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RPA Best Practices- Process Discovery Delivery Methodology

Whether you’re launching your first automation project or scaling up an existing one, the automation journey can seem daunting. After all, the time and effort it takes to uncover the known and unknown manual business processes in your organization can make the discovery phase an extremely inefficient and costly endeavor.

Kryon Process Discovery was designed to be agile, easy to implement, and intuitive to operate. Join Ziv Ilan, Professional Services Team Leader, as he walks through the steps you’ll need for successful process discovery.

Join this session to learn:
• How to build your process discovery journey to create the most impact on your organization
• What business insights can be drawn from process discovery
• Best practices on using Kryon Process Discovery to scale your RPA
Recorded Feb 23 2021 61 mins
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Presented by
Ziv Ilan, Professional Services Team Leader, Kryon; Ayelet Gazit, Director of Learning & Development, Kryon
Presentation preview: RPA Best Practices- Process Discovery Delivery Methodology

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  • What is RPA? Oct 28 2021 6:00 am UTC 25 mins
    Ayelet Gazit, Director of Learning and Development, Kryon
    Robotic process automation (RPA) is one of the fastest growing technologies in today’s dynamic business world and is an integral part of the digital transformation. Enterprises of the future will see employees working together with software robots, or “bots”, creating many exciting career possibilities for the next-generation thinkers.

    It is now that is the perfect time to get ahead and join this exciting workplace revolution. Are you ready to seize the moment? Join us for this 30-minute webinar, introducing you to RPA and its benefits.

    We will explore the following:
    • The impact of RPA
    • Benefits of RPA to enterprises
    • Benefits of RPA to employees
    • A live demonstration of RPA in action
  • Process Discovery and Process Mining – Revealing Your Process Blind Spots Oct 26 2021 2:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Ayelet Gazit, Director of Learning and Development, Kryon and Ziv Ilan, Head of Professional Services, Kryon
    Whether it’s your first step into process excellence or if you are already an expert in the field, process discovery can help you gain the visibility you need in your business processes.

    In this webinar, we will discuss how Process DiscoveryTM can work as a stand-alone solution to help you discover your business processes, and also how it can be used in synergy with, and as a complementary solution to your process mining tool. In addition, we will go further into depth, and discuss the blind spots of process mining solutions, and how you can bridge these gaps with Process DiscoveryTM. Making sure that your process excellence and automation initiatives throughout your business processes are only that much more impactful.

    We will explore the following:
    - How to use Process Discovery to map client journeys
    - How to integrate Process Discovery to have an end-to-end business workflow
    - How to zoom-in and out into a process to identify your automation / optimization hot-spots
  • What is RPA? Recorded: Oct 13 2021 25 mins
    Ayelet Gazit, Director of Learning and Development, Kryon
    Robotic process automation (RPA) is one of the fastest growing technologies in today’s dynamic business world and is an integral part of the digital transformation. Enterprises of the future will see employees working together with software robots, or “bots”, creating many exciting career possibilities for the next-generation thinkers.

    It is now that is the perfect time to get ahead and join this exciting workplace revolution. Are you ready to seize the moment? Join us for this 30-minute webinar, introducing you to RPA and its benefits.

    We will explore the following:
    • The impact of RPA
    • Benefits of RPA to enterprises
    • Benefits of RPA to employees
    • A live demonstration of RPA in action
  • RPA Best Practices: Jump Starting Your Citizen Developer Program Recorded: Oct 6 2021 60 mins
    Liora Herman, Director of Partner & Customer Marketing, Kryon and Ziv Ilan, Head of Professional Services, Kryon
    You have implemented RPA for your organization, now what? It is time to expand RPA usage, and the best way to do this is to add Citizen RPA Developers / Citizen Developer Program to your development power within your organization. Citizen RPA developers advance enterprise automation and digital transformation on a global scale.

    Citizen RPA Developers have the power to solve a problem by thinking of it outside the scope of a typical software developer or IT, because of their proximity to the business process. Ideally, they are helping to scale RPA within the organization to encourage widespread adoption. Some citizen developers may even work closely with their organization’s CoE (Center of Excellence) to help identify processes that are ripe for automation. Learn:

    - How to start your citizen developer journey
    - How to establish and govern a citizen developer vs hybrid approach
    - How to recruit your citizen developer and enable them for success
  • Demystifying Process Excellence to Accelerate Intelligent Automation Recorded: Sep 15 2021 33 mins
    Mayk Tilinksi, VP EMEA at Kryon
    Process excellence has become one of the key enablers of digital transformation, resulting in cutting-edge innovation of process intelligence technologies. AI-powered process mining and process discovery tools have replaced traditional manual techniques of data collection with a technology-based approach. This enabled businesses to harness the power of granular real-time process data and build a solid pipeline of process improvement initiatives. Not only do these tools provide greater depth and breadth of insights, but they are also easier to scale, have faster time-to-value, and significantly lower total cost of ownership. As these technologies mature, different types of platforms emerge which vary in the nature of the data collected and scope of insights generated.

    Join Mayk Tilinksi, VP EMEA at Kryon, as he sheds some light on the evolution of the process intelligence space and covers some compelling use cases. In one example, a multinational oil and gas company leveraged process discovery to augment knowledge transfer as part of a large-scale insourcing operation
  • The New Frontier of Automation: Gearing Up to Fully Autonomous Enterprises Recorded: Sep 14 2021 22 mins
    Nischay Mittal, Principal and Global Business Head - Automation, Zinnov
    Automation has been at the core of driving business resilience in the post-pandemic world. The need to liberate human beings from the monotonous procedures and achieve their full potential emanates from the Automation of 3Cs of human capabilities - Creation, Commute and Communication. It has now become imperative for enterprises to recognize and enable sophisticated technologies to help democratize automation at scale. A paradigm shift towards fully autonomous enterprises has engendered the predictions to become a reality, widening the scope of automated systems and processes. Technologies – new-age ones such as Hyper Intelligent Automation – have catalysed the acceleration of digitalization across verticals, paving the way for not only digital-ready, but autonomous enterprises as well. The talk will cover:

    - Demystifying automation for enterprises
    - Uncovering the ‘State of Union’ – enterprise automation maturity
    - Highlighting the roadblocks in the automation journey of enterprises
    - Realizing the goal of “The Fully Autonomous Enterprise”
  • Successfully Scaling Automation Initiatives: A Chat with Hyperscience’s Max Lien Recorded: Sep 14 2021 13 mins
    Max Lien, VP of Corporate Development, Hyperscience | Julie Shafiki, Chief Marketing Officer, Kryon
    As organizations everywhere modernize their operations to stay competitive, they need a strategy in place to select, implement and successfully scale various automation technologies. Join Hyperscience’s VP of Corporate Development and Kryon CMO, Julie Shafiki, to learn how leading organizations across banking & financial services, insurance, healthcare, and public sectors are leveraging AI/ML to unlock efficiencies, elevate the customer experience, and fuel business growth. Discover how state-of-the-art Machine Learning and human-in-the-loop functionality are redefining human and machine collaboration and shaping workplace and business models now and into the future.
  • Climbing the Peak of Payroll Service Management Recorded: Sep 14 2021 15 mins
    Vijay Shankar, Partner & Practice Leader, Intelligent Automation, EY | Inderjit Sehrawat, Managing Director, India, Kryon
    ADP is the largest human resources payroll service management company and when they wanted to start their digital transformation journey, they turned to EY. The team at EY, led by Vijay Shankar, Partner and Practice Leader, Intelligent Automation and AI, has been guiding ADP to transform their finance shared services, identify automation candidates, and uncover other improvement opportunities.

    EY partnered with Kryon and deployed Kryon Process DiscoveryTM on the machines of 20-25 full-time employees for 3 months. Process Discovery logged more than 1 million keystrokes, identified 30-40% productivity improvement, and a lot of automation potential!

    Join us to learn how EY and Kryon are helping ADP institutionalize their digital transformation and expand across geographies and departments.
  • Digitally Augmenting Your Workforce Leads to the Frictionless Enterprise Recorded: Sep 14 2021 19 mins
    Manuel Sevilla, Vice President, Chief Digital Officer, Capgemini's Business Services
    COVID-19 has impacted businesses across the globe. These circumstances have acted as a catalyst on organizations to review how their businesses are run and upscaled, while also being cost-efficient.

    As Capgemini continues to break new grounds and push exploration in the automation space, join Manuel Sevilla as he outlines a roadmap on transitioning to the Frictionless Enterprise during these challenging times.

    At this session, you will learn how Capgemini and Kryon’s world-class capabilities through our Intelligent Process Automation solution delivers a range of tangible outcomes to your business, including:
    - Improved quality
    - Increased workforce productivity
    - Enhanced operational efficiency
    - Improved client satisfaction
    - Increased revenue
    - Enhanced agility across your front, middle, and back-office operations.

    In turn, this enables the seamless flow of information between people and processes to drive “frictionless” operations – which makes exploring new horizons much easier.

    Change your way of working with a team of proven experts that have successfully delivered this to many market-leading clients to date.
  • Cast Off on Rea & Associates' Full-Cycle Automation Voyage Recorded: Sep 14 2021 16 mins
    Lesley Mast, Firm Project Manager, Rea & Associates | Ryan Moss, Regional Customer Success Manager, Americas, Kryon
    A public accounting firm, Rea & Associates, aspired to unfurl its CPAs and business consultants from mundane tasks and enable them to focus on providing outstanding accounting services to their clients. Rea set sail with Kryon Process Discovery™ and found a few ideal process candidates for RPA. Rea’s non-technical team of business-users has already automated several business processes and generated a solid pipeline for further expansion. In one example, the audit team used to spend 15 minutes on downloading and saving client reports – the Kryon bots now execute this process three times faster! Join Lesley Mast as she shares the key landmarks of Rea’s full-cycle automation voyage and how RPA has helped transform their business to support work from anywhere.
  • Reaching New Heights: BFSI Companies Turn to the Cloud for RPA-as-a-Service Recorded: Sep 14 2021 23 mins
    Karen Mae C. Ching, AWS | Vitaly Rybalkin, JSC Renaissance Insurance Group | Daniel Peled, Kryon | Julie Shafiki, Kryon
    Digital transformation in the fiercely competitive banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sector requires unprecedented levels of speed, intelligence, agility, and efficiency. BFSI companies need to reach new heights when it comes to seamless customer experience. There’s no room for failure, as more mature players in the industry are losing customers to the more innovative, digital-first upstarts. Not only are they nimbler and more tech-savvy than veteran companies with legacy infrastructure to support, but they are laser-focused on creating the best online customer experience possible.

    Customers have high expectations and want to be able to quickly and easily open a new account, check their balances, review investment opportunities, or check the status of insurance claims from any device, anytime. This is where RPA can make a real impact, accelerating digital transformation and taking the burden off of BFSI employees.

    RPA as-a-Service enables automation and management of critical processes without the need to go onsite. Kryon works closely with customers to automate vital processes and get them into production within a few days, not months. Cloud-based RPA can immediately improve operational efficiency and customer experience and maintain business continuity.

    Vitaliy Rybalkin of Renaissance Insurance will share insights into how the insurance company’s digital transformation priorities and acceleration timetable changed due to the effects of the pandemic. AWS expert Karen Mae Ching will discuss how enterprise cloud adoption supports digital transformation by making vital business applications easier to access. And Daniel Peled of Kryon will share his thoughts on whether the automation industry is fully ready for the cloud.
  • Go Beyond: The Automation Experience Reinvented with Kryon Studio+ Recorded: Sep 14 2021 12 mins
    Itay Gini, Director of Product, Kryon
    Our mission at Kryon is to accelerate process automation from weeks to days. With that goal in mind and driven by user research and customer feedback, we embarked on a journey to simplify the automation development experience. We are proud to announce the arrival of Studio+ packed with unique features designed for maximizing business value.
    Exciting enhancements include seamless streaming of workflows directly from Process Discovery, a new intuitive automation editor, an integrated collaboration layer and a new recorder powered by next-generation computer vision. Want to know more? Tune in for this session with Itay Gini, Director of Product at Kryon, for the debut of brand-new Studio+.
  • How Tesco Explored the Boundaries of Process Visibility Recorded: Sep 13 2021 21 mins
    Eric Roovers, Vice President, Head of Business Transformation EMEA at Software AG
    Tesco is the third-largest retailer in the world, with 6,800 stores employing 450,000 people. In retail it is essential to respond fast to margin pressure, digitalization and changes by competitors. In a bid to become more agile in the face of these challenges, Tesco embarked on an expedition to achieve greater visibility into its business processes and control them worldwide.

    It chose Software AG’s ARIS to give end-to-end visibility and management of the enterprise, then added complementary services including partner Kryon’s Process Discovery™ to help with task mining. The results included risk mitigation, reduced costs and increased staff confidence in process management.

    Now Tesco is pushing ahead, expanding the platform to its store-operations level to ensure a consistent and efficient customer experience globally. Join Eric Roovers, Vice President, Head of Business Transformation EMEA at Software AG, as he discusses the impact of process excellence on Tesco’s customer-centric transformation strategy.
  • How bp Overcame Outsourced Obstacles with Kryon Process Discovery Recorded: Sep 13 2021 13 mins
    Steve Sutton, Business Process Management Consultant Lead, bp
    bp, a multinational oil and gas company, has embarked on the enormous undertaking of transferring a large-scale outsourced operation of around 1,600 full-time employees (FTEs) to in-house employees at new business centers. Leveraging Kryon Process Discovery™ to augment the knowledge transfer and prevent loss of information, the platform captures processes and their variants while accelerating the production of procedural documentation that will be used to facilitate the training and onboarding of new bp’s employees.

    Join Steve Sutton as he sheds some light on bp’s compelling process discovery journey.
  • Navigating the Automation Jungle with Kryon Process Discovery™ Recorded: Sep 13 2021 13 mins
    Shay Antebi, CTO, Kryon
    Pioneered by Kryon over three years ago, process discovery technology has completely redefined the automation journey of enterprises. But we didn’t stop there: launched in 2020, Real-Time Process Discovery further disrupted the market with instant identification of processes, unmatched scale, and superior accuracy. Now Kryon is solving another labyrinth on the path to scalable automation with the launch of next-generation process optimization.

    Join Shay Antebi, Kryon CTO and Amazon (the jungle!) adventurer, as he helps you navigate through the wilderness with cutting-edge advancements in process excellence and automation.
  • How Johnson & Johnson Dives Deep with Process Discovery Recorded: Sep 13 2021 14 mins
    Brooks Olphin, Product Line Owner - Process & Task Mining, Johnson & Johnson
    The world’s largest and most broadly based healthcare company, Johnson & Johnson, leverages process discovery technology to drive process excellence across three key use cases. Uncovering processes to gain full visibility, documenting processes to create work and learning instructions, and finally improving internal processes through redesign or automation. Join Brooks Olphin as he walks you through the maturation of J&J process discovery journey.
  • The Exploring 20s – Digital, OneOffice & the Rise of Hyperconnected Ecosystems Recorded: Sep 13 2021 16 mins
    Elena Christopher, Senior Vice President-Research, HFS
    The pandemic forced the world to embrace digital ways of working and transacting. As we contemplate our decidedly digital future, we must accept there will be no snap back to our former realities. In this session, Elena Christopher shares some of HFS Research’s latest and greatest insights to sketch out the vision for the decade ahead. Guideposts on this adventure include:
    ∙ The “now” imperative is digital optimization to drive superior business outcomes
    ∙ The 2025 imperative is unmatched stakeholder experience – employees, customers, and partners – driven by end-to-end organizational alignment across front, middle, and back. This is the OneOffice mindset
    ∙ The back-end of the 20s heralds the rise of hyperconnected ecosystems - collaboration across multiple organizations with common objectives around driving completely new sources of value
  • Never Give Up! Recorded: Sep 13 2021 21 mins
    Bear Grylls OBE
    Bear Grylls will talk about the things that have shaped him and the lessons he’s learnt along the way. Through his keynote, he will guide you on a journey to understand how to overcome hurdles and adversity and to learn from failures. His stories of resilience, courage and never giving up will inspire, uplift and empower you to face your own challenges.
  • Dare to Discover: Kryon CEO’s Vision for the Fully Automated Enterprise Recorded: Sep 13 2021 16 mins
    Harel Tayeb, CEO, Kryon
    Harel Tayeb, Kryon CEO, will speak about the vision for empowering every business to become digitized by coupling discovery and automation. As process discovery becomes democratized, we will see widespread adoption of Discovery-as-a-Service, providing deployment of distributed Discovery bots throughout the organization to provide actionable insights for organizational improvement, optimization, productivity, cost savings and increased revenue.
  • RPA Best Practices: Leveraging Process Discovery Analytics Recorded: Aug 31 2021 57 mins
    Ayelet Gazit, Director of Learning and Development, Kryon and Ziv Ilan, Head of Professional Services, Kryon
    Are you ready to gain greater knowledge about your organizations’ processes and unlock opportunities for digital transformation?

    This RPA Best Practices session details Appsight Capture, an AI-based discovery technology, which captures an additional layer of real-life process execution at a user-level from Process DiscoveryTM

    Join Kryon’s experts to learn how you can leverage Process Discovery analytics to:
    - Unlock data-led business and behavioral insights for digital transformation
    - Discover and support a new way of working and identify operational bottlenecks
    - Identify pockets of value across the entire organization for automation initiatives
Be Your Future.
Kryon's mission is to revolutionize intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) by delivering enterprise customers with a unique full-cycle solution which first discovers business processes and then continuously optimizes them for a seamless, superior RPA experience.

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  • Title: RPA Best Practices- Process Discovery Delivery Methodology
  • Live at: Feb 23 2021 2:00 pm
  • Presented by: Ziv Ilan, Professional Services Team Leader, Kryon; Ayelet Gazit, Director of Learning & Development, Kryon
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