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Hybrid MC -unravelling the biggest challenge when moving services to the cloud?

If the Global pandemic has taught us anything it’s that there is nothing as constant as change. Businesses need to be able to react quickly to anything that is thrown at them. Join our webinar to find out how public cloud can be leveraged effectively as we evolve into the ‘new normal’.
Recorded Oct 28 2020 66 mins
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Justin Thorogood, Mgr. Partner Strategy - Jugraj Singh Lead Systems Engineer, Andrew Scott , Senior SE Mgr. - CITRIX
Presentation preview: Hybrid MC -unravelling the biggest challenge when moving services to the cloud?

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  • Sharing our secrets: Best practice for global ADC installations Recorded: Nov 25 2020 59 mins
    Justin Thorogood - Andrew Scott - Snorre Hansen -Terry Hooper - CITRIX Networking
    Application Delivery Management (ADM) is a central management solution that allows you to manage and monitor an entire global application infrastructure from a single unified console. It can be a real help when looking to get more information about the networking environment. Join our webinar to find out how ADM can be deployed to get better visibility of your networking environment.
  • Redefining the Network Experience Recorded: Nov 24 2020 56 mins
    Scott Fanning, Citrix I David Jack, Citrix I Matthew Bird, Exponential-e Limited I Steve Brumer, BH IoT Group
    The Always-On Network Episode 3

    According to Gallup, companies with engaged employees are 21% more productive. The Harvard Business Review reports that businesses with engaged employees maintain operating margins 3x higher than their competitors. Employee experience and productivity are intrinsically linked. When employee experience isn’t a priority for your business, your productivity will suffer. For example, employees that spend time searching for information and moving between tasks can cost a lot of time. When the digital workplace is optimized, and the tools businesses use are modernized, employees become more engaged.

    In this session, we will explore:

    - The ways in which employee experience and productivity are linked
    - How to optimize your employee engagement with Citrix Workspace solutions
    - How to maintain productivity and drive business change

    Panelists include:
    - Scott Fanning, Snr. Director, Product Management-Security/SDWAN, Citrix
    - David Jack, Network Product Specialist, Citrix
    - Matthew Bird, Lead Architect – SD-WAN Overlay Services, Exponential-e Limited
    - Steve Brumer, Business Partner, BH IoT Group
  • Bot Protection - how can you remove traffic that provides no business benefit? Recorded: Nov 18 2020 63 mins
    Justin Thorogood, Mgr. Partner Strategy - Ronan O'Brien Lead Systems Engineer, Andrew Scott , Senior SE Mgr. - CITRIX
    Bot Management is a security software feature that identifies whether a traffic request comes from a human or from a machine then controls or blocks non-human and other suspicious requests. Ideally you want your web site to generate as much revenue as possible, so if you can find a way to control the robots that crawl the web, you can serve more real customers with your site. Join our webinar to find out how - with a little help from Citrix - this can be simple.
  • Sustainability from a networking perspective, how can Citrix help? Recorded: Nov 11 2020 52 mins
    Justin Thorogood, Mgr. Partner Strategy - Gerard Lavin, Product Strategist , Andrew Scott , Senior SE Mgr. - CITRIX
    Many organisations are optimising IT practices and curbing employee commuting to drastically reduce their carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. Join our webinar to find out how Citrix Networking can help make your business greener and make better choices for the environment.
  • Simplifying for Success Recorded: Nov 10 2020 60 mins
    Scott Fanning, Citrix I Paul Hermsen, Citrix I Lucas Searle, Microsoft I Michael Haugh, Gluware
    The Always-On Network Episode 2

    Businesses are moving to the cloud for a myriad of reasons. From the ability to manage multiple workloads, avoid extra costs, support remote offices, and have smooth and uninterrupted access to workloads, the business benefits are clear. According to Gartner, by 2022, $1.3 trillion in IT spending will be affected by organizations moving to the cloud. Forrester reports that 86% of enterprises already describe their cloud strategy as multi-cloud. Cloud transition seems to be at the forefront of every business’ digital strategy.

    However, as businesses move to the cloud, IT teams need a way to connect distributed branch offices to workloads in the cloud. Making this transition as smooth and simple as possible, is the key to success.

    In this session, we will explore:

    - The business benefits of moving to the cloud
    - Ways to transition to the cloud without causing disruption to your business
    - How SaaS becomes more reliable with a cloud strategy in place

    Panelists include:
    - Scott Fanning, Snr. Director, Product Management-Security/SDWAN, Citrix
    - Paul Hermsen, Senior Networking Systems Engineer, Citrix
    - Lucas Searle, Azure Advanced Networking Specialist Manager, Microsoft
    - Michael Haugh, VP of Product, Gluware
  • VPX Subscriptions – what it means for partners and customers? Recorded: Nov 4 2020 45 mins
    Justin Thorogood, Mgr. Partner Strategy & Andrew Scott , Senior SE Mgr. - CITRIX UK
    Citrix is changing the way in which they sell and license appliances, Citrix ADC VPX can now be run with a stand alone term license, this means that you don't need a license server for a deployment and it also allows you to transition from on-premise to cloud and back again with the same license. Come along to our webinar and find out how it could make your deployment flexible!
  • Hybrid MC -unravelling the biggest challenge when moving services to the cloud? Recorded: Oct 28 2020 66 mins
    Justin Thorogood, Mgr. Partner Strategy - Jugraj Singh Lead Systems Engineer, Andrew Scott , Senior SE Mgr. - CITRIX
    If the Global pandemic has taught us anything it’s that there is nothing as constant as change. Businesses need to be able to react quickly to anything that is thrown at them. Join our webinar to find out how public cloud can be leveraged effectively as we evolve into the ‘new normal’.
  • The Dangers of an Underperforming Network Recorded: Oct 27 2020 56 mins
    Scott Fanning, Citrix I Andrew Scott, Citrix I Kevin Bailey, Synergy Six Degrees I Ad Attias, Check Point
    The Always-On Network Episode 1

    75% of enterprises agree that we need a new security framework to address the threat of cybersecurity. When looking at consolidating an ‘Always-On Network’, security threats are a real concern for many enterprises. The dangers of an underperforming network seem to be never ending. However, with Citrix solutions, you gain consolidated access to SaaS, web and virtual applications, with end-to-end IT visibility and flexibility, with the ability to detect behavior analytics and prevent problems from becoming serious data breaches.

    In this session, we will discuss:
    - How to avoid risks while consolidating your network
    - How Citrix solutions can help strengthen your security strategy
    - The benefits of an on-demand, people centric approach to security

    Panelists include:
    - Scott Fanning, Snr. Director, Product Management-Security/SDWAN, Citrix
    - Andrew Scott, Senior Manager, Sales Engineering UK & Ireland at Citrix
    - Kevin Bailey, Principal Analyst and Director, Synergy Six Degrees
    - Ad Attias, Product Manager responsible for CloudGuard Connect, CloudGuard Edge, SASE and SD-WAN security, Check Point
  • How SD-WAN can unleash choice and change without the risk to the business Recorded: Oct 1 2020 45 mins
    Ben Wheatley, Sr SDWAN Sales Specialist- Andrew Scott, Sr Mgr Sales Eng.- Glenn Williams, SDWAN Domain Specialist. CITRIX.
    EPISODE 2. If you can’t be agile, change and adapt, you can’t innovate and you fall behind – If you fall behind then the ‘new normal’ may not be the normal you wanted. Citrix SD-WAN allows you to create a flexible platform for change, to increase visibility, to prioritise and adapt which
    means you can plan with conviction – even mid-BCP.

    We dive a little deeper and discuss how ‘taking the chains off’ your WAN can unleash the power of change within your business today and position you for what the future may bring!

    Featuring guest speaker Graham Mountain, Infrastructure Manager United Living
  • SD-WAN Open Clinic Recorded: Jul 21 2020 44 mins
    Ben Wheatley, Glenn Williams, Paul Hermsen, Tony Hearn, Andy Scott - CITRIX SD-WAN
    Getting your SD-WAN Centre and SD-WAN Orchestrator confused? Was that an upload or download speed? Can I really break out locally from a virtual desktop session? How does this help my journey into Azure?

    Our final session focuses on you and your questions. We will bring in the experts to roll-up and wrap-up all the queries and remarks we’ve gathered from the series so far. It’s probably going to involve whiteboards, we’ll certainly have a few slides and poor analogies, and there may even be some (more) bad jokes!

    If you would like to submit a question in advance of this webinar, please submit them to: UKI-SDWAN@citrix.com
  • SD-WAN put into practice: real world examples, warts and all! Recorded: Jul 14 2020 49 mins
    Ben Wheatley, Sr SDWAN Sales Spec.- Paul Hermsen, Sr Systems Eng. Networking -Glenn Williams, SDWAN Domain Specialist. CITRIX
    EPISODE 3. OK, so you’ve heard the stories, seen the adverts and you understand the benefits of Citrix SD-WAN, but it can’t be that easy can it? Yes…and no.

    We host a candid explanation of why planning and communication make everything possible and what to avoid and how best to avoid it.

    We run through some real world examples of the highs and lows, wins and triumphs so you can recognise and mitigate the risks and successfully deploy with as little friction as possible.
  • How to increase employee productivity whilst remaining competitive with SD-WAN Recorded: Jul 7 2020 52 mins
    Ben Wheatley, Senior SD-WAN Sales Specialist, Citrix and Paul Hermsen, Senior Systems Engineer Networking, Citrix
    Episode I. Remaining competitive can only be achieved by being productive, this was a challenge in a normal economy, never-mind what we have had to deal with in 2020.

    We discuss the business drivers behind the next wave of change. How we and some of our customers see the "new normal" and why adopting Citrix SD-WAN will empower your workforce to innovate.

    Featuring guest speaker Daniel Blackman, Head of IT for McLaren Construction Group.
  • Business Continuity: What happens post pandemic? Recorded: Jul 2 2020 59 mins
    Andrew Scott, Sr Mgr. Sales Engineering. Snorre Hansen, Lead Systems Engineering. Guy Hammans, Systems Engineering. Citrix.
    Naturally, there was a rush to get things in place once Covid-19 kicked off. However, now that the dust has settled, to some extent, were some of those decisions that you made good ones now that you have time to reflect on it?

    Here we go over some of the networking options that Citrix can offer and how when it comes to BCP we have you covered.
  • Citrix SD-WAN, an update session Recorded: Jun 30 2020 64 mins
    Jussi Pesonen. Senior System Engineer, Networking. Citrix
    Jussi Pesonen delivers a SD-WAN introduction with a great demo of the core Citrix SD-WAN features and then provides an update of the new features and platforms that we have available.
  • Citrix ADC, an update session Recorded: Jun 25 2020 56 mins
    Nichlas Ströberg, Senior System Engineer, Networking. Citrix
    Nichlas Ströberg delivers an Citrix ADC update, with a few demos from Andrew Scott to cover off pooled capacity in action and what the differences are between the types of license. He then goes on to talk in a bit more detail about the new features that have been added in 13.0 and finishes up having a look at Intent based networking options that are just being released.
  • Citrix ADM a Management Platform to cover Multi-Cloud Deployment Recorded: Jun 23 2020 58 mins
    Terry Hooper. Senior System Engineer, Citrix Networking
    Terry runs through the updates for ADM version 13.0. He covers a number of things including some options for enabling analytics, the revised GUI in the latest release and gives a run through of the Tech Preview that allows you to take a running config and convert it to a Stylebook..
  • Citrix SD-WAN - Work at your best with a secure, reliable SD-WAN solution Recorded: Jun 18 2020 74 mins
    Francois van Deventer - Sr Networking Sales Specialist Citrix South Africa
    Your digital transformation depends on how well your virtual, cloud, and SaaS apps perform - across the enterprise and in branch locations.

    It's time for a secure, high performance, always - available WAN Edge solution that provides exceptional experience and seamless business continuity.

    In this webinar see how Citrix SD-WAN transforms your business!
  • Securing Traffic Flows Across Citrix ADC Recorded: Jun 17 2020 78 mins
    Rónán O'Brien - Citrix Networking System Engineer
    Ronan provides a really detailed walk through of Application security and how adding this layered approach can be applied to an application with infrastructure security.

    This session is a bit longer than an hour, as he had some much to cover, but naturally you can dip in and out as required on this platform.

    Ronan covers, some basic networking security approaches and then adds Web application Firewall and Bot mitigation.
  • Getting your network ready for remote work Recorded: Jun 16 2020 46 mins
    Valerie Di Martino, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, for SD-WAN at Citrix & Derek Thorslund Sr. Director, product management
    A Citrix webinar examining the best-practices, lessons learned, and realities of a remote work world.
  • A 2020 market guide to selecting SD-WAN Recorded: Apr 16 2020 54 mins
    Andrew Leong Director Product Marketing,Citrix & √
    SD-WAN has become top of mind for many enterprise network operations teams as they look to align better to their organizational priorities of building more agility and efficiency. In pondering which technology projects to prioritize for the year ahead, you might be wondering how to justify a transition to SD-WAN. While benefits such as security, support for cloud migration, and improved user experience may be important, not surprisingly the business case is also about dollars and cents.
Ensure Security and Performance in a Hybrid & Multi-Cloud World
Workloads are moving to the cloud, and users require more SaaS applications. Users around the globe need reliable access, regardless of their location. By improving network performance and security, IT gets the visibility and control they need while providing their end users with the experience they demand.

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  • Title: Hybrid MC -unravelling the biggest challenge when moving services to the cloud?
  • Live at: Oct 28 2020 10:00 am
  • Presented by: Justin Thorogood, Mgr. Partner Strategy - Jugraj Singh Lead Systems Engineer, Andrew Scott , Senior SE Mgr. - CITRIX
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