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Case Study: Australian National University | 2020 Virtual Roundtable

After finding themselves in a data breach in late 2018, the renowned Australian National University (ANU) published an extensive transparent report, outlining the timeline of events and the level of sophistication behind the hack.

A 2020 global intelligence threat report by NTT, found the education sector attracted 38% of all attacks last year and was the 2nd most attacked industry after government.

This rise of attacker techniques combining ransomware and data exfiltration illustrates that defense against either approach in isolation is insufficient. Compounded with the complexity of University environments, this also makes an endpoint-only approach unviable.

Join us for an exclusive fireside chat with the CISO of ANU, Suthagar Seevaratnam, as we discuss some of the changes they've made post-incident and what they see as their next steps to improve cybersecurity resiliency in today’s ever-evolving threat landscape.
Recorded Mar 25 2021 56 mins
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Presented by
Suthagar Seevaratnam | ANU CISO
Presentation preview: Case Study: Australian National University | 2020 Virtual Roundtable

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  • Sharpening Your Focus: Effective Pivots From ThreatINSIGHT Observations Oct 27 2021 12:00 am UTC 56 mins
    Gigamon Technical Success Team
    Expanding on using Gigamon ThreatINSIGHT™ observations to kickstart your investigation and hunting efforts, this session provides a refresher on using observations and demonstrates how to effectively pivot from ThreatINSIGHT observations to discover anomalies and potentially malicious behavior in your environment.
  • Cloud Visibility, Monitoring and Security. Episode 3 Oct 20 2021 12:00 am UTC 50 mins
    Gigamon Cloud Team
    Hybrid cloud environments are complex — and harder to secure.

    In this third webinar of a three-part series, Gigamon experts share insights on how to monitor and secure your new hybrid cloud network and datacenter.
    Plus, they offer insights on the importance of cloud visibility and how to achieve it across your network.

    Presented by:
    * Baseer Balazadeh, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer
    * Jim Mandelbaum, Field CTO
    * Guy White, Consulting Sales Engineer
    * LaFon Hamilton, Sales Engineer

    Sign up for the 2 other webinars of the series:
    * Cloud Strategy
    * Cloud Migration and Deployment
  • Cloud Migration and Deployment. Episode 2 Oct 13 2021 12:00 am UTC 43 mins
    Gigamon Cloud Team
    What is involved with shifting to the cloud?

    In the second webinar of a three-part series on cloud migration, Gigamon experts dig a little deeper to discuss the ins-and-outs of cloud integration and cloud automation. They also provide strategies and best practices for executing a successful move to the cloud.

    Presented by:
    * Baseer Balazadeh, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer
    * Jim Mandelbaum, Field CTO
    * Guy White, Consulting Sales Engineer
    * LaFon Hamilton, Sales Engineer

    Sign up for the 2 other webinars of the series:
    * Cloud Strategy
    * Cloud Visibility, Monitoring and Security
  • Cloud Strategy. Episode 1 Sep 30 2021 1:00 am UTC 41 mins
    Gigamon Cloud Team
    Confused or overwhelmed by cloud migration?

    In the first of this three-part webinar series, Gigamon experts break down what cloud migration actually means.
    You’ll gain insights on when and why you should migrate to the cloud, how to choose a cloud provider, and key considerations to keep in mind as you develop a cloud strategy.

    And don't forget to sign up for the 2 other webinars of the series:
    * Cloud Migration and Deployment
    * Cloud Visibility, Monitoring and Security

    Presented by:
    * Baseer Balazadeh, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer
    * Jim Mandelbaum, Field CTO
    * Guy White, Consulting Sales Engineer
    * LaFon Hamilton, Sales Engineer
  • Ensuring Trust and Security in Enterprise IT and the Cloud Recorded: Sep 22 2021 27 mins
    Bassam Khan, VP of Product and Technical Marketing Engineering at Gigamon
    Your job — and we doubt you have any choice but to accept it! — is to leverage every tool in your arsenal to keep bad guys and even human error from dooming your data. Modern security is defense in-depth and you need myriad tools to keep incidents at bay. Such tools may include privileged password protection, centralized and managed authentication with SSO, rock-solid data protection for all of your cloud apps, interconnectivity with security baked in, and much, much more.
    - See how today's most innovative cloud security, storage, networking, data protection, and management solutions complete your security puzzle
    - Learn why privileged password management needs to be a key component in your information security strategy
  • See Inside Containers with the Gigamon Cloud Suite Recorded: Sep 16 2021 25 mins
    Baseer Balazadeh, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer, Gigamon
    Container solutions continue to transform application environments and expand their reach in the network. IT teams are asked to be flexible and adaptable as the enterprise adopts new complexities, but also need to remain cautious about the security implications for the network. Join us for this tea break session if you are managing ad hoc, complex security deployments with containers. Learn how you can achieve visibility into all traffic across your hybrid cloud.

    OpenShift, K8s, Mesh Service.....huh? What language is this?
    In this session, we'll review the not-so-new-but-very-confusing world of software containers that have accelerated digital transformation (DX), and how Gigamon helps with maintaining consistent, pervasive visibility in a very dynamic environment.
  • Protecting Operational Technology (OT) with Gigamon and Nozomi Networks Recorded: Sep 2 2021 25 mins
    Darshan Shah Senior Solutions Marketing Manager, Gigamon | Dung Hua Director, Channel Sales & Alliances, Nozomi Networks
    OT networks are often populated by numerous ‘ghost’ devices, unknown to managers, posing a significant security threat. With such uncertainty, it’s important that IT, OT and IoT tools work together to lock down your customers’ networks. Join us for a live webinar as we discuss how Gigamon and Nozomi Networks enable comprehensive and integrated visibility across IT and OT assets.
    In just 30 minutes, we will discuss:
    ● The leading causes of blind spots and vulnerabilities in OT networks
    ● What visibility is needed to adequately secure OT networks with the convergence with IT and IoT devices
    ● Why Gigamon-Nozomi is a leading solution for securing critical infrastructure and OT networks
  • Report: NetOps and SecOps Guide to Public Cloud Journeys Recorded: Sep 1 2021 57 mins
    Rich Mogull – Analyst & CEO, Securosis
    Enterprises are moving to the cloud faster and furiouser than ever before. As with any complex project, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the tech of the day and lose sight of the journey. In this strategic session for network operations and security professionals, industry analyst Rich Mogull will pull together over a decade’s experience to identify the top opportunities and avoid the top mistakes when moving to the cloud.

    This session includes:
    • An overview of cloud adoption patterns
    • The characteristics of the patterns, and the top opportunities and mistakes
    • How to leverage the concept of the “Minimum Viable Network” to dramatically improve your lift-and-shift and hybrid cloud deployments
  • Supporting Hybrid Data and Analytics Infrastructure Drive Innovation Recorded: Aug 25 2021 28 mins
    Bassam Khan, VP of Product and Technical Marketing – Gigamon
    In the modern era, analytics are everywhere and provide organizations with mission-critical business, operations, and technology metrics providing directional guidance. Tools must be accessible to everyone from hardcore data scientists to citizen developers. Hybrid complexity adds a greatly increased attack surface, more vulnerabilities and more threats from more bad actors than ever before. Full visibility, 24/7 availability and unlimited scale are necessary to drive innovative analytics in the hybrid cloud.

    In this ActualTech Media replay, you will learn about the cloud visibility gap and how the Gigamon Hawk Visibility and Analytics Fabric closes that gap. Join the webinar to see how you can secure your hybrid cloud network and drive innovative analytics.
  • Securing the Hybrid Cloud: Visibility Best Practices Recorded: Aug 20 2021 28 mins
    James Mandelbaum, Field Chief Technology Officer, APAC, Gigamon
    With the move to cloud and the multitude of approaches, your ability to effectively monitor and secure workloads gets even more difficult. IT complexity, the rate of change, lack of skills, and organizational silos have made confidently managing security and performance nearly impossible. Visibility is critical. Join our session for a discussion of the security considerations for on-prem private, public and hybrid clouds. You’ll learn best practices and see how a little planning and design can go a long way. Achieve a secure and viable hybrid cloud implementation and get a high return on your investment.

    Join us in this Tea Break Webinar where we will discuss how best to achieve a secure and viable hybrid cloud implementation, along these crucial points:

    ● Understand your options on obtaining data from workloads
    ● Options on obtaining your data from workloads.
    ● Pros and cons of different data acquisition methods.
    ● Best practices for cloud architecture.
    ● Security considerations for on-prem private, public and hybrid cloud systems.
    ● Cost implication of hybrid designs
  • CYSEM-21: Cyber Security and Monitoring for the year 2021 Recorded: Aug 17 2021 37 mins
    George Smith, Senior System Engineer at Gigamon
    Cyber Security and Monitoring for the year 2021, is all about acknowledging that we are in a pandemic of cyberattacks in a world of the ever-increasing attack surface with no one single technological vaccine.

    In this Secure World session replay, we will discuss practical, real-world approaches to providing continuous visibility in your complex attack surface, allowing you to combat the threat landscape, therefore, increasing your confidence in your security posture.
  • The Tools that Supercharge a VMware Environment Recorded: Aug 10 2021 28 mins
    James Mandelbaum, Senior Security Engineer at Gigamon
    Virtualization remains at the forefront of the data center, and is extending into the cloud to enable true hybrid and multi-cloud environments. These environments aren't an island and demand an ecosystem of solutions to perform at the level demanded by a company's applications.

    To ensure those applications perform well and are highly available across the company, smart companies are leveraging innovative new technology, efficiently integrated into their VMware infrastructure.
  • Evolution of the Ransomware Marketplace: "Are things getting better yet?” Recorded: Aug 6 2021 33 mins
    Ian Farquhar, Field CTO (Global), Director - Worldwide Security Architecture Team
    You might have heard about the US Colonial Pipeline cyberattack last May, which shut down the company’s fueling system supplying 45% of fuel to the US east coast. You might have also heard about local companies here being held to ransom and extortion due to compromised digital security as well. Are things going to get better with the evolution of ransomware?
    Join us for tea as we discuss “How ransomware is “innovating” to seek greater profits from you.
    ● How to strategically model ransomware operators as constant innovators.
    ● How detection and recovery operations continue to falter.
    ● How governments worldwide are tackling ransomware as both national and global security risks, and its effectiveness; and
    ● How to innovate and protect your business and even yourself.
  • Ransomware Loitering Presents an Opportunity for Network Detection Recorded: Aug 3 2021 29 mins
    Bassam Khan, VP of Product and Technical Marketing, Gigamon
    The recent surge of ransomware attacks has shown a shift in tactics employed by threat actors looking to extort organizations. Their methodology has changed from a quick, opportunistic attack to a prolonged and targeted approach. While this shift presents threat groups with the opportunity to encrypt more critical data, it also presents security teams with the opportunity to detect activity before data is encrypted.

    Join this webinar to explore how ransomware loitering allows security analysts to use network detection and response capabilities to discover malicious activity between initial compromise and encryption.
  • Securing the Hybrid Cloud: Visibility Best Practices Recorded: Jul 27 2021 62 mins
    James Mandelbaum, Senior Security Engineer, Gigamon
    With the move to cloud and the multitude of approaches, your ability to effectively monitor and secure workloads gets even more difficult. IT complexity, the rate of change, lack of skills, and organizational silos have made confidently managing security and performance nearly impossible. Visibility is critical.

    Join our session as we discuss:
    - The security considerations for on-prem private, public and hybrid clouds
    - Best practices for planning and designing your cloud security approach
    - Achieving a secure and viable hybrid cloud implementation
    - How to get a high return on your investment
  • Optimize Your Tools Investment Recorded: Jul 22 2021 26 mins
    Martyn Crew, Senior Director, Solutions and Partner Technology Marketing, Gigamon
    With Gigamon traffic reduction techniques, some medium enterprises have seen savings that exceed $1M in a short timeframe.

    Discover how you can drive ROI savings with a traffic reduction strategy in our third Tea Break Webinar - “Optimize Your Tools Investment with Visibility”.
    In just less than 30 minutes, we’ll be sharing:
    • Traffic reduction capabilities that are fast to implement
    • A demonstration of an easy-to-use cost calculator that quantifies traffic reduction into dollar savings
  • 2021 Cyberthreat Defense Report Recorded: Jul 20 2021 55 mins
    Steve Piper – Founder and CEO, CyberEdge Group + Martyn Crew – Sr Dir Industry Solutions, Gigamon
    Hear the latest research and findings from the CyberEdge 2021 Cyberthreat Defense Report and use them to benchmark your organization’s security posture, operating budget, product investments and best practices against those of your peers in this video webinar.

    The Cyberthreat Defense Report is the de facto standard for assessing security posture. It offers key insights from IT security professionals, helping you to ascertain future IT security infrastructure investments.

    Now in its eighth year, the report incorporates perspectives from 1,200 IT professionals across 19 industries and 17 countries. Join the webinar to hear from Steve Piper, CISSP, Founder and CEO of CyberEdge Group as he reviews the most important findings from the research. Watch to the end to hear Martyn Crew, Director Industry Solutions at Gigamon ask Steve for his insight and perspectives on cyberthreat defense.
  • Why Do You Need Visibility for NDR? Recorded: Jul 7 2021 34 mins
    Bassam Khan - VP of Product and Technical Marketing Engineering, Gigamon
    Discover how visibility for network detection and response (NDR) can help your business stay ahead of potential threats.
    In just 30 minutes, you’ll learn:
    • How NDR proactively prioritises, mitigates and hunts down cyber-adversaries.
    • The importance of decrypting traffic.
    • Why reliable and complete data, analytical tools and an investigative framework can improve cybersecurity.
  • Webinar: The Endless War – Amping Up Cyber Defence Recorded: Jun 29 2021 57 mins
    Dennis Reilly, Vice President, Public Sector, Gigamon
    The global crisis has proven to be a test of resilience for governments in Asia-Pacific. As public service delivery shifts online and cloud adoption accelerates, governments are increasingly exposed to new risks.

    How can governments maintain security amidst rapidly changing infrastructure? What are the challenges and opportunities of cyber security? And how can governments fortify their cyber posture and build cyber resilience?

    Join our discussion with public sector officials across Asia-Pacific to gain insights on how agencies have leveraged on a culture of innovation to emerge stronger from this crisis and hear from your partners at Gigamon on how they can help you run fast and stay secure in the new tomorrow.

    Dennis Reilly, Vice President, Public Sector, Gigamon
    Guest Speaker:
    Setiaji, Head of West Java Communication and Information Agency, Indonesia
    Dato’ Dr. Amirudin Abdul Wahab, Chief Executive Officer, CyberSecurity Malaysia, Malaysia
    Steven Sim, Vice President, ISACA Singapore Chapter
  • Healthcare’s Cybersecurity Solution Market - Where it’s Now Headed and Why? Recorded: Jun 22 2021 47 mins
    Thomas Finn, Dir Biz Dev, Medigate + Martyn Crew, Sr Dir Industry Mktg, Gigamon + Sean Tufts, Dir, Product Security, Optiv
    For a solution market just 3 years in the making, most everything we thought we knew about IoT cybersecurity has changed. Sales pitches once centered on threats, quickly gave way to features, functions, speeds and feeds, and now the conversations are about interoperability, operational efficiency and business value.

    Front-line experts from Gigamon, Optiv and Medigate will shed light on IoT cybersecurity’s rapid coming of age, and will discuss where the IoT solution market is clearly headed. Importantly, webinar attendees will learn about emerging best practices and how they are shaping an enlightened new concept called “Clinical Zero Trust.”
Topics ideal for Network and Network security professionals
Gigamon is the first company to deliver unified network visibility and analytics on all information-in-motion, from raw packets to apps, across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure. We aggregate, transform and analyse network traffic to solve for critical performance and security needs, including rapid threat detection and response, freeing your organization to drive digital innovation.

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  • Title: Case Study: Australian National University | 2020 Virtual Roundtable
  • Live at: Mar 25 2021 2:00 am
  • Presented by: Suthagar Seevaratnam | ANU CISO
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