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Tradeshift Pay Deminar

Join us for a live demo of the Tradeshift Pay platform. During this demo, you will learn how to:

• Connect to your suppliers in days
• Eliminate manual processes through digitization
• Speed up processing time through increased collaboration
• Take advantage of a network of banks and suppliers that want to do business with you
• Manage and increase working capital

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Presented by
Bent Christiansen & Michael Creeden
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  • Tradeshift Pay Deminar Dec 18 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Bent Christiansen & Michael Creeden
    Join us for a live demo of the Tradeshift Pay platform. During this demo, you will learn how to:

    • Connect to your suppliers in days
    • Eliminate manual processes through digitization
    • Speed up processing time through increased collaboration
    • Take advantage of a network of banks and suppliers that want to do business with you
    • Manage and increase working capital

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  • IoT And Blockchain: Are We There Yet? Dec 10 2019 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Martha Bennett, VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester
    Distributed ledger technology (DLT, AKA blockchain) and the internet of things (IoT) should be ideal companions. Distributed, peer-to-peer, blockchain-based networks enable the sharing of trusted data to support IoT scenarios that are difficult or impossible to implement with more traditional approaches. While these benefits will not emerge overnight, CIOs and CTOs need to understand the realities of blockchain technology in the IoT context. This webinar helps participants assess where blockchain should fit in their IoT plans . . . and vice versa.

    Join Tradeshift for an informative session!
  • Tradeshift Buy Deminar Nov 20 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Robert Matias & Prem Vadlamudi
    Striving for system efficiency is a common goal. We want our platforms to perform exactly how we expect and then some. Introducing Tradeshift Buy.

    Tune in for an exclusive demonstration of Tradeshift Buy where you’ll learn how to:

    • Manage your marketplace offerings in a central place, with custom pricing and options for each buyer or marketplace.
    • Aggregate offers from your sellers or marketplace, controlled and managed to the enterprise’s needs
    • Give everyone in your organization the power to buy what they need, for any kind of spend, across any marketplace
    • See and control all spend, with intelligent recommendations for optimizing your cost structure.
    • Connect any number of sellers and buyers, based on your brand and your T&Cs, with full access control
  • Tradeshift Pay Deminar Nov 6 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Karen Brooks & Patrick Massar
    Join us for a live demo of the Tradeshift Pay platform. During this demo, you will learn how to:

    • Connect to your suppliers in days
    • Eliminate manual processes through digitization
    • Speed up processing time through increased collaboration
    • Take advantage of a network of banks and suppliers that want to do business with you
    • Manage and increase working capital

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  • Ottieni più liquidità e riduci l’attrito nella tua Supply Chain Oct 25 2019 8:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Luca Giovanni Piccione, Account Executive at Tradeshift
    Il bisogno di collaborazione tra la supply chain fisica e quella finanziaria è in costante crescita. La maggiore complessità delle supply chain genera tensioni e complicazioni che possono essere risolte con un approccio adattivo e collaborativo.

    La pressione è percepita ovunque, dai produttori e da chi offre servizi di logistica a coloro che gestiscono il capitale circolante - nessuno è al riparo.

    Per diventare adaptive, le aziende devono trasformare le proprie supply chain facendo leva sulle tecnologie digitali e innovative che facilitano la collaborazione real-time, attivano processi migliori e aiutano a creare valore:

    Partecipa al webinar nel quale discuteremo di:

    • Esperienze digitali interconnesse che hanno il potere di muovere sia il mondo dei beni e dei servizi sia il mondo finanziario.
    • Modi nei quali il digitale esclusivamente applicato ai processi potrebbe limitarti.
    • Gestione del ciclo passivo fondato sulla qualità del dato e sulle analisi in real-time.
    • Come si può utilizzare la tecnologia digitale per aumentare il valore dei fornitori e costruire con tutti loro una relazione efficace.
    • Metodi per raggiungere gli obiettivi di capitale circolante senza generare conflitti con gli altri attori della supply chain.
  • Failure to Launch – Common Mistakes AP Departments Make Oct 23 2019 3:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    Bob Cohen, Ardent Partners; Justin Kline, Canon Business Process Services; Mike Jud, Tradeshift
    The intelligent AP function sounds like something I want and need, but what is it? If it’s something I want, how do I get there? How can I make Accounts Payable a strategic partner so I can get the budget? Review the “Accounts Payable Metrics that Matter in 2019” from Ardent Partners to benchmark your performance. Then learn from a panel of industry and technology experts to create the game plan that not only solves the tactical and manual-based challenges, but also builds an intelligent AP function.

    Learn from leading experts who can guide you to the intelligent AP function.

    • Learn the Game Plan to the intelligent AP function and how companies are executing on that path today.
    • What is causing all those exceptions and how do I tackle the root causes? Is it the organization? Is it the technology?
    • Is “best in class” the best we can do?
    • What is the goal line? How do you get started and how do you show the progress?

    Bob Cohen, Ardent Partners
    Justin Kline, Canon Business Process Services
    Mike Jud, Tradeshift
  • l’importance de mettre l’accent sur le second P du Procure-to-Pay Recorded: Oct 17 2019 47 mins
    Annabelle Hackett Business Development Manager, Transfermate I Morad Ledmaoui, Alliance Director chez Tradeshift
    Le durcissement des sanctions en matière de délais de paiement fournisseurs et notamment les nouvelles dispositions de la loi LME, font réfléchir de nombreuses organisations sur l’optimisation de leur processus P2P. Nous sommes ravis de vous faire découvrir, pour cette nouvelle session, comment et en quoi est-ce important de mettre l’accent sur le second P du Procure-to-Pay.

    Voici les grandes thématiques que nous aborderons à l’occasion de ce nouveau webinar (sans tout vous dévoiler !) :

    · La pression se resserre sur les délais de paiement : quels sont les risques pour les organisations ?

    · Comment se mettre en conformité grâce aux solutions technologiques de digitalisation de la relation fournisseur ?

    · Voir au-delà des délais de paiement et mettre en place une stratégie globale de paiement fournisseur : cartes virtuelles, paiements anticipés et nouveaux modes de paiement alternatifs B2B.

    Venez découvrir lors de ce webinar comment des solutions de digitalisation comme Tradeshift peuvent vous aider à optimiser et réduire vos délais de paiement fournisseurs.
  • Team Up! Setting Up Tradeshift Go for Teams Recorded: Sep 18 2019 47 mins
    Doug Anderson and Vincent Wheeler
    This is a special webinar, designed for administrators of Tradeshift Go. Recently, Tradeshift recast Go as a commercial card management platform configured specifically for business teams.

    Join Vincent Wheeler and Doug Anderson from Tradeshift as they demonstrate how this exciting new team product design and functionality will enable you to:

    • Increase the purchasing autonomy of departments and teams across the company (without giving up control)
    • Gain team- and project-specific insights into spending and credit
    • Create a multi-tiered approval hierarchy that resembles the one in your company
    • Reduce request errors by employing team-based accounting codes

    Toward the end of the session, we’ll hold an interactive Q&A to answer any and all of your Tradeshift Go questions.
  • [On-demand webinar] Access More Capital and Reduce Friction in Your Supply Chain Recorded: Sep 13 2019 49 mins
    Ian Thompson; Mike Jud; Holly Morran
    The need for collaboration between the physical and financial supply chain is growing. As supply chains become more complex, they experience more stress and complications, and they must become more adaptive and collaborative to cope. The pressure can be felt everywhere, from producers and employees who cover logistics, to teams who manage working capital—no one is protected.

    In order to become an adaptive enterprise, companies need to transform their supply chains by leveraging innovative, digital technologies that facilitate real-time collaboration, introduce better processes, and help create more value in the market.

    Join this webinar as we discuss:

    - Interconnected digital experiences with the power to move the physical and financial world.
    - Ways in which process-focused digital might be limiting you.
    - AP that delivers on data quality and real-time analysis.
    - How teams can leverage digital technology to increase seller value and build impactful relationships with suppliers.
    - Methods for achieving working capital objectives without conflicting with supply chain stakeholders.
  • State of ePayables: How best in class organizations improve performance Recorded: Aug 21 2019 61 mins
    Bob Cohen, Research Director and VP of Marketing, Ardent Partners and Andy Moir, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Tradeshift
    With advances in technology and moves toward digital transformation, today’s accounts payable departments are more focused than ever on leveraging automation to streamline the AP process, make it more efficient and enable more strategic activities to be carried out. But according to Ardent Partners’ State of ePayables 2019 report, even best-in-class organizations are still left with invoice exceptions, only about half of the suppliers submitting electronic invoices, and low early payment opportunities to improve working capital. Is that the best that we can do? Is your AP department truly digital?

    Join Ardent Partners and Tradeshift for our upcoming webinar where we will:
    • Deep dive into the challenges faced by the AP department and the drivers that shape AP leaders’ priorities on the quest to digitize
    • Present the outcomes you should be looking for in an AP transformation journey and how you should go from electronic to digital
    • Explore what best-in-class organizations do and how you can leverage to take your AP department to the next level
    • Identify quick wins and long-term strategies to improve operations and results going beyond best-in-class
  • Using Digital Transformation to Unlock Working Capital in Your Supply Chain Recorded: Jul 23 2019 55 mins
    Mike Jud, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Tradeshift; Krish Suresh Global Practice Leader, Procurement, Bristlecone
    The interdependence between the physical and the financial supply chain is growing. As supply chains become more complex, they are constantly stressed with change, the demand for operational advantage, and the necessity to meet the exact needs of customers. The stress from all the change impacts producers, logistics, and ultimately, working capital. What opportunities are you leaving on the table?

    In order to become an adaptive enterprise, a company must transform their supply chain to be robust and agile. How so? By leveraging innovative technologies with AP automation, e-invoicing and future proof platforms to facilitate spend management and improves visibility into spend analytics.

    Join this webinar, in collaboration with Bristlecone, as we discuss:

    • Need for increased visibility into procurement and improved vendor relationships
    • Empowered procurement diagnostics and a single source of truth for all spend under management
    • How teams can leverage automation technology and e-invoicing to optimize working capital and cash flow while building relationships with suppliers
    • How stakeholders in the supply and financial chain can achieve working capital objectives without jeopardizing other objectives
  • [On-demand webinar] Migliorare il capitale circolante grazie alla “collaborative Recorded: May 31 2019 47 mins
    Antonella Moretto; Luca Piccione; Leonardo Argentieri; Riccardo Rossi van Lamsweerde
    Negli ultimi anni quanto ha investito la vostra azienda per migliorare la customer experience?
    E quanto ha investito per migliorare la supplier experience?

    Servire al meglio i propri clienti è senza dubbio il fine ultimo di ogni impresa, ma senza un adeguato livello d collaborazione con i propri fornitori raggiungere questo obiettivo è quasi impossibile.

    La collaborazione con la propria supply chain deve essere efficace (funzionale agli obiettivi che si vogliono raggiungere), efficiente (ottimizzata al fine di evitare sprechi: risorse, tempo, denaro) e sostenibile (garanzia di equilibrio e di durata delle relazioni).

    In questo webinar affrontiamo questi argomenti dal punto di vista della collaborazione finanziaria (ma non solo) grazie al contributo di:


    Antonella Moretto – Direttrice dell’Osservatorio Supply Chain Finance del Politecnico di Milano

    Luca Piccione – Account Executive di Tradeshift in Italia

    Leonardo Argentieri e Riccardo Rossi van Lamsweerde – Trade e Receivable Finance HSBC Milan branch.
  • Conquering the eCommerce Marketplace for B2B P2P Needs: Monoprice's perspective Recorded: May 30 2019 59 mins
    Jon Reynolds, Business Unit Director for Marketplace, Monoprice & Jayson Humphrey, Director Marketplace, Tradeshift
    B2C eCommerce marketplaces are the new frontier for B2B. Companies are seeing the impact of marketplaces and how it allows them to tap into new revenue streams. Monoprice, a consumer electronics company, has traditionally leveraged a B2C marketplace and adapted this philosophy to their B2B road map.

    Join Jon Reynolds, Monoprice’s Business Unit Director for Marketplace and Jayson Humphrey, Tradeshift’s Marketplace Director as they discuss owning a B2B eCommerce marketplace.

    This webinar will cover:
    - B2B marketplace’s impact on revenue growth for sellers/suppliers
    - Monoprice’s motivation and methodology behind creating a B2B marketplace
    - Challenges and benefits Monoprice’s eCommerce department faced
    - How B2B marketplace adaption to buyers demand enables access to new audiences and expands working capital through cost savings.
  • 3 Ways To Get More out of AP Automation Recorded: Apr 11 2019 40 mins
    SharedServicesLink and Tradeshift
    So you’ve implemented an AP automation solution, good for you! But how can you leverage this strategy to take your team to the next level? Automation can cut processing time in half and rid you of paper invoices, but is there more hidden value in AP automation that you could be taking advantage of?

    Join us as we discuss:

    -How truly networked teams are leveraging AP automation to impact the bottom line
    -How a networked organization can unify your partners in one place
    -How teams can leverage automation technology to optimize working capital and cash flow while building relationships with suppliers
  • The 2019 ePayables Technology Advisor from Ardent Partners Recorded: Mar 29 2019 61 mins
    Andrew Bartolini, Founder & Chief Research Officer at Ardent Partners; Rinus Strydom, Chief Commercial Officer at Tradeshift
    Join us in-depth discussion with Ardent Partners’ about the research process for their ePayables Technology Advisor—the first-ever payables focused report—including how and why they ranked Tradeshift’s payables technology solutions as Best-in-class.

    Ardent Partners releases this report to serve as a resource for “AP organizations seeking to automate and transform their invoice payment processes.”

    Join our webinar to learn:

    > How they assessed the top solutions in the market today
    > How they evaluated each solution, their features, and their strengths
    > How they decided on their rankings
  • Multi-enterprise marketplaces: Moving into the Networked Apps Economy Redefining Recorded: Mar 21 2019 27 mins
    Richard Su – Solution Consultant for the Apps Platform team | Tradeshift
    Networked Marketplaces are revolutionizing business commerce and starts to look more like B2C, representing an opportunity to scale your digital business. The market has outgrown locked in solutions and is moving over to open networks and apps to create their own marketplace that suits their ever changing needs.

    Today it’s fully possible to connect your suppliers, buyers, financial institutions, employees and service providers in an end-to-end engaging experience. Procurement, finance, and digital transformation professionals have a huge opportunity to generate new value for the company as “market makers”.

    If you’re targeting new markets with old business models, or simply modernizing under the guise of digital strategy, then you’ll be left chasing the market and behind competition. Join our webinar to learn more about:

    > Online marketplaces and apps – not just for Business to Consumer (B2C) – how personal online buying is influencing business commerce
    > Digital upgrade for the buyer journey – connected buyers, sellers, employees, and service providers for the complete experience …that users now expect
    > How IT, procurement and finance quickly are moving away from working in silos
    > Examples of marketplace models – what suits your business
    > How to align a collaborative, digital ecosystem with apps around your solutions and processes.
    > How to enable global scale operations responsive to local market requirements

    Watch this webinar and discover how to become a market maker today.
  • Ardent Partners & Kuehne + Nagel Discuss an Award Winning Approach to SCF Recorded: Jan 31 2019 55 mins
    Roger Sutter, Head of Treasury and Working Capital at Kuehne + Nagel, Bob Cohen, Research Director at Ardent Partners, Andrew
    Supply Chain Finance (SCF) is evolving and can benefit businesses around the world by creating a win-win situation for you and your suppliers. Join experts from Tradeshift, Ardent Partners and Kuehne + Nagel to discuss the latest developments within SCF and take a deep dive into how Kuehne + Nagel won the 2018 Global Supplier Achievement Award. See how the company:

    Brought together several business partners with its existing systems and processes to offer early payment to their suppliers and leverage surplus cash
    Methodology to design the solution
    Integration implementation and functionality within the ERP system
    Challenges faced on organizing the procurement side
    Benefits gained from adding SCF to their process


    Roger Sutter, Head of Treasury and Working Capital at Kuehne + Nagel

    Roger Sutter joined Kuehne + Nagel in 2011 as Head Treasury and Working Capital. In this role, he oversees the global treasury and working capital activities of the Group which also includes KN’s global SCF program. Roger started his career at a large international bank and thereafter worked in the finance department of an international food manufacturer.

    Bob Cohen, Research Director at Ardent Partners

    Bob, leads Ardent’s coverage of Accounts Payable, Business Networks, and Travel and Expense Management. Bob is a seasoned professional with more than fifteen years of experience in helping enterprises transform their Source-to-Pay operations. He spent the past 12 years at Basware where he helped establish it’s U.S. presence as a major player in the AP automation space.

    Andrew Jesse, Sr. Director of Market Development at Tradeshift

    Andrew is leading Market Development for Tradeshift Financial Services, where he is responsible for expanding Tradeshift’s network of integrated early payment solutions and providers. Andrew comes from a background of over 20 years having worked in the semiconductor industry where he focused on ERP, business process re-engineering and audit.
  • Ardent Partners: The CPO’s Perspective on 2018 Recorded: Dec 18 2018 61 mins
    Andrew Bartolini, Founder, Ardent Partners’; and Roy Anderson, Chief Procurement & Digital Transformation Officer, Tradeshift
    Join Ardent Partners’ Chief Research Officer, Andrew Bartolini as he discusses, “The CPO’s Perspective on 2018: This Year’s Key Highlights, Takeaways, and Observations”. This webinar will dive into Procurement in 2018 with one of the most well-known and highly-regarded Chief Procurement Officers in the industry, Roy Anderson, who is now running procurement at Tradeshift. We will examine the shift in the CPO’s mindset while also capturing the main highlights, takeaways, and lessons learned from 2018.

    Chief Procurement Officers and other procurement professionals will not want to miss this interactive and powerful discussion that will:

    Reflect on the major procurement news, trends, and events of 2018.
    Examine the dynamic shifts taking place within global procurement organizations.
    Highlight the top goals, challenges, and objectives for procurement leaders as they continue to advance their organizations in the decade ahead.
    Offer key tips and recommendations for procurement leaders to hit the ground running in 2019.
  • Supply Chain Digitalisation in a Networked World Recorded: Dec 2 2018 36 mins
    Maxim-Carl Legault, Global Director Solution Architecture for the Apps Platform team, Tradeshift
    Unpredictability, hyper-competition and disruptive digital innovation are impacting every industry and business, including yours. The question is: are you ready? Are your systems and processes designed to adapt quickly to change? And if not, what can you do about it to ensure your company isn’t left behind?

    Join us to find out how harnessing platforms, networks and apps will give you the flexibility required to fully digitalise your enterprise and maintain your competitive edge.

    In this webinar you’ll learn how to stay ahead of the competition by finding out:

    - What true digitalisation of your supply chain looks like and how to make this happen
    - Why platforms and networks, not solutions, are the key to your future success
    - How you can do business and customise out-of-the-box supply chain processes
    - How you can use third-party apps or build your own to manage specific challenges around VAT services, risk management, compliance, sustainability and beyond.
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