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The London Market: Square Pegs, Round Holes and Broken IT Promises

The advent of Covid-19 has presented Lloyd’s and the London market with a myriad of different challenges. One of those is the ability of carriers and brokers to continue to provide a first class service to their clients and customers during this crisis while working remotely.

A dispersed workforce has also sparked a wider debate about why some essential business processes still rely upon antiquated practices that require manual input. Even before Covid-19, the right application of technology to key business functions was separating winners and losers in the global re/insurance industry.

Top performers have been making efficiency savings and replacing repetitive mundane tasks using automation and straight through processing techniques. Enabling their workforce to focus on more complex tasks.

But how do we begin aligning business problems to the latest technological buzzwords and practices to ensure we deliver desirable outcomes that also accommodate the ‘new norm’ post Covid-19

If I want to assess risk with more granularity and price more accurately, should I automatically be considering machine learning? In supporting my claims processes more efficiently should I be looking at voice technology and smart assistants?

Furthermore, what emerging technology should I be considering? What are the limits of these technologies, how quickly can they be implemented and where should I be thinking about applying them? Is one of the problems the market faces the perception of IT itself?

Hear from an expert panel on how to ensure you approach key business challenges with the RIGHT technology for the job.

Speakers include:
-Rachel Dalton, Senior Reporter, Insurance Insider (Chair)
-James Livett, Associate Director, LIIBA
-Peter Mungeam, Managing Director of Advisory, r10 Consulting
-Daren Rudd, CTO and Chief Architect, CGI
-Paul Wishman, Vice President, Insurance, CGI
Recorded May 19 2020 47 mins
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Presentation preview: The London Market: Square Pegs, Round Holes and Broken IT Promises

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  • Preparing for the next cyber catastrophe - Understanding your cyber supply chain May 27 2021 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Insurance Insider
    - Brittany Baker, Director of Technical Sales, CyberCube
    - Devin Page, Head of Specialty Reinsurance, Hiscox Re & ILS
    - Brent Rieth, U.S. Practice Leader, E&O/Cyber Broking - Cyber Solutions, Aon
    - Rob Jarvis, head of ERM, Tokio Marine Kiln
    - Shawn Moynihan, US Head of Editorial, Insider Engage (Moderator)

    Discussion points:
    * Recent headline cyber risk events (MS Exchange, SolarWinds, cloud service attacks), and how these have pushed these exposures to the front of mind for organisations
    * How the extent of tech dependencies businesses are now reliant on for day-to-day operations can make them vulnerable to cyber attacks
    * For insurers/reinsurers: how/why cyber underwriting risk must be spread in portfolios; how carriers cab avoid becoming over-exposed to a potential “cyber cat” event?
    * How cybersecurity experts identify and mitigate exposures that the “public” doesn’t see
    * How underwriters can better assess cyber exposures; what do they need to know, to effectively de-risk portfolios?
    * How data and analytics can be leveraged to reduce exposure to catastrophic cyber risk losses
  • A hard market requesting higher transparency and more proactiveness Recorded: Apr 28 2021 66 mins
    Insider Engage
    Cyber Insurance 2.0: A hard market requesting higher transparency and more proactiveness

    Take part in an open conversation about current trends in the cyber insurance market, the changing threat landscape and need for an altered approach when underwriting cyber risks.

    In this session, we will discuss drivers behind the changes in rating and loss trends in the cyber insurance market, new approaches to underwriting and risk management, internal alignment around the communication of cyber exposures, the mismatch between cyber threats and some organisations’ defences, and resilience and responsiveness in the face of cyber attacks.

    ➤Jean Bayon de La Tour, Head of Cyber, Continental Europe, Marsh
    ➤Stuart Davis, Director Services, EMEA, CrowdStrike
    ➤Marko Polunic, Director of Business Development, EMEA, CrowdStrike
    ➤Elizabeth Pfeuti, Financial Journalist at Rhotic Media (moderator)
    ➤Brian Warszona, UK Cyber Deputy Practice and Business Development Leader, Marsh

    Key takeaways:
    ➤ Cyber insurance: the current state of the cyber market, drivers behind hardening rates, impact of ransomware, loss trends and claims data
    ➤ Changes in the cyber underwriting process, including the need for greater transparency and a more proactive approach to cyber security on the part of insureds
    ➤ The communications gap: raising awareness with organisations on cyber risks, through discussions between the CISO & CFO, the head of legal and the wider risk management function
    ➤ The changing threat landscape, including new techniques used by actors to carry out cyber attacks
    ➤ Prevention strategies around MFA, RDP, EDR, zero trust and backups
    ➤ Effective response to cyber attacks and ways to reduce the frequency and severity of claims
    ➤ Support that can be provided to make companies more proactive in their cyber resilience
    ➤ Effect on cyber rating and coverage of improved preparedness
  • Insider Progress - Time to Talk: Breaking Down Workplace Stigmas Recorded: Feb 9 2021 74 mins
    Catrin Shi, Managing Editor, Insurance Insider
    This February, Insider Progress invites you to take part in an open conversation about topics that carry stigma in the workplace and beyond.

    In this session, we will discuss how companies can create a supportive environment for employees who may be dealing with pressures not visible on the surface, so they can be open about their challenges and fulfil their potential at work.

    We will be focusing on mental wellbeing, particularly drawing on men's mental health, the stresses experienced by those with caring responsibilities and the impacts of menopause.

    At Insider Progress we have provided a safe space to encourage an open and frank conversations to take place, so please do join us on Tuesday, 9th February 2021 as we discuss important topics such as:

    - The stigma of men's mental health and the damaging impact this has
    - Who counts as a 'carer'? What impact do caring responsibilities have on carers?
    - Navigating the change in working environments and personal lives since the start of Covid
    - How menopause impacts the everyday and working lives of women, and challenging the preconceptions around menopausal women
    - Taking the time to reach out to people virtually and ways to do this effectively

    Speakers include:
    - Valerie Badcock, Director of Operations, Guy Carpenter
    - Joanna Bedford, Carers Service Coordinator, St Joseph's Hospice
    - Mary Bowie, Senior Legal Counsel, Miller
    - Kathryn Colas, Founder, SimplyHormones
    - Lauriel O’Neill, AIG Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for UK and EMEA
    - Andrew Ross, Global Markets Vice President, ​Acrisure
    - Catrin Shi, Managing Editor, Insurance Insider (moderator)

    Sponsors: American International Group (AIG), Guy Carpenter, HFG

    Date & time: Feb 09 2021 15:00 GMT
  • Insuring Ambition: Winds of Change: The Emergence of US Offshore Wind Recorded: Jan 4 2021 47 mins
    Insurance Insider
    The fifth and final episode of our 'Insuring Ambition' podcast series, in association with Travelers Syndicate, is now available. Listen to 'Winds of Change: The Emergence of US Offshore Wind' for discussions* on:

    - How the post-Covid economic rebuild will favor green investment
    - The benefits of a resurgence in US interest at this point of the R&D curve
    - Constraints and insurance considerations
    - Growth expectations and job creation in renewables

    Speakers include:
    - Jonny Atkins, Underwriter - Renewable Energy, Travelers
    - Paul Lowrie, Partner, Clyde & Co
    - Tom Nooth-Cooper, Underwriter - Renewable Energy, Travelers
    - Charlie Thomas, Content Director, Insurance Insider

    *This episode was recorded on December 15th.
  • Cyber Security: Is this the coming-of-age moment? Recorded: Dec 9 2020 63 mins
    Insurance Insider
    With the ever-evolving digital state of our world and work, cyber-attacks and data breaches are growing at an exponential rate. Conversations surrounding cyber security rarely ever get to the heart of the issue meaning that practical solutions are often not addressed in an effective way.

    We will be joined by industry-leading experts who lead the charge in managing and reducing cyber security breaches by incorporating cyber security into the fibres of their business strategy.

    Our panellists include:

    - Charlie Thomas, Content Director, Insurance Insider (moderator)
    - Roger Francis, Cyber Claims Director, CFC Underwriting
    - Sharif Gardner, Head of Training and Advisory Services, AXIS Global -Cyber and Technology
    - Alex Jomaa, Cyber Underwriter, Tokio Marine Kiln
    - Richard Lush, Vice President Cyber Operational Security, CGI UK
    - Fabian Willi, Senior Cyber Solutions Manager at Swiss Re
    - Paul Wishman, Vice President - UK Financial Services at CGI

    Up for discussion:

    - What new technologies are emerging which could have an impact on cyber security (good or bad?)
    - Is there a standardised procedure for assessing cyber risk? Should there be?
    - What are insurers looking for cyber security-wise when pricing a cyber risk?
    - Ransomware is a growing threat – how is the risk evolving and can cyber security/insurance keep up with the hackers?
    - How can insurance and cyber security vendors work together for a better client outcome?

    Date: Wednesday 9 December 2020
    Time: 3:00 - 4:00pm (GMT)
    In association with: CGI
  • U.S. Wholesale: Opportunities in E&S​ Recorded: Dec 3 2020 63 mins
    Inside P&C
    In 2019, we successfully launched Inside P&C to provide unparralled market intelligence on the entire US P&C insurance market - covering everything from big-ticket commercial insurance to personal lines.

    With the help of rapid-fire news alerts, our readers have been able to keep their finger on the pulse of the sector. Fast forward to the end of 2020, we're taking things to the next level.

    Introducing the first Inside P&C webinar, U.S. Wholesale: Opportunities in E&S​. Register free today.

    Date: Thursday 3 December 2020
    Time: 10:00am - 11:00am (EST)

    - James C. Drinkwater, President, AmWINS Group, Inc and AmWINS Brokerage
    - Dawn D'Onofrio, CEO & President, WKFC & CorRisk
    - Jane Peterson, Chief Underwriting Officer, Markel Specialty
    - James Thaler, News Editor, Inside P&C (moderator)
    - Tim Turner, Chairman and CEO, RT Specialty

    Up for discussion
    - Is the E&S market well equipped to capitalise on the significant uptick in submissions?
    - What the key factors driving growth in the wholesale and E&S market? (New and emerging risks, capacity crunch, hardening rates, Covid-19, social inflation etc)
    - Is this a short-term trend or will we see a more permanent shift in market participants using the wholesale E&S market to place risk?
    - How are brokers navigating the current capacity crunch?
    - How many newcomers will remain enthusiastic about writing E&S business through inevitable market fluctuations?
    - Where do the big opportunities in wholesale and E&S lie in 2021?
  • Insuring Ambition: Beneath the surface: Uncovering Ports and Terminals insurance Recorded: Nov 10 2020 53 mins
    Insurance Insider
    Episode four of our Insuring Ambition podcast series in association with Travelers Syndicate is now available. Listen to 'Beneath the surface: Uncovering Ports and Terminals insurance' for discussions on:

    - What port and terminal insurance is
    - The amount of premium volume covered and the size of the market
    - Current market conditions and the challenges affecting the insured
    - What large losses are teaching the market
    - Future-proofing port and terminal insurance

    Speakers include:

    - Neil Bridge, Underwriter - Ports and Terminals, Travelers
    - Andrew Farrant, Senior Underwriter - Ports and Terminals, Travelers
    - Julien Hubbard, Director, Tysers
    - Ashley Stewart, Senior Risk Control Consultant, Travelers
    - Charlie Thomas, Content Director, Insurance Insider
  • Modernising finance functions for the digital age: London Market Recorded: Nov 4 2020 61 mins
    Insurance Insider
    Following the success of our previous webinar with WNS, we have come together again for a discussion on 'Modernising finance functions for the digital age: London Market'.

    Date: 4 November 2020

    Time: 11:00am – 12:00pm (GMT)

    Up for discussion:

    - What are the hurdles preventing companies from moving from a part manual/part virtual finance operation

    - Has the Covid-19 situation accelerated the digitisation of finance operations? Have there been any frustrations i.e. a focus on cashflow limiting investment capabilities?

    - API is often described as a silver bullet – but what are some of the complications when companies are trying to move from a legacy system to a more advanced system?

    - How CFOs are influencing organization-wide change to deliver performance faster, cheaper and better with “one version of truth” to its clients, investors and regulators?

    - Are there any concerns over company security as move to a more mobile environment, with finance operatives able to work from a variety of devices remotely?

    - How do you ensure you are future-proofing your finance operations against the challenges of tomorrow?


    - Kevin Hayes, Head Of Finance, Pool Re

    - Deepti Janak, Group Finance Director, Volante Global

    - Benjamin Meuli, Group Chief Financial Officer, Convex

    - Beadle Navaraj, Senior Director – Insurance F&A Practice – UK & EU, WNS

    - Fiona Robertson, Contributing Editor, Insurance Insider (moderator)

    - Serge Thieriet, Chief Financial Officer, Howden Broking
  • Digital transformation and the global speciality market Recorded: Oct 21 2020 48 mins
    Insurance Insider
    Webinar: Digital transformation and the global speciality market - creating the global market, by Insurance Insider in partnership with DXC Technology. DXC is building and delivering digital products and services that are breaking down the operational barriers that currently exist both at organisational but also geographical levels. In this webinar, DXC will discuss their view of how global specialty organisations can leverage digital capabilities to improve operational efficiencies and deliver improved customer experience by levering the new technologies that are available today.

  • Ransomware and BI: From prevention to loss mitigation Recorded: Sep 30 2020 62 mins
    Insurance Insider
    Register free for our upcoming webinar in association with CrowdStrike.

    While ransomware is not a ‘new’ cyber threat, a steady increase in the severity and frequency of attacks is now starting to pose a persistant threat to the profitability of the cyber insurance market.

    Hackers are becoming more sophisticated and – if managed poorly – the disruption to the affected business can be drawn out and destructive, amplifying the cost to both the victim and insurers.

    With ransomware attacks such as Garmin and Blackbaud becoming both increasingly high profile and frequent, how can the insurance industry and cyber security vendors work together to mitigate the losses for both the client and insurers?

    Up for discussion:

    - How are ransomware attacks evolving and how prevalent is this threat now?
    - How significant is the BI element of a ransomware insurance claim and how is this trending?
    - How can the insurance industry work with cyber security vendors more closely to manage/minimise the BI element of the claim?
    - Does working with chosen cyber security vendors significantly amplify the cost of cyber insurance? Is the perceived expensiveness of cyber cover still a deterrent to prospective buyers?
    - How are the insurance industry and cyber security vendors working with insureds to encourage best practice and loss prevention with ransomware? Is enough attention given to the idea of prevention in insurer-client discussions?
  • People, Processes and Picking Poison | Barriers to innovative IT - London Market Recorded: Sep 23 2020 63 mins
    Insurance Insider
    Join us on Wednesday, 23 September at 10:00am (BST) to hear from an expert panel on how to ensure you hear the lastest of the London Market as it relates to technology, innovation and IT.

    Disucssion points will include:

    Is innovation possible without regularly reviewed operating models? What are the challenges in evaluating operating models?
    Are practitioners in the London Market (and Insurance market in general) too focussed on achieving ‘in year’ returns on investment?
    Is it the role of IT companies to demonstrate the longer term benefits of adoption and / or more operational changes?
    Why do you think the market has been slow to respond to data standards?

    Is the way forward collectively pursuing and enabling digitisation in a standardised manner?
  • A Carrier’s HyperSurge: Leveraging a Digital Ecosystem for Speed and Innovation Recorded: Aug 26 2020 62 mins
    Insurance Insider
    Disruptive changes and unprecedented challenges call for game-changing agility and innovation. The top priority for most insurance carriers now is to be future-ready – to create more innovative products with greater speed-to-market. Innovation is not just about insulating against market disruptions, it’s about gaining a competitive edge for the future.

    Amid this new normal, it is important for carriers to invigorate their business to become more agile and resilient to disruptions. But what will enable carriers to transition to a future-ready state?

    In this live Q&A session, we will discuss:

    - Re-imagining the insurance industry in the new normal and the key areas carriers should prioritize to jump-start their quest to outperform quickly
    - Can any changes we see during these times be regarded as sustainable in the long-run? What are the barriers preventing sustainable growth?
    - How has COVID-19 impacted the timescale on being future-ready?
    - Where should innovation efforts be focused in the short-term to enable a smoother transition towards being future-ready?
    - The challenges faced in the path towards innovation and speed
    - “An integrated digital ecosystem” – is this the answer to becoming future-ready and safeguarding against market disruptions?
    - Insurance-in-a-box as a solution to ensuring successful business planning

    You will hear from:

    - Richard Birkenfeld, Vice President and Practice Lead, Insurance, North America, WNS
    - Karlyn Carnahan, Head of The Americas, P&C insurance, Celent
    - John Pettit, Chief of Product & Business Strategy, North America, Sapiens
    - James Thaler, Interim News Editor, Inside P&C (moderator)
  • Insuring Ambition: The Big Power Evolution Recorded: Aug 25 2020 48 mins
    Insurance Insider
    Listen to the third episode of our Insuring Ambition podcast series in association with Travelers Syndicate. This instalment focuses on The Big Power Evolution. Up for discussion:

    - The shifting balance between conventional power generation and renewables
    - Key concerns underwriters and brokers need to be aware of as conventional power takes a back seat
    - The BESS technology issues and safety concerns
    - The impact extreme weather, such as hail, flooding and tornadoes, has on both conventional and renewable energy
  • Insider Progress | Black Lives Matter Series - Part 2 Recorded: Jul 23 2020 76 mins
    Insurance Insider
    Join Insider Progress on Thursday, 23 July at 3pm (BST) for the second part of our Insider Progress Black Lives Matter series which will look into self-identification, both for the individual and the company to see where they are on their journey to fight black underrepresentation and where they want to get to.

    Points of discussion for the second instalment include:

    - How can companies start to identify how well they currently support and encourage the development of black professionals? Are there any specific needs for black employees which companies could better address?
    - The importance of data collection and creating a safe space for employees to self-identify their race
    - How can we collectively – from junior employee to C-suite - create an environment in which black professionals can thrive?
    - How can companies effectively monitor their progress on racial equality?
    - What structures and frameworks could be put in place to make sure black voices are heard?
    - What measures can be taken to encourage more black talent into the industry?

    Speakers include:

    - Richard Brindle, Chairman, Group Chief Executive Officer & Group Chief Underwriting Officer, Fidelis
    - Charmaine Davis, Senior Vice President and Founder, African Heritage Colleague Resource Group, Marsh
    - John Doyle, President and Chief Executive Officer, Marsh
    - David Flint, Head of Broking and Capacity Distribution, Newpoint Insurance Brokers
    - Keith Jernigan, Underwriting Assistant, Fidelis
    - Fiona Pizzey, Senior Engagement, Wellbeing, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant, Human Resources, MS Amlin
    - Ronald Reeves, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, USA, Canada, and Latin America, AIG
    - Andrea Santolalla, Chief Operating Officer, Hiscox Special Risks
    - Charlie Thomas, Content Director, Insurance Insider (moderator)
    - Ingrid Woodward, Head of IT and Operations, CNA Hardy
  • Using data to understand counterparty risk in an age of uncertainty Recorded: Jul 21 2020 52 mins
    Insurance Insider
    Tune in on 21 July 2020 at 3pm (BST) / 10am (EDT) for our upcoming webinar on Using data to understand counterparty risk in an age of uncertainty, in assocation with Credit Benchmark.

    You will hear from:

    - Charlie Thomas, Content Director, Insurance Insider (moderator)
    - Toby Childs, Director, BMS Group
    - David Carruthers, Head of Research, Credit Benchmark
    - William Varley, Managing Director, Sales EMEA, Credit Benchmark

    Up for discussion:

    - How consensus credit risk data and analytics can help monitor a current (re)insurance portfolio across geographies, sectors, and industries
    - How to use data to improve the (re)insurance underwriting process. What methodologies can be used to improve counterparty risk management at a time when industries are experiencing changes in credit quality?
    - How far can holistic data go in reducing data asymmetry? Can data analytics be leveraged to find opportunities in a struggling line of business?
    - How to make sense of the legal entities in the books of business presented to reinsurers from direct insurers?
    - A deeper dive into specific industry lines beyond the obvious headlines: What industries and sectors are struggling and which have come out as “winners” post-Covid-19?
  • Insuring Ambition: Construction Considerations at a Time of Crisis Recorded: Jul 16 2020 46 mins
    Insurance Insider
    Listen on demand to the second instalment of our Insuring Ambition series in association with Travelers Syndicate. This podcast is on Construction Considerations at a Time of Crisis and is broken down into two parts:

    - How Covid-19 has affected the construction market and assessing the longer-term impact of a dampened economy
    - A deep dive into the latest CIREG report which outlines the way industry can mitigate against the growing 'escape of water' problem

    You will hear from:

    - Nigel Cooper, Senior Underwriter, Global Construction, Travelers
    - Marcus Gresham, Managing Director of Construction & Engineering, Charles Taylor Adjusting
    - Ashley Stewart, Senior Risk Control Consultant, Travelers
    - Charlie Thomas, Content Director, Insurance Insider (moderator)
  • Insider Progress | Black Lives Matter Series - Part 1 Recorded: Jun 25 2020 59 mins
    Insurance Insider
    Join Insider Progress on 25 June 2020 at 3pm (BST) for the first part of a series of webinars which aim to provide a platform for black voices to share experiences and raise the level of education.

    Points of discussion for the first instalment include:

    - Sharing life experiences on being black in a world which is entrenched with systemic racism
    - Discussing the extent of inequality within the financial service industry and beyond
    - How the BLM movement will create space for black communities and individuals to thrive
    - Sharing literature/educational resources for allies and advocates
    - Exploring why removing institutional blockers requires collective effort
    - The need to consider those who have been further marginalised within Black liberation movements i.e. "Black queer and trans folks, disabled folks, undocumented folks, folks with records, women, and all Black lives along the gender spectrum" (reference: blacklivesmatter.com/about/)

    You will hear from:

    - Catrin Shi, Insurance Insider (moderator)
    - Maxine Goddard, iCAN
    - Iveren Yongo, Travelers & ACIN

    In later instalments, we will discuss how companies can track, monitor and improve their support for black employees in a practical way.
  • Insider On Air | Fostering Insurance in Natural Perils Recorded: Jun 11 2020 58 mins
    Insurance Insider
    Fostering insurance in a rapidly changing natural perils environment, accelerated by climate change. When the economy slows down, we need to speed our innovation and double our efforts

    Speakers include:

    - Martin Bertogg, Head Catastrophe Perils, Managing Director, Swiss Re
    - Gianni Biason, Head Property & Specialty Solutions, Swiss Re
    - Lydia Pomp, Head Client Solutions NCEE, Swiss Re
    - Modris Skrodelis, Head of Reinsurance, Compensa Vienna Insurance Group
    - Charlie Thomas, Content Director, Insurance Insider (Chair)
  • Insider Progress | Why data is crucial to really knowing your workforce Recorded: Jun 4 2020 61 mins
    Insurance Insider
    As an industry, the (re)insurance community knows the power of good data and the influence it can have on the success of a business. But to what extent does this mindset extend to diversity and inclusion?

    The London insurance market is striving towards creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce, but how do we chart the progress of this work? Every HR team will collect data on the make-up of its employee base, but how granular should this data collection go, and what should we do with the data once we have it?

    Join us on Thursday, 4th June for this Insider Progress webinar, in which we will discuss the Lloyd’s data collection toolkit, the latest UK gender pay gap results for insurance and how data insights can help shape and evolve the wider culture.

    Discussion points include:
    - The why, what and how of effective employee data collection, using the Lloyd’s toolkit as a guide
    - The practicalities and challenges of collecting more granular data on any given workforce
    - How to effectively and interpret patterns of aggregated data to influence D&I strategies
    - The results of the insurance industry’s gender pay gap data and where the market goes from here

    Speakers include:
    - Charlie Thomas, Content Director, Insurance Insider (Chair)
    - Louisa Blain, Director, People Advisory Services, EY
    - Marc McKenna-Coles, Global Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Lloyd’s
    - Kishan Mangat, Associate, DWF
  • Insuring Ambition: Covid-19 Concerns for Crisis Management Recorded: Jun 2 2020 44 mins
    Insurance Insider
    In association with Travelers Syndicate, listen to the first episode of a five-part series on Insuring Ambition. This instalment is a podcast formed of two parts:

    - Discussion on how insurers and their clients should be thinking about crisis management coverage at this time of great uncertainty.
    - Real life case study involving financial crime, whistleblowing and blackmail.

    The experts that you will hear from are:

    - Charlie Thomas, Content Director, Insurance Insider (Chair)
    - Chloë Brindley, Senior Underwriter, Crisis Management - Special Risks, Travelers
    - Carlos Caicedo, Senior Principal Analyst, Latin America Country Risk, IHS Markit
    - Nick Powis, Crisis Management Consultant, Constellis
    - Ed Zambellas, Senior Underwriter, Crisis Management - Terrorism, Travelers
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Interactive panel discussions with experts in the (re)insurance space, moderated by the Insurance Insider Team. Ask questions and take part in polling.

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  • Title: The London Market: Square Pegs, Round Holes and Broken IT Promises
  • Live at: May 19 2020 9:00 am
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