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Japan Equities with Archibald Ciganer

Join us on 19 March at 09:00 am GMT / 10: 00am CET as Portfolio Manager, Archibald Ciganer, discusses his thoughts on the short and medium term outlook for Japan, how the coronavirus outbreak is influencing the team’s thinking on opportunities and risks, and the actions he’s been taking as a result.
Recorded Mar 19 2020 49 mins
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Archibald Ciganer
Presentation preview: Japan Equities with Archibald Ciganer

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  • Global Equities Q1 2021 – Performance, positioning and outlook Recorded: Feb 8 2021 39 mins
    Laurence Taylor & Dan Hurley
    Equity markets delivered extraordinary returns in 2020, but the first quarter of 2021 will certainly test investors given the return of uneven and contradictory news flow. Please join Laurence Taylor, portfolio specialist, on 8 February at 10:00am GMT / 11:00am CET, as he assesses the current market environment and the implications for global investors.

    He’ll discuss our Global Focused Growth Equity and Global Growth Equity strategies, their recent performance and how they are currently positioned to capture the opportunities and mitigate the risks that lie ahead.
  • Global Markets and the Implications for Asset Allocators - Q1 2021 Recorded: Jan 28 2021 45 mins
    Yoram Lustig
    Join us on 28 January at 10:00am GMT / 11:00am CET for our quarterly asset allocation webinar.

    Yoram Lustig, Head of Multi-Asset Solutions EMEA, will discuss key asset allocation themes and ideas to help you position your portfolios and have more actionable conversations with clients.

    You will also be able to put your questions directly to Yoram during the session.
  • 2021 Global Credit Outlook with Justin Gerbereux Recorded: Dec 8 2020 45 mins
    Justin Gerbereux
    Not since the Global Financial Crisis have corporate bond investors faced such a rollercoaster of selloffs and rallies, not to mention a wave of ‘fallen angels’ and credit defaults. As we approach the end of the year, what conclusions can we draw?

    Join Director of Credit Research Justin Gerbereux for an outlook on corporate bond market fundamentals and valuations in the months ahead. He will be joined by a panel of our top research analysts from high yield, investment grade and emerging markets credit, who will discuss their top sector picks and what they will be watching in 2021.

    Like all of Justin’s webinars, this promises to be a well structured and fast-paced event with plenty of practical application for investors as they think about their asset allocation in the coming year.

    Please register below to join this live event which will also incorporate a Q&A session where you can put your questions directly to the team.
  • Global Markets and the Implications for Asset Allocators - Q4 2020 Recorded: Oct 22 2020 47 mins
    Yoram Lustig
    Join us on 22 October at 10:00am GMT / 11:00am CET for our quarterly asset allocation webinar.

    Yoram Lustig, Head of Multi-Asset Solutions EMEA, will discuss key asset allocation themes and ideas to help you position your portfolios and have more actionable conversations with clients.

    You will also be able to put your questions directly to Yoram during the session.
  • New world, new challenges: Rethinking the investment landscape Recorded: Oct 15 2020 46 mins
    Yoram Lustig, Nikolaj Schmidt & Julian Cook
    2020 has been a year like no other. A global health crisis, as yet without an end in sight, that has transformed the world and is accelerating change across societies. Governments and central banks have announced massive funding and stimulus packages as economies plunged into recession. Meanwhile geopolitical tensions have been escalating, in particular between the US and China, and a divisive US Presidential election lies just around the corner. These events are likely to have far reaching and long lasting impact for investors.

    To help navigate through this complexity and uncertainty, we’re bringing together a panel of experts from our investment team to share their economic, market and asset allocation perspectives. During a live and interactive debate, they will tackle the big issues for investors, the investment implications and how they are incorporating them into their outlook and decision-making.

    Please register below to join this live event which will also incorporate a Q&A session where you can put your questions directly to Yoram Lustig, Head of Multi-Asset Solutions, EMEA; Nikolaj Schmidt, Chief International Economist; and Julian Cook, Portfolio Specialist, US Equities.
  • What will a new era bring for Japan? Recorded: Oct 7 2020 43 mins
    Archie Ciganer
    Shinzo Abe’s resignation as Japan’s prime minister marks a critical juncture for investors. His “Abenomics” program of economic policies has delivered much needed structural reform, creating opportunity and encouraging investment. Corporate Japan has defied the sceptics, transforming its business practices and governance standards from the conservative, shareholder un-friendly norms of its past.

    In this webinar, Archie Ciganer, Portfolio Manager Japan Equities, will consider what the future holds for Japan and what that might mean for Japanese equities. At a time when global markets face significant and unprecedented challenges, will Abe’s recent resignation bring an end to this period of political stability, constructive economic and social reform and enhanced international presence? Or will his successor sustain the momentum of positive change?

    The discussion will incorporate the current market outlook, the opportunities we’re identifying across the universe, and where Japanese equities can go from here.

    You will also have the opportunity to pose your questions to Archie during the live event.

    Based in Tokyo and fluent in Japanese, Archie has over 20 years’ investment experience and is currently responsible for managing over USD 4 billion in Japanese equities at T. Rowe Price.

    We hope you can join us.
  • US Equities: finding alpha in an increasingly concentrated market Recorded: Sep 30 2020 46 mins
    Taymour Tamaddon
    Over the past few years, US (and global) equity indices have become increasingly skewed towards a small handful of big names synonymous with growth and technology.

    2020 and the coronavirus pandemic have only seen those trends accelerate to reach unprecedented levels. The “big 5” of Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Alphabet (Google) and Facebook now account for over 20% of the S&P 500 index, with Apple recently becoming the first US company to reach US$2 trillion market cap. For growth investors specifically, the concentration is even more acute with the same names making up more than one third (almost 40%) of the Russell 1000 Growth Index. In addition, the recent environment has underpinned a number of emerging growth companies whose extreme valuations have further driven market leadership.

    Such narrow leadership raises many concerns for investors. How far can these stocks go? How can investors manage the diversification risks? And with all the focus on so few stocks, are other opportunities being overlooked?

    In this webinar, Taymour Tamaddon, Portfolio Manager, US Large-Cap Growth Equity Strategy, will assess the outlook for US growth stocks and his approach in this environment. And with an eye on the upcoming US election, he’ll share the team’s insights on attractive areas of the market outside of the big 5, where they see potential for durable long term outperformance.

    With US$806bn invested in US equities and more than 300 research analysts globally*, T. Rowe Price can draw on over 80 years of experience investing in US companies for our clients.

    Please register below to join this live event which will also incorporate a Q&A session where you can put your questions directly to Taymour.

    The specific securities identified and described are for informational purposes only and do not represent recommendations.

    *As at 30 June 2020. US equities AUM includes assets managed by T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc. and its investment advisory affiliates.
  • How COVID has Accelerated the Sustainability Agenda Recorded: Aug 27 2020 55 mins
    Maria Elena Drew, Donna Anderson, Hari Balkrishna and Laurence Taylor
    The pandemic has highlighted for global governments the need to take action and to find solutions to these societal discrepancies that are market friendly but at the same time do not exacerbate income and asset inequality further.

    There does seem to be a growing understanding among governments that investing in a more sustainable, forward-looking way is ultimately mutually beneficial for both the environment and society. “Green” or renewable investing is not only key in mitigating climate change, it is also a way to create new jobs.
  • Evaluating emerging markets through 2020 and beyond Recorded: Jul 10 2020 32 mins
    Gonzalo Pángaro & Malik Asif
    The events of 2020, including the global coronavirus pandemic, have provided another tough test for emerging markets (EM). As we analyse the prospects for stocks individually and collectively, we are focused on the resilience of businesses, and which companies are poised to move forward in a strong position.

    Gonzalo Pángaro, Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets Equity Strategy, and Malik Asif, Associate Portfolio Manager, answer your questions and share their thoughts on where the key risks and opportunities lie for EM investors. This session includes:
    •A discussion of the current global EM landscape and outlook
    •Our views on the countries and sectors key to EM's recovery
    •Analyst insights from our meetings with company management teams
    •The drivers behind the strategy's performance year-to-date
    •How the portfolio is positioned at the midpoint of 2020
  • US equities: Your questions answered Recorded: Jun 29 2020 45 mins
    Julian Cook and Eric Papesh
    In this webinar, Julian Cook and Eric Papesh, Portfolio Specialists in our US Equity Division, offered their perspectives and a bottom-up view on some of the questions at the forefront of investors' minds. As one of the largest active managers of US equities, we can bring a consolidated view from (virtual) boardrooms across the US. Topics covered included the coronavirus, whether the current divergence between the economy and stockmarkets is sustainable, trade wars and the US elections, growth vs value, and more.
  • Global Markets and the Implications for Asset Allocators - Q3 2020 Recorded: Jun 25 2020 45 mins
    Yoram Lustig & Andrew Armstrong
    Join us on 25 June at 10:00am BST / 11:00am CET for our quarterly asset allocation webinar.

    Yoram Lustig, Head of Multi-Asset Solutions EMEA, will discuss key asset allocation themes and ideas to help you position your portfolios and have more actionable conversations with clients.

    You will also be able to put your questions directly to Yoram and Andrew during the session.
  • The outlook for Asian equities in H2 2020 Recorded: Jun 24 2020 57 mins
    Anh Lu, Portfolio manager
    In this update, Anh Lu shared her thoughts on the current market environment in Asia and assessed both the short- and long-term investment outlook for the region. She explains why we are cautious given a lack of visibility and potential for a market correction in the short-term but our long-term constructive outlook for Asia ex-Japan equities remains unchanged. Anh also discusses the areas of the market we are focusing on which we believe should come out of the crisis stronger.
  • Navigating the path ahead in Asia Recorded: May 27 2020 32 mins
    Eric Moffett, Portfolio Manager
    In this webinar, Eric Moffett, Portfolio Manager, Asia Opportunities Equity Strategy, discusses the situation in Asia as life returns to normal in some parts of the region and lockdowns ease. Eric shares his outlook for Asia ex-Japan markets, the insights he’s gleaning from local companies, competitors, suppliers and officials, and how he’s positioning for what lies ahead.
  • Asset Allocation Outlook – Clients’ Questions Answered Recorded: May 11 2020 12 mins
    Yoram Lustig, Head of Multi-Asset Solutions, EMEA
    In this discussion Yoram Lustig, Head of Multi-Asset Solutions EMEA, focuses on 10 of the questions we’re getting most frequently from clients across EMEA. In the interviewer’s chair will be Head of UK Advisory Matt Jenkins.
  • Technology and Coronavirus: The Digitalization of the Economy Gathers Steam Recorded: May 7 2020 49 mins
    Alan Tu, Portfolio Manager
    The coronavirus pandemic and governmental responses to mitigate its spread have heightened economic uncertainty and market volatility. Pivotal moments like the current crisis can push enterprises and consumers to embrace change much faster than they would under normal circumstances. Near-term turbulence aside, this should accelerate the digitalization of the economy and the powerful secular trends that we expect to create long-term value in the technology sector Alan Tu, Portfolio Manager, Global Technology Equity Strategy, shares the tech team’s latest insights and his views on the long-term opportunities created by recent market dislocations. Alan discusses the technology landscape of today and tomorrow, nuanced insights gleaned from our global research platform, and where he’s finding compelling risk/reward profiles in his investment universe.
  • Global Focused Growth Podcast with David Eiswert Recorded: May 5 2020 17 mins
    David Eiswert, Portfolio Manager
    In this 20-minute update, David Eiswert, Portfolio Manager, Global Focused Growth Equity Strategy, talks to Darius McDermott at independent research firm FundCalibre about his team’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and recent market volatility. He explains how the crisis differs from those he’s experienced in the past, how he’s characterised this crisis into three defined stages and what signs of improvement he’s been focusing on. He also shares some of the areas where he’s been finding opportunities and why he’s adopting a carefully contrarian approach. Finally, he talks about the situation in the US and the prospects for this year’s election.
  • Unprecedented Global Stimulus and U.S. Policy Impacts on Fixed Income Recorded: May 4 2020 58 mins
    Mark Vaselkiv, Arif Husain, Steve Boothe, Katie Deal
    We walk through a discussion of:

    The many extraordinary measures taken by governments and central banks to confront the societal and economic impacts of COVID-19

    The Credit markets today and downstream impacts

    View from Washington

    Dislocated markets and moving forward

    Audience Q&A
  • After the Oil Shock: Insights on the Energy Sector Recorded: Apr 27 2020 57 mins
    Shawn Driscoll, Portfolio Manager, Global Natural Resources Strategy
    We have seen dual shocks to the oil market—a demand shock from the coronavirus and a supply shock from the collapse in talks between OPEC and Russia that prompted production increases several weeks ago. Plunging oil demand has reached unchartered territory and too much supply has created a risk of exhausting oil storage capacity. Some energy services and exploration and production companies will severely struggle, but against this backdrop of near-term market dislocation we are finding compelling investment opportunities.
    Our panel of energy sector experts discuss a range of questions including:
    • Will the devastation in oil reverse any time soon?
    • Potential for a credit crunch: Is there opportunity in distress?
    • Who are the potential winners and losers in the aftermath of these shocks?


    Brian Dausch, CFA® , Portfolio Specialist, U.S. Equity Division


    Shawn Driscoll, Portfolio Manager, Global Natural Resources Strategy

    Ryan Hedrick, CFA®, Associate Portfolio Manager, Large-Cap Value Franchise

    Rodney Rayburn, CFA®, Portfolio Manager, Credit Opportunities and High Yield Strategies
  • Global Markets and the Implications for Asset Allocators - Q2 2020 Recorded: Apr 23 2020 59 mins
    Yoram Lustig & Andrew Armstrong
    Join us on 23 April at 10am GMT / 11:00am CET to hear the latest update from our Multi-Asset Solutions team.

    Yoram Lustig, Head of Multi-Asset Solutions EMEA, and Andrew Armstrong, Solutions Analyst, will discuss the key themes they expect to drive markets in the coming months and assess the implications for investment portfolios. They’ll be examining the prospects for equities, fixed income, real assets and currencies in the context of the current global economic backdrop.

    You will also be able to put your questions directly to Yoram and Andrew during the session.
  • Emerging Markets Debt: Is this the Entry Point? Recorded: Apr 15 2020 53 mins
    Michael Conelius, Andrew Keirle, Samy Muaddi & Michael Ganske
    At times of heightened market volatility, we believe it is critical to be proactive in our communications with clients and to be available to answer your questions.

    Join the lead portfolio managers of all three of our global Emerging Markets Debt strategies as they take stock of an extraordinary market environment.


    Michael Conelius - Hard Currency
    Andrew Keirle - Local Currency
    Samy Muaddi - Credit


    Michael Ganske, PhD - Portfolio Specialist
T. Rowe Price Europe ex. UK
T. Rowe Price Europe ex. UK

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