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DR.. Are You Ready?

It’s 3 am, and you get the call – Nothing is working. Do you pull out your DR plan? Start developing one? Or, stick your head under the pillow and hope it will be alright when you wake up?

What is a DR plan, and what do you need to include in it? We will cover the obvious things, and all the things that you did not think about that are absolutely essential.
Recorded Feb 12 2020 47 mins
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Presented by
Christopher Lowde | Senior Solutions Architect
Presentation preview: DR.. Are You Ready?

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  • Retour sur les cyberattaques récentes, l'AD au centre des attentions Aug 24 2021 9:00 am UTC 53 mins
    Matthieu Trivier
    L’année 2020 et la crise sanitaire ont bousculé nos standards. Les nouvelles méthodes de travail et de production ont démultiplié les opportunités de déstabiliser les entreprises. Le nombre et l’impact des cyberattaques ont explosé, notamment en France, avec une augmentation des ransomwares de 255% par rapport à 2019. Un point commun entre la plupart de ces attaques : l’annuaire Active Directory qui en a été la cible ou le vecteur de propagation.
    Matthieu Trivier, Solutions Architect chez Semperis, vous donne rendez-vous pour vous présenter un récapitulatif des cyberattaques en France ainsi que des pistes d’améliorations de la sécurité de votre Active Directory avant, pendant et après une cyberattaque.
  • Ransomware, Risk and Recovery Aug 10 2021 6:00 pm UTC 43 mins
    Sean Deuby, Director of Services
    Disaster Recovery (DR) strategies have traditionally focused on natural disasters, then expanded into other physical events such as terrorism. Today, cyber weaponization is everywhere, and the "extinction event" is a genuine threat with no respect for geographic boundaries.

    Join us on April 27 for a live webinar co-hosted by Semperis and [PARTNER] about how to quickly recover critical business operations following a ransomware attack. Working in tandem with Dell PowerProtect, Semperis focuses on an often neglected but essential part of the BCDR story: Active Directory recovery.

    Presented by 15-time Microsoft MVP and identity security expert Sean Deuby (Semperis Director of Client Services), this session will cover:

    • Recent cyberattacks that have targeted Active Directory, which is the primary source of identity and access trust for 90% of enterprises
    • Why AD is the cyber kill chain’s weakest link – exploited in virtually every modern attack
    • New “cyber-first” DR technologies automate recovery of complex systems, facilitate recovery to the cloud, and eliminate the risk of reinfection from system state and bare-metal backups.
  • Would Your Organization Fail the Active Directory Security Assessment? Jul 28 2021 6:00 pm UTC 54 mins
    Darren Mar-Elia and Ran Harel
    As cyberattacks proliferate, many organizations are investing resources in plugging holes in their security strategy. But one common attack entry point—also used in the SolarWinds breach—is consistently overlooked: Active Directory. According to results from a new security assessment tool that evaluates security weaknesses in Active Directory configurations, even large organizations with extensive resources are seeing average scores of 58%—a failing grade.

    Where are companies failing in securing Active Directory—and how can you strengthen your AD defenses? Join Microsoft identity experts Darren Mar-Elia and Ran Harel as they walk through the most common weak spots in Active Directory configurations—and how to fix them.
    You’ll come away from this session with a practical checklist of AD vulnerabilities to watch for in your environment, including:

    - Password policies that are inadequate for modern account protection
    - Accounts with elevated privileges in place that haven’t been adequately reviewed
    - Accounts with delegated permissions over Active Directory that have unwanted consequences on AD security that have proliferated over time
    - Weaknesses in Kerberos usage that are increasingly being exploited to gain privileged access
    - Weak Group Policy configuration, which creates a variety of holes that attackers can drive through
  • Future of Microsoft Cloud Services Recorded: Jul 27 2021 54 mins
    Tony Redmond | Owner and Principal at Tony Redmond & Associates
    Now generating more than $60 billion in annual revenues, Microsoft’s cloud services are more wildly successful than anyone anticipated when Microsoft launched Office 365 in June 2011. In this session, we look at the economics, software engineering, ecosystem, and landscape of Microsoft 365 with special attention on the Office 365 workloads. We’ll discuss the reliability and security of Office 365 and the numbers driving Microsoft strategy.
  • Cloud Security: What’s Next? Recorded: Jul 26 2021 45 mins
    Jan De Clercq | Sr Security Architect Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    Cloud security is evolving from a purely cloud infrastructure-focused to a more cloud experience-focused discipline. It is about securing the cloud experience independently of where services are living: on-prem, in a shared datacenter or on the infrastructure of a cloud service provider. Spanning this heterogeneous infrastructure space and providing a simple and unified hybrid security management engine is one of the key challenges. Building this abstraction layer for security management only becomes more important with the recent focus on cloud-native applications and the shift towards serverless and cloudless infrastructures. In this session we will sketch the current cloud security landscape, describe what HPE Pointnext Services thinks it is evolving to and what challenges this will create for organizations.
  • Fixing the Bad for the Good! Recorded: Jul 23 2021 41 mins
    Jorge De Almeida Pinto | Lead Identity/Security Consultant at IAMTEC
    Active Directory (AD) has been around for about 2 decades, and many organizations started using it as soon as it became available, some even earlier. Especially large orgs have Identity Management systems to manage the lifecycle of identities somehow (user accounts, service accounts, computer accounts, other account purposes). AD has evolved and with every new release of the OS, it became more secure. However, that does not mean you are automatically using all of the most secure account settings. It also does not mean you automatically stopped using the least secure account settings. What about passwords? Are your users using weak or compromised passwords, and how do you know? Do users own multiple accounts and are they sharing passwords across accounts they own, and how do you know? Weak settings and passwords (i.e. bad account hygiene) are what the bad guys need to take over your systems, accounts and ultimately your AD through e.g. "lateral movement". Even with large orgs and/or well managed ADs, you'll be surprised of what you will see when you dig in. Although the best option is to go passwordless, or at least decrease password usage, that may not be a viable option for all orgs. So what can you do about all of this? Please join me in this session where I will explain what can be done from a technical and process perspective.
  • A View From the Trenches: Running a SOC on Microsoft Solutions Recorded: Jul 22 2021 49 mins
    Alex Benoit | CEO at Dinext
    The world of cybersecurity is constantly evolving. A few years ago, Microsoft wasn't even considered a security vendor. Today, however, they are one of the top-tier solution providers in the world. Based on the experiences from running a SOC, Alex will shed a light on what it means doing so on top of Microsoft's solutions. You'll get to see the good, the bad, and also some of the ugly sides, illustrated by some cases he saw in the past.
  • The Changing Role of Active Directory Engineers in a Cyber-Resilient Organizatio Recorded: Apr 23 2021 71 mins
    Gil Kirkpatrick and Guido Grillenmeier
    As cyber-attacks increasingly target Active Directory as an initial entry point, the role of AD engineers and architects is rapidly expanding to include security responsibilities. At the same time that AD engineers must secure access to cloud applications, they must also guard against attackers that take advantage of AD configuration errors and Windows vulnerabilities, target user credentials, and try to maintain persistence in on-premises systems. CISOs and other technology leaders are recognizing the need to facilitate cooperation between security and identity teams to ensure secure user access in the age of cloud computing and an increasingly remote workforce. And AD experts should expect to take a more active role in security discussions.

    What you'll learn in this session:

    - How recent cyberattacks are using Active Directory's weak points to gain access to information systems
    - How to stay up-to-date with identity-related security risks
    - How to initiate discussions with security leaders and the C suite to ensure that protecting Active Directory is a core part of the company's overall security strategy
  • Podcast | Breaking Down Identity Updates From Microsoft Ignite with Doug Davis Recorded: Mar 18 2021 25 mins
    Doug Davis | Semperis Senior Product Manager
    Are passwords dead? In this session, Sean Deuby and Doug Davis (Semperis, Senior Product Manager) discuss Microsoft's recent announcements at Ignite about passwordless authentication, a new concept called Temporary Access Pass, increased integration of Hello for Business provisioning, and other initiatives Microsoft is pursuing to shore up security of its products in the wake of proliferating cyberattacks that target authentication services.
  • A CISO Debate: What's the Achilles Heel of Security in 2021? Recorded: Feb 10 2021 66 mins
    Chris Roberts | Hacker in Residence at Semperis
    The adoption of cloud-based applications and remote workforces is rapidly changing the threat landscape, and security leaders have been preparing. But no one could have predicted a global pandemic to dramatically accelerate digital transformation and force businesses to adapt literally overnight. In this time of exceptional turbulence, it's even more critical to come together as a community of peers and exchange ideas.

    Join this conversation with our panel of security experts as they challenge yesteryear's best practices and push towards a safer tomorrow.

    You'll hear from industry CISOs, each bringing unique perspectives, challenges, and solutions to the table. The panel includes:

    Limor Kessem | CISO, CISM
    James Azar | CISO, Confidential
    Evan Francen | CEO and co-Founder, FRSecure
    Chris Roberts | Hacker in Residence at Semperis
  • Podcast | Exploring the Future of Identity Standards with Pamela Dingle Recorded: Dec 10 2020 26 mins
    Pamela Dingle | Director of Identity Standards at Microsoft
    Pamela Dingle, Microsoft Director of Identity Standards and founding member of Women in Identity, joins Sean for an overview of why identity standards are so important, why you should care, and what we’ll be seeing in the future. 

    Host: Sean Deuby @shorinsean
    Guest: Pamela Dingle - Director of Identity Standards, Microsoft @pamelarosiedee
  • Healthcare Security Fireside Chat: NIST, Identity, and Ransomware Recorded: Nov 19 2020 61 mins
    Scott Breece, Community Health Systems CISO and Gil Kirkpatrick, Semperis Chief Architect
    No one can ignore the sharp uptick of hospitals victimized by ransomware. And in healthcare, the stakes are higher. Just last month, a 78-year-old patient at University Hospital Düsseldorf died after a ransomware attack crippled the hospital's IT systems and forced doctors to attempt to transfer her to another facility. It's clear just how physically dangerous cyberattacks can be, but there are no signs of attackers slowing down. Healthcare organizations, both large and small, are in the crosshairs because human collateral pays. All it takes is a user clicking on the wrong link to kick off a deadly campaign. So, what action can defenders take to avoid becoming a victim of ransomware?

    The Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA) provides the framework and practical guidance that helps organizations put identity at the center of their IT security strategy. In this fireside chat, Scott Breece, IDSA Advisory Board Member, and CISO at Community Health Systems, joins Gil Kirkpatrick, Chief Architect at Semperis, for a candid debate about yesteryear's best practices and how to push towards a safer tomorrow. Topics of conversation include the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, managing multiple identity systems in healthcare IT environments, and of course, ransomware.
  • Panel: Future Proofing Identity Security Recorded: Oct 28 2020 52 mins
    Julie Smith, Executive Director of Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA)
    Sean Deuby, host of HIP podcast, sits down with industry experts and a special guest, Julie Smith.

    Julie Smith is the Executive Director of the IDSA, responsible for executing the mission on behalf of the membership and the identity and security community. Throughout her career she has held various leadership roles in technology and solutions companies, including product management, product and solutions marketing and business development. Prior to joining the IDSA, Julie spent 12 years in the identity and security industry with leading vendors and solution providers.

    Siddharth Bhai is a Product Management Lead at Google Cloud. His current focus is to provide product leadership for managed security services, which streamline customer deployments and enable enterprises to focus on the best public clouds have to offer. He has been active in the Identity & Access Management space for over a decade and enjoys working with many Fortune 1000 & emerging companies. He has spoken about Identity & Access Management at major industry conferences, including Directory Experts Conference, Microsoft TechEd, and Google Cloud Next.

    Gil Kirkpatrick is the Chief Architect at Semperis. Gil has been building commercial products for enterprise IT for a very long time, focusing primarily on identity management and security-related products. He has been named a Microsoft MVP for Active Directory and Enterprise Mobility for each of the last 15 years, and is the author of Active Directory Programming, as well as the founder of the Directory Experts Conference.

    Host: Sean Deuby, 15-time Microsoft MVP and HIP Podcast Host. Sean brings 30 years’ experience in Enterprise IT and Hybrid Identity to his role as Director of Services at Semperis. An original architect and technical leader of Intel's Active Directory, Texas Instrument’s Windows NT network, and 15-time MVP alumnus, Sean has been involved with Microsoft identity technology since its inception.
  • New FIDO Authenticator Provisioning Solution for Enterprises Recorded: Oct 28 2020 38 mins
    Stephen Oh, CEO, TrustKey Solutions
    Recently, the industry has been moving away from using passwords since it is known to be the main cause for many security breaches. One of the best Passwordless solutions right now is FIDO2 authentication (called WebAuthn). WebAuthn is based on PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) cryptography technology to be simple, convenient and secure, and proven to be the most effective against phishing attacks. However, as FIDO tries to satisfy conflicting issues such as privacy protection vs maximum security, some FIDO2 features need to be improved for enterprise deployment and use. For example, many enterprises dealing with sensitive data need to ensure the FIDO authenticator is under the enterprise’s total management. In this talk, we present several critical enterprise issues including (1) enterprise attestation, (2) secure firmware control, (3) extended ROE (Restricted Operation Environment) and (4) biometric template integrity monitoring, and our new FIDO authenticator provisioning solution from holistic security approach.

    Stephen Oh is the founder and CEO of eWBM and TrustKey Solutions. eWBM is a fabless semiconductor company specialized in secure MCU (Microprocessor) and TrustKey provides passwordless login as well as revolutionary new IoT device provision solutions called Holistic Security Platform (HSP). eWBM’s secure MS500 is used for a variety of IoT and security applications including FIDO2 external authenticator for TrustKey Solutions, LoRa module, and Industrial IoT devices. Before founding eWBM in 2009, he was a vice president of Samsung Electronics, SLSI Business Unit, where his responsibility is AP (Application Processor) development and business. He was also involved with Gigabit Ethernet Standard (IEEE802.3ab) and ADSL standard (T1.413) while he was with National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments. He received his PhD/MSEE/BSEE from Purdue University.

    [CPE Credits] You are eligible for CPE Credits. Download your Viewing Certificate from BrightTALK.
  • Get the Most Out of Your Active Directory and Google Cloud Recorded: Oct 28 2020 61 mins
    Siddharth Bhai, Product Management Lead, Google
    Microsoft Active Directory is still the standard for authentication, authorization, and auditing of users, groups, and applications in Windows environments. In a multi-cloud world, well-configured access policies are more important than ever. How do you leverage the best of what Google Cloud has to offer while working with the realities of your current AD setup?

    Siddharth Bhai is a Product Management Lead at Google Cloud. His current focus is to provide product leadership for managed security services, which streamline customer deployments and enable enterprises to focus on the best public clouds have to offer. He has been active in the Identity & Access Management space for over a decade and enjoys working with many Fortune 1000 & emerging companies. He has spoken about Identity & Access Management at major industry conferences, including Directory Experts Conference, Microsoft TechEd, and Google Cloud Next. He loves connecting with industry professionals, during and outside of conference sessions.

    [CPE Credits] You are eligible for CPE Credits at some professional associations. Upon viewing the entire webinar, download your Viewing Certificate from BrightTALK.
  • Navigating a Hybrid World from a Device Management Perspective Recorded: Oct 28 2020 61 mins
    Guido Grillenmeier, Chief Technologist, DXC Technology
    Use the cloud, they say. So why don’t we just get rid of our on-prem AD and move everything to the cloud? Especially those computer accounts – should be easy. Ah … your app still needs that drive-letter mounted to your ancient file-service … and simply won’t start after installing the cumbersomely packaged app on a computer that is joined to your Azure-domain? Your user-settings are gone? Sorry … But at least OneDrive is easy to deploy and utilize – basically just enable it for all users … solves all storage problems on its own … until you use it with virtualized clients.  Sound familiar?  In this session, Guido will discuss the challenges most customers face when moving classic on-prem workplace services to the cloud, and how to solve them by properly combining the best of both worlds. 

    Guido Grillenmeier is a Chief Technologist within the Enterprise Services Group at DXC Technology, a company formed in 2017 from the Enterprise Services division of HPE and CSC. Based in Germany, Guido deals primarily with global Windows infrastructure deployments for large enterprise customers and has helped various customers to secure their Active Directory. Guido has often spoken at various technology conferences, including the original NetPro’s Directory Experts Conference (DEC), later called Quest Technical Experts Conference (TEC). He has also been a speaker at various other Microsoft-technology related conferences, such as Microsoft Tech-ED, IT Forum or Windows Connections. In his HP-days, he was part of the Advanced Technology Group and in this role has led the development and delivery for HP's Windows Server 2008 Academies to HP’s own Services division. Guido has been a Microsoft MVP for Directory Services for 11 years. Besides writing articles for technical magazines, Guido is also the co-author of “Microsoft Windows Security Fundamentals” (Digital Press).

    You are eligible for CPE Credits at some professional associations.
  • Securing the Future Now Recorded: Oct 28 2020 43 mins
    Chris Kubecka, CEO, HypaSec & Sean Deuby, Director of Services, Semperis
    Come on a journey in emerging tech and start planning a secure tech future. AI/ML, 5G, 6G, Chemical Printing, 4D Printing and designing a post-quantum world. Learn why it’s so important to fix our endless loop of cybersecurity now, or it won’t be 2020 that kills us but the dangerous tech.

    Chris Kubecka is the founder and CEO of HypaSec offering nation-state incident management, ethical hacking training in IT, IOT, ICS SCADA and expert advisory services to governments. Prior to HypaSec, she headed the Information Protection Group and international intelligence for the Aramco family. Re-establishing international business operations, helping to stabilize the oil market and implementing digital security after the company suffered from the world’s most devastating Shamoon cyberwarfare attacks which wiped out 85% of computer systems and over 35,000 Windows systems which deeply affected the countries of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain. At Unisys, she helped halt the July 2009 second wave cyberwarfare attacks against South Korea during her time advising the company’s flagship customers Danone and Lloyds TSB. A USAF veteran, serving her country both as a military aviator and handling command and control systems for Space Command. Beginning her computer career at the age of five coding but was restricted from using computer systems from the age of ten until eighteen after hacking into the DOJ. Chris combines highly technical skills, ethical hacking, OSINT, strategy, leadership and governance expertise. Presenting at Europol, Interpol, national police, EU/NATO cyberwarfare exercises, DefCon, Black Hat, United Nations, Oxford, Cambridge, OWASP and BSides globally. Author of several technical, engineering and management courses and books Down the Rabbit Hole An OSINT Journey, Hack the World with OSINT and her upcoming book Hack the Galaxy with OSINT.

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  • Panel: Hacking Identity Security Recorded: Oct 27 2020 59 mins
    David Raviv, Semperis
    Join the host David Raviv as he sits down with industry experts and a special guest, Wim van den Heijkant.

    Special Guest:
    Wim van den Heijkant is Co-Founder and Security Consultant at Fortigi and is passionate about Identity & Security. He has worked with clients in Fortune 500 companies and small start-ups across various industries ranging from financial services to critical infrastructure and government. Wim oversaw projects from design to implementation and aftercare in roles as an engineer, developer, architect, and recently CISCO. He's the founder of several IT companies and loves to coach young and eager IT consultants.

    Chris Roberts is Hacker in Residence at Semperis and is considered one of the world’s foremost experts on counter threat intelligence. With increasingly sophisticated attacks on targets of opportunity, Roberts’ unique methods of addressing the evolving threat matrix and experience with all information systems make him an indispensable partner to clients and industries that demand protection of financials, intellectual property, customer data, and other protected information from attack.

    David Raviv is a Senior Technical Account Manager at Semperis. He began his career as an unmanned airplane pilot and officer in the Israeli Air force (IAF), and has worked at various startups including Proofpoint Inc., Optiv, and HYPR providing business and technical sales expertise. Along with passion for enterprise cyber technology and startups, he loves anything that comes with a remote control.

    In 2013, David founded the New York Information Security Meetup, the largest independent security group in the country hosting over 95 live events in NYC. The group now has over 5500 active members. In November 2019 David co-founded the cyber guild a non-for-profit 503C organization to promote work-force in Cyber Security.
  • Attacking and Defending AD Workshop Recorded: Oct 27 2020 49 mins
    Andy Robbins, Technical Architect, SpecterOps & Co-Creator, BloodHound + Darren Mar-Elia, VP of Product, Semperis"
    How do you defend Active Directory, aka the “keys to the kingdom,” if you don’t know where the attacks are coming from? Hackers constantly find new ways to break into AD. In this workshop, we’ll demonstrate real-world attacks that are frequently used against AD, including credential theft, Kerberos-based attacks, Group Policy-based attacks, and ACL attacks. The expert presenters will play out both perspectives: attacker and defender. This is a red vs. blue standoff, so don’t expect a bunch of slideware.

    During this workshop, we will demonstrate:
    -Ways that hackers can exploit AD in every stage of the cyber kill chain
    -Common AD hacking and discovery tools such as Mimikatz, PowerSploit, and BloodHound
    -Proactive steps to identify vulnerabilities in your AD configuration
    -Strategies to harden your AD so that hackers don’t have an easy path to Domain Admins

    Andy Robbins is an active red teamer, Technical Architect at SpecterOpsan and co-author of BloodHound, a tool designed to reveal the hidden and unintended permission relationships in Active Directory domains. He has performed numerous red team operations and penetration tests against banks, credit unions, health-care providers, defense companies, and other Fortune 500 companies across the world. He has presented at DEF CON, BSides Las Vegas, DerbyCon, ekoparty, and actively researches Active Directory security. He is also a veteran Black Hat trainer.

    Darren Mar-Elia, VP of Product at Semperis. A 14-year Cloud and Datacenter Microsoft MVP, Darren has a wealth of experience in Identity and Access Management and was the CTO and founder of SDM software, a provider of Microsoft systems management solutions.

    [CPE Credits] You are eligible for CPE Credits. Download your Viewing Certificate from BrightTALK.

    Andy Robbins, Technical Architect, SpecterOps &Co-Creator, BloodHound
    Darren Mar-Elia, VP of Product, Semperis
  • Windows Group Policy: Powerful Configuration Tool or Hacker’s Best Friend? Recorded: Oct 27 2020 58 mins
    Darren Mar-Elia, VP of Product, Semperis
    What started as a sleepy technology for efficiently configuring 1000s of Windows desktops and servers, has now become a gold mine for attackers looking to expose your security posture and leverage your GPOs as “malware delivery vehicles”.

    In this session, Darren Mar-Elia (the “GPOGUY”) will summarize the nearly 4 years of research he’s done on the various ways attackers are exploiting GP. More importantly, he will break down the key steps you can take to defend your Group Policy environment, and therefore your Windows environment, from abuse.

    During this workshop, we’ll demonstrate:

    -How attackers use Group Policy for reconnaissance
    -How attackers use Group Policy as a vector for malware
    -How you can configure your AD and GPOs to prevent abuse
    -Best practices for managing Group Policy with security in mind

    A 14-year Cloud and Datacenter Microsoft MVP, Darren Mar-Elia has a wealth of experience in Identity and Access Management and was the CTO and founder of SDM software, a provider of Microsoft systems management solutions. Prior to launching SDM, Darren held senior infrastructure architecture roles in Fortune 500 companies and was also the CTO of Quest Software. As a Microsoft MVP, Darren has contributed to numerous publications on Windows networks, Active Directory and Group Policy, and was a Contributing Editor for Windows IT Pro Magazine for 20 years.

    [CPE Credits] You are eligible for CPE Credits at some professional associations. Upon viewing the entire webinar, download your Viewing Certificate from BrightTALK.
Identity-Driven Cyber Resilience
Semperis is the pioneer of identity-driven cyber resilience for cross-cloud and hybrid environments. The company provides cyber preparedness, incident response, and disaster recovery solutions for enterprise directory services—the keys to the kingdom. Semperis’ patented technology for Microsoft Active Directory protects over 40 million identities from cyberattacks, data breaches, and operational errors. Semperis is headquartered in New York City and operates internationally, with its research and development team distributed between San Francisco and Tel Aviv.

Semperis hosts the award-winning Hybrid Identity Protection conference. The company has received the highest level of industry accolades; most recently being named Best Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Solution by SC Magazine’s 2020 Trust Awards. Semperis is accredited by Microsoft and recognized by Gartner.

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