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Marketing Innovation

It seems like its has become impossible to innovate with marketing. But some people are just so creative that they prove this notion wrong
Recorded Feb 17 2020 30 mins
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Presented by
Michael Yehoshua ,Vice President Global Marketing at SCADAfence
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  • What WadiDigital learned serving SEO to dozens of cybersecurity companies Recorded: Oct 5 2021 59 mins
    Avner Greenwald, Yotam Gutman, Yoel Israel
    Bringing organic traffic to your site is challenging. Traditional best practices simply don't apply anymore, and most companies doing cybersecurity SEO, are not doing it properly.
    In this webinar, we'll host Avner Greenwald, master of SEO from WadiDigital. Avner has worked with numerous cyber companies and has deep insights on what's working and what could be done better to improve SEO.
  • HR practices that are hurting your chances of landing the best US marketers Recorded: Aug 10 2021 46 mins
    Mimi Gross, CEO at People by Mimi
    Hiring marketers is one of the most challenging tasks startups expanding to the US market face. In this webinar, placement expert Mimi Gross will discuss some things you might not know you are doing that are seriously hurting your chances of attracting and hiring the right candidates.
  • My first Recruitment Marketing campaign Recorded: Jun 16 2021 33 mins
    Rona Susel , Head of Global Marketing Programs, Rapyd
    Faced with the challenge of recruiting numerous talents quickly, Rona Susel , Head of Global Marketing Programs, Rapyd, had to plan and execute a large-scale recruitment campaign. Join us to learn how she managed to pull it off and increase brand awareness (and all by using the existing talents she was working with).
  • Video Marketing for B2B Tech- Improving Leads and Sales using Video Recorded: May 24 2021 57 mins
    Arik Diamant, CEO Secret Sauce - Video Marketing for Tech
    Video is reshaping Tech Marketing. Everyone realizes the need to use more video, but few do, and even fewer make decent videos. This talk will discuss the fundamentals of video marketing:
    • The Types of videos out there - and what they're good for
    • Understanding the journey of becoming a video marketer
    Then we’ll dive deeper and discern the Economy of Video Marketing and try to answer the $1M Question: is there an ROI for video marketing?
    Finally, we'll provide tech marketers some practical tips on how to get started.
    Open Q&A at the end of the session will allow Marketers to share their questions and concerns.
  • How to generate exposure and leads through Cybersecurity influencer marketing Recorded: Apr 27 2021 46 mins
    Yoel Israel, Ayelet Penrod, Yael Dehn Moav
    Influencer marketing is all the rage at the moment in B2C marketing. But applying this methodology for B2B cybersecurity marketers can be challenging. This talk will explore influencer marketing best practices and case studies.
  • How to target the Federal market through FedRAMP? Recorded: Mar 17 2021 46 mins
    Seth Spergel, Vice President, Emerging Technology at Merlin Ventures
    The US Government allocates over 18 $Billion for Cybersecurity spending in FY 2021.
    FedRAMP is one of the most effective (if not the only?) vehicles for small technology (and services?) companies to sell to the US federal government.

    The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) was established in 2011 to provide a cost-effective, risk-based approach for the adoption and use of cloud services by the federal government. FedRAMP empowers agencies to use modern cloud technologies, with an emphasis on security and protection of federal information.

    In this webinar, Seth Spergel, Vice President, Emerging Technology at Merlin Ventures, will review FedRAMP program, and provide insights and tips for Israeli startups interested in utilizing the program.
  • היכרות עם מערך הסייבר הלאומי Recorded: Feb 24 2021 47 mins
    יותם גוטמן
    מערך הסייבר הלאומי גוף ממלכתי, ביטחוני וטכנולוגי האמון על הגנת מרחב הסייבר הלאומי ועל קידום וביסוס עוצמתה של ישראל בתחום
    למערך יכולות ואמצעים שונים שיכולים לסייע לתעשיית הסייבר המקומיתֿ, בנושאים של שיווק, שיתוף ידע, חשיפה ללקוחות בארץ ובחו״ל ועוד.
    בשיחה יתארח רועי ירום, ראש מרכז התעצמות ומשק במערך, שיספר על הפעולות שמבצע המערך, למי ניתן לפנות כשחושפים מתקפה ואיך המערך יכול לסייע לנו בפעולות שיווק ופיתוח עסקי.
  • Achieving Personalization at Scale Recorded: Feb 3 2021 59 mins
    Avishai Sharon-TrenDemon, Daniel Bleichman- Audiocodes
    Achieving Personalization at Scale - Best practices, Customer examples and our first ever MazeMaster Challenge. How to create personalized experiences that convert enterprise buyers? How to build and deploy effective, personalized experiences, how to orchestrate them and tie them back to pipeline, revenue and outcomes? This is the topic of our next session with the community.
  • ניהול משברים מול התקשורת- הרבה יותר מ ״סתם יח״צ״ Recorded: Dec 21 2020 38 mins
    דודי מליץ, מנכ״ל DM
    כל ארגון יחווה במוקדם או במאוחר, משבר תקשורתי. משבר כזה יכול להכאיב מאוד לארגון או לעבור מבלי להותיר חותם. הרבה מזה תלוי בצורה שבו אנו, אנשי השיווק, ננהל את המשבר. ככל שניטיב להבין את המשחק מול גופי המדיה השונים, התעשייה והאקוסיסטם כמו גם עובדים החברה שלנו) כך נוכל לנהל את המשבר ולצאת ממנו מחוזקים.
    נשוחח עם דודי מליץ שמומחה בניהול משברים מול התקשורת, שייתן לנו כלים אפקטיבים לזיהוי משבר וניהולו
  • How to convert enterprise accounts when the entire customer journey moved online Recorded: Oct 20 2020 50 mins
    Avishai Sharon CEO, TrenDemon
    Closing the loop - how to engage and convert enterprise accounts when the entire customer journey has moved online

    Enterprise marketers that relied on direct, offline contact at events and conferences as a major source of leads are waking up to a new reality. In this webinar we will share stats and insights from our work regarding trends in customer journeys, especially in cyber security companies and discuss ways b2b and ABM marketers are closing the distance between them and target accounts online by leveraging account-based identification and personalization to engage their pipeline.
  • Rosh Hashan toast and what we've learned from 6 months of marketing during Covid Recorded: Sep 15 2020 43 mins
    Amit Lavi
    A virtual Rosh Hashan toast, accompanied by our top insights from running campaigns during the last 6 months.
  • How to fix a broken process? From generating a lead to scheduling a call Recorded: Sep 10 2020 30 mins
    Yotam Gutman, Dafna Rolls
    Lead generation is important, but it's just the beginning. A lead is just that- someone who's shown an interest in your offering. This now has to convert into a meeting, call or demo. And this is where many companies fail. This webinar will discuss ways to bridge this gap and provide marketers and sales professionals with tips on improving this process.
  • פגוש את העיתונות! Recorded: Aug 10 2020 37 mins
    Amitai Ziv, Yotam Gutman
    אנחנו מארחים את אמיתי זיו מדהמרקר, לשיחה על עיתונות טק וכלכלית בארץ
    אמיתי זיו, כתב ועורך טק בדהמרקר, יספר לנו אילו סיפורים מעניינים את העיתונות פה בארץ, איך לדבר עם עיתונאים, וגם מה לא לעשות עם המדיה
  • Current and future trends in cybersecurity Recorded: Jul 23 2020 32 mins
    Col. (Ret.) Zohar Rozenberg, Vice President of Cyber Investments, Elron
    In this talk, we will discuss current and future trends in cybersecurity; funding, upcoming technologies, current challenges and coping with Covid-19.
    Zohar Rozenberg (Col. Ret.) is the Vice President of Cyber Investments at Elron, a leading Israeli holding company dedicated to building technology companies, actively investing in startup companies.
  • Everything you wanted to know about analyst relations (and Third-Party Testing) Recorded: Jun 17 2020 33 mins
    Allison Elizondo, Director of Analyst Relations, Third Party Testing for SentinelOne
    Receiving adequate analyst recognition and external validation from third-party testing is vital for cybersecurity startups as well as mature companies. Join us to learn from Allison Elizondo experience, who's worked at both vendors and test labs.
  • What is Quora? Recorded: Apr 30 2020 47 mins
    Lotem Hayun- Head of Community - Hebrew at Quora
    Quora is the world's largest Q&A platform, used by hundreds of millions of people on a monthly basis. It is also a great tool for marketers to engage with their target audience, achieve brand awareness and generate leads.
  • PR through a crisis Recorded: Apr 23 2020 27 mins
    Jeff Seedman, Senior Partner, Finn Partners
    Many of us are wondering if and how to engage the media in these times. In this webinar we'll talk to Jeff Seedman, Senior Partner, Finn Partners about PR in times of crisis.
  • B2B Marketing through a crisis Recorded: Mar 26 2020 46 mins
    Amit Lavi, Itai Galmor, Oren Ezra, Yotam Gutman
    As if marketing wasn’t challenging enough, throw in a crisis like COVID-19 to really get the excitement going. While it’s pretty common for us to run to schedule the next webinar or video, there’s so much more that you can and should be doing.
    We'll hear from B2B Marketing experts:
    Amit Lavi, CEO at Marketing Envy
    Itai Galmor, VP Marketing, BrandShield
    Oren Ezra, Head of Enterprise Marketing
    Yotam Gutman, Community Manager, Cyber Marketing Pros
  • Cybersecurity Marketing Survey 2020- the results Recorded: Mar 17 2020 30 mins
    Yotam Gutman, Cybersecurity Marketing community manager
    This talk will present the findings of a survey we've conducted among security marketers. We'll speak about industry trends, challenges and spending patterns
  • Marketing Innovation Recorded: Feb 17 2020 30 mins
    Michael Yehoshua ,Vice President Global Marketing at SCADAfence
    It seems like its has become impossible to innovate with marketing. But some people are just so creative that they prove this notion wrong
A community of Cybersecurity Marketing pros.
A channel intended for sharing valuable cybersecurity info, insights, and recommendations. You are encouraged to ask professional questions, reply to peers with helpful info, and share valuable tips.

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  • Title: Marketing Innovation
  • Live at: Feb 17 2020 1:00 pm
  • Presented by: Michael Yehoshua ,Vice President Global Marketing at SCADAfence
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