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The Dangers of an Underperforming Network

The Always-On Network Episode 1

75% of enterprises agree that we need a new security framework to address the threat of cybersecurity. When looking at consolidating an ‘Always-On Network’, security threats are a real concern for many enterprises. The dangers of an underperforming network seem to be never ending. However, with Citrix solutions, you gain consolidated access to SaaS, web and virtual applications, with end-to-end IT visibility and flexibility, with the ability to detect behavior analytics and prevent problems from becoming serious data breaches.

In this session, we will discuss:
- How to avoid risks while consolidating your network
- How Citrix solutions can help strengthen your security strategy
- The benefits of an on-demand, people centric approach to security

Panelists include:
- Scott Fanning, Snr. Director, Product Management-Security/SDWAN, Citrix
- Andrew Scott, Senior Manager, Sales Engineering UK & Ireland at Citrix
- Kevin Bailey, Principal Analyst and Director, Synergy Six Degrees
- Ad Attias, Product Manager responsible for CloudGuard Connect, CloudGuard Edge, SASE and SD-WAN security, Check Point
Recorded Oct 27 2020 56 mins
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Presented by
Scott Fanning, Citrix I Andrew Scott, Citrix I Kevin Bailey, Synergy Six Degrees I Ad Attias, Check Point
Presentation preview: The Dangers of an Underperforming Network

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  • Five Learnings From Recent Security Breaches Jun 30 2021 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Fermin Serna, CISO, Citrix | Pankaj Gupta, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Citrix
    Traditional methods of cybersecurity are simply too complex to manage based on today’s requirements. This complexity in fact leads to delayed security patches and upgrades, opening up vulnerabilities. The cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving, and it’s these changes that complicate enterprise security solutions.

    Basic cyber hygiene remains critical too. This session explores recent breaches and notes that even though recent cyber-attacks may have been sophisticated, the initial intrusion mechanisms have remained the same over time. Clearly, a new model of security is needed.

    Enter cloud-delivered security.

    In this session, the speakers will explore:
    - Improvements needed traditional security practices
    - New models of security
    - The advantages of these new models and implementation best practices

    The speakers for this session will include:
    Fermin Serna, CISO, Citrix
    Pankaj Gupta, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Citrix
  • Deploying App and API Security to Complement Zero Trust for Stronger Security Recorded: May 26 2021 44 mins
    Fermin Serna, CISO, Citrix | Pankaj Gupta, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Citrix
    We live in an application and API economy. Applications and APIs are more important than ever before. But are they well protected?

    Cyber-attacks on applications and APIs have been rising. In fact, the software supply chain has been used by APT actors to launch lethal attacks on many organizations simultaneously and remain undetected for months. According to Container Journal, in 2020, 91% of organizations experienced an API security incident, while 66% of organizations admit to API security concerns slowing a product’s deployment. Evidently, poor API security has negative ramifications for your business. But how can this be avoided, and what is needed to ensure that your API security is as strong as possible?

    In this session we will explore:
    - Security flaws in legacy applications
    - Blueprint for application and API security powered by ML
    - Best practices based on real-world implementations at Citrix

    The speakers for this session will include:
    Fermin Serna, CISO, Citrix
    Pankaj Gupta, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Citrix
  • CISOs Blueprint for Zero Trust Security in Hybrid Workforce Era Recorded: May 5 2021 41 mins
    Fermin Serna, CISO, Citrix | Pankaj Gupta, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Citrix | Al Taylor, CTO, CloudDNA
    What is Zero Trust, and what can it bring to the hybrid workforce? According to Gartner, by 2023, 60% of organisations will have phased out their remote access VPNs in favour of Zero Trust Network Access.

    This session explores the emergence of the hybrid workforce, the adoption of cloud applications, and their impact on cybersecurity. CISOs need to find tools for secure access to critical applications – zero trust network access is the answer.

    Join this session to learn more about:

    - Zero trust network access, how should it be implemented and its comparison with existing technologies
    - What does zero trust network access not do and what tools and technologies are needed to compensate?
    - How to pick the appropriate solution
    - Best practices based on zero trust network access solution implementations at Citrix

    The speakers for this session will include:

    Fermin Serna, CISO, Citrix
    Pankaj Gupta, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Citrix
    Al Taylor, CTO, CloudDNA
  • Maximizing Productivity for your remote work environment Recorded: Mar 23 2021 12 mins
    Francois van Deventer - Sr Networking Sales Specialist, Citrix
    This session will cover:

    - The hybrid work environment and how many are accelerating to cloud and SaaS

    - Supporting a hybrid workforce with the very real task of managing security

    - The solution for a hybrid workforce to challenge thinking about long-term and on-demand work-from-home and remote working strategies.
  • Hello, can you hear me? Can you hear me? Recorded: Mar 18 2021 12 mins
    Den Sullivan. Application Delivery & Security - Emerging Markets, Citrix
    Den explores the technology and network considerations for the ‘Work from Anywhere Future’. Employee engagement will be key with employers facing an increasingly savage war to attract talent. At the centre of this engagement will be the remote digital employee experience leading to better business performance, driven by an engaged and positive workforce.
  • Why Remote Work will be the New Normal (even after the Coronavirus abates) Recorded: Mar 16 2021 12 mins
    Darren Fields. VP, Cloud Networking Citrix
    "The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the world in the short term, from both a personal and business perspective. Beyond this, it’s also becoming increasingly clear just how much it will shape our future, especially with regard to how businesses look to deploy and enable their workforces moving forwards. Life will inevitably return to some kind of normal but the way we work will never be the same, and that will be good for us all."
  • Sedi periferiche, filiali remote o location non presidiate: cosa non sai ancora Recorded: Dec 29 2020 62 mins
    Nicola Della Torre, Lead Domain SD WAN Specialist, EMEA. CITRIX
    Con l’adozione del cloud in costante aumento, bisogna evitare che il traffico passi per il datacenter. Ma così i punti di accesso periferico al web diventano un facile bersaglio per sofisticati attacchi di sicurezza. Si possono coniugare performance ottimizzate e protezione completa nell’esperienza con servizi in cloud e on-premise? Il webinar ti illustrerà come Citrix SD-WAN abiliti una sicurezza zero-trust, con controllo degli accessi contestualizzato multi-layer e protezione sui contenuti, ma senza richiedere infrastrutture aggiuntive in ogni branch.
  • La delivery applicativa e la sicurezza nella nuova normalità Recorded: Dec 28 2020 64 mins
    David Cenciotti, Lead Sales Engineer & Nicola Della Torre, Lead Domain SD WAN Specialist, EMEA. CITRIX
    Lavorare dovunque, con ogni device, con accesso ad app e dati nel datacenter o in cloud, pone complessità senza precedenti. Come garantire un’experience applicativa consistente e continua, semplificare la delivery delle applicazioni e assicurare una sicurezza sempre consistente?
    Il webinar ti illustrerà soluzioni e scenari di applicazione delle soluzioni di application delivery e security, che superano le limitazione dei modelli di sicurezza tradizionali.
  • Modernizing your applications & infrastructure designs safely and securely Recorded: Dec 23 2020 60 mins
    Justin Thorogood, Mgr. Partner Strategy, Andrew Scott , Sr Systems Eng Nicholas Quiruga. Sr Mgr. Systems Engineering. CITRIX
    Cloud Native with Citrix, the purpose of this session is to dig into the details of a modern application infrastructure and what does Citrix add into this mix.

    Sounds simple right? It can be if you have some help. Come along to our webinar and find out!
  • CWAAP - Citrix Web Application & API security cloud service Recorded: Dec 21 2020 57 mins
    Rónán O'Brien. Hasan Kivanc,. Justin Thorogood & Andrew Scott, CITRIX
    Workloads are shifting to Cloud, this presents an increased attack surface due to cloud and user mobility. At the same time increasing application complexity with more features along with new architectures which are API driven. In what context? There are more sophisticated cyber-attacks and in some cases cyber-attack as a business and service provides a lower barrier to entry.

    In simple terms: Securing applications and maintaining a consistent security posture is challenging in the modern environment.

    The desired state is to have comprehensive protection, centralised management tools with a consistent security posture which can be deployed in minutes.

    Citrix Web Application and API Protection as a Service simplifies the cloud delivered protection that can help reduce OPEX while increasing agility.

    Sounds simple right? It can be if you have some help. Come along to our webinar and find out!
  • Citrix SD-WAN and Checkpoint - a new collaboration providing new options Recorded: Dec 16 2020 109 mins
    Justin Thorogood, Mgr. Partner Strategy & Mark Hardy, Sr Dtor. -CITRIX. Matt Irvine Head Cloud Sales Check Point
    As applications move to SaaS and cloud, it makes sense to have your branches connect directly to them via the local internet path. However, by intelligently routing traffic more directly via the internet, you could expose your organization to sophisticated cyberattacks. While a SD-WAN solution can modernize enterprise networking by centralizing management of your WAN and improve application performance, addressing cybersecurity threats may be left as an afterthought. You need an SD-WAN solution that takes a comprehensive approach to safeguarding the WAN edge.

    Citrix has added global cybersecurity leader Check Point Software Technologies to its ecosystem of Citrix Ready partners to enable easy deployment and management of next-generation firewalls within its SD-WAN. Citrix and Check Point today support a joint solution with Citrix SD-WAN and Check Point CloudGuard Connect.

    Citrix takes a comprehensive approach to safeguarding the WAN edge. We combine our ICSA-certified integrated firewall with solutions like Check Point’s. This multi-layered security approach, in combination with an industry-leading WAN Edge solution, accelerates your transition to the cloud and SaaS and increases agility.

    Come along to our webinar and find out how the two Vendors combine to deliver an edge with a difference!
  • Citrix SD-WAN Advanced Edition - a New edition with new capabilities. Recorded: Dec 14 2020 60 mins
    Justin Thorogood, Mgr. Partner Strategy, Andrew Scott , Senior SE Mgr., Nicola de la Torre, Lead Domain SD-WAN - CITRIX
    We all know that SD-WAN can do loads of great stuff, but did you know that there is a new edition from Citrix that was released this summer? Maybe you missed it, we will go over the details of what this version can offer and compare it to the other two such that you can see where it might fit in to provide some problem solving.

    Citrix SD-WAN now includes robust, built-in security while helping to ensure WAN reliability and always-on connectivity. By carrying traffic over multiple transports, you get the highest bandwidth utilization with the most optimal app experience and the fastest failover during link brownouts or outages. You get advanced security at the WAN edge and the most choice for securing your network, especially when leveraging the direct breakout to cloud and SaaS. Citrix SD-WAN now offers holistic edge security — designed to protect the WAN edge — right on your SD-WAN branch appliance so you can leverage direct internet paths without any worries.
    Sounds great right? It can be if you have some help. Come along to our webinar and find out!
  • Optimera användarupplevelsen för Office365, Teams och andra SaaS applikationer Recorded: Dec 11 2020 51 mins
    Fredrik Wallgren, Sr Networking Sales Specialist & Nichlas Stroberg, Sales Systems Engineer
    Vi vill börja med att ställa dig 3 frågor:

    •Är ditt nätverk redo för SaaS applikationer?
    •Behöver du optimera prestandan för Microsoft Office 365?
    •Upplever dina användare dålig samtalskvalité i Microsoft Teams?

    Om svaret är ”ja” eller kanske ”vet ej”, då är tiden du lägger på detta webinar väl värt. Din affärsverksamhet är beroende av dina applikationer. När dom inte levereras som dina användare behöver, påverkas i slutändan ditt affärsresultat. As simple as that.

    Du kanske känner till Citrix SD-WAN. Men visste du att Citrix är en av två särskilt utvalda globala partners till Microsoft, just för att vi fungerar väl ihop med Office 365? Ett exempel varför är att du med Citrix SD-WAN kan öka din VoIP samtalskvalité med upp till 94%. Ett annat är att Citrix SD-WAN kan möjliggöra en överlägsen användarupplevelse för alla företagets molnapplikationer. Och det finns många fler anledningar, som du får höra om på webinaret.

    Vill du få tips på hur du kan optimera ditt nätverk för den bästa digitala arbetsplatsen från Citrix, Microsoft Office 365 eller någon annan SaaS? Då är detta webinaret för dig!
  • Unlocking the full potential of your network Recorded: Dec 10 2020 27 mins
    Michal Kielczykowski-Field Architect, Jacek Skorzak-Principal Consultant & Ben Styling-Sr Consultant, Citrix Consulting EMEA
    In this webinar, we will deep dive into the concept of SD-WAN technology to understand what it is and how our customers have been able to address the common challenges associated with wide area networking, and how they have been able to benefit from the solution and provide high quality experience to users based in branch offices.
  • SD-WAN.Miksi ja miten sovelluslähtöinen tietoliikenneverkko tulisi modernisoida? Recorded: Dec 9 2020 59 mins
    Asiantuntijoina Jussi Pesonen, Senior Systems Engineer, Networking & Ari Linikko, Field Sales Manager
    Vastaako tietoliikenneverkkonne nykyisiä ja tulevia tarpeita, joita liiketoimintanne edellyttää:

    •Kapasiteetin riittävyys onko se ylimitoitettua satunnaisten käyttöpiikkien vuoksi?
    •Miten liiketoiminnan jatkuvuus on varmistettu tietoliikenteen osalta?
    Entä Cloud Connectivity?
    •Onnistuuko nyt uusien, tai tilapäisten toimipisteiden nopeat käyttöönotot ja reaaliaikainen muutosten hallinta?
    •Onko teillä riittävä näkyvyys verkon palveluihin ja onko verkon kustannukset optimoitu?
    •Toimivatko liiketoimintakriittiset sovellukset erinomaisesti kaikilla käyttäjillä?
    •Kysymyksiä? Jos haluat kysyä jotain, nyt on hyvä hetki siihen
    Monia perinteisiä haasteita voidaan korjata Citrix SD-WAN teknologialla kuten priorisoimalla sovelluskohtaisesti liikennettä.

    Quality of Experience (QoE) auttaa seuraamaan mm. operaattoreiden toteutuvia SLA tasoja ja automatiikka mahdollistaa niihin liittyvät hälytykset, jos palvelutaso ei toteudu.

    Citrix SD-WAN antaa myös mahdollisuuden valita verkko-operaattori vapaammin, koska verkon äly tapahtuu sovellustasolla, joka on ennalta määritetty SD-WAN teknologialla.

    Ilmoittaudu kuuntelemaan miten sovelluslähtöinen tietoliikenneverkko tulisi modernisoida ja miksi
  • Sharing our secrets: Best practice for global ADC installations Recorded: Nov 25 2020 59 mins
    Justin Thorogood - Andrew Scott - Snorre Hansen -Terry Hooper - CITRIX Networking
    Application Delivery Management (ADM) is a central management solution that allows you to manage and monitor an entire global application infrastructure from a single unified console. It can be a real help when looking to get more information about the networking environment. Join our webinar to find out how ADM can be deployed to get better visibility of your networking environment.
  • Redefining the Network Experience Recorded: Nov 24 2020 56 mins
    Scott Fanning, Citrix I David Jack, Citrix I Matthew Bird, Exponential-e Limited I Steve Brumer, BH IoT Group
    The Always-On Network Episode 3

    According to Gallup, companies with engaged employees are 21% more productive. The Harvard Business Review reports that businesses with engaged employees maintain operating margins 3x higher than their competitors. Employee experience and productivity are intrinsically linked. When employee experience isn’t a priority for your business, your productivity will suffer. For example, employees that spend time searching for information and moving between tasks can cost a lot of time. When the digital workplace is optimized, and the tools businesses use are modernized, employees become more engaged.

    In this session, we will explore:

    - The ways in which employee experience and productivity are linked
    - How to optimize your employee engagement with Citrix Workspace solutions
    - How to maintain productivity and drive business change

    Panelists include:
    - Scott Fanning, Snr. Director, Product Management-Security/SDWAN, Citrix
    - David Jack, Network Product Specialist, Citrix
    - Matthew Bird, Lead Architect – SD-WAN Overlay Services, Exponential-e Limited
    - Steve Brumer, Business Partner, BH IoT Group
  • Bot Protection - how can you remove traffic that provides no business benefit? Recorded: Nov 18 2020 63 mins
    Justin Thorogood, Mgr. Partner Strategy - Ronan O'Brien Lead Systems Engineer, Andrew Scott , Senior SE Mgr. - CITRIX
    Bot Management is a security software feature that identifies whether a traffic request comes from a human or from a machine then controls or blocks non-human and other suspicious requests. Ideally you want your web site to generate as much revenue as possible, so if you can find a way to control the robots that crawl the web, you can serve more real customers with your site. Join our webinar to find out how - with a little help from Citrix - this can be simple.
  • Sustainability from a networking perspective, how can Citrix help? Recorded: Nov 11 2020 52 mins
    Justin Thorogood, Mgr. Partner Strategy - Gerard Lavin, Product Strategist , Andrew Scott , Senior SE Mgr. - CITRIX
    Many organisations are optimising IT practices and curbing employee commuting to drastically reduce their carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. Join our webinar to find out how Citrix Networking can help make your business greener and make better choices for the environment.
  • Simplifying for Success Recorded: Nov 10 2020 60 mins
    Scott Fanning, Citrix I Paul Hermsen, Citrix I Lucas Searle, Microsoft I Michael Haugh, Gluware
    The Always-On Network Episode 2

    Businesses are moving to the cloud for a myriad of reasons. From the ability to manage multiple workloads, avoid extra costs, support remote offices, and have smooth and uninterrupted access to workloads, the business benefits are clear. According to Gartner, by 2022, $1.3 trillion in IT spending will be affected by organizations moving to the cloud. Forrester reports that 86% of enterprises already describe their cloud strategy as multi-cloud. Cloud transition seems to be at the forefront of every business’ digital strategy.

    However, as businesses move to the cloud, IT teams need a way to connect distributed branch offices to workloads in the cloud. Making this transition as smooth and simple as possible, is the key to success.

    In this session, we will explore:

    - The business benefits of moving to the cloud
    - Ways to transition to the cloud without causing disruption to your business
    - How SaaS becomes more reliable with a cloud strategy in place

    Panelists include:
    - Scott Fanning, Snr. Director, Product Management-Security/SDWAN, Citrix
    - Paul Hermsen, Senior Networking Systems Engineer, Citrix
    - Lucas Searle, Azure Advanced Networking Specialist Manager, Microsoft
    - Michael Haugh, VP of Product, Gluware
Ensure Security and Performance in a Hybrid & Multi-Cloud World
Workloads are moving to the cloud, and users require more SaaS applications. Users around the globe need reliable access, regardless of their location. By improving network performance and security, IT gets the visibility and control they need while providing their end users with the experience they demand.

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  • Title: The Dangers of an Underperforming Network
  • Live at: Oct 27 2020 10:00 am
  • Presented by: Scott Fanning, Citrix I Andrew Scott, Citrix I Kevin Bailey, Synergy Six Degrees I Ad Attias, Check Point
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