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Lower Splunk TCO by 44% with VMware vSAN and Cloudian HyperStore

Join Rachel Zheng (VMware) and Amit Rawlani (Cloudian) for a lively conversation about how running Splunk SmartStore end-to-end on VMware vSAN with Cloudian HyperStore lowers TCO by 44% while increasing storage efficiency and simplifying operations.
Recorded Apr 13 2021 20 mins
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Presented by
Rachel Zheng, Product Marketing Manager at VMware and Amit Rawlani, Director Solution Marketing at Cloudian
Presentation preview: Lower Splunk TCO by 44% with VMware vSAN and Cloudian HyperStore
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  • ランサムウェアに感染しても慌てない、データを守る最後の砦「Cloudianデータ保護ソリューション」 May 18 2021 5:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Cloudian株式会社 営業部 シニアセールスエンジニア 野瀬哲哉
    近年、ランサムウェア被害が日本でもニュース・メディアで頻繁に取り上げられるようになりました。実際、2020年日本企業の52%がランサムウェアの攻撃を受け、身代金支払額平均は1億2300万円(*1)という状況下、ランサムウェア攻撃によりデータが暗号化された組織の内、56%がバックアップによりデータを復元しています(*2)。どれだけ水際対策に投資しても、ゼロトラストのセキュリティアーキテクチャを実装しても完全ではありません。そこに必要なのは「すでに攻撃されている」という前提での対策です。今回のセミナーでは、ランサムウェアの攻撃にあっても、100%データを保護する方法をご紹介します。Cloudianのソリューションがなぜランサムウェア対策に有効なのか? 適用領域はどこなのか?といった疑問に事例を交えてお答えします。

    (*1): CrowdStrikeグローバルセキュリティ意識調査

    (*2)ランサムウェアの現状2020年版、26か国 5,000人の IT 管理者を対象とした独立調査の結果
  • Accelerate Your Data Infrastructure Transformation w/ VMware + Cloudian + Splunk May 13 2021 4:00 pm UTC 48 mins
    Henry Golas, Director of Technology, Cloudian | Pete Koehler, Staff Technical Marketing Architect, VMware
    Cloudian Webcast: Accelerate Your Data Infrastructure Transformation with VMware and Cloudian - Spotlight on Splunk
    Join VMware and Cloudian for a technical deep dive discussion about Cloudian S3 object storage software integrated with the new VMware vSAN™ Data Persistence platform, supporting cloud-native and traditional applications, all managed in VMware Cloud Foundation™ with Tanzu™. This solution reduces infrastructure complexity while enabling new efficiencies and cost savings.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to:

    -Learn about the solution architecture: Cloudian Object Storage and VMware vSAN™ Data Persistence platform
    -See technical demos showcasing operational simplicity and capabilities
    -Discover the flexible vSAN configuration and Cloudian software deployment options
    -Learn about the multiple solution use cases – with a spotlight focus on Splunk
    -Understand how unique Cloudian features including military-grade security, geo-distributed architecture and rich metadata tagging for analytics create business benefit
    -Have your questions answered by experts and learn how to get started
  • How University of Leicester and the Public Sector Stay Protected from Ransomware Recorded: Apr 27 2021 56 mins
    Mark Penny, System Specialist, University of Leicester IT Services | David Axler, Cloudian | Chris Evans, Storage Analyst
    Public Sector and Education IT Leaders face multiple priorities, from modernization to risk management to customer experience improvements and they are increasingly turning to data-driven strategies to overcome these challenges.

    Join Cloudian and Mark Penny, System Specialist from the University of Leicester IT Services team, to learn how about a hardened data protection solution created with Cloudian in conjunction with Data Management solutions such as Commvault, Veeam and Rubrik securely protects public sector data against ransomware.

    The presentation will cover the following topics:
    - Key drivers for organizations to protect their data against Ransomware
    - How to create a 3-2-1 approach to backup and protection of your data
    - How to secure your data without changing your backup workflow
    - Hardened technologies available to protect your data
    - What actions you can take now to protect your data
  • Lower Splunk TCO by 44% with VMware vSAN and Cloudian HyperStore Recorded: Apr 22 2021 20 mins
    Rachel Zheng, Product Marketing Manager at VMware and Amit Rawlani, Director Solution Marketing at Cloudian
    Join Rachel Zheng (VMware) and Amit Rawlani (Cloudian) for a lively conversation about how running Splunk SmartStore end-to-end on VMware vSAN with Cloudian HyperStore lowers TCO by 44% while increasing storage efficiency and simplifying operations.
  • Protect Your Enterprise Data Against Ransomware Attacks w/VMware vSAN & Cloudian Recorded: Apr 15 2021 19 mins
    Rachel Zheng (VMware) and Grant Jacobson (Cloudian)
    A new ransomware attack occurs three times every minute! Victimized organizations pay a steep price for these attacks, suffering business downtime, data loss, and lost revenue. It doesn't have to be that way! VMware and Cloudian offer a joint solution to protect your data from being held hostage.

    Join Rachel Zheng (VMware) and Grant Jacobson (Cloudian) who will talk about:

    - The changing security landscape
    - How to lock out ransomware from your environment
    - Best practices to secure your data without adjusting your workflow
  • Lower Splunk TCO by 44% with VMware vSAN and Cloudian HyperStore Recorded: Apr 13 2021 20 mins
    Rachel Zheng, Product Marketing Manager at VMware and Amit Rawlani, Director Solution Marketing at Cloudian
    Join Rachel Zheng (VMware) and Amit Rawlani (Cloudian) for a lively conversation about how running Splunk SmartStore end-to-end on VMware vSAN with Cloudian HyperStore lowers TCO by 44% while increasing storage efficiency and simplifying operations.
  • Analyst Webinar: 4 Strategies to Save on Storage Costs Recorded: Apr 6 2021 60 mins
    Jon Toor, CMO of Cloudian and Randy Kerns, Sr. Strategist at Evaluator Group
    Today’s uncertain economy makes cost control critical. Reducing your storage costs can help.

    Join Analyst Randy Kerns of the Evaluator Group for this live webinar on June 24th at 10am PT / 1pm ET to get your cost questions answered.

    In this interactive webinar, we’ll look at the numbers to examine the true costs of:

    Data Protection: Your backup target alternatives
    NAS: Strategies to contain file storage costs, without disrupting users
    Public Cloud: The true cost of cloud vs. the on-prem alternatives
    Big Data / Splunk: Why server-based storage costs more than you think
  • IABM Panel Discussion - Storage Recorded: Mar 30 2021 26 mins
    Thomas Burns, Dell Technologies | Stephen Tallamy, EditShare | David Phillips, Cloudian
    In the panel, we discuss with our experts how they differentiate their companies in a marketplace which is very turbulent as prices continue to decrease and new vendors continue to emerge.

    Having seen the adoption of cloud focusing on collaborative workflows, we ask whether the cost of moving content in and out of the cloud is hindering adoption and whether our panel see this reported barrier diminishing in the near future or whether on-premise storage will continue to be a better economic and/or operational proposition in some (or indeed, many) applications.

    We ask the panel how they see the adoption of object-based storage and what the challenges are that prevent media companies increasing demand for this and how their company is helping to counter these challenges.

    Our panel give us their thoughts on AI’s role in storage and how it can optimize storage systems. Finally we ask them what’s coming next in content storage technology and workflows and what their companies are planning in this area.
  • Lock Ransomware Out – Keep Data Safe with Cloudian and Commvault Recorded: Mar 23 2021 59 mins
    David Axler - Systems Engineering, Cloudian and Roger Lane - Senior Systems Engineer - Commvault
    Ransomware impacts all organizations across every industry. With ransomware attacks accelerating, occurring one every 11 seconds and the average ransom payment surging to $178,000, it’s never been more urgent to ensure your data is protected.

    Join Commvault and Cloudian to learn how about a hardened data protection solution created with Commvault securely protects enterprise data against ransomware and other cyber-attacks and keeps it safe.

    The presentation will cover the following topics:

    • Ransomware attacks and the threat to data
    • Cloudian | Commvault hardened data protection solution
    • Demo - How to get started with Commvault and Cloudian
  • Modernize Your Data Infrastructure with VMware vSAN and Cloudian Object Storage Recorded: Mar 16 2021 18 mins
    Gopala Suryanarayana VMware | Grant Jacobson - Cloudian
    Join VMware and Cloudian for a lively conversation about our new solution that combines VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu and Cloudian’s object storage. With this integration, enterprises can now connect Cloudian S3-compatible object storage with both modern, Kubernetes-based and traditional IT applications - enabling new efficiencies and savings for a broad set of use cases and workloads.
  • ソリューションシリーズ!ITインフラ管理者必見 - 簡単にクライアントPCの統合データ保護​ Recorded: Mar 9 2021 39 mins
    アップデータ株式会社・小林 秀和 クラウディアン株式会社・石田 徹




  • Ransomware Today: What’s New and How to Protect Your Organization Recorded: Feb 23 2021 60 mins
    Graham Cluley, Cyber Security Expert
    In this webinar, security veteran Graham Cluley takes you through clear and present danger of what is globally considered one of the foremost threats to enterprises today: ransomware.

    Graham will explain how ransomware evolves continuously and describe the different tactics used by hacking gangs to extort hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars from targeted companies and their customers. You’ll also discover how to safeguard your organization against paying these exorbitant ransoms.

    Join this webinar to find out more about one of the biggest cyber threats to companies and the steps you need to take to protect your organization from ransomware attacks!
  • Tape: Does It Measure Up? Today's Data Protection Needs–Tape vs Object Storage Recorded: Feb 18 2021 49 mins
    Amit Rawlani - Director of Alliances & David Phillips Principal Architect at Cloudian Inc.
    Unstructured data is growing at an annual rate of over 70%. Storing and protecting this valuable asset is the challenge most commonly identified by IT professionals across industries. Using tape as a data protection medium is no longer adequate or appropriate for requirements such as accessible archives, compliance, and ransomware protection.

    Join Cloudian on September 10 at 8:00 AM PT and learn how to build a modern foundation for meeting today’s data-driven demands, including monetizing digital assets and leveraging advances in AI and machine learning, while keeping your data safe.

    Learn about modernizing your data storage infrastructure and keeping your data safe. This webinar will cover:

    - Challenges with tape storage
    - The advantages of object storage, including lower total cost of ownership
    - The best way to ensure ransomware protection
  • Optimize File Transfers for Large Scale Media Archives Recorded: Feb 17 2021 25 mins
    Elton Carneiro, Director at FileCatalyst, and Rich Wilson, M&E Solutions Architect at Cloudian
    File transfers to/from object storage systems over WAN typically uses HTTP. This approach can create slow transfers due to inherent latencies. FileCatalyst and Cloudian have partnered together to overcome these limitations and provide a means of faster data transfer to/from Cloudian HyperStore. With this approach data is directly streamed to the HyperStore object storage instead of caching locally to get thousand times faster transfer performance than traditional approaches.

    Join our webinar to learn how the joint solution of FileCatalyst and Cloudian:
    - Handle remote production uploads
    - How to manage Media & Entertainment workloads
    - How to manage Storage as a service for MSP workloads
  • Waking Up from the Cloud-First Data Storage Hangover Recorded: Feb 11 2021 59 mins
    Jason Bloomberg from Intellyx and Cloudian CMO Jon Toor
    You’ve heard the cloud-first mantra for years now – store all your data in the public cloud and let someone else manage it while you focus on other things. But after trying it, many organizations realize things aren't quite that simple – with the ever-growing amount of data and the need to access it, there are cost, security, and control issues that get overlooked in a rush to go all-public cloud.

    Join industry analyst Jason Bloomberg from Intellyx and Cloudian CMO Jon Toor to learn how to architect a technology stack that includes public cloud while also taking advantage of the benefits of traditional on-premises solutions.

    In this webinar you'll discover how to:

    • Architect your workflow to a hybrid cloud environment
    • Maximize cost-savings for your data needs
    • Maintain data protection and security
    • Retain data control
  • How Montebello Uses Video Surveillance+Analytics to Save Costs & Increase Safety Recorded: Feb 10 2021 49 mins
    David Tsuen, IT Manager for the City of Montebello
    With over 8 million passengers annually, ensuring safety is a paramount requirement for Montebello Bus Lines. Mobile video surveillance with real time monitoring was a long-sought goal, but presented significant challenges.

    Join this webinar to learn from David Tsuen, IT Manager for the City of Montebello how they met this challenge with a solution that provided:

    - Real time on-bus video monitoring
    - Video and operational data recording
    - Data analytics framework

    Learn how technologies such as object storage and enriched metadata provided real-world solutions for Montebello to ensure public safety while staying within budget.
  • Welcome to the Future of Your Digital Archive Recorded: Feb 9 2021 57 mins
    Brian Campanotti, CEO cloudfirst.io former CTO Front Porch Digital + David Phillips, M&E SA, Cloudian former NBC architect
    Legacy Content Storage Management systems (CSM) such as DIVArchive and others have become cumbersome and costly archive targets.

    Join Cloudian, Cloudfirst, and Ergonomic Group to learn how to create the foundation for a future-proof archive solution.

    Speakers will be:

    - Brian Campanotti, CEO at Cloudfirst.io and former CTO at Front Porch Digital creators of DIVArchive
    - David Phillips, M&E Solutions Architect at Cloudian and former architect at NBC

    The joint solution of Cloudfirst.io Rapid Migrate and Cloudian Hyperstore enables easy migration from any legacy archive platform to a modern object storage platform that:

    - Addresses limitations of legacy systems by providing exabyte-scalability
    - Increases accessibility and search-ability in an economical manner
    - Overcomes the lock-in created by proprietary legacy archive systems
    - Avoids future disruptive and tedious migrations
    - Sustain your existing production operations in a seamless fashion during migration
  • MythBusters Series: Are all object storage solutions the same? Recorded: Feb 4 2021 40 mins
    Sanjay Jagad, Sr. Director of Products and Solutions
    There is no argument that data is growing at an exponential rate.

    There is also no argument that traditional storage technologies, like SAN/NAS, cannot scale to meet the storage needs associated with this data growth.

    Object storage provides a viable alternative to address this growing storage need. However, the challenge is how to clearly evaluate available products to find the right solution for your needs.

    Come join us in our first Object Storage MythBusters webinar as we discuss if the common perception that “all object storage solutions are the same” is a myth or a fact.
  • High Margin S3 Compatible Services for Cloud Service Providers Recorded: Feb 3 2021 74 mins
    Adam Dagnall - Systems Engineering Director, Cloudian, Michael Cade - Senior Globale Technologist, Veeam
    Expand your cloud service provider offerings with new services using Veeam Availability Suite and built on Cloudian S3-compatible storage – a proven path to a profitable services business.

    Join this webinar in which Veeam and Cloudian will be demonstrating various scenarios which can be wrapped up as new services including:

    - Ransomware Protection as a Service – Providing Data Immutability and Ransomware Protection for your Customer’s Data
    - Office 365 Back-Up as a Service – back-up service offering directly to object storage
    - NAS Backup as a Service – Tiering as a Service of older file versions to Cloud Service Providers as a cost-effective mechanism
    - Cloud Tiering Assurance – copy mode enables an offsite copy of your data stored in object storage with or without object lock; this gives some really good protection strategy to your data.

    We will also be carrying out a simulated Ransomware attack to show how the combination of Veeam Availability Suite and Cloudian can provide true data immutability and protect your customer’s data.
  • Backup Case Study: How the University of Leicester Overcame Backup Challenges Recorded: Feb 2 2021 35 mins
    Mark Penny - Systems Specialist of Leicester University
    Join us to hear how the University of Leicester designed a new backup architecture, increasing data availability and reducing complexity whilst significantly saving in storage space and reducing cost using on-premises object storage as a backup target.
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  • Title: Lower Splunk TCO by 44% with VMware vSAN and Cloudian HyperStore
  • Live at: Apr 13 2021 7:16 pm
  • Presented by: Rachel Zheng, Product Marketing Manager at VMware and Amit Rawlani, Director Solution Marketing at Cloudian
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