Accelerate Your Business With Enterprise Ready Hadoop Solutions From EMC

Terri McClure, Sr Analyst, VP Data Mngr, ESG; Jemish Patel, Product Mngr, EMC Isilon; Will Davis, EMC Greenplum
In this one hour webinar, you’ll hear about the latest trends relating to Big Data Analytics and Hadoop and how innovative enterprises are leveraging their Big Data assets to gain new insights and identify new opportunities to help them accelerate their business. You’ll also learn about six key challenges of providing an enterprise-ready Hadoop infrastructure and how to address them with the industry’s first and only scale-out storage solution with native Hadoop integration.
Mar 27 2012
62 mins
Accelerate Your Business With Enterprise Ready Hadoop Solutions From EMC
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  • Getting the Most Out of XtremIO with ViPR SRM Recorded: May 28 2015 58 mins
    EMC Emerging Technologies
    EMC XtremIO™ is an all-flash scale-out enterprise storage array that provides substantial improvements to I/O performance. ViPR SRM simplifies monitoring of XtremIO in SAN environments by collecting key indicators for performance and capacity from virtual guests to provide the insight to optimize storage investments and improve SLA’s. Watch this webcast to learn how you can gain improved visibility and insights to your XtremIO and multi-vendor storage infrastructure to maximize your ROI with:

    -Performance troubleshooting and analysis
    -Capacity planning, reporting and chargeback
    -Configuration compliance validation and alerting
  • ViPR SRM: Performance Trending & Reporting Recorded: May 26 2015 59 mins
    EMC Emerging Technologies
    Infrastructure teams often struggle with determining the root cause of a performance problem when looking at complex cloud environments. Virtualization complicates this further since physical resources are shared by many virtualized applications leading to difficulties in determining the offender of the performance issue.

    EMC ViPR SRM provides comprehensive end-to-end monitoring, reporting, and analysis for heterogeneous storage and virtualized environments. Watch this webcast to learn how administrators can have a single pane of glass with simple correlation of all components of the infrastructure with ViPR SRM. ViPR SRM monitors the environment proactively to warn administrators of potential problems before they cause an outage.
  • EMC ScaleIO: Proven Performance and Scalability Recorded: May 21 2015 46 mins
    Aviv Kaufman - Sr. Lab Analysts, ESG Labs; and Jason Brown - Principal Product Marketing Manager, ScaleIO
    Watch this EMC Tech Talk recorded on Thursday, May 21st!

    Are you looking to design an in-house infrastructure that delivers the flexibility, and scalability of today’s cloud based IaaS solutions to your end-users while also satisfying the demands of today’s high-performance applications? Would you like to learn about a technology that can help you leverage commodity servers and storage devices to deliver a software defined converged infrastructure solution that can scale to cost-effectively meet your most demanding performance requirements?

    By watching you’ll learn the answers to these questions and more as ESG introduces the challenges, technologies and trends associated with delivering scale-out solutions.

    Watch this Tech Talk to:
    - Get a ScaleIO Overview
    -Learn about the lab validation findings with ESG
  • ScaleIO—Redefining the Service Provider Offering Recorded: May 19 2015 59 mins
    EMC Emerging Technologies
    Looking for next-generation, software defined datacenter architectures? Watch this webcast to learn how ScaleIO enables service providers to leverage hyper convergence with EMC's game changing Server SAN software. EMC ScaleIO provides virtual and bare metal environments with scale, elasticity, multi-tenant capabilities and service quality that enable Service Providers to build competitive cloud offerings that lower operational cost.
  • Metadata Management for Scientific Research Recorded: May 14 2015 42 mins
    Stephen Worth: Director–Engineering, New Business Development, EMC; and Sasha Paegle: Sr. Business Development Manager, EMC
    Watch the EMC Tech Talk recorded on Thursday, May 14th for a discussion about the role of meta-data management in scientific research. Groups maintaining data repositories at the petabyte-scale are discovering that cataloguing associated metadata is necessary to properly access recall and analyze data. Capturing and maintaining metadata long term is becoming as critical as the data itself.

    Join this EMC Tech Talk to learn about:
    -The evolving nature of metadata in scientific research
    -The recent advancements and approaches to meta-data management
    -Current EMC R&D activities to develop meta-data management capabilities

    Don’t miss an opportunity to view the demonstration and get your questions answered by our experts. Watch Now!

    EMC Emerging Technology Division
  • Accelerate Delivery of IT-as-a-Service with VMware® vRealize™ and EMC ViPR Recorded: May 12 2015 36 mins
    Vijay Dwivedi, Product Marketing Manager at VMware; along with EMC
    VMware vRealize Automation empowers users by delivering personalized, business-relevant IT services. In addition, vRealize Automation provides extensibility to other IT products, such as EMC ViPR, through vRealize™ Orchestrator™ plug-ins. EMC ViPR is a software-only solution that simplifies management of multi-vendor storage reducing time to provision storage by up to 85% and delivering policy-based self-service storage resources – on-demand.

    Join VMware's Vijay Dwivedi, Product Marketing Manager, and EMC for this webcast to learn how you can:

    -Provision and de-provision virtual machines in minutes
    -Automate storage configuration and provisioning, including automatically assigning storage to VMs
    -Provide users with self-service portal to provision compute and storage resources within established policies
    -You don't want to miss this event - watch it on demand today!
  • EMC Tech Talk: ViPR SRM—Application to Infrastructure Mapping Recorded: May 7 2015 54 mins
    EMC Emerging Technologies
    With more data centers being virtualized, it’s difficult to understand the physical relationships along the data path. It can be a struggle to comprehend how applications map to the underlying storage, making it difficult to understand relationship dependencies.

    ViPR SRM provides end-to-end analysis that allows storage teams to quickly spot bottlenecks in a data path.

    Join us for this special demonstration to learn how the Storage Resource Management Suite can help you optimize current investments in storage while providing an extensible framework for managing software defined storage in the future!
  • Hadoop as a service at Adobe: The largest Documented Hadoop POC - 65TB Job key l Recorded: Apr 30 2015 51 mins
    Ashvin Naik, Prin. Prod. Mktg Mngr at EMC's ETD division; Rory Barber, Systems Engineer
    Watch this EMC Tech Talk for live discussion about Adobe Systems demonstrated that running Hadoop-as-a-Service (HDaaS) on a virtualized and centralized infrastructure based on EMC Isilon is an ideal solution for large-scale data analytics workloads. Learn more at this presentation and Q&A session!

    This presentation provides an overview of the POC’s infrastructure design, initial obstacles, and successful completion, as well as touching on sizing, configuration details, and best practices.

    This particular case underscores how HDaaS built on an integrated and virtualized infrastructure delivers outstanding performance, scalability, and efficiency, paving the way toward larger-scale Big Data analytics in Hadoop environments.

    Don’t miss an opportunity to view the demonstration and get your questions answered by our experts. Register Now!
  • EMC ViPR: Overview & Demonstration Recorded: Apr 23 2015 62 mins
    Cyndy Goodell - Prod. Marketing Manager; Mark Read - Director, Systems Engineering APJ
    EMC ViPR is a software platform that transforms your storage into a simple, extensible, and open platform to meet new, cloud-scale workloads. ViPR lets you deliver on-premises, fully automated storage services efficiently, and easily.

    In this webcast, you will learn the latest about EMC ViPR and a get a guided tour through the new interactive demo. Through this tour, we will show you how ViPR:

    Discovers arrays
    Creates virtual storage arrays and pools
    Provisions storage though the self-service catalog
    Watch on demand today!
  • ViPR SRM: Capacity Utilization & Optimization Recorded: Apr 20 2015 56 mins
    Rich Colarusso - Product Marketing Manager, ViPR
    Join us for this special webcast to learn how ViPR SRM helps storage teams discover under-utilized resources by providing information on LUNs that are not mapped, LUNs that are mapped but not masked, LUNs that have no traffic for a period of time, as well as switch ports that are under-utilized.

    With this information in hand, administrators and storage teams can reclaim under or not utilized resources, increasing usage of storage resources and protecting investments. All information is available in the form of reports and/or dashboards so the resource can be quickly identified.

    This webcast will show you how ViPR SRM can help you identify under-utilized resources in your infrastructure.
  • Realize Lower TCO and Improve Infrastructure Agility with EMC ScaleIO Recorded: Apr 20 2015 46 mins
    Ed Beauvais - Senior Manager, Product Marketing
    Make "Software-Defined" part of your datacenter design! Leverage EMC ScaleIO In hyper-converged block storage use cases!

    As a software-defined storage solution, EMC ScaleIO is a great fit for many hyper-converged block storage use cases. This webcast will focus on the leading use cases for ScaleIO deployments: private clouds (virtual storage infrastructures), and database environments.
  • EMC Tech Talk: Getting the most out of EMC VMAX³ with ViPR SRM 3.6 Recorded: Apr 14 2015 60 mins
    Rich Colarusso - Product Marketing Manager, ViPR
    Watch this EMC Tech Talk for a discussion and technical demo of the EMC ViPR SRM 3.6!

    Attend and learn how you can:

    Troubleshoot performance issues with an end-to-end view from guest to array
    Monitor your infrastructure to proactively identify configuration, performance or health issues before they impact service levels.
  • Automated, Policy-Based Storage for Added Business Agility with ViPR Controller Recorded: Apr 7 2015 43 mins
    Swati Tiwari-Product Manager for EMC ViPR Controller, and Paula Swanson-Consultant Prod. Mktg. Mngr. for EMC ViPR Controller
    Watch this EMC Tech Talk for a discussion and technical demo of the EMC storage automation software, ViPR Controller.

    Attend and learn how you can:

    -Create virtual storage pools to meet performance and protection SLAs
    -Automate delivery of policy-based storage services, including exporting to hosts
    -Empower end-users via a self-service catalog to reduce reliance on IT
  • EMC Tech Talk: Storage Consolidation - Data Lake Foundation with EMC Isilon Recorded: Feb 26 2015 39 mins
    Ryan Peterson and Ashvin Naik
    Today, 67% of all storage capacity supports unstructured data. By 2017, that number increases to 80%. Companies are realizing that to solve these growth challenges a new approach is needed to manage and maintain the data.

    Join us for a discussion and technical overview of the Isilon Solution - Data Lake Foundation.

    Our experts will provide:

    An introduction to the Data Lake Foundation
    Demonstration of the value of the Data Lake Foundation
    This is a great opportunity to view the demonstration platform, discover the possibilities with Isilon and get your questions answered.
  • EMC Tech Talk - OneFS and Data Lake Foundation Recorded: Feb 12 2015 36 mins
    Rory Barber & Richard Kowaleski
    Today, 67% of all storage capacity supports unstructured data. By 2017, that number increases to 80%. Companies are realizing that to solve these growth challenges a new approach is needed to manage and maintain the data.

    The EMC Isilon OneFS operating system is a single-file, single-volume architecture that delivers high-performance and high throughput without adding management complexity. Join us for a live discussion and technical demo of how Isilon offers a flexible, easy-to manage and highly scalable solution for your storage needs!

    Attend and learn about:

    Isilon’s scale-out NAS and scale-out Data Lake Foundation

    Instructions to set up, configure, and administer OneFS in less than 20 minutes!

    Don’t miss an opportunity to view the demonstration, discover the ease-of-use with Isilon!
  • The 3rd Platform: A New Frontier to Modernize Your Infrastructure Recorded: Jan 20 2015 57 mins
    Ashish Nadkarni IDC Research Director, Storage Systems; Eric Sheppard IDC Research Director, Storage Software; Julianna Delua
    The 3rd platform involves mobile devices and platforms in cloud, big data,analytics, and social technologies — the new frontier, stretching the reach and impact of data centers across geographies. IDC predicts the 3rd platform will bring innovation, growth, and disruption across all industries in 2015. In particular, the 3rd platform strategy is one of the most powerful innovation accelerators. It’s crucial for IT leaders to refine investment strategies to enable positive business outcomes. Learn how to transform your traditional, process-driven IT model into a digitized, market-driven environment so your business can thrive.

    In this 60-minute webcast with IDC, VCE and EMC you will learn about:

    - Market environments and transitions to maximize your IT investments
    - Accelerating time from idea to results on integrated, modular solutions and extensions from the 2nd to 3rd platform
    - Designing for future needs with scale-out, modular technologies – buy as you go, private, public, hybrid
    - Customer case studies and benefits of a modern, connected approach
  • Converged Infrastructure for Next Gen Applications - VCE on Isilon Recorded: Dec 9 2014 30 mins
    Carl Washington, Sr. Business Development Manager at EMC - Emerging Technologies Division
    Deploying next generation applications such as mobile devices, social networks, cloud services and big data analytics are difficult undertakings that include selecting components from multiple vendors, complicating budgeting, planning, and procurement and integration of technology components to support these applications. In this presentation, you will learn why VCE Technology Extension for EMC Isilon, with VCE Vblock® Systems, enables traditional and next generation application workloads to become a plug-it-in and ready to operate experience that speeds time-to-deployment and simplifies ongoing operations.
  • Video Surveillance with EMC Isilon Recorded: Dec 9 2014 17 mins
    Eric Seidman, Senior Manager of Product Marketing at EMC - Emerging Technologies Division
    EMC Isilon will provide an overview of physical security systems with a particular focus on video surveillance technology. More specifically, we’ll compare a traditional storage approach with a storage strategy based on EMC Isilon scale-out NAS. We’ll then look at validations completed.
  • Big Data Analytics with EMC Isilon Recorded: Dec 9 2014 29 mins
    Ashvin Naik, Principal Product Marketing Manager of the EMC Emerging Technologies Division
    EMC Isilon scale-out NAS storage provides a powerful, simple, efficient way to consolidate and manage enterprise data and applications. Come learn why businesses around the globe are centralizing their file data into a multi-protocol data lake that is analytics-enabled and has multiple consumption models.
  • VDI Solutions on VCE Vblock Systems with EMC XtremIO and Isilon Recorded: Sep 29 2014 20 mins
    Carl Washington, EMC Senior Business Development Manager; Ed Maas, EMC Senior Systems Engineer; and Pankesh Mehta, VCE System
    This video is a panel discussion on how EMC Isilon Scale-out NAS and XtremIO Scale-out Flash with VCE Vblock Systems enable enterprises and service provides to deploy VDI solutions faster and with predictable path to scale infrastructure, increase application performance, simplified infrastructure management, and better overall total cost of ownership.
Powerful yet simple Scale-Out NAS Solutions for Big Data
EMC is the global leader in scale-out storage. We deliver powerful yet simple solutions for enterprises that want to manage their data, not their storage. EMC’s products are simple to install, manage and scale, at any size. Learn what we mean at

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  • Title: Accelerate Your Business With Enterprise Ready Hadoop Solutions From EMC
  • Live at: Mar 27 2012 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: Terri McClure, Sr Analyst, VP Data Mngr, ESG; Jemish Patel, Product Mngr, EMC Isilon; Will Davis, EMC Greenplum
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