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Chinese Connectivity Challenges

Are you facing challenges in consolidating your global data center infrastructure? Is your company struggling with reliable application performance especially in China and South East Asia?
Customers have been able to address their biggest connectivity challenges with the help of Aryaka and Deutsche Telekom Global Business Solutions.

During Chinese New Year, Channel Manager DACH & CEE Alison Jaina and Managing DTGBS Schweiz AG Managing Director Arne Lutsch will host a 40min webinar regarding our SmartConnect and SmartCloud service solution improving procurement and application performance.

The webinar includes:

Aryaka, Chinese Connectivity Challenges and Application Performance
Chinese New Year Fun Quiz
Which Chinese Zodiac Sign are you?
Aryaka & DTGBS Success Story

Let’s all welcome the year of the Ox together and make this year a success!
Recorded Sep 2 2021 46 mins
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Presented by
Alison Jaina (Channel Manager DACH & CEE) & Arne Lutsch (Managing Director at Deutsche Telekom)
Presentation preview: Chinese Connectivity Challenges

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  • Redefining Remote Workplace : The Emergence of Cloud-First Solution Dec 2 2021 4:30 am UTC 60 mins
    David Ginsburg, VP, Product and Solutions Marketing, Aryaka & Caerl Murray, Global Cloud Executive, Alibaba Cloud
    The workplace has evolved. The onset of Covid-19 rapidly accelerated the evolution of the workplace for enterprises in a manner that, in normal times, would almost be construed as disruptive.

    The mandate for most CIOs, as they look at long term architectural underpinnings, is to have these “Anywhere” workers be treated as first-class citizens in terms access to corporate applications, and to ensure they have secure connectivity and highly predictable application performance in much the same way as a worker in the traditional office.

    However, the telecommunication network is struggling to keep up with the rising tide of the hybrid workforce.

    There are two main architectural problems that the traditional enterprise solutions face when catering to the remote worker’s needs.

    First, the remote workforce’s increased reliance on VPN leaves companies with little to no control over the end-user experience and application performance.
    Second, real-time collaboration services and cloud applications that are susceptible to network quality often become unusable in the new work environment.

    Join the subject matter experts from Aryaka Networks & Alibaba Cloud as they discuss:

    Is there a way out of this maze? How are enterprises navigating this shift and adapting to the new workplace model?
    How can enterprises ensure consistent security and performance regardless of the location?
    How are enterprises improving visibility and real-time collaboration?
    How can cloud-first solutions support enterprises as they adapt to the new workplace model?

    Stand a chance to win cool giveaways. T&C applied

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  • Understanding Managed SASE: The Why, What and How Nov 25 2021 4:30 am UTC 45 mins
    Shashi Kiran, Chief Marketing Officer, Aryaka Networks
    In the aftermath of covid, organizations are looking for effective approaches to manage hybrid work models. The mandate for most CIOs, as they look at long term architectural underpinning, is to have ‘anywhere’ workers be treated as ‘first-class citizens’. However, Traditional architectures are complicated and are challenged to deliver against the new model.

    This is effecting a fundamental re-think of network and security constructs, thus, accelerating the need for a flexible “Cloud-First” architecture that accommodates the notion of users and applications being ‘anywhere’, with a consistent security posture driving the adoption of the new model with minimal disruption to the business flow, while maximizing productivity. Industry analysts such as Gartner have coined the terminology of SASE to represent this category.

    Join us on 25th Nov with Shashi Kiran, Chief Marketing Officer, Aryaka as he will address the following:

    · demystification of the principles of SASE
    · comparison of different approaches including managed SASE offerings
    · And, discussion on how enterprises can benefit from this trend over the next decade.

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  • 製造業向けSD-WAN によるITコストの削減と運用効率の向上 Nov 23 2021 6:00 am UTC 41 mins
    アリアカ・ジャパン リージョナルセールディレクタ 稲岡 茂
    2020年は大きな変革の一年でした。あやゆる業種や地域のお客様がコロナ時代の世界に迅速に適応することを余儀なくされました。特に製造業のお客様は、デジタルトランスフォーメーションを加速させ、資産を持たずOPEX のみのクラウドサービスへと移行することでコスト削減を行う戦略へと移行しつつあります。

    5月13日にマネージドSD-WAN への移行メリットとその方法についてご説明します。弊社アリアカのスマートサービスは、どこでも接続でき、ネットワークを介したアプリケーションのパフォーマンスを改善し、体感品質を高めます。またクラウドサービスとダイレクトに接続でき、海外拠点とのグローバルなオーケストレーションとプロビジョンイングで課題を解決する方法についてもご説明します。


    フルマネージドSD-WANサービスとして、アリアカは製造業のお客様のビジネスニーズに迅速かつシームレスにお応えし、設備投資を必要とせず経費のみでIT リソースの迅速なサービス開始を可能にします。

    開催日時:2021年5月13日 (木曜日) 午後3~4時

    アリアカ・ジャパン シニアシステムズエンジニア 安田 哲   
    リージョナルセールスディレクタ 稲岡 茂
  • Future IT Networks - Delivering the Hybrid Workforce an Insider's Guide Nov 17 2021 5:00 pm UTC 58 mins
    Sanja Marais (Aspen Medical RTO), Hugo Vliegen (Aryaka), and David Ginsburg (Aryaka)
    Initial crisis management during the onset of the pandemic saw many IT teams scrambling to deliver remote access to business-critical information and applications overnight as the workforce scattered. As the pandemic has endured the reliance on VPN systems has left companies with little control over the end-user experience, often resulting in essential cloud applications suffering from performance issues and real-time collaboration services often becoming unusable.

    In this video, Aspen Health and Aryaka discuss how they responded to the crisis and are developing long-term solutions that provide the increased flexibility the hybrid workforce needs for tomorrow and beyond.

    Join us in this real-world experience of some of the region’s leading IT professionals; delving further into the trending fully-managed remote worker and overall digital transformation requirements to support today’s “new normal”.

    Learn here about key areas:

    - Building a roadmap to navigate the change
    - Improving visibility and real-time collaboration
    - Adapting to the new workplace model supported by Cloud-Based Solutions
    - Practical insights when embarking on Cloud- First WAN journey
  • Slow Application Performance? Optimize It With a Cloud-First Solution Nov 16 2021 5:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Lisette Sens, Global Channel Director - Aryaka & Karunesh Mani, Co-founder - Kastel
    Are your applications sluggish?

    Unlocking the true potential of your application deployments requires a network that is optimized, always available and scalable. It requires “Cloud-First” solution which not only enables LAN-like predictable application performance but also provides pervasive security and can be delivered as a fully managed service bridging bridges sites, employees, both local and remote, and the cloud.

    Traditional MSPs/Telcos deliver a poor and less integrated experience via stitched up technology which leads to greater risk, stranded investment, lack of flexibility and ultimately to lower application performance and end user experience.

    Join Kastel and Aryaka on 16th Nov live on BrightTALK to learn about how a Cloud-First WAN approach can help you maximise application performance, anywhere and anytime!

    No need to re-engineer your entire WAN infrastructure or pile up boxes, with a plug and play multi-cloud and SaaS connectivity service that enables customers to spin up connectivity to IaaS and SaaS on-demand and with guaranteed performance benefits in just a few hours.

    We have attractive merchandises/giveaways for participants showing interest our solution offering. T&C applied.

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  • Aryaka, Arista & Global Fintech Talk - Road to Successful Network Transformation Nov 11 2021 5:30 am UTC 60 mins
    Experts from Aryaka, Afterpay, CTM & Arista
    Former Afterpay Global Director of Enterprise Technology- Simon Gowland talks about his journey with Aryaka and Arista Networks. Simon has held many executive roles in networking and infrastructure, all facing similar challenges to digitization. Here is your chance to meet, hear and discuss some of the challenges he’s faced in in the real world of digital transformation.

    In this webinar Simon will talk about how Arista and Aryaka was fundamental to his success by laying the right and easy foundations for deployment. Following Simon’s keynote, we will have Lisette from Aryaka Networks & Garry from Arista talk about the “Cloud-First WAN & SASE” offerings which will help you overcome networking and infrastructure challenges, and enable you to achieve digital transformation.

    Join us in this 1 hour real-world experience live on BrightTALK as see how Arista and Aryaka networks made their mark with Simon and why he will continue to work with these two leading vendors in the SDx space.

    Learn about the following key points:
    - How Aryaka & Arista transformed networking into a easy to manage and easy deploy architecture
    - Improved visibility and administration of zero touch and zero trust networks.
    - Adapting to the new workplace while enabling connectivity and pervasive security where ever you are
    - Cost savings, predictable application performance & additional benefits of preferring “Cloud-First” solutions over traditional networking and DIY SD-WAN.

    We have attractive free merchandises/gifts for people who actively participate at our webinar & looking forward towards meaningful conversation with us, going forward. T&C applied.

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  • SASE とクラウドファーストソリューションによるハイブリッドな勤務環境の再定義 Nov 10 2021 6:00 am UTC 32 mins
    アリアカ・ジャパン リージョナルセールディレクタ 稲岡 茂




  • Enterprise Networks at an Inflection Point: The Motivations for Managed SASE Nov 3 2021 4:00 pm UTC 44 mins
    Mauricio Sanchez, Research Director Dell'ORO and David Ginsburg VP, Product and Solutions Aryaka
    Explore in this live conversation with Dell'ORO and Aryaka why this new chapter on Hybrid Workplaces has created a new momentum on SASE deployments. Join us and learn:
    - Which are new enterprise requirements to support the new work from anywhere era.
    - How to deploy an architecture that meets connectivity and security requirements of a highly distributed workforce.
    - Why traditional approaches fail in not providing the necessary flexibility and security.
    - What SASE is and what SASE is not, and different implementation approaches.

    Register now to participate.
  • The Top 5 SASE Myths Busted​: SASE Implementation Considerations​ (APAC Edition) Oct 28 2021 4:30 am UTC 60 mins
    Walter Aragon (World Fuel Services), Mauricio Sanchez (Dell’Oro), David Ginsburg (Aryaka)
    Dell'ORO and Aryaka jointly explore the technical underpinnings of SD-WAN & SASE. Learn why enterprises are still struggling to redesign networks that improve their security posture and the performance of critical applications for a better approach on hybrid workplaces, and how a managed SD-WAN & SASE solution is the path forward. ​

    Join us to understand:​

    - The SASE’s vendor landscape, dissecting both the real and the unreal. ​
    - Implementation guidance, including different approaches and challenges, and why SASE and SD-WAN is a ‘and’ instead of an ‘either-or.’​
    - How adopting a fully managed solution de-risks deployment and shortens the time to achieve your business objectives.
  • Delivering on Superior UCaaS Performance with Aryaka's Cloud-First WAN Oct 26 2021 4:30 am UTC 22 mins
    Danny Rodriguez - Principal Architect - Aryaka
    In this WAN Wednesday demo weibar, you will learn about the built-in capabilities in Aryaka's Cloud-First WAN that allow network architects to deliver on a superior end-user experience for real-time applications. Aryaka improves UCaaS performance and automatically delivers on optimal cloud connectivity while enabling a SASE architecture tailored to any enterprise's needs.
  • World Fuel Services & Dell'Oro​: SASE Implementation Considerations​ ​& Success Oct 20 2021 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Walter Aragon (World Fuel Services), Mauricio Sanchez (Dell’Oro), David Ginsburg (Aryaka)
    World Fuel Services and Dell'Oro explore the motivations managed SD-WAN and SASE and how enterprises can succeed in their deployments, including equipping the hybrid workplace. Dell’Oro will also discuss their industry views on SASE and its technical underpinnings and advantages.

    Join us for this interactive discussion to understand:​

    - The SASE landscape and evolution
    - World Fuel Service’s SASE journey, challenges and benefits, and future directions
    - The motivations for embracing managed SD-WAN and SASE
  • Going beyond MPLS to a Cloud-First WAN: Time to Upgrade? Recorded: Oct 14 2021 34 mins
    David Ginsburg, VP Product and Solutions, Aryaka; Paul Liesenberg and Gokul Nair
    Call it the lack of information or pure reluctance, but MPLS still serves as a network mainstay for many global enterprises. The time to upgrade to a fully-managed networking and security service based on an SD-WAN and SASE architecture, aka “The Cloud-First WAN,” was yesterday.

    Join us live for a 30 min interactive webinar with David Ginsburg & Paul Liesenberg to get detailed insights into the challenges global enterprises face with legacy WAN architectures like the MPLS. Not only do they fail to keep-up in a cloud-first world, you also risk derailing your entire digital transformation journey. Get to know the best alternatives to MPLS that, Aryaka, the Cloud-First WAN company has to offer.

    In this discussion, you will learn about:

    • The changes in the networking landscape over the years & how emerging enterprise needs have exposed MPLS limitations or challenges
    • Why Cloud-First makes more sense in the post COVID era
    • Aryaka’s fully managed Cloud-First WAN & its key benefits to customers
    • What makes Aryaka a preferred choice for customers worldwide. The key differentiating factors that separate Aryaka from SD-WAN box vendors/Traditional Telcos/DIY WAN vendors as well as traditional telcos who partner with these vendors.

    Plus, a 15 mins Q&A session.

    Doesn’t that sound interesting? Yes? Don’t wait. Book your seat now! It takes just 5 mins to register.

    Please visit our page on MPLS migration to learn more about our MPLS migration use case: https://www.aryaka.com/mpls-migration/
  • Optimize SAP HANA Performance with a Cloud-First Solution (APAC Edition) Recorded: Oct 13 2021 26 mins
    Aryaka Expert
    Unlocking the true potential of your SAP deployments requires a network that is optimized, always available and scalable. Also, with SAP’s 2025 deadline for migration to their flagship ERP software S/4HANA looming ahead, it may be time for many organisations to re-evaluate their WAN infrastructure.

    Join Aryaka Experts to learn about how a Cloud-First WAN approach can help you maximise your SAP HANA deployment.
  • Secure The Enterprise, Save Money: Post-COVID SD-WAN Architectures Recorded: Oct 7 2021 40 mins
    Paul Liesenberg, Bob Laliberte, Nishant Singh, Nitish Khanna
    Webinar for IT Professionals
    Featuring: Bob Laliberte, Sr. Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)

    We live in a challenging time that is accelerating enterprise transformation. There are more demands on SD-WAN agility, performance, and security than ever before. We’re all working remotely. And budgets are tightening.

    Join us as Bob Laliberte, Sr. Analyst with ESG, and Aryaka expert, Paul Liesenberg, will discuss Post-COVID world SD-WAN architectures and what struggles enterprises are now facing with legacy WAN environments.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    -The architecture requirements for connecting employees, customers, and partners globally
    -The benefits of a WAN multi-cloud approach
    -How to keep deployment costs down
  • Taking the Digital Transformation Edge With SASE Recorded: Oct 6 2021 35 mins
    Dave Ginsburg VP, Product and Solutions Marketing, Aryaka
    One of the keys to successful digital transformation is the delivery of high-value services to the enterprise at the cloud edge. And a foundational element of this is security, what many are now calling the Secure Access Service Edge, or SASE, a term first coined by Gartner in 2019. It defines an architecture where a suite of previously siloed security services are delivered via the cloud, and in doing so, aligns more closely to the cloud consumption model that has taken center-stage over the last decade, but even more-so over the past year. But SASE doesn’t stand alone, and is one cog in an edge architecture that offers the enterprise the transport, multi-cloud connectivity, and application performance guarantees that are key to ensuring employee productivity, both on-premises as well as when remote.

    In this presentation, you will learn how to effectively deploy cloud edge-based security, SASE, including best practices and pitfalls, and how it relates to other capabilities deployed as part of a digital transformation initiative. An important element of this is the adoption of managed services, an approach that will de-risk any digital transformation effort and aligns closely with the scalability, flexibility, simplicity, and TCO advantages of the cloud consumption model.
  • Legacy network causing SAP HANA performance issues? Recorded: Oct 5 2021 29 mins
    Alison Jaina (Channel Manager DACH & CEE, Aryaka) and Arne Lutsch (Deutsche Telekom Switzerland Managing Director)
    Unlocking the true potential of your SAP deployments requires a network that is optimized, always available and scalable. Also, with SAP’s 2025 deadline for migration to their flagship ERP software S/4HANA looming ahead, it may be time for many organizations to re-evaluate their WAN infrastructure.

    Join Deutsche Telekom and Aryaka to learn about how a Cloud-First WAN approach can help you maximise your SAP HANA deployment. No need to re-engineer your entire WAN infrastructure or pile up boxes, with a plug and play multi-cloud and SaaS connectivity service that enables customers to spin up connectivity to IaaS and SaaS on-demand and with guaranteed performance benefits in just a few hours.
  • Aryaka 5. jährlicher EMEA State of the WAN Report Recorded: Sep 30 2021 37 mins
    Chris Treash, Klaus Schwegler, Paul Liesenberg
    Die fünfte Ausgabe von Aryakas führendem State of the WAN Report befragt IT-Profis in ganz EMEA und aus allen vertikalen Bereichen, um ihre Prioritäten, Pläne und Herausforderungen heute und in der Zukunft zu verstehen. Nehmen Sie an unserem Expertenpanel teil und diskutieren Sie die wichtigsten Erkenntnisse aus diesem neuen Bericht. Dieses Webinar wird folgende Themen behandeln:

    Wie die Anwendungsperformance, die Schnittstelle zwischen Netzwerk und Sicherheit, SASE und die Unterstützung des hybriden Arbeitsplatzes zu Schlüsselbereichen geworden sind Investitionen in Managed Services, die Cloud, Fernzugriff, Sicherheit und neue Technologien und wie sich die Prioritäten im letzten Jahr verändert haben Entwicklungen bei den Antworten aus unseren früheren State of the WAN-Berichten sowie die geografischen Unterschiede bei den diesjährigen Ergebnissen.
  • Network Visibility: In a fix? Fix it! (APAC Edition) Recorded: Sep 30 2021 28 mins
    Aryaka Networks Expert
    The cloud-delivered services that your business thrives on are susceptible to multiple performance-impacting elements sitting in your network. While most businesses are well-versed with the basic concept of network management, what is the ‘secret sauce’ that makes your network management a cut above the rest?

    The answer you’re looking for is “Network Visibility.”

    Through this webinar we wanted to draw your attention to something we have been doing in the SD-WAN space with visibility and insights and see if this aligns with your aspirations as an IT leader for your enterprise.
  • ZK Research: Though Leadership Discussion with David Ginsburg on SASE and WFH Recorded: Sep 29 2021 34 mins
    Zeus Kerravala and David Ginsburg
    Zeus Kerravala of ZK Research discusses SASE drivers, hybrid workplace trends, and Aryaka’s overall go-to-market strategy. For SASE, we discuss changing market requirements, challenges, and solutions with benefits focusing on managed services. A key takeaway is the need to balancing networking, security, and lifecycle services management. Zeus also provides his perspective on industry evolution.
  • Re-Defining Workplace with SASE and a Cloud-First Solution Recorded: Sep 29 2021 49 mins
    Lee Doyle, Principal Analyst- Doyle Research; Gokul Nair, Dir. Security P. Mgmt; Paul Liesenberg, Dir. Prod. Mktg, Aryaka
    In this webinar, you will learn about Aryaka’s new fully-managed remote worker offering that leverages a SASE-ready, Cloud-First WAN infrastructure to deliver on the user experience and flexibility required for today’s hybrid workplace.

    Current VPN solutions and the traditional enterprise WAN fail to deliver on the needs of the emerging hybrid workplace because of 2 architectural problems:

    - Ships in the Night: This means that the Remote Worker experience is completely at the mercy of VPN server locations and internet performance, giving enterprises no effective way to guarantee user experience and/or gain visibility into application performance.

    - Backhaul to HQ/DC: By forcing all VPN traffic into any centralized location, cloud applications are likely to suffer from performance issues and real-time collaboration services often become unusable.
Aryaka - Driving Global WAN Transformation With SD-WAN and SASE
Welcome to the Aryaka Channel! Learn why over 800 Global Enterprises have chosen the Aryaka Network-as-a-Service Platform solution to transform their WAN and harness all the benefits of SD-WAN and SASE without the pitfalls of a Do-It-Yourself solution.

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  • Title: Chinese Connectivity Challenges
  • Live at: Sep 2 2021 8:00 am
  • Presented by: Alison Jaina (Channel Manager DACH & CEE) & Arne Lutsch (Managing Director at Deutsche Telekom)
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