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The Best Known Methods on Upgrading Microsoft Exchange

Wondering why you need to upgrade your Microsoft Exchange and how to perform a smooth migration? Then this webinar is for you, join long time Exchange Server MVP & Microsoft UC Specialist, Jaap Wesselius where he will deep dive into technical aspects of upgrading Microsoft Exchange, showcase reference architectures and provide options that will help you with the upgrade planning and implementation.


- The impact on Active Directory
- The way clients access the Exchange environment
- The demise of traditional MAPI and the use of Mapi/Http
- Migrating Public Folders and changing mail flow
Recorded Jun 17 2020 37 mins
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Presented by
Jaap Wesselius, Exchange Server MVP & Microsoft UC Specialist
Presentation preview: The Best Known Methods on Upgrading Microsoft Exchange

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  • Choosing a Load Balancer: A Buyer's Guide to Success Sep 27 2021 5:00 pm UTC 57 mins
    Frank Yue, Principal Application Experience Architect at Kemp
    It can be challenging to navigate the feature functionality and support requirements one needs to meet when selecting the right load balancing solution for their network. This webinar provides a step by step guide to help navigate users through the process of understanding their application requirements, identifying their load balancing needs to meet these requirements, and selecting the right set of features to optimize application experience [AX].

    We will be reviewing the following requirements:

    - High availability
    - Security
    - User authentication
    - Network visibility

    This webinar discussion will help users determine what is important for their organization and make the right choice for their specific needs. Webinar attendees will receive a buyer's guide and worksheet to assist them in selecting the most optimal load balancing solution for their network.
  • Using Load Balancing to Bridge Hybrid IT Components Sep 21 2021 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Frank Yue, Principal Application Experience Architect, Kemp
    We are inundated with messaging about cloud only architectures, but the reality is that we need to learn to have networks that bridge private data centers, public clouds, and private clouds all working together. That means applications need to look and feel ubiquitous across the different environments. The end user should not know or care whether the application is in the public cloud or in a private software-defined data center (SDDC).

    This hybrid cloud environment brings many design and operational challenges. One of the most important lessons we can learn is to use consistent technologies and work towards a common operational view to support the IT architecture. Load balancing is a key component of the application delivery architecture and the right solutions can provide the bridge across the hybrid IT components.
  • Cloud Market Overview Q&A with ESG & Kemp Sep 20 2021 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Mark Bowker, Senior Analyst - Cloud, Mobility & Security, ESG & Jason Dover, VP Product Strategy, Kemp
    The usage of public cloud services is pervasive as 78% of organizations currently use public cloud services. This dynamic is creating urgency for IT adapt as 45% of organizations take a cloud-first approach to new application deployments. Businesses also aspire to embrace cloud services but are also aware of current data center reality.

    As the gap continues to widen between rapid cloud innovation and enterprise reality, ESG will share how organizations continue to try to strike the balance between cloud native and legacy infrastructure. Learn how IT operations remains challenged on how to build, maintain, and operate a developer-ready infrastructure without impacting developer velocity while planning the future of monolithic applications by attempting to embrace new cloud native architectures.

    ESG will highlight how future applications will be architected to include cloud services interconnected to existing IT infrastructure investments, and how distributed cloud is designed to provide a connected ecosystem of cloud services, developer-ready infrastructure, and legacy IT that provides consistent operations for both cloud native and legacy applications
  • 5 Reasons Kemp Flowmon is Better for Security than Cisco Stealthwatch Recorded: Aug 19 2021 60 mins
    Filip Černý, Product Marketing at Kemp & Frank Yue, Principal Application Experience Architect at Kemp
    Cisco Stealthwatch, now called Cisco Secure Network Analytics, is a popular network detection and response (NDR) solution, but it may not be the best choice for your network. Learn how Cisco Stealthwatch works and understand why solutions like Kemp Flowmon use different technologies to deliver a better solution with an attractive ROI.

    In this webinar, you will:

    - Better understand the available NDR technologies
    - Learn how Kemp NDR compares to Cisco NDR
    - See the benefits of the Kemp Flowmon technology
  • Optimizar la supervisión y el diagnóstico del rendimiento de su red y servicios Recorded: Aug 17 2021 57 mins
    Dave Rendon, Solutions Architect, Kemp & Microsoft Azure MVP
    La detección exitosa de amenazas implica un enfoque de múltiples capas que requiere las herramientas, los métodos y los enfoques adecuados.

    Con los componentes básicos adecuado, incluyendo una solución "Network Detection and Response"(NDR) escalable, las organizaciones pueden tener éxito en la detección y prevención de vulnerabilidades extrayendo la información de la red.

    En esta sesión aprenderá:

    - Ayudar a su equipo de TI a detectar rápidamente problemas antes de que afecten su organización.
    - Obtener análisis avanzados del estado de su red y servicios
    - Detectar vulnerabilidades rápidamente y optimizar su investigación y respuesta.
  • Manage security threats with MITRE ATT&CK Framework Recorded: Aug 12 2021 28 mins
    Frank Yue, Principal Application Experience Architect at Kemp & Filip Černý, Product Marketing at Kemp
    Cybersecurity threats are affecting us every day. Unfortunately, many businesses do not have all the necessary tools and knowledge to easily see and identify them in their network. When an IT security problem occurs, it is often a firefight with people scrambling to determine what is going on, the impact, and ultimately, the root cause of the problem.

    Learn about the tools you can use to gain visibility within your network to help streamline how you manage and protect your assets. Give your NetOps and SecOps teams the right knowledge to effectively work together to identify and mitigate IT threats.

    4 benefits for attendees:

    1. Learn about the right approach to gain visibility for a secure network environment

    2. Understand the values of the Security Visibility Triad and MITRE ATT&CK framework

    3. Discover how you can use Network Detection and Response to your benefit

    4. Hear some real use case scenarios utilizing this approach
  • Integrating Kemp Load Balancing with Kubernetes Recorded: Jul 14 2021 52 mins
    Frank Yue, Principal Application Experience Architect at Kemp & Barry Gleeson, Product Manager at Kemp
    Join us for a technical dive into how Kemp LoadMaster load balancers can easily be integrated into your Kubernetes environment. Learn about the Kemp Ingress Controller and its ability to work in Service Mode and Ingress Mode. We will show how the load balancer can bring the hybrid environment together with container and monolithic instances of the application components. Discover how advanced capabilities like edge authentication and web application firewall can be brought into your Kubernetes environment.

    Highlights include:

    - Demonstration of easy installation and configuration
    - Kemp Ingress Controller Service Mode and Ingress Mode explained
    - Managing Hybrid Applications
    - Advanced features
    - Auto-Scaling of Service
  • 6 Reasons You Need to Replace your F5 Load Balancer Recorded: Jun 23 2021 62 mins
    Frank Yue, Principal Application Experience Architect at Kemp
    You may be using F5’s BIG-IP load balancer, but did you know that it is probably not the best fit for your situation? Your project requirements are different from what the F5 product can do. There are features you are paying for but do not use, and there are things you wish your F5 product could do. High price tags and complex feature lists do not translate to a superior solution.

    Attend this webinar to learn the truth about F5 and why other solutions are often better suited for your application delivery and visibility needs. Get an updated perspective on the competitive load balancing landscape and gain visibility into your load balancing choices.
  • How to Simplify Kubernetes with Load Balancers Recorded: May 26 2021 58 mins
    Frank Yue, Principal Application Experience Architect, Barry Gleeson, Product Manager & Roy Dunican, Platform Ops at Kemp
    Kubernetes manages the microservices in a container environment, but how do you manage the overall application delivery? Load balancers are still needed for application availability, scalability, and security. The integration of load balancers into your Kubernetes environment can simplify the management of your application while maintaining the optimal application experience that you are looking for.

    In this panel discussion, you will learn:
    • How does publishing an application differ when using Kubernetes versus traditional applications?
    • How does Network Operations change with Microservices?
    • What are the benefits of integrating load balancers into the microservices ecosystem?
  • How to Detect Ransomware in your Network Recorded: May 11 2021 61 mins
    Frank Yue, Principal Application Experience Architect & Michael Merta, Business Development Manager, Kemp Flowmon
    Do you know that your network is under attack every 39 seconds? Do you know that it takes an average of 300 days to detect a ransomware attack or data exfiltration? The ever-changing nature of ransomware oftentimes allows it to slip under the radar of the perimeter, bypass end-point security, and get lost in a bunch of false positives or hide in blind spots in network visibility. That is why it is crucial to detect ransomware at an early stage and act before it harms your organization.

    Join this webinar to learn:

    - How NDR and NPMD solutions address these security issues and enable organizations to proactively protect themselves
    - Discover what a common ransomware scenario looks like from the attacker's perspective
    - Learn how Kemp's Flowmon solutions are able to detect the ransomware attack several times during its deployment, using a combination of AI, Machine Learning and behavior patterns
  • How to Identify and Fix Application Problems with Kemp's Network Telemetry Recorded: Apr 22 2021 58 mins
    Frank Yue, Principal Application Experience Architect at Kemp
    Applications are the core purpose of our IT architectures. All businesses want to deliver an optimal application experience [AX]. Kemp’s Network Telemetry provides valuable insight to discover and correct the problems that your applications are experiencing.

    Kemp has taken application experience [AX] to the next level by incorporating the network performance monitoring and diagnostic (NPMD) capabilities of its Flowmon Network Telemetry solution with the LoadMaster load balancer/application delivery controller (ADC).

    The addition of Network Telemetry provides in-depth application performance insights and proactive IT infrastructure monitoring across the entire application delivery chain. This provides a single pane of glass with which you can quickly and proactively ensure your business-critical applications are being delivered in the most optimized way that your infrastructure allows, whether it resides on-premises or in the cloud.  

    In this webinar we're covering:

    - What is wrong with today’s application experience [AX]?
    - An overview of Network Telemetry
    - Demo of Network Telemetry in action
    - How can we implement Network Telemetry?
  • Load Balancing 101 - What is a load balancer? Recorded: Apr 15 2021 61 mins
    Frank Yue, Principal Application Experience Architect at Kemp
    Load balancing is a key technology to deliver the application experience [AX]. Load balancing prevents application downtime and helps enable an optimal client experience. Join us to learn what load balancing is and how to benefit from the technology in your IT architecture. Learn from the load balancing basics to complex algorithms as we discuss the breadth and value of load balancing technology.
  • 4 Key Application Experience Monitoring Technologies that You Cannot Ignore Recorded: Mar 25 2021 50 mins
    Frank Yue, Principal Application Experience Architect & Filip Černý, Product Marketing Specialist at Kemp
    Application experience [AX] has a direct impact on revenue. Building the application delivery environment is not enough. In this webinar, learn how NPMD & NDR technologies can assist your application experience management.

    We will discuss the challenges of application experience management and look at some real-world use cases that use 4 key technologies to help optimize their users’ AX.
  • Improve Security & Decrease Deployment Risks with Global Server Load Balancing Recorded: Feb 25 2021 52 mins
    Benjamin Hodge - Principal Technical Advisor at Kemp
    Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) provides multi-site business continuity and optimized geographic-based redirection of traffic for the best application experience. In the event of a service disruption or the need to scale capacity, mission-critical traffic is seamlessly redirected based on predefined policies to minimize impact and the need for manual intervention. IP Reputation and DNSSEC protect your applications from common threats like DDoS attacks and DNS cache poisoning.

    In this webinar you will learn about how to use GSLB to:

    - Increase Security Incident Response through DDoS Mitigation by setting up poisoned DNS responses (ie fake IPs) for specified regions.

    - Redirecting an Attacker to a Honeypot - when you detect an intruder in your network you don’t always want to kick them out! Why?

    - Reducing Deployment Risk and ensure no downtime to users and applications.
  • Streamline Network Detection and Response to Cyber Threats Recorded: Feb 2 2021 62 mins
    Frank Yue, Principal Application Experience Architect & Artur Kane, Head of Flowmon Product Marketing at Kemp
    Technology shifts towards mobile, cloud, and remote enablement have created a new attack surface and intensified pressure on security practitioners to properly defend critical assets. When 90% of the time needed for incident resolution is usually spent on trying to figure out if indeed there is a problem, it is challenging to keep pace with threats capable of bypassing perimeter and endpoint security.

    Security practitioners now more than ever before seek for fast and precise answers when facing more elusive, ever-changing threats.

    In this webinar we will:
    - Discuss how to seal the gap between endpoint and perimeter protection
    - Introduce a machine-learning engine that covers visibility gaps, reveals malicious behaviors, attacks against mission-critical applications and data breaches at any point of the threat lifecycle
    - Teach you to respond to breaches and attacks before business values are harmed
  • 5 Reasons to Replace Citrix ADC Load Balancing with Kemp Recorded: Jan 28 2021 56 mins
    Frank Yue, Principal Application Experience Architect at Kemp
    Sometimes, Citrix ADC, formerly Netscaler, the load balancing component within Citrix environments and as a standalone application delivery controller (ADC) is not the best solution for your business needs. Kemp shows how the Citrix ADC platform can be overly complicated, straining the resources of your IT organization while frustrating your cost-cutting CFO at the same time.

    Learn how Kemp load balancing solutions can integrate into Citrix VDI environments and how they are better suited for your general application load balancing needs.
  • Cloud Native vs. Kemp Load Balancers; how do they differ? Recorded: Nov 19 2020 61 mins
    Frank Yue, Principal Application Experience Architect at Kemp
    Have you found yourself wondering "What is the difference between cloud native and third party load balancers?" If so, then this webinar is for you as we will share the pros and cons of cloud native load balancers and how in the long term a third party load balancer like Kemp can be a better alternative for your needs.

    The webinar will cover these main talking points and will help you to understand why it is not always the best choice to use built-in offerings from public cloud providers:

    • Cloud load balancer feature sets
    • Pricing and associated costs
    • Comparison to third party solutions like Kemp
  • Don't use the F* Word: Up your Game with Kemp Load Balancing Recorded: Oct 6 2020 52 mins
    Frank Yue, Principal Application Experience Architect at Kemp
    F5’s BIG-IP may be one of the more well-known load balancing products available, but that does not mean it is the best suited for your IT needs. In fact, what your project needs is probably very different from what you are getting. Attend this webinar to learn the truth about F5 and why solutions from Kemp are often better suited for your application delivery needs. What you need and what you get are often two very different lists. Do not assume that high price tags mean superior solutions. Expect an eye-opening and engaging view behind the curtains of load balancing.
  • A Buyer's Guide to Load Balancing in the Cloud Recorded: Aug 31 2020 47 mins
    Nicolas Blank, MVP and Group CEO at NBConsult & Frank Yue, Principal Application Experience Architect at Kemp
    Everyone is moving to the cloud, but why? The cloud has advantages such as elasticity and agility to help enable the optimal application experience [AX]. Load balancing is a key technology to enable cloud benefits. What does it mean to load balance in the cloud? Understand different strategies such as multi-cloud and global redundancy. When do different methods make sense and at what cost? Learn about the value of load balancing technologies and how to best select the architecture for your environment.
  • Leveraging Object Storage to Accelerate Your Business – Kemp & Dell Recorded: Jul 21 2020 63 mins
    Jason Dover, VP of Product Strategy at Kemp and Mark Guerrera, Global Field CTO – UDS Object Storage at Dell
    Today’s competitive business landscape requires organizations to build and maintain an infrastructure that allows them to be agile, respond quickly to internal and external requirements and enable capabilities to scale. Additionally, taking advantage of proven application modernization techniques can be leveraged to provide businesses with a competitive edge. One area where this is especially relevant is in choosing the right storage strategy that enables protection and access to one of the most powerful resources of every organization – data and intelligence. In this webinar hosted by Kemp and Dell EMC, we’ll dive into the topic of Object Storage, explore the business objectives that it supports and how you can build a scalable infrastructure that increases the productivity of your organization.


    - What is Object Storage and why it’s needed
    - Dell EMC ECS vs. other object storage options
    - Ensuring availability, resilience and business continuity
    - Most common use cases
    - Suggested customer playbook
Powering the Always-On Application Experience
Kemp powers the secure, always-on application experience [AX] that enterprises and service providers demand. Kemp’s load balancing, network performance monitoring, and network detection and response solutions deliver maximum value through simplified deployments, flexible licensing, and top-rated technical support. Kemp is the world’s most-popular application experience solution with more than 100,000 deployments in 138 countries.

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  • Title: The Best Known Methods on Upgrading Microsoft Exchange
  • Live at: Jun 17 2020 5:00 am
  • Presented by: Jaap Wesselius, Exchange Server MVP & Microsoft UC Specialist
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