right solution for your needs.

    Come join us in our first Object Storage MythBusters webinar as we discuss if the common perception that “all object storage solutions are the same” is a myth or a fact.
  • How to Protect Your Customers' Data from Ransomware Recorded: Aug 6 2020 57 mins
    Christopher Barr, Central Technology Limited; Max Slaney, Central Technology Limited; Dave Russell, Veeam; Jon Toor, Cloudian
    Ransomware has been identified by the World Economic Forum as one of the top 5 economic risks, a risk level comparable to global warming. Join this webinar to learn how new technology from Veeam and Cloudian provides a hardened solution to keep your customers' data safe and how Central Technology Limited, a UK based Managed Services Provider is implementing and marketing Ransomware Protection as a Service to their customers.

    Your customers expect you to keep data 100% safe from ransomware and other internal or external threats. This webinar will cover:

    · The most critical element for ransomware protection
    · How to integrate a solution in your service infrastructure
    · What new technologies make bulletproof protection simple
    · How to provision and market Ransomware Protection as a Service

    Featured Speakers:
    Christopher Barr - Central Technology Limited, Technical Director
    Max Slaney - Central Technology Limited, Cloud Services Manager
    Dave Russell - Veeam VP of Enterprise Strategy
    Jon Toor - CMO, Cloudian
Cloudian. Think BIG. Scalable Enterprise Object Storage
Silicon Valley-based Cloudian is a file and object storage company specializing in 100% native S3 API storage systems. Cloudian’s object-based platform, HyperStore, provides limitless scalability to help enterprises deal with the explosive growth of unstructured data affordably and easily, and HyperFile extends object storage capabilities to file storage. For more information or to try Cloudian today, please visit www.cloudian.com/freetrial

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  • Title: Next Generation M&E Workflows for Remote Workers
  • Live at: Apr 14 2020 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Doug Soltesz, SME, Director of Product Solutions & David Phillips, Cloudian, Principal M&E Solutions Architect
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