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Perspectives & gaps between theory, practice & industry research in cryptography

In this discussion, Kenny and Yehuda will talk about the different perspectives of cryptographers and cryptography research in academia and industry, and between theoreticians, applied researchers and practitioners.

Kenneth "Kenny" Paterson is a professor in the Institute of Information Security at ETH Zurich, where he leads the Applied Cryptography Group. Kenny is a cryptographer with a focus on bridging the gap between theory and practice, is the Editor in Chief for the IACR's Journal of Cryptology and an IACR fellow.
Recorded Apr 6 2020 57 mins
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Presented by
Yehuda Lindell, CEO & co-founder, Unbound Tech; Kenny Paterson, Professor, Institute of Information Security, ETH Zurich
Presentation preview: Perspectives & gaps between theory, practice & industry research in cryptography

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  • Cyber Security Summit (Dallas) - Cloud Security Panel Recorded: Jun 11 2021 46 mins
    Michael Hughes, Chief Business Officer - Unbound Security
    Watch our panel discussion from the May 13, 2021 Dallas Cyber Security Summit virtual event, where we discussed the threats and challenges of cloud migrations in the Future of Cloud Security panel.
  • The Future of Payment Security: Digital Wallet Edition Recorded: Apr 6 2021 51 mins
    Unbound CEO, Prof. Yehuda Lindell; Global Sales Leader for IBM Systems Digital Assets, Peter Demeo; BRD CEO, Adam Traidman
    Wallet technology is evolving and traditional financial institutions entering this digital arms race to become the financial hub where the consumer begins and ends their day financially. Unlike other digital assets like consumer sales data, consumer behavior data, real time analytics data, etc., -- money has its own set of critical requirements. Regulatory mandates, legal liability, consumer privacy, data security, reliability, and integrity, are all key to customer success – and security and privacy controls cannot be bolted on after the fact with these applications. Security and privacy controls MUST be built in from the inception stage of these projects or waste valuable time and money.

    Join Unbound’s CEO, Prof. Yehuda Lindell, Global Sales Leader for IBM Systems Digital Assets, Peter Demeo, and BRD’s CEO, Adam Traidman to discuss…
    - The payment sector’s unique security requirements
    - How security and regulation intersect in the digital payments industry
    - Approaches to building security into your payment architecture from the ground up
  • Orchestration & Automation: Build Next-Gen Security From Tools You Already Have Recorded: Mar 25 2021 51 mins
    Guy Peer
    View this panel session from Dark Reading's virtual event: Cybersecurity’s Next Wave: What Every Enterprise Should Know, featuring Unbound's VP, R&D, Guy Peer.

    For many enterprises, the challenge of 2021 will not be which new cybersecurity technologies to implement, but how to make their old cybersecurity technologies work better together. In some cases, enterprises are seeking better ways to integrate and orchestrate their disparate security systems. In other cases, organizations seek to better automate the operation of these security tools so that they can detect new threats faster, with less human intervention. In this panel discussion, experts will offer advice on how to make orchestration work in complex IT environments, as well as recommendations on how to automate security tasks and processes.
  • Unifying Diverse Key Stores for Business Recorded: Mar 15 2021 3 mins
    Prof. Yehuda Lindell – world-renowned cryptographer & co-founder/CEO
    Today's cryptographic key management space is extremely fragmented. Unbound CORE virtualizes cryptography to make it modular, interoperable, and flexible to move where your business needs it to.
  • Four Reasons Legacy Key Management Solutions Hinder Business Recorded: Mar 14 2021 3 mins
    Prof. Yehuda Lindell – world-renowned cryptographer & co-founder/CEO
    Today's data environments include dozens of key stores meant to be highly interconnected. Here's why legacy key management solutions fall short of today's standards.
  • Beyond HSM: Key Orchestration for the Enterprise Recorded: Mar 11 2021 60 mins
    Michael Hughes, Chief Business Officer - Unbound Security and Guy Peer, VP R&D and co-founder - Unbound Security
    This CyberRisk Alliance webinar examines how and where organizations are storing encryption keys, how they are managed and the challenges and risks associated. We also review the technical and business considerations for a Key Orchestration platform for the enterprise.
  • Cryptography Deep Dive: Understanding Key Management Risks and Technologies Recorded: Mar 10 2021 94 mins
    Prof. Yehuda Lindell, world-renowned cryptographer & co-founder/CEO, and Guy Peer, VP R&D & co-founder
    Text: Ultimate IT Security's Randy Franklin Smith joins Unbound Security's CEO, Yehuda Lindell and VP, R&D Guy Peer for an in-depth discussion on encryption and the modern applications of cryptography for the prevention of key theft or misuse.
  • Introduction to Multiparty Computation Recorded: Feb 15 2021 88 mins
    Prof. Yehuda Lindell
    In this virtual meetup, Yehuda will give an introduction secure multiparty computation, including examples of how MPC is being used for in practice today.
    This session will be rather technical, but does not require any a priori knowledge of cryptography.
  • Data Protection in Personal Finance: Security Reimagined Recorded: Jan 18 2021 23 mins
    Prof. Yehuda Lindell
    MPC visionary, Professor and Unbound’s CEO Yehuda Lindell talks about how cryptography is transforming the digital landscape. With the recent breaches reported by SolarWinds, Mimecast and Kucoin, it’s time to rethink security and see how solid cryptography can secure personal finance, key management, and data protection in the face of major data breaches in 2020 – both for organizations and end-users alike.
  • Secure Multiparty Computation Recorded: Jan 4 2021 5 mins
    Prof. Yehuda Lindell
    Secure multiparty computation explained and with real world examples by Unbound CEO and world-class cryptographer, Prof. Yehuda Lindell. Watch the video to learn how secure multiparty computation helps solve today's challenges in protecting private data.
  • Enterprise Blockchain: Calls for immediate changes in future implementations Recorded: Dec 6 2020 55 mins
    Rebecca Aspler, Unbound. Omid Malekan , Citi Ventures. Adam Mastrelli, IBM.
    As demand increases for blockchain technology, enterprises have to balance between scalability vs. usability while preserving strict privacy standards. According to Gartner, the demand will only increase with estimates that by 2021, 90% of current enterprise blockchain platform implementations will require replacement to remain competitive, secure, and avoid obsolescence.

    Join us as we discuss the rapid evolution of the blockchain platform market, and how organizations should prepare for the not so distant future.
  • The State of Hybrid and Multi Cloud: Key Management and Applications Challenges Recorded: Nov 17 2020 41 mins
    Unbound Tech’s Chief Business Officer, Michael Hughes and Principal Analyst of Osterman Research, Michael Osterman
    Hybrid cloud and multi-cloud deployments are quickly becoming the most common type of infrastructure among enterprises, but they present a number of security challenges. The most serious challenges include: how to secure these environments against potential threats given the greatly expanded attack surface that they create, and managing the complexities that exist in potentially having to refactor applications.

    To gain a better understanding of how to tackle these issues, we invite you to join Unbound Tech’s Chief Business Officer, Michael Hughes and Principal Analyst of Osterman Research, Michael Osterman, as they discuss:

    • The current state of hybrid and multi cloud deployments
    • The complexities of mission-critical application migration
    • The benefits of centralized key management for any cloud
  • Tales from the Crypt - Cryptographic Asset Security Assurance Recorded: Nov 5 2020 40 mins
    Rebecca Aspler; Seth Melamed; Frank Wiener; Richard Sanders; Stephen Ryan; Marcella Arthur
    The digital asset exchange continues to grow, and with it so does the need for a preemptive, rigorous security strategy that will secure all assets from hackers who work to identify those without the proper security that enables them to obtain private keys to exchange hot wallets.

    The  crypto market is buzzing over the KuCoin breach, with 150M$ user funds compromised and drained away. The Singapore-headquartered digital asset exchange KuCoin detected large withdraws of bitcoins (BTC), and Ethereum (ETH) tokens to an unknown wallet on the evening of Friday, September 25th at 7pm UTC.

    In this video, we host a panel discussion that occurred shortly after the KuCoin breach, made up of the cryptographic experts and innovators who came together to ask the difficult questions, share experiences and provide advice to any organization that relies on key management as their layer of security.
  • The Evolution to Hybrid/Multi Cloud Recorded: Oct 16 2020 30 mins
    Michael Hughes Chief Business Officer, Unbound Tech
    Centralized Key Management for Any Cloud
    As our digital footprint continues to grow in the quickly expanding remote work world, more and more enterprises are being forced to adopt the hybrid cloud vs a singular cloud infrastructure. Developers and solution architects need to reduce the application re-factoring required to move to the cloud in first place, ongoing application maintenance, all while ensuring a proven method of protecting their data, transactions and identifies. Join Unbound Tech’s Chief Business Officer, Michael Hughes to understand the benefits of a cloud agnostic approach that is not limited to traditional BYOK and introduces CYOK (control your own key) – providing enhanced key control without compromising on security and scalability, while vastly improving the shift to any cloud.
  • The Evolution of Authentication Recorded: Oct 5 2020 2 mins
    Unbound Tech
    Come learn how authentication has progressed over the decades as we review the many ways that technology has changed over the years and the impact on authentication methods.
  • The Case for Virtualizing Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) Recorded: Jul 7 2020 55 mins
    Guy Pe'er, VP R&D and co-founder of Unbound Tech; Michael Hughes, Chief Business Officer at Unbound Tech
    Between a global move toward work-from-anywhere and an ever-increasing proliferation of IoT and IIoT devices, HSM is a wired technology for a wireless world. Now, organizations must encrypt everything, everywhere, all the time.

    In this webinar, Unbound Tech’s Chief Business Officer, Michael Hughes, and Co-founder and VP R&D Guy Pe’er, and will discuss:
    + Why hardware-based data protection solutions are slowing teams down
    + What traditional HSMs are, and their advantages and disadvantages in today's mobile environment
    + The case for a virtual HSM (vHSM) model for enterprise – technical and business considerations
  • Full-Scale Machine Identity Protection: A Virtual Case Study Recorded: Jun 11 2020 39 mins
    Paul Cleary, Ecosystem Architect, Venafi; Guy Pe'er, VP R&D and co-founder, Unbound Tech
    Machine to machine communication is growing exponentially in today’s organizations, and that communication must be secured. Organizations rely more and more on their systems to communicate with each other to process critical data. And in an age of increasing cybercrime and security vulnerabilities, protecting the entire network throughout the entire certificate lifecycle is critical. Existing hardware systems, however, are outdated in a largely cloud-based environment; what’s an organization to do?

    In this webinar, Unbound’s VP R&D and co-founder Guy Pe’er and Venafi Ecosystem Architect Paul Cleary will discuss:

    + Why machine identity protection is important, especially in terms of automation, visibility, and intelligence;
    + How Venafi’s Trust Protection Platform protects those identities via a combination of policy enforcement and automation;
    + How protecting the cryptographic keys & certificates which underpin machine identities using Unbound’s Virtual HSM affords greater flexibility over traditional hardware

    In addition, Guy and Paul will provide a live demo of a TPP-vHSM integration. If you’re a security architect or a cryptographic key management specialist, this is one webinar you won’t want to miss.
  • Cryptocurrency Exposure Management: Regulation, Compliance, and Security Recorded: Jun 4 2020 53 mins
    Stephen Ryan, co-founder & COO of Ciphertrace; Rebecca Aspler, Director of Product Management – Blockchain at Unbound Tech
    As digital assets move into the mainstream, regulation and compliance has become more important than ever for custody providers.
    In this fireside chat, Stephen Ryan, co-founder and COO of Ciphertrace, and Rebecca Aspler, Director of Product Management – Blockchain at Unbound Tech, will discuss:

    + Cryptocurrency intelligence – tracing, risk scoring and threat detection
    + AML and anti-fraud as it applies to digital assets
    + Technical enablers to AML and anti-fraud policy enforcement
  • Blockchain Infrastructure for Digital Assets: 5 Companies x 10 Minutes Recorded: May 15 2020 57 mins
    Various companies
    Disrupt Network event from 5/15/20.
    Unbound Tech's Rebecca Aspler discusses secure digital asset management.

    Other speakers include:
    Bitbond (Radoslav Albrecht)
    solaris Digital Assets (Alexis Hamel)
    atpar (Michael Svoboda)
    METACO (Seamus Donoghue)
  • Hacking the Crypto Exchange Market: Regulation and Progress in Japan and Asia Recorded: May 7 2020 60 mins
    Thomas Glucksmann, VP of Global Business Development at Merkle Science; Yehuda Lindell, CEO and co-founder of Unbound Tech
    The digital asset/cryptocurrency exchange market in Japan and Southeast Asia has a long and checkered history of security vulnerabilities – but that reality is changing due to new practices in crypto asset storage.

    Join Thomas Glucksmann, Vice President of Global Business Development at Merkle Science, and Prof. Yehuda Lindell, CEO and co-founder of Unbound Tech, for a fireside chat on:
    + The full story of regulation in Japan – a personal recounting of the Mt. Gox collapse and how it impacted regulation from 2014 until today
    + A full-spectrum analysis of major hacks in Japan, Singapore, and South Korea – and what they mean for exchanges everywhere
    + Internal risk in digital asset exchanges, and infrastructure-based workarounds.
Cutting-edge key protection techniques for enterprise and blockchain
Learn about enterprise key management, blockchain key management, and cryptography from the cryptographic experts.

Unbound Tech serves Fortune 100 companies with their cryptographic key management needs - and we're backed by world-renowned experts. Our co-founders, Prof. Nigel Smart and Prof. Yehuda Lindell, have taken what was once deemed impossible: taken the academic theory of multi-party computation and turned it into a hardware-free, FIPS-ceritifed security platform for businesses of all kinds.

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  • Title: Perspectives & gaps between theory, practice & industry research in cryptography
  • Live at: Apr 6 2020 1:00 pm
  • Presented by: Yehuda Lindell, CEO & co-founder, Unbound Tech; Kenny Paterson, Professor, Institute of Information Security, ETH Zurich
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