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Achieving DevOps in Embedded Software Development

Why should your friends in IT have all the fun? Despite some very real challenges, DevOps is achievable in an embedded software environment. Regardless of where you are in your DevOps journey, this 20-minute video offers some essential tips on how you and your team can achieve the benefits of DevOps.
For more information visit windriver.com/Simics
Recorded Apr 21 2020 21 mins
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Presented by
Sean Evoy
Presentation preview: Achieving DevOps in Embedded Software Development

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  • Video 7: Putting it all together Recorded: Aug 20 2020 4 mins
    Wind River
    Baking security into your system is not easy but must be done. Know where to go to get the help you need to build a secure and safe device.
  • Video 6: Ongoing Threat Prevention Recorded: Aug 20 2020 4 mins
    Wind River
    Securing your device or system is a complete lifecycle effort. Threats have to be actively monitored and resolutions must be implemented. Proactive endpoint integrity monitoring is a must in today’s interconnected world.
  • Video 5: Hardening and fortifying Recorded: Aug 20 2020 4 mins
    Wind River
    You must anticipate a breach will happen . Model different threat scenarios and put in place mechanism to protect your applications, data, IP, and the resiliency of the device. Your threat model should assume that an attacker will get root (admin) access.
  • Video 4: Designing with a trusted foundation Recorded: Aug 20 2020 5 mins
    Wind River
    Your device is only as secure as its weakest link. You have to build on top of a proven and trusted platform. This not only includes hardware-based security features, but also trustworthy software vendors, code pedigree, and secure software development practices.
  • Video 3: Building a Security Policy Recorded: Aug 20 2020 5 mins
    Wind River
    Building your policy starts with assessing the device, determining its assets, identify threats to those assets in its operational environment, and defining mitigations to those threats. Your security policy has to factor in your risk tolerance as you determine the mitigations to implement
  • Video 2: Capturing use case security requirements Recorded: Aug 20 2020 5 mins
    Wind River
    Security requirements can come from many places. Make sure you capture them before you start your project, understand how they will influence the direction you take with your project, and what you will need to prove you’ve met these requirements . Planning for security requirements upfront greatly reduces friction and cost throughout the development *and* deployment process.
  • Video 1: The cybersecurity journey – The full product lifecycle Recorded: Aug 20 2020 4 mins
    Wind River
    Architecting a secure device starts well before the first line of code is created and ends only when the device is taken out of service. Learn about how and where security is applied at the different stages of the journey.
  • The Great Security Disconnect: Real Implementation Versus Executive Perception Recorded: Jul 29 2020 45 mins
    Wind River and Electronic Design
    All stakeholders agree that a good security strategy is essential when building an embedded device. After all, you can’t have a safe product without a good security implementation. Yet while 70% of executives think their products meet industry benchmarks, 50% of developers believe their products fall short of security requirements.
    Join Wind River® Principal Security Architect Arlen Baker as he shares stunning new survey results that show a great disconnect between executive perception and the reality of embedded security implementations. You will learn about the biggest security threats executives and developers are concerned about, who is responsible for implementing security features, roadblocks to securing devices, and how security breaches are identified and resolved.
  • Test Early and Test Often: A How-To Guide for Cybersecurity Recorded: Jun 18 2020 61 mins
    Michael Morris, Founder and Executive VP at Alpha Beta Technologies Inc. Sean Evoy, Product Line Manager of Tools at Wind Ri
    Embedded systems require thorough testing against cyber threats – but that’s often easier said than done. Testing on your production system is risky and may not be possible if it isn’t built yet. On the other hand, creating a physical replica is too expensive, especially if you have to recreate it again after one of your tests blows up the system.

    Virtual testbeds are the answer to your testing dilemmas.

    Watch this on-demand webinar from Wind River and Alpha-Beta Technologies (ABT) to see how using virtualized simulation environments to test early and often is critical to cybersecurity success. Discover how you can:
    •Conduct non-destructive security testing
    •Test for OTE security and conduct root cause analysis much more efficiently
    •Test vulnerabilities by injecting system faults
    •Manipulate time to ensure comprehensive testing
  • Making the Grade with Cybersecurity, Linux, and the Intelligent Edge Recorded: Jun 16 2020 63 mins
    Glenn Seiler, VP of Linux Solutions at Wind River & Michael Mehlberg, VP of Marketing at Star Lab, A Wind River Company
    5G is accelerating the intelligent edge and providing opportunities across a range of industries including healthcare, telecommunications, automotive, industrial, and aerospace & defense. However, this increased connectivity creates new security problems that cannot be ignored.

    Making the grade in any industry requires having an open-source solution that meets the specific requirements of the various devices, machines, and system implementations that service that industry.

    Watch this webinar to explore the core market considerations for intelligent edge development:
    •Market specificity
  • The Cornerstone of 5G: Distributed Edge Cloud Recorded: Jun 8 2020 15 mins
    Paul Miller
    Learn how open source distributed Kubernetes will deliver 5G requirements of low-latency, high availability, scalability and security.
    This 15 minute primer will cover:
    Key business drivers and opportunities for 5G
    Basic requirements for 5G infrastructure
    Value-add requirements for effective distributed edge deployment
    How to leverage open source, production grade Kubernetes to make 5G deployments a reality
  • Simulation and Cybersecurity Testing Recorded: Jun 5 2020 16 mins
    Sean Evoy
    In 15 minutes learn how to secure your products no matter where your team is working from.
    You will learn about:
    Some recent examples of high-profile security breaches in IoT and Aerospace and how they could have been avoided
    Ensuring your team has access to virtual hardware targets through full system simulation
    How to test your systems for vulnerabilities sooner, more often, and more accurately – without risk of damage
  • New Approaches to Beat Your Competition With the Digital Twin Recorded: May 7 2020 60 mins
    Sean Evoy
    A digital twin creates a virtual “sandbox” to enable you to reduce costs and optimize your systems. But a digital twin can be tricky to implement without guidance.

    Join Wind River® Product Line Manager Sean Evoy to:

    Learn the critical elements to building your digital twin

    Discover new ways a digital twin can benefit your business today

    Develop and sell your products faster courtesy of a digital twin

    Test and smartly deploy products updates for your customers

    Decrease risk throughout your production systems
  • Achieving DevOps in Embedded Software Development Recorded: Apr 21 2020 21 mins
    Sean Evoy
    Why should your friends in IT have all the fun? Despite some very real challenges, DevOps is achievable in an embedded software environment. Regardless of where you are in your DevOps journey, this 20-minute video offers some essential tips on how you and your team can achieve the benefits of DevOps.
    For more information visit windriver.com/Simics
  • Digital Twin With Simulation Recorded: Mar 20 2020 16 mins
    Sean Evoy
    Considering a Digital Twin? Watch this video to learn how to build one effectively. We’ll also give some recommendations on how to design a Digital Twin to realize the goals of reducing cost and optimizing operations. Visit www.windriver.com/simics for more information.
  • Winning at the 5G Edge Recorded: Feb 17 2020 2 mins
    Wind River
    Wind River software powers the majority of 5G RAN deployments today. Learn more about how Wind River Cloud Platform, the production-grade Kubernetes platform for the 5G edge, can help you achieve your 5G goals.
  • Byte Size Discoveries – Episode 3: Medical Recorded: Feb 12 2020 1 min
    Matt Jones, Wind River
    Medical device manufacturers are under pressure in meeting a new FDA regulation that requires updates to be made on any detected vulnerabilities within a 60-day period.

    Hear what one of our customers did to minimize the threat and risk of cyberattacks, mitigate the risk of FDA penalties, and make the device more effective for the patients.
  • Byte Size Discoveries – Episode 1: Robot Recorded: Feb 11 2020 2 mins
    Matt Jones, Wind River
    Factory automation is driving the industrial robotics market to $70 billion in 2023. How do you compete when established robot makers dominate the market?

    Join our host, Matt Jones, as he shares why a new player in the market approached Wind River and how they will be able to bring their product to market faster than they had imagined.
  • Prepare for Urban Air Mobility – Safety and Security Must-Haves Recorded: Nov 12 2019 2 mins
    Wind River
    Urban air mobility concepts are strategically important to your future business growth. Choosing the right standards and safety certifications is a crucial factor for these new designs. Wind River software can help your urban air mobility program grow.
  • Panel: Software for Next-Gen Medical Devices Recorded: Oct 11 2019 60 mins
    Davide Ricci Director, EMEA Medical Business - Wind River and Prof. Dr. Christian Johner - Johner Institute for Healthcare IT
    Transforming Medical IoT space: The role of technology and regulations

    The medical device industry is undergoing a fast and profound transformation. The healthcare market is facing unprecedented challenges as it tries to cope with an aging population that drives up the spent pro-capita, and tighter controls over public budget. Technology is looked upon as the solution to the problem, yet innovation cannot come at the cost of introducing uncalculated risks to the life and privacy of patients. Regulators play a critical role: that of having to strike the right balance between progress, safety and security. Come join our panel of experts as they debate the ambitions of the medical device industry and the balancing act of the different forces at play: business, innovation and regulatory.

    Panel Moderator: Dr. Juergen Pesara, Draeger Medical
Discover the latest in embedded software trends and technologies.
The Software Foundation for Your Innovation: Wind River® is accelerating digital transformation of critical infrastructure by delivering the technology and expertise that enable the deployment of safe, secure, and reliable IoT systems. For nearly 40 years, Wind River has helped the world’s leading technology companies power generation after generation of the safest, most secure devices in the world. And in a new era of autonomy and connectivity, Wind River continues to lead the way. Our software runs the “can’t fail” computing systems of the most important modern infrastructure, including mission-critical aircraft, rail, automobiles, medical devices, manufacturing plants, and communications networks.

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