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Events Best Practices

In this webinar, we will cover events best practices including:
- Podcasting
- Survey
- Photography
- Social Media
- Infographic
- Ghostwriting
- Syndication
Recorded Oct 24 2019 12 mins
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Presented by
Courtney Kehl & E.T. Mac
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  • Salesforce Best Practices for Marketers Feb 20 2020 5:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    Courtney Kehl and Stacy O'Leary
    The role of a Marketer is to generate interest and create a pipeline to pass on to the sales team. Most marketers are familiar with tools like HubSpot or Marketo, but these tools often fall short in capturing the entire prospect and client lifecycle from interest to closed-won.

    Salesforce is a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) that acts as the swiss army knife of your tech stack. Marketing is just one part of a company’s overall tech stack, and without an integrated CRM, your growing pipeline will quickly become stagnant. A well-established Salesforce Org is the key to monitoring the qualification process, managing prospect/customer communication, and capturing up-to-date data and reporting.

    In this webinar, Stacy O’Leary from Quickly Consulting will discuss best practices for implementing Salesforce within your marketing tech stack.

    What You Will Learn:
    -What Salesforce is and why Marketers need it
    -How Salesforce integrates with other platforms in your tech stack
    -Salesforce terminology and best practices for Marketers
    -How to maintain data quality and integrity in your Salesforce Org
  • Events Best Practices Recorded: Oct 24 2019 12 mins
    Courtney Kehl & E.T. Mac
    In this webinar, we will cover events best practices including:
    - Podcasting
    - Survey
    - Photography
    - Social Media
    - Infographic
    - Ghostwriting
    - Syndication
  • Salesforce Implementation Checklist: 10 Must Do’s in Every New Salesforce Org Recorded: Jul 25 2019 25 mins
    Stacy O'Leary
    Having a great Salesforce implementation strategy from the start is the best way to achieve optimal ROI on your Salesforce investment while building a scalable, long-term solution that your company can use for years to come.

    Join Expert Marketing Advisors and Quickly Consulting to learn what tools are needed to help achieve the best ROI for your business. 5X certified specialist, Stacy O’Leary will take you step-by-step through the process of setting up Salesforce to meet the needs of your organization. With Salesforce specific marketing guidance we are here to help give the best direction for your organization.
  • Event Execution - Get Your ROI and More Recorded: Jun 20 2019 24 mins
    Expert Marketing Advisors
    End-to-End Event Execution: Elevate Physical Events to Digital Success

    Events are a handy tool in a marketer’s toolbox. At the surface, they serve as a great opportunity to get in front of the right target audience, interact with potential and current customers, spread brand awareness, and lead generation. Most businesses focus on the booth look, SWAG, table arrangement, etc. Though those are all important things to focus on, we are here to urge you- Don’t be like most businesses! Take your event beyond!

    In this webinar we will teach you how to extend the life of your event and the depth of your marketing arsenal. Get more leads and better leads than your competitors through our proven end-to-end event execution strategy.

    In this webinar you will learn:
    - Pre-Event, During Event and Post-Event Best Practices
    - How to leverage the event to supplement your Digital Footprint, SEO, SEM
    - Capturing Onsite Event Value to make an impact online for months after the event has ended

    At the end of the day, events are expensive $$$ and though they are a valuable vehicle in generating quality leads, there is more that you can do to get extreme ROI for your business. Join us as we cover big picture event strategies and day-of tactics that will make a big difference in growing your marketing reach.

    About Expert Marketing Advisors: With over 20+ years experience in B2B marketing, we have proven success in the market and in the tech industry. Our team of highly-seasoned experts reach all areas of marketing and bring companies to the next level at a pace your competitors will not be able to match.
  • Creating a Demand Generation Engine Recorded: Feb 6 2019 48 mins
    Courtney Kehl & JoAnne McDougald: Advisors & Co-Founders, Expert Marketing Advisors
    The goal of Demand Gen is to build and nurture key prospect and customer relationships, and the first step in achieving this is having a solid Tech Stack. Once you get the systems in place that support additional investment, you will begin to see results. The upside is that your sales team will get quality leads.

    This webinar will cover:
    Tech Stack creation
    Understanding the buyer and watering holes
    Providing the right content along the buyer’s journey
    Peter Drucker famously said “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” Good marketers make sure reporting and analytics are built from the ground up on a solid foundation that supports sales teams and eventually the business.
  • Marketing Attribution: Uncovering the Truths & How to Get There? Recorded: Oct 4 2018 54 mins
    JoAnne McDougald, Advisor, Expert Marketing Advisors & Deirdre Mahon, Advisor, Expert Marketing Advisors
    Attribution is no easy thing for today's marketeer. Everyone in the business is asking "what's the repeatable sales cycle and number of touches our buyer takes to get a deal over the line". Finance puts pressure on teams to report in near real-time what's working and what's not and without answers budgets are held up. Sales teams need to personalize outbound efforts so they can efficiently engage the buyer but marketing needs to guide what content and what channels work best.

    Navigating the maze of attribution is both a qualitative and quantitative undertaking and unless you have the tech stack fully integrated, you may be missing key pieces of the puzzle. As daunting as it can be there is a step by step approach to follow and over time you achieve clarity. Join this webcast to learn best practice approaches to becoming a fully attributed marketing engine.
Helping You Become Great!
Rather than hiring one person, hire a team of highly-seasoned experts to reach all areas of marketing and bring your company to the next level at a pace that your competition won’t be able to match.

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  • Title: Events Best Practices
  • Live at: Oct 24 2019 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Courtney Kehl & E.T. Mac
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