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Solve Strategy Series | Cloud – The Enabler of Innovation

As businesses seek to differentiate in a crowded marketplace, they’re looking to leverage techniques like DevOps and Cloud Native, and innovative technologies like AI, machine learning and analytics. But, to maximize the potential of these game-changing approaches, you need the cloud.

In this roundtable, our panel of tech leaders explores how Cloud is an enabler of innovation.

Topics covered include:
· Misconceptions about cloud native
· The role of people and processes in cloud innovation
· What the future of serverless and containers hold
Recorded Nov 12 2020 52 mins
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Presented by
Tolga Tarhan
Presentation preview: Solve Strategy Series | Cloud – The Enabler of Innovation

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  • Cloud Native Security: Evolving approaches to combat a changing landscape Apr 29 2021 4:00 pm UTC
    Nick Garratt, Principal Architect, Rackspace; Scott Ward, Principal Solutions Architect, AWS
    Traditional approaches to data center security don’t translate well to the cloud. Those who are slow to realize this fact have all too often fallen prey to motivated malicious actors who, by comparison, have been quick to identify the opportunities that the changing technological landscape presents. Misconfigurations, which in a perimeter-secured environment may have represented nothing more than elevated risk, in the cloud can result in the accidental exposure of entire datasets.

    Hyperscale cloud providers like AWS are acutely aware of the security risks their customers face and have provided the tools and approaches at a pace commensurate with the urgency of these challenges. In addition, they have assumed many of these responsibilities themselves with “as-a-service” offers that bolster “security of the cloud.” Nevertheless, “security in the cloud” may seem a daunting prospect for those unfamiliar with this paradigm, and may result in reluctance to transition or transform, which can also be damaging.

    Join us as experts from Rackspace Technology and AWS discuss:

    The continued evolution of cloud security threats
    What the Shared Responsibility Model is and key considerations for implementation
    How to take advantage of AWS native security services within your security strategy, including a high-level look at compliance
  • La Era de la Asistencia - Rackspace Technology & Google Cloud Platform Apr 20 2021 10:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    David Ruiz (Google) & Sergio Muñoz (Rackspace Technology)
    Conoce cómo crear experiencias ágiles para los nuevos consumidores de la mano de Rackspace Technology y Google Cloud Platform.
  • Leveling Up IT Operations for the Cloud Evolution Apr 16 2021 3:00 pm UTC 48 mins
    Taylor Bird, Josh Prewitt
    Join us for "Leveling Up IT Operations for the Cloud Evolution" and learn how a modern cloud support model can help companies evolve into an agile, outcome-focused organization.

    Reserve your virtual seat for this live online event April 16 at 10:00 a.m. CDT. Speakers Taylor Bird, VP of Technology Strategy at Rackspace Technology, and Josh Prewitt, VP, Public Cloud Solutions at Rackspace Technology will discuss the shift in cloud operations, the differences between the traditional and modern operations world and how Rackspace Technology plans to challenge the way providers support organizations.

    Sign up today!

    During this 45-minute discussion, you'll learn:

    • How the cloud and industry has shifted
    • What modern public cloud operations look like
    • How support models need to change
  • Virtual Roundtable | What Your Cloud Strategy May Be Overlooking Recorded: Apr 12 2021 39 mins
    Bill Martorelli
    About this webinar

    Guest speaker, Forrester’s Bill Martorelli busts cloud myths and more as he explores the future of cloud computing in this keynote presentation, covering:

    • Deciding on which cloud technology you use is more of an ‘and’ conversation than an ‘or’ one.
    • Whether they realize it or not (many don’t), most companies are already in a hybrid or multicloud environment.
    • Private cloud supports many cutting-edge cloud technologies, including serverless and containers.
    • Companies moving to the cloud must focus on the whole cloud. That means finding the right cloud for the right workload.

    Following the keynote, Martorelli will be joined by an expert panel for a discussion on the topics raised and private cloud’s role in the future of cloud computing.

    Moderator: Jeff DeVerter, Chief Technology Evangelist, Rackspace Technology


    -Bill Martorelli – Principal Analyst, Forrester
    -Dan Lieberman – Global Solutions Director, Dell Technologies
    -Eric Miller – VP, Private Cloud, Rackspace Technology
    -Taylor Bird – VP, Technical Strategy, Rackspace Technology

    Format: 10-minute keynote, 30-minute panel discussion.
  • Modernizando sus Datos para Evolucionar al Cliente con Tecnologías Emergentes. Recorded: Apr 6 2021 48 mins
    Jeremiah Owyang
    Sobre este webinar.

    A medida que nuevas tecnologías hacen crecer las expectativas de los clientes, las empresas líderes sobresalen adaptando sus modelos de negocio y modernizando sus datos.

    Acompañe a Jeremiah Owvang, experto en innovación y tecnología disruptiva, en esta presentación donde identificaremos las tendencias tecnológicas que impactan el comportamiento de los clientes y los nuevos modelos de negocio que deberá considerar para el futuro.

    En esta sesión con Jeremiah, hablaremos de:
    • Exploración de tecnología con base en investigación de comportamiento de clientes y expectativas (incluyendo IoT, AI y la economía colaborativa/compartida)
    • Historias reales de cómo compañías líderes están capitalizando estos cambios adaptando sus modelos de negocio.
    • Modernización de datos y otras acciones que le ayudarán a mantenerse a la vanguardia a través de tecnologías emergentes.

    Después de esta charla, se incorporará a Jeremiah un panel de expertos para discutir las formas de

    Moderador: Jeff DeVerter, CTO, Solutions, Rackspace Technology.


    - Jeremiah Owyang, Disruptive Tech & Corporate Innovation Expert, Founder, Kaleido Insights & Catalyst Companies
    - Juan Riojas, CDO, Rackspace Technology
    - Nihar Gupta, General Manager of Data Services, Rackspace Technology
    - Bruno Aziza, Head of Data & Analytics, Google Cloud
  • Solve Strategy Series | Data Modernization Recorded: Apr 6 2021 48 mins
    Jeremiah Owyang
    Predicting Your Customer Needs with Modern Data

    As new technologies transform customer expectations, leading organizations are thriving by adapting their business models and modernizing their data.

    Join Jeremiah Owyang, disruptive tech and corporate innovation expert, for a presentation identifying the key technology trends impacting customer behavior, and the new business models to consider as you lead your company into the future.

    Jeremiah’s game-changing session will cover:

    • Common mistakes and misconceptions surrounding data that many companies have.
    • Different approaches to data modernization and strategy, and how to find the approach that works best for your business.
    • How data modernization will keep you ahead of market disruptions triggered by emerging technologies.

    Following his keynote, Jeremiah will be joined by an expert panel for a discussion on adapting your business model to better serve evolving customers with emerging tech.

    Guest Speaker: Jeremiah Owyang, Disruptive Tech & Corporate Innovation Expert, Founder, Kaleido Insights & Catalyst Companies

    Moderator: Jeff DeVerter, CTO, Solutions, Rackspace Technology

    - Juan Riojas, CDO, Rackspace Technology
    - Nihar Gupta, General Manager of Data Services, Rackspace Technology
    - Bruno Aziza, Head of Data & Analytics, Google Cloud

    Format: 10-minute keynote, 30-minute panel discussion.
  • Drive Business Outcomes with Advanced Cloud Security Skillsets Recorded: Mar 25 2021 33 mins
    Chris Stouff, Chief Security Officer at Armor, Rob Jackson, Senior Manager of Product Solutions at Rackspace Technology
    Is your data secure?

    How has the pandemic changed the way you secure your business?

    Join us on March 25that 11:00 a.m. CDT to hear from subject matter experts - Chris Stouff, Chief Security Officer at Armor and Rob Jackson, Senior Manager of Product Solutions at Rackspace Technology about how to “Drive Business Outcomes with Advanced Cloud Security Skillsets”.  During this 30 minute discussion you will hear about:

    Security measures and solutions that need to be put into place today to address a multicloud world.
    What to consider when securing your cloud environments – including the skillsets, technologies, and processes required for success.

    They will also share new total cost of ownership data on how you can put this into practice to manage your ROI.
  • Automating Production Level ML Operations on AWS Recorded: Feb 25 2021 53 mins
    Mark McQuade, Practice Manager, Data Science and Engineering & Daniel Quach, Lead Big Data Architect at Rackspace Technology
    Companies are realizing the value of using ML models to drive better outcomes for their businesses. Harnessing the predictive power of their data with ML models to remain competitive is becoming more critical to business operations, yet 60% of ML models never make it to production. This is due to complications often exacerbated by outdated business processes and the fact that it's not a core competency for typical data science teams.

    In this webinar, we will explore these specific challenges and illustrate how familiar cloud services can be stitched together with MLOps Foundations, enabling rapid development, training, scoring and deployment of models across multiple environments with strong governance and security controls to provide a foundation for successful model lifecycle management.

    What we'll cover:
    - Introduction to MLOps Foundations powered by Model Factory
    - The gap between the Data Scientists and ML Operations
    - The distinction between MLOps and DevOps
    - Architecture patterns necessary for elements of effective MLOps
    - How a “model factory” architecture holistically addresses CI/CD for ML

    Demo that will explore:
    - Quick feedback and traceability for model development
    - ML framework agnostic tooling for packaging of models
    - Platform agnostic continuous/rolling deployment
  • Delivering Your Future on SAP Recorded: Feb 25 2021 52 mins
    Jeff DeVerter, Jason Gates, Kevin Carroll, Rackspace Technology; Bryon Cheng, Dell Technologies
    Hear from technology leaders from Rackspace Technology and Dell Technologies.

    •Ensuring security, scalability and pay-for-what-you-use flexibility
    •Satisfying your organization’s cloud-first or digital transformation initiatives
    •Streamlining delivery and cutting costs by up to 40% like Coinstar did with SAP on Private Cloud

    Rackspace Technology and Dell Technologies are here to help you leverage technology to solve today’s toughest challenges.
  • Transform your businesses with Rackspace Technology Migration Services Recorded: Feb 23 2021 61 mins
    Wilfred Wah ,Advisory Services Senior Program Manager , APJ Rackspace Technology
    As Businesses strive to get more out of their Cloud investments, they want outcome-based solutions that create business value. Modern businesses look to technology to deliver outcomes that can be clearly mapped to real-world value. Being competitive today means being able to do more things – and new things – more quickly, with less friction and risk.

    Whether our customers are optimizing their continuous delivery pipeline, embarking on high profile migrations, or advancing their cloud capabilities – our practical consultative approach helps businesses design and deliver meaningful change.

    Join Rackspace Technology webinar to learn How to
    • Accelerate your move to Cloud.
    • End to End Migration Framework
    • Introduction to Rackspace Migration Journey

    Wilfred Wah ,Advisory Services Senior Program Manager , APJ Rackspace Technology
    Kapil Sharma , Sales Director ,India & Saarc , Rackspace Technology
  • Cloud native application security: Have you covered all your bases? Recorded: Feb 10 2021 43 mins
    Inho Hwang, Lead Solution Architect, Rackspace Technology and Anjali Tyagi, Head of Alliances India , Rackspace Technology
    Security issues are becoming a day-to-day struggle for businesses. Recent trends, side effects of a global pandemic and Security statistics reveal a huge increase in hacked and breached data.
    Data breaches exposed 36 billion records in the first half of 2020 and average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million as on 2020. It’s no longer “Can you afford to invest in security?” it’ is “Can you afford not to?”
    At the same time, a proliferation of innovative new cloud technologies is expanding the perimeter that needs to be secured. While AWS provides a secure infrastructure platform and native security services, what you build on top of it must be secure as well.
    Join us as experts from Rackspace discuss:
    • The continued evolution of cloud security threats
    • What the Shared Responsibility Model is as well as key considerations to implementing it
    • How to take advantage of AWS native security services within your security strategy, including a high-level look at compliance
  • AWS re:Invent re:Cap 2020 Recorded: Jan 14 2021 44 mins
    Mark McQuade, Rackspace Technology, Amir Kashani, Rackspace Technology & Aaron Richmond, AWS
    AWS re:Invent was virtual for the first time ever in 2020 and packed with exciting sessions over 3 weeks! In case you missed the important announcements made about new services and features, Mark McQuade, Practice Manager of Data Science and Engineering at Rackspace Technology, Amir Kashani, VP of Cloud Native Development & IoT Solutions at Rackspace Technology and Aaron Richmond, Manager of Partner SA – Strategic Partners at AWS have curated a re:Invent re:Cap to take you through the key highlights.

    Join us for our webinar where we will be highlighting the top announcements and doing a deep dive into a few of the most interesting new services across Serverless and Containers, Compute, IoT, AI & ML, Analytics, Database, Storage, Security and AWS Marketplace.
  • Rackspace Technology Expanded Services for AWS Recorded: Dec 15 2020 30 mins
    Taylor Bird, VP of AWS Products and Services, Rackspace Technology and Emma Pudney, CTO Rackspace Technology APJ
    After a year of reacting to massive change, IT leaders are now looking more strategically at technologies that will drive a change from traditional to cutting edge transformation in 2021.

    We’re pleased to announce that we are extending our AWS offerings around application modernization, machine learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), containers, and serverless computing to Australia and Asia Pacific customers.

    Join us for a 30-minute preview, to hear about how our new offerings help customers like you modernise and innovate to build new revenue streams, increase efficiency and deliver a superior customer experience.

    Presented by Taylor Bird, VP of AWS Products and Services at Rackspace, and Emma Pudney, CTO Rackspace APJ, the session will cover:

    - An overview of Rackspace’s next generation services
    - Leveraging elastic engineering for flexible, on-demand, utilisation of AWS experts
    - Achieving more with emerging tech such as ML, IOT and Cloud Native Development.
  • Harnessing Cloud-Native DevOps for a Truly Modern Business Recorded: Dec 10 2020 61 mins
    David Van Everen (StackRox), John Capello (Nasuni), Stephane Estevez (Splunk), Matt Sollie (Rackspace) + others TBD
    2020 was a pivotal year for cloud-native, which its promises - agility, innovation, adaptability - more mainstream than ever before. But to take advantage of cloud-native and these benefits, a cloud-native DevOps approach is absolutely crucial.

    Join this panel to learn how a cloud-native DevOps approach can transform your business into one where people and technology work together seamlessly, and where your business is truly modernized.

    Topics of discussion will include:
    - Why cloud-native and DevOps go hand in hand
    - What defines cloud-native DevOps
    - The challenges enterprises face incorporating cloud-native DevOps
    - What benefits cloud-native DevOps bring to organizations and in turn, their customers

    David Van Everen, VP of Marketing, StackRox (Moderator)
    John Capello,VP of Product Strategy, Nasuni
    Stephane Estevez, EMEA Director of Product Marketing, IT Markets, Splunk
    Matt Sollie, Lead Cloud Architect, Rackspace Technology
  • How To Plan a Cloud Migration While Reducing IT Costs Recorded: Dec 10 2020 61 mins
    Moderated by Kapil Sharma , Sales Director
    India's public cloud market stood at Rs 17,000 crore in FY2020 and is expected to grow at about 30 percent CAGR to reach Rs 63,000 crore by FY2025, said in a report by Nasscom .More and more organizations are adopting cloud technologies to gain increased flexibility and agility, to better support modern services and methodologies, and to reduce IT costs. But the journey to the cloud is complex. It features significant technical and business challenges that must be taken into account with any cloud migration strategy.

    To help, AWS and Rackspace Technology offer a structured migration program that provides best practice advice every step of the way – from assessment and planning to migration and cost optimization.

    Join cloud experts from Rackspace Technology for this webinar to discover how best to manage your AWS migration, including how to accelerate and maximize the delivery of its cost benefits.

    Topics covered include:
    · Overcoming common barriers and challenges of cloud migration
    · The pros and cons of image migration versus application-centric migration
    · Understanding the AWS Migration Acceleration Program
    · Building a successful business case for cloud adoption

    Nagesh Subrahmanyam , Partner Solution Architect , AWS
    Mahesh Mohandass , Solution Architect , Rackspace Technology
  • Private Cloud is Dead, Long Live Private Cloud Recorded: Dec 9 2020 31 mins
    Jeff DeVerter, CTO of Products & Services at Rackspace Technology
    It's a common misnomer that computing location is a binary decision. Today's computing landscape is a combination of public, private and even hybrid. In this session, Jeff DeVerter will show that private cloud is still a first-class citizen in this modern computing environment and what it takes for modern IT teams to enable this highly complex yet powerful solution for their workloads.

    In this session you’ll learn about the current use cases for private cloud and how you can make your multicloud environment a source of IT innovation.
  • Solve Strategy Series | How Businesses are using AI and Machine Learning Today Recorded: Dec 9 2020 52 mins
    Jeremy Howard
    Join Jeremy Howard, data scientist and researcher, as he presents a keynote talk on how AI and Machine Learning is being used by businesses today.

    Jeremy will discuss:
    • What are the capabilities and constraints of ML/AI?
    • What are the data, compute, and expertise requirements for ML/AI in practice?
    • What are some examples of successful applications of ML/AI?
    • How can organizations get started with ML/AI?

    Following Jeremy's keynote, he will be joined by an expert panel to discuss his talk and the impacts that AI and Machine Learning can make on businesses.

    Moderator: Jeff DeVerter, CTO, Solutions, Rackspace Technology

    - Kris Skinrak, Global Machine Learning Technical Lead, AWS
    - Peter Coffee, VP or Strategic Research, Salesforce
    - Eric Miller, Sr Director of Technology Strategy, Rackspace Technology
    - Mark McQuade, Practice Manager - Data Science, Rackspace Technology
  • Ask the Experts - News Hour - Delivering your future on SAP Recorded: Dec 1 2020 53 mins
    Jeff DeVerter, Jason Gates, Kevin Carroll, Byron Cheng
    Join us for a live, one-hour Ask the Experts News Hour, “Delivering Your Future on SAP.” You’ll hear from technology leaders from Rackspace Technology and Dell and discover how to:
    •Ensure security, scalability and pay-for-what-you-use flexibility
    •Satisfy your organization’s cloud-first or digital transformation initiatives
    •Streamline delivery and cut costs by up to 40%, like Coinstar did with SAP on private cloud

    Prepare your questions and register now for this online event. Rackspace Technology and Dell are here to help you leverage technology to solve today’s toughest challenges.

    Following this event, Rackspace Technology will donate to global COVID-19 relief efforts.

    Jeff DeVerter, Chief Technology Officer - Solutions, Rackspace Technology (Moderator)
    Jason Gates, Senior Director, Private Cloud & Colo Sales, Rackspace Technology
    Kevin Carroll, Director, Applicaiton Solution Architecture, Rackspace Technology
    Byron Cheng, Managing Director and GTM Leader, Global Alliances

    Submit questions prior to the event by emailing margaret.nadeau@rackspace.com
  • Securing Your Collaboration Technology On Microsoft Recorded: Dec 1 2020 52 mins
    Moderated by Ivan Chan , Strategic Alliance Manager
    The impact of Covid-19 pandemic will be felt longer after the crisis has passed. Closures of offices for non-essential workers , ensuing work-from-home strategies have certainly been disruptive. Companies were forced to support remote employees with little notice and largely succeeded.

    The pandemic has created the storm in terms of security risks for businesses. The volume of possible attacks surfaces has multiplied as a larger remote workforce means greater entry points for cyber criminals. We are also beginning to see the nature of the threat changing, as attackers exploit uncertainty, unprecedented situations, and rapid IT and organizational change.

    Cybersecurity technology and service providers are shifting priorities to support current needs: business continuity, remote work, and planning for a transition to the next normal.

    Join this Webinar by Rackspace Technology and Microsoft, where a panel of experts will discuss how you and your organization can mitigate these risks.

    Key Takeaways:
    • How to Secure the newly implemented Remote Working?
    • Ensure Business continuity of critical Security Functions.
    • Optimization of your Cloud Security.

    Expert Panel :
    Paul Dols , CEO , QS Solution
    Kapil Sharma ,Sales Director India & Saarc , Rackspace Technology
    Mahender Singh , Solution Architect , Rackspace Technology
  • How to Optimize your Cloud Cost on AWS Recorded: Nov 26 2020 59 mins
    Kulbhushan Chand , Head of Partner Solutions Architect AWS , Mahesh Mohandass Solution Architect Rackspace Technology;
    One of the biggest impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic is the destabilization of global markets. As a result, many organizations have renewed their focus on cost reductions as a vital strategic priority. But there’s another way to manage the peaks and troughs of this market: cost optimization.
    Join us for a special webinar to learn how Rackspace can help you optimize costs on AWS. You’ll learn how we can provide you with a clear picture of your current environment, plus uncover savings by making updates to your cloud strategy.

    We’ll share:
    • Tactics for achieving cost and performance optimization
    • An introduction to Cloud Health & Platform Essentials 

    Register today and learn how to build a secure, high-performing, resilient and efficient infrastructure for your applications.
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